Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, OTM and Store Cattle - Friday 5th November 2021


The weekly sale of calves had an entry of 71 forward which saw top quality calves sell to a strong trade, with medium type calves seeing plenty of bidders but a slightly cautious trade as many worry about the spiralling feed and fertiliser costs next spring.
Weanling British Blues led the way at Lancaster, with bulls selling to £500 and £430 from J&ME Woodhouse & son, Ellel, with heifer calves from the same home achieving £420. Three month old Aberdeen Angus bull calves sold to £425 from JT&B Fox, Quernmore. A run of eight week old Aberdeen Angus bull calves sold to £425 from Cote Farm Partnership. Eight week old British Blue bulls sold to £425 from JP&C Robson, Garstang with heifer calves from the same home achieving £400. Hereford bull calves at eight weeks old sold to £410 from J Gerrard & Son, Thurnham with plenty of good quality beef calves selling into the late £300. Medium beef calves often sold in to early to mid £200’s. Native heifer calves continue to be a selective trade. Black and White bull calves this week peaked at £80 and £75 from Barker Farms, Carnforth.


There was a catalogue entry of over 200 store cattle that saw good quality in specification cattle selling to a sharper improved trade, with out of specification types meet a varied demand. Good quality short keep cattle saw plenty of demand, with a pen of three Aberdeen Angus bullocks selling to £1580 from TJ Llyod, Settle and Charolais bullocks from the same home achieving £1570. Topping off a good day for TJ Lloyd saw him also top the heifer class, selling Charolais’s to £1400. Limousin bullocks sold to £1420 from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon. The consignment of bullocks from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling sold Aberdeen Angus’s to £1420 and British Blues to £1400. Other leading bullocks were a pen of four Angus’s sell to £1360 from J Hesketh, Hutton. A pair of shapey Limousin heifers sold to £1300 from TE JS SA Carruthers, Underbarrow. Beef Shorthorn heifers from R&EA Gardner, Brigsteer sold to £1360 and £1350. Dairy bullocks saw Holstein Friesians peak at £1340 from JM&AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, with 18 month old Montbeliarde bullocks from the same home selling to £1250. There was an overall market average today of £1114, as steers averaged £1135 and heifers £1155.


Lancasters weekly sale of cast cows and OTM’s sold to an overall market average of 120p/kg. As to be expected for this time of year a large proportion of the cattle forward were leaner, plainer types but meeting plenty of demand from our busy ring of buyers.
OTM Limousin heifers sold to 179.5p/kg from M&RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe. Closely followed by Black and White feeding heifers selling to 177.5p/kg or £1100. Stabiliser cows sold to 171.5p/kg or £1097 from J&S Smales, Ingleton. Beef cows sold to a top of £1181 from E Lund & Son, Ingleton. Plenty of well fleshed dairy cows this week selling between 140-145p/kg. Dairy cows sold to a top of £1108 a head for Holstein Friesians from J Bargh & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe, with plenty more well fleshed cows still regularly selling in excess of the £1000 mark.

Top Prices

Calf Top Prices

Heifer Calf Top Prices:
British Blue - £420 Boldens Farm, £400 Boldens Farm, £400 Roe Farm, £350 Roe Farm, £280 Boldens Farm, £255 Lane Head Farm. Limousin – £170 Low Stangerthwaite. Aberdeen Angus - £160 Cote Farm, £125 Forton Hall Farm, £125 Forton Hall Farm, £100 Forton Hall Farm. Hereford - £140 Brades Farm Dairy, £105 Brades Farm Dairy, £75 Brades Farm Dairy.

Bull Calf Top Prices:
British Blue - £500 Boldens Farm, £430 Boldens Farm, £425 Roe Farm, £385 Newhouse Farm, £375 Walkers I’th Fields, £335 Roe Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £420 Cote Farm, £425 Blackwood End, £370 Newhouse Farm, £360 Cote Farm, £350 Cote Farm, £250 Walkers I’th Field. Hereford – £410 Crook Farm, £270 Brades Farm dairy, £240 Brades Farm Dairy, £235 Brades Farm Dairy, £205 Brades Farm Dairy. Limousin - £260 Low Stangerthwaite. Friesian - £80 Cotestone Farm, £75 Cotestone Farm, £60 Tills Farm, £60 Tills Farm, £40 Brades Farm Dairy.

Store Top Prices

Store Bullocks

Aberdeen Angus - £1580 Proctors Row, £1420 Staffords Farm, £1360 Middle Grange Farm, £1330 North Farm, £1310 Cock Hall Farm, £1300 Old Glasson Farm. Charolais - £1570 Proctors Row. Limousin - £1420 Howriggs, £1250 Cock Hall Farm, £1240 Carlingwha, £1230 Squires Gate Farm, £1200 North Farm, £1150 Bradlow Farm. British Blue - £1400 Staffords Farm, £1330 Benson Hall, £1310 Old Glasson Hall, £1300 North Farm, £1260 Thornton Barn Farm, £1240 Old Glasson Farm. Holstein Friesian - £1340 Bensons farm, £1110 Benson Hall, £1100 Low Deepslack, £1070 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1040 North Farm, £1000 Low Deepslack. Continental - £1310 Cock Hall Farm, £1100 Bradlow Farm. Hereford - £1300 Squires Gate Farm, £1290 Old Glasson Farm, £1240 Brow Foot Farm, £1230 Benson Hall, £1140 North Farm, £1070 Carlingwha. Montbeliarde - £1250 Bensons Farm, £1050, £910 Squires Gate Farm. Norwegian Red - £1210 Ninezergh. Welsh Black - £1200 Ninezergh. Simmental - £1040 Bradlow Farm.

Store Heifers

Charolais - £1400, £1350 Proctors Row. Limousin - £1390 Red Scar Farm, £1090 Wood Nook Farm, £1040 Outerthwaite Farm, £960 Holme Field. Beef Shorthorn - £1360, £1350, £1300 Barrowfield. British Blue - £1190 Proctors Row, £1170 Old Hall Farm, Carlingwha, £1140 Brow Foot Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1180 Yew Tree Farm, £1180 Outerthwaite Farm, £1140 Low Groves Farm, £1130 Outerthwaite Farm, £1030 Yew Tree Farm. Holstein Friesian - £1030 Fencefoot Farm, £1020 Holme Head, £660 Westfield House Farm. Hereford - £800 Old Hall Road, £640 Heald Farm. Norwegian Red - £730 Holme Head. Flekvieh - £730 Holme Head.

OTM Cattle

Price Per Kilo

Friesian - 177.5 Dales Barns, 154.5 Cote Farm, 149.5 Kiln Hall, 147.5 Cote Farm, 144.5 North Farm, Kitching Ground Farm. Stabilizer - 171.5 Braida Garth. Aberdeen Angus – 157.5 Lundholme Farm, 141.5 Little Fell Farm. Limousin – 151.5 Howriggs, 147.5 Tongue House Farm, 124.5 Station Hotel Farm. Continental – 144.5 Re Braida Garth. British Blue – 139.5 Abbotson Farm. Swedish Red & White – 139.5 Dale Barns. Simmental – 134.5 Todds Farm, 94.5 Todds Farm. Charolais – 131.5 Brown Edge. Blonde – 129.5 Re Braida Garth. Norwegian Red – 127.5 Holme Head. Aryshire – 114.5 Rathvale Farm.


Limousin – 179.5 Station Hotel Farm. Friesian – 179.5 Station Hotel Farm.

Price Per Head

Aberdeen Angus - £1181.25 Lundholme Farm, £1083.89 Little Fell Farm. Friesian - £1108.32 North Farm, £1100.50 Dale Barns, £1004.72 Holme House Farm, £1004.40 North Farm, £1002.38 Cote Farm, £998.73 Blackwood End. Stabilizer - £1097.60 Re Braida Garth. Swedish Red & White - £1032.30 Dale Barns. Continental - £955.15 Re Braida Garth. Limousin - £946.88 Howriggs, £885 Tongue House Farm. Charolais - £909.98 Brown Edge. Norwegian Red - £807.08 Holme Head. Ayrshire - £666.39 Rathvale Farm.

Friesian - £835.61 Kiln Hall. Limousin - £811.34 Station Hotel Farm.

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