Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, Dairy, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 2nd December 2022.

Calves & Weanlings
The calve trade remains very similar with young beef calves looking very buyable, despite the cost of rearing. Weanlings continue to be in big demand and eagerly bid for with the consignment of 4-5 month old British Blues from J&A Sheering, Quernmore selling bulls to £555 and heifers to £510. This was followed by 3 month old bulls from Jones Sandvilla, Cockerham selling to £480. The consignment of 3 month old Aberdeen Angus and Charolais from J&G Thornley, Kirkham sold Angus’s to £360 and £345 with Charolais to £350. Ten week old Aberdeen Angus bull calves sold to £325 from JM&MH France & Son, Littledale. This was followed by 7 week old British Blue bulls to £320 from GH Sanderson & Family, Catforth and £280 for five week old British Blue bulls from HJ Robinson, Milnthorpe.

Dairy Cattle
A lighter show of dairy cattle ahead of the Christmas prize show and sale in a fortnight, saw new calved Friesian type heifers sell to £1920 from R&K Jenkinson, Pilling who also sold cross bred at £1500. The Christmas prize show and sale will take place on Friday 16th December, please advise the office of entries by Monday 12th December.

Store Cattle
A sharper trade in the store cattle ring with in excess of 200 forward which saw all steers average £1207 and heifers average £1174. Leading the way was a pen of three British Blue bullocks selling to £1700 from K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel. Other British Blue bullocks sold to £1570 from P Lawrenson & Son, Chorley. Heifers were in strong demand which saw a pen of three British Blues to £1560 for V&S Fitzell, Much Poole with bullocks from the same home to £1520. Native bullocks always meet plenty of demand in Lancaster with Herefords peaking at £1500 from M Shepherd & Son, Pilling and Aberdeen Angus heifers to £1490 from WJ&L Barker, Arkholme whom also sold Charolais heifers to £1480. Also achieving £1480 was a pen of four British Blue heifers from K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel, at the same money was a Shorthorn steer from Cowell & Moore, Woodplumpton. Short keep cattle was definitely a sharper trade at Lancaster. Dairy bred cattle saw Fleckvieh heifers sell to £1380 from EW&R Towers, Hornby with Friesian and Ayrshire bullocks to £1300 from Cowell and Moore, followed by £1280 from M Shepherd & Son, Pilling and £1250 from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton.
Next weeks sale will include the annual Christmas Show with classes for best pair of heifers and best pair of bullocks and the champion pair receiving the T Owen memorial trophy. There will also be a special prize for the best pair of home bred store cattle.

OTM Cattle
It was great to have a larger number of cast cows forward with 129 on the market, selling to a averaged of 165p/kg or £1065 a head. OTM Hereford steers sold to a top of 221.5p/kg from DH&M Kellett & Sons, Thurnham with OTM steers selling Black and Whites to £1531 from A Kirkby & Co, Pilling, British Blues to £1501.65 from N Bretherton, Leyland followed by £1501.50 from T Asden, Eccleston. Black and White feeding heifers sold to 217.5p/kg or £1305 from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe followed by 211.5p/kg or £1304 from J Burrow & Son, Barton.
Cows peaked at 197.5p/kg for Montbeliardes from WR&CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh with Limousin cows to 194.5p/kg from D&DW Prickett, Farlton. Beef cows sold to a top of £1661 and £1608 from E&M Fairhurst, Austwick. Dairy cows sold to £1441 from WR&CM Lawrenson followed by £1437 from WE&G Hewitt & Sons, Cockerham, £1419 from H&A Stephenson, Tunstall with plenty more dairy cows in the late £1300’s.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £510 Knotts Farm, £165 North Farm, £165 Elm Tree Farm, £160 Blackleach House Farm. Charolais: £250 Derby Lodge Farm. Angus: £140 Derby Lodge Farm, £110 Elm Tree Farm.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £555 Knotts Farm, £480 Sandvilla, £320 Blackleach House Farm, £280 Elm Tree Farm. Angus: £360, £345 Derby Lodge Farm, £325 Newhouse Farm. Charolais: £350 Derby Lodge Farm. Hereford: £170 Sandvilla.

