Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancasters Weekly Sale of Calves, Store, OTM and Dairy Cattle. 29th July 2022

Dairy Cattle - Records smashed at Lancaster Dairy Sale: New Market Record of £4000

North West Auctions saw records set to a new height at its popular fortnightly sale of dairy cattle at Lancaster Auction Mart, on Friday 29th July.
A new record at £4000 was achieved by Andrew Swale, Blackburn who sold a trio of pedigree heifers. This record breaking heifer Phoenix Roza Minimee sired by Go – Farm Artes was supported by 8 generation of VG/EX cows which attracted national pre – sale interest after competitive bidding she was secured by E Roper & Sons, Longridge. Another much admired heifer again from AE&E Swale, Blackburn sold at £3500 being the red and white Phoenix Fleur Rouge Red and was bought by Lawsons Dairy Ltd, Cockerham. JE&J Pye, Quernmore sold the eye catching heifer Quernmore Opal 22 at £2900 to NW&JM Coulthurst & Son, Longridge. All pedigree cattle forward for the fortnightly sale sold to an impressive market averaged of £3012.50.
North West Auctions also conducted the dispersal of the milking portion of the herd on behalf of J Scott & Co, Cartmel at this sale which saw buyers travel from throughout the northern counties. The sale peaked at £1900 for a mid lactation Fleckvieh heifer due in March to a beef bull, other similar heifers sold at £1880, £1820. Older Friesian type cows sold to £1800 for a 3rd lactation cow with others achieving £1750 and £1650.
The sale concluded with a pedigree Charolais bull Normans Pharaoh which sold at £2900 on behalf of B Lee, Wigan.
The next sale of dairy cattle will be on Friday 12th August, this sale will include in-milk cows and heifers, in-calf and young stock. Already entered consignments from several noted local herds.
Full and part dispersal undertaken. Please contact Matthew Probert on 07540 446667.

Calves & Weanlings

Lancaster had an entry in excess of forty calves forward this week which were met with increased interest from the ringside with fresh faces looking to purchase. The consignment of eight week old Aberdeen Angus bull calves from Wannops Farm, Heaton with Oxcliffe met eager bidding with quality calves of all breeds in demand, as these sold to £405 and £370. Angus weaned heifers topped at £390 from AW & AM Park & Son, Ellel. British Blue bull calves twice peaked at £370 from AD&R Milner, Claughton on Brock and from DW & E Cottam, Kendal with plenty selling in excess of the three hundred pound mark. Charolais heifers sold to £305 from GJ&G Billington, Garstang with British Blue heifers to £300 from AD&R Milner, Claughton on Brock. Black and White bull calf trade peaked at £190 from AD&R Milner, Claughton on Brock.

Store Cattle

Lancaster enjoyed a good day in the store cattle ring, with an increase entry of 215 store cattle forward meeting plenty of demand especially for short keep cattle with returning buyers In the market looking for these types. A pair of powerful well fleshed home bred Aberdeen Angus bullocks from Pilling Hall, Pilling topped the market at £1600, which was followed by other Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1510 from JB Moore, Grange over Sands, £1500 and £1490 from J&H Davis, Cabus, £1470 achieved on a number of occasions from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling, W&A Cardwell, Stalmine and DR Preston, Caton. Continental bullocks peaked at £1500 for British Blues from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling and £1500 for Limousins from DR Preston, Caton. Plenty of strong bullocks sold around the £1400 mark.
The heifer trade peaked at £1380 for a pen of four Aberdeen Angus from L Parsons & Sons, Levens whom sold Limousin heifers to £1330. Charolais heifers peaked at £1330 from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton.
Friesian bullocks sold to a top of £1230 for a pen of five from EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet.

OTM / Cast Cattle

A larger entry of 130 OTM and cast cattle were forward today which saw the market averaged 161p/kg, to include a large proportion of parlour cows. OTM Aberdeen Angus steers sold to 231.5p/kg or £1530 from JH Woof & Son, Oxenholme followed by other Aberdeen Angus bullocks to 229.5p/kg or £1441 from DR Preston, Caton. Hereford cast steers sold to 229.5p/kg or £1308 from MJ&LC Lund, Quernmore. Black and White OTM heifers sold to 219.5p/kg from DW&E Cottam, New Hutton whom topped the market at £1376 with another heifer. The cow trade peaked at 224.5p/kg for a young Limousin from R&S Mitchell, Ellel with other young Limousin cows to 219.5p/kg. Well fleshed beef cows regularly sold around the 200p/kg mark. Beef cows sold to a top of £1521 from Jim Clarke Ltd, Preston. This was followed by Simmentals to £1438 from M&C Booth, Kentmere with Aberdeen Angus cows to £1413 from John Twigge, Lindal. Best meated dairy cows saw Fleckvieh sell to 199.5p/kg from EW&R Towers, Hornby with young Friesian cows to 194.5p/kg J Hogarth & Son, Slyne. Dairy cows peaked at £1537 from Lawsons Farm, Cockerham with other dairy cows to £1425 from H&A Stephenson, Tunstall and £1421 from RT Halhead, Cockerham.

Top Prices

Calves & Weanlings

Heifer Calves: Angus: £390 £300 Walkers I’th fields. Charolais: £305 £280 Myerscough House. British Blue: £300 Lane Head Farm, £245 Myerscough House. Limousin: £260 Catteralls Farm.

Bull Calves: Angus: £405 £370 Heaton Hall Farm, £320 Lane Head Fam. British Blue: £370 Lane Head Farm, £370 Hagg Farm, £340 Catteralls Farm, £320 Hagg Farm. Friesian: £195 Lane Head Farm.

Store Cattle 

Store Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1380 Low Levens, £1340 Outerthwaite Farm, £1330 Gaskell House, £1170 Corney Hill Farm, £1160 Ellers Farm, £1080 Meadow Croft. Charolais: £1330 Downlands Farm, £1250 Downlands Farm, £1240 Lodge Farm, £1080 Downlands Farm. Limousin: £1330 Low Levens, £1280 Intake Farm, £1270 Ellers Farm, £1270 Mount Murray, £1170 Mount Murray, £1160 Lodge Farm. British Blue: £1290 Stubb Hall Farm, £1270 Windy Hill Farm, £1240 Staffords Farm, £1190 Lodge Farm, £1090 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1040 Longmeanygate. Hereford: £1200 Little Fell Farm, £1040 Corney Hill Farm. Simmental: £1190 Kate Farm, £1070 Black Bull Farm.

Store Bullocks: Aberdeen Angus: £1600 Pilling Hall Farm, £1510 Outerthwaite Farm, £1500 Outerthwaite Farm, £1490 Weavers Farm, £1470 Well House Farm, £1470 Ellers Farm. Limousin: £1500 Ellers Farm, £1420 Ellers Farm, £1380 Ellers Farm, £1380 Elston Old Hall, £1370 Ellers Farm, £1350 Mount Murray. British Blue: £1500 Pasture House Farm, £1450 Pasture House Farm, £1440 Scotch Green Farm, £1300 Carlingwha, £1240 Higher Less Farm. Hereford: £1320 Scotch Green Farm, £1300 Carlingwha, £1290 Sandy Dean, £1170 Black Bull Farm, £1150 Windy Hill Farm, £1140 Corney Hill Farm. Charolais: £1250 Carlingwha, £1140 Katie Farm. Friesian: £1230 Intake Farm, £1040 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1040 Barn Hill Farm. Montbeliarde: £1170 Corney Hill Farm. Fleckvieh: £ 980 Mearsbeck Farm. Brown Swiss: £900 Mearsbeck Farm.

OTM and Cast Cattle (p/kg)

OTM Cow: Limousin: 224.50 Greenways, 219.50 Mireside Farm. Angus: 204.50 Intack Farm, 189.50 Underhelm Farm, 174.50 Homelands. Hereford: £201.50 New Hall Farm, 189.50 Ballacutchel Farms LTD, 187.50 Mireside Farm, 177.50 Sunny Brow Farm. British Blue: 199.50 Overhouses, 164.50 Mireside Farm, 157.50 Salisbury Road. Fleckvieh: 199.50 Holme Head, 154.50 Middle Birkby Farm. Friesian: 194.50 Belmont Farm, 189.50 Norbreck Farm, 187.50 Barnfield Farm, 187.50 Catshaw Farm. 184.50 Docker Hall Farm. Simmental: 189.50 Hartrigg. Norwegian Red: 189.50 Holme Head. Shorthorn: 181.50 & 174.50 Homelands. Blonde: 129.50 Salisbury Road. Jersey: 127.50 Greenalls Farm.
OTM Heifer: Friesian: 219.50 Hagg Farm, 214.50 Kitchen Ground Farm, 211.50 Hagg Farm. Limousin: 204.50 Downlands Farm.
Cast Bull: Limousin 154.50 Overhouses

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