Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Marts Weekly Sale Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 19th November 2021


What a difference a week makes, today saw more buzz and buyers around the ring. A firmer trade was met especially for the stronger quality calves. A run of weanlings from WB Richardson & Sons, Singleton sold Montbeliardes to £500 and £480. British Blue bulls also achieved the £480 mark. British Blue bulls peaked at £500 from J&G Thornley, Kirkham with heifers from the same home selling to £430 and £415. Limousin weanlings sold to £480 from W Crook, Out Rawcliffe. A run of six week old British Blues from DR&C Galbraith, Kendal met a strong trade, selling bull calves to £410, £380 and £360 with heifer calves selling to £335. Five week old Aberdeen Angus bull calves topped at £350 from Cote Farm Partnership, Nether Kellet. A run of Fleckvieh bull calves from EW&R Towers, Hornby sold to £360, £350 and £305 with many more in the late two hundreds.
More calves are required each week to fulfil our buyers requirements.


As numbers begin to tighten in other centres, Lancaster continues to offer a good number of store cattle forward with the trade currently improving from week to week. Limousin bulllocks led the way today selling to £1430 from H&JA Gorst, Calder Vale. Aberdeen Angus bullocks peaked at £1400 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse with others from this regular consigner selling to £1380. closely followed by a pen of four Aberdeen Angus bullocks selling to £1380 from TC Whiteside & Son, Pilling, with another pen of bullocks also achieving £1380 from G Sagar & Son, Caton. Plenty more native bred cattle sold into the £1300’s. Simmental bullocks sold to £1380 from Barlow Bros, Crosston, with British Blues peaking at £1340 from C Parsons, Old Hutton. A consignment of cattle from P Whitton & Son, Burneside saw a pair of Limousin bullocks sell to £1400 with a pair of Charolais heifers from the same home topping the trade selling to £1400. Dairy bred bullocks saw Montbeliardes peak at £1340 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse. Black and White bullocks this week peaked at £1110 from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling. The bull section was topped by a pen of five Montbeliardes selling to £1040 from WR&CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh.


Lancaster once again had an impressive entry of 147 OTM and cast cattle forward, selling to a market average of 132p/kg as the trade in general remains very similar to previous weeks. A consignment of 30-36 month old Limousin heifers and steers from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man were greeted with a very strong trade. Cast heifers twice peaked at 249.5p/kg with this consignment of heifers topping at £1222, Steers from the same home sold 249.5p/kg and 244.5p/kg peaking at £1329. A Limousin cow from SJ&C Handley, Westhouse sold to 229.5p/kg with Stabilisers to 209.5p/kg from RW&FJ Rhodes & Son, Quernmore. Cast steers topped the OTM ring with Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £1456 from R Baguley, Blackpool. Cast bulls this week peaked at £1407 for Limousins from WF Burrow & Sons, Silverdale. Black and White heifers sold to 184.5p/kg from J&G Thornley, Kirkham with plenty of dairy cows regularly selling in the region of 140p/kg for the best types. Dairy cows peaked at £1170 per head from J Hoggarth & Sons, Slyne, followed by £1117 from Lawsons Dairy, Cockerham with plenty more dairy cows selling in excess of the £1000 mark.
Cast and OTM cattle are always in demand at Lancaster, with buyers eager to purchase.

Top Prices

Heifer Calves:
British Blue: £430, £415, £340 Derby Lodge Farm, £335 Sunny Bank, £280 (2) Kenlis Road. Montbeliarde: £400 Manor Farm

Bull Calves:
British Blue: £500 Derby Lodge Farm, £480 Manor Farm, £410, £380, £360, £340 Sunny Brow. Montbeliarde: £500, £480 Manor Farm, £270 Sellerley Farm. Flekvieh: £360, £315, £305, £290, £280, £270 Holme Head. Angus: £350 Cote Farm, £300 Gibsons Farm, £270, £250, £220, £210 Cote Farm. Simmental: £305, £265 Sellerley Farm.

Steer Calves:
British Blue: £385, £380, £270, Kenlis Road.

Limousin: 249.5, 234.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 229.5 Thornton Hall, Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 189.5 Greenways. Stabiliser: 209.5, 159.5 Low Moor Head Farm. Holstein Friesian: 184.5 Derby Lodge Farm, 139.5 Bank End Farm, Belmont Farm, Raw Head, Forton Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 159.5 Well House Farm, 139.5 Docker Hall, 137.5 Manor House Farm, 117.5 High Tenement Farm, 111.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 109.5 Coldcotes Farm. Blonde D’Aquitaine: 151.5 Thornham Fold Farm. Hereford: 151.5 Longwood House, 139.5, 111.5 Coldcotes Farm, 69.5 High Tenement Farm. Continental: 149.5 Low Moor Howe Farm Ltd, 139.5, 134.5 Poole Bank Farm, 134.5 Low Moor Howe Farm Ltd, 131.5, 124.5 Poole Bank Farm. Shorthorn: 144.5 Manor House Farm. Charolais: 139.5 Whinfield Farm, 127.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. British Blue: 134.5 High Tenement Farm. Montbeliarde: 137.5, 127.5, 114.5 Cumming Carr Farm, 109.5 White Lund Farm. Norwegian Red: 129.5 White Lund Farm. Simmental: 114.5 High Tenement Farm. Swedish Red and White: 109.5 Docker Hall Farm. Jersey: 49.5 Hallbeck.

OTM Heifers
Hereford: 184.5 Well House Farm. Holstein Friesian: 179.5 Bolden Farm, 167.5 White Lund Farm, Cragg Farm, 164.5 Wyre Bank, Stubb Place Farm, 149.5 Cotestone Farm. Swedish Red and White: 171.5 White Lund Farm. Charolais: 169.5, 164.5 Thornham Fold Farm. Montbeliarde: 149.5 Manor Farm.

Cast Bullocks
Limousin: 249.5, 244.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Aberdeen Angus: 199.5 Roseway, 174.5, 151.5 Black Bull Cottage. Montbeliarde: 189.5 Roseway. Highland: 124.5, 121.5, 117.5 The Barn.

Cast Bulls
Limousin: 151.5 Gibraltar Farm. Holstein Friesian: 99.5 Greenside Farm.

Store Bullocks
Limousin: £1430 Shaws Farm, £1400 High Tenement Farm, £1190 Carlingwha, £1180 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £1140 Squires Gate Farm, £1040 Windy Hill Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 1400 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1380 New Ridge Farm, New Parkside Farm, Upper Foxholes Farm, £1300 New Parkside Farm, £1280 Upper Foxholes Farm. Simmental: £1380 Littlewood Hall Farm, £1070 Moss Croft, £980 Little Crimbles, £900, £590 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. British Blue: £1340 Town House, £1200 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £1190 Old Hall Farm, £1160 Carlingwha, £1130 Town House, £1040 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1070, £1000 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £950 Summerlands. Montbeliarde: £1340 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1040 Corney Hill Farm, £830 Sunderland Brows Farm. Charolais: £1220 Langthwaite Heights, £1180 Kate Farm, £1090 Little Crimbles, £940 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Hereford: £1180 Pasture House Farm, Carlingwha, £1120 Pasture House Farm, £1050 Windy Hill Farm, £1030 Plumpton Hall Farm, £940 Moss Croft. Holstein Friesian: £1110 Staffords Farm, £1080 Old Glasson Farm, £1060, £1050 Spital Farm, £1000 Plumpton Hall Farm, £840 Sunderland Brows Farm. Flekvieh: £1070, £1010 Corney Hill Farm, £970 Moss Croft, Sunderland Brows Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel: £1010 Littlewood Hall Farm. Swedish Red and White: £840 Sunderland Brows Farm, £800 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Norwegian Red: £840 Sunderland Brows Farm.

Store Heifers
Charolais: £1400 High Tenement Farm, £940 Langthwaite Heights. Aberdeen Angus: £1170 Outerthwaite Farm, £1160 Pasture House Farm, £1090 Cumming Carr Farm, £1000 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £980, £940 Raw End Farm. British Blue: £1140 Old Hall Farm. Limousin: £1140, £1130, £1120 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £1050 Thornton Hall, £1000 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £900 Ancliffe Hall Farm. Simmental: £1040 Kate Farm, £810 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Holstein Friesian: £1000 Staffords Farm, £880, £790 Roe Farm, £740 Hare Apple Tree, £700 Roe Farm, £600 Hare Apple Tree. Hereford: £970 Plumpton Hall Farm.

Store Bulls
Montbeliarde: £1040 Cumming Carr Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £880 Cumming Carr Farm. Holstein Friesian: £280 Barrows Lane East.

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