OTM Cow:

Friesian: 217.50 North Farm, 194.50 Lawsons Farm, 189.50 Kitchen Ground Farm, 189.50 Holly House Farm, 187.50 Well House Farm, 184.50 High House. Hereford: 199.50, 191.50 Boundary House, 184.50, 174.50, 171.50, 169.50 Meadow Croft. Montbeliarde: 197.50, 189.50 Cumming Carr Farm, 181.50 Holme Head, 169.50 Myerscough House. Limousin: 194.50 Farleton House. Charolais: 191.50, 179.50, 167.50 Bank End Farm. Fleckvieh: 189.50, 171.50, 129.50 High House. Norwegian Red: 189.50 Poplar Grove Farm, 181.50 Holme Head, 171.50 Cracalt Farm, 169.50 Holme Head. Simmental: 189.50 Bank End Farm. Angus: 179.50 Bates Farm, 171.50, 169.50 Whinney Garth, 124.50 Low Fold. Swedish Red: 144.50 Hodgkinson Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Angus: 214.50 Well House Farm. Friesian: 211.50 Tunstead Farm, 171.50 Hagg Farm.

Cast Steer:

Hereford: 221.50 Smiths Farm, 207.50 Throstle Grove Farm. Angus: 214.50 Bates Farm, 179.50 Cliftons Farm. Friesian: 209.50 Gulf Farm, 199.50, 197.50 Gift Hall Farm, 191.50 Cliftons Farm, 184.50 Gift Hall Farm. Longhorn: 189.50, 187.50 The Barn. Welsh Black:184.50 Smiths Farm.

Store Bullock:

British Blue: £1700 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1570 Walmsley Fold, £1520 Moss House Farm, £1480 Walmsley Fold, £1410 Pasture House Farm, £1410 Wood Nook Farm. Hereford: £1500 Pasture House Farm, £1380, £1260 Adlington Hall Farm, £1240 Pasture House Farm, £1000 Plumpton Hall Farm. Shorthorn: £1480 Newsham Hall Farm. Angus: £1470 Staffords Farm, £1470 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1460 Whinney Garth, £1430 New Parkside Farm, £1400 Brown Edge, £1390 Chestnut House Farm. Simmental: £1450 Brown Edge. Limousin: £1440 Foredales Farm, £1290 Cracalt Farm, £1290 High House Farm, £1200 Newsham Hall Farm, £1120, £1100 Abbotson Farm. Longhorn: £1390 Old Glasson Farm. Charolais: £1320 Carlingwha. Ayrshire: £1300 Newsham Hall Farm. Friesian: £1300 Newsham Hall Farm, £1280 Pasture House Farm, £1250 Dowlands Farm, £1200 Burnt House Farm, £1170 Dowlands Farm, £1170 Lane Ends Farm. South Devon: £1260 Adlington Hall Farm. Parthenaise: £1150 Half Way House.

Store Heifer:

British Blue: £1560 Moss House Farm, £1480 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1380 Whinney Garth, £1330 Chesnut House Farm, £1310 Carlingwha, £1310 Hare Field House. Angus: £1490 Brown Edge, £1380 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1230 White Lund Farm, £1200 Windy Hill Farm, £1180 Downlands Farm, £1100 White Lund Farm. Charolais: £1480 Brown Edge, £1400 Carlingwha, £1250 Dowlands Farm, £1160 Mearsbeck Farm. Fleckvieh: £1380 Holme Head. Shorthorn: £1240 Hudsbrook Farm, £1240 Whinney Garth. Hereford: £1200, £1180 Whinney Garth, £1130 Staffords Farm. Parthenaise: £1180 Half Way House. Limousin: £1150, £1110 Whittingham Lane, £1000 Endmoor Farm. Blonde: £1110 Whittingham Lane. Simmental: £1100 Barker Knott.

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