Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, Stirks OTM Cattle and Store Cattle - Friday 28th May 2021

There was a smaller entry of calves this week following the bumper entry seen last week and due to many local farmers taking advantage of the good weather to silage. The consignment from J & G Thornley, Roseacre once again led the way at Lancaster selling Charolais bull calves to £495, British Blue bulls to £450 and heifers to £400. Other noted prices for British Blue calves were £410 from JT & B Fox, Quernmