Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Christmas Show of Prime Lambs followed by Sale of Prime Lambs, Cast Sheep and Store Lambs, Monday 5th December 2022.

Prime Lambs

North West Auctions Lancaster was proud to hold its annual Christmas show and sale of Prime Lambs with a great festive buzz around the auction.
There was a wonderful line up of thirty nine pens of show lambs forward for our judge William Livesey to cast his expert eye over who we thank for his time and expertise. A special mention Lawrence Pierce wool merchants for their support in sponsoring the sale. The championship rosette was awarded to JS Horner, Ingleton with his first prize pair of beltex lambs. This much admired pair of lambs weighed 45kg and went on to sell for £220 or 490p/kg purchased by the judge. The reserve champion rosette was awarded to the second prize pair of Beltex lambs from James Robinson, Carnforth going on to sell for £158 or 336p/kg weighing 47kg. Rounding off a good day for James saw him awarded the first prize pen of five lowland sired lambs selling to £148 at 46kg. The first prize pen of Mule/Masham lambs was awarded to a pen of 55kg Mules from JW Cornall & Son, Bleasdale going on to sell for £136. The horned lamb class saw the first prize rosette for the second year in a row awarded to Gus Brown, Littledale selling 38kg Lonks to £100. Cheviot lamb class saw the first and second prize rosette awarded to Peter Prickett, Hutton Roof selling first prize 49kg lambs to £116 and second prize 45kg lambs to £108. A special mention and thank you goes to all the yard and clerical staff for the support throughout the year and wonderful to see Lancaster Mondays growing from strength to strength.
Lancaster for the third week in a row had an entry in excess of 1000 lambs forward greeted by a busy ring of active buyers ensuring a strong market average of 247p/kg. Leading prices outside the show pens saw a very smart Beltex lamb at 49kg from JS Horner, Ingleton selling to £175. Other Beltex lambs sold to £154 from Erin and Heidi Atkinson, Scorton. Heavy weight lambs continue to add up well in Lancaster as heavy Texel’s sold to £153 from DA & J Faraday, Ingleton, £151 B & M Slater, Chipping and £150 from P Kaye, Chorley with plenty more selling in the region of £140. Heavy weight upland lambs continue to sell well with Mashams peaking at £140 from T & D Wright, Roeburndale East with plenty pens of good heavy weight mules and Mashams mid one twenties upwards. Handy weighted well finished lambs continue to be well bid on with buyers needing lambs well fleshed.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep trade remains similar with an entry of 169 forward. The trade topped at £140 for Texel cross ewes from A Birchall, Dolphinholme followed by other Texels to £130 AT Alcock, Inskip. Suffolk x ewes sold to £122 from CD & HL Mason, Caton with plenty more continental ewes in the one hundred and teens. Leicester ewes sold to £124 JW Cornall & Sons, Bleasdale. Mule ewes sold to a top of £100 from JE Harrison, Winmarleigh with plenty of others selling in the region of ninety pounds.

Store Lambs

An entry in excess of 150 store lambs forward in Lancaster sold to market average in the early seventies with a full variety of shapes and sizes on offer. Short keep lambs continue to be in plenty of demand with the consignment from PG Thornton, Scorton leading the way selling Texel’s to £93.50 and £88 with Suffolk’s from the same home to £91.50. texels from PD Pye, Abbeystead sold to £90 followed by £82 from PD Anderton, Scorton.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs:

Beltex: £220, £175 Ingleborough Park Drive, £158 Dunkirk Avenue, £154 Sykes Farm, £148 Parkside Farm, £140 Oak Avenue. Texel: £153 Tatterthorn Farm, £151 Daub Hall Farm, £150 Breworth Fold Farm, £149 Batesons Farm, £148 Dunkirk Avenue, £146 Breworth Fold Farm. Continental: £145 Meadow Croft, £126 Smithy Lane Farm, £105 Burrow Heights Farm, £102 Mill House Farm, £97.50, £90 Moss House Farm. Masham: £140, £134 Allcocks Farm, £130 Holme House Farm, £122.50, £109 Stauvins Farm. Mule: £136 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £134, £124 Holme House Farm, £123 Sykes Farm, £122 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £120 Holme House Farm. Suffolk: £130 Knowsley Farm, £130 Breworth Fold Farm, £128 Park Farm Barn, £126 Halton Park Farm, £125 Meadow Croft, £118 Oak Avenue. Cheviot: £116, £108 Hutton Roof Hall, £102 North Farm, £99 Botton Hall Farm, £94 Conder Mill. Leicester: £112 Bank Farm. Charollais: £105 Smithy Lane Farm. Rough Fell: £99 Quarry House. Horned: £98, £95 Deep Clough. Dorset: £92 High Hallbeck. Swaledale: £89 Overhouses, £88 Appletree Farm.

Cast Sheep:

Texel: £140 Corless Mill, £130 Carr House Farm, £110 Mearsbeck Farm, £103 Corless Mill, £96 Oak Avenue, £92 Carr House Farm. Leicester: £124 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £80 Dunkenshaw Farm. Suffolk: £122 Mearsbeck Farm, £102 Oakhead Farm, £98 Yarslber. Continental: £112 Winmara, £104 Lower Highfield, £100 Smithy Lane Farm, £82, £80 Yarlsber, £70 Mearsbeck Farm. Mule: £100 Smithy Lane Farm, £93 Mearsbeck Farm, £90 Yarlsber, £89, £88 Mearsbeck Farm, £85 Oak Avenue. Lleyn: £92 Low Pleasant. Dalesbred: £72 Yarlsber. Swaledale: £69 Bank Farm. Scotch Blackface: £62 Dove Cote Farm. Cheviot: £65 Dove Cote Farm.

Cast Ram:

Texel: £100 Haversham House Farm, £100 Lower Highfield Farm, £100 Dove Cote Farm, £70 Haversham House Farm. Zwartble: £80 Corless Mill.

Store Lambs:

Texel: £93.50 Cliftons Farm, £90 Marl House, £88 Cliftons Farm, £82 Wyre Farm, £80 Fell End Farm, £76 Haversham House Farm. Suffolk: £91.50 Cliftons Farm. Mule: £68 Fell End Farm, £62 Marl House. Cheviot: £62 Marl House.

More Info

NWA Lancaster Christmas Prime Lambs
Judge- Bill Livesey
Sponsor- Laurence Pierce Wool Merchant

Class 1- Pair of Beltex Lambs

1st JS Horner with Beltex lambs weighing 45kg selling for £220
2nd J Robinson with Beltex lambs weighing 47kg selling for £158
3rd GR & A Foy & Son with Beltex lambs weighing 48 kg selling for £148

Class 2- 5 Lowland Lambs

1st J Robinson with Texel lambs weighing 46kg selling for £148
2nd J&H Huddleston with Texel lambs weighing 47kg selling for £120
3rd GR & A Foy & Son with Texel lambs weighing 44kg selling for £141

Class 3- 5 Mule/Masham Lambs

1st JW Cornall & Sons with Mule lambs weighing 55kg selling for £136
2nd WI & AM Atkinson & Son Mule with lambs weighing 54kg selling for £134
3rd T & D Wright with Masham lambs weighing 57kg selling for £140

Class 4- 5 Horned/ Herdwick Lambs

1st A Brown with Lonk lambs weighing 38kg selling for £98
2nd A Brown with Lonk lambs weighing 37kg selling for £95
3rd A&L Huddleston with Swaledale lambs weighing 40kg selling for £89

Class 5- Cheviot/ Other Hill Bred Lambs

1st P Prickett with Cheviot lambs weighing 49kg selling for £116
2nd P Prickett with Cheviot lambs weighing 45 kg selling for £108

Champion- JS Horner with Beltex lambs weighing 45kg selling for £220

Reserve Champion- J Robinson with Beltex lambs weighing 47kg selling for £158

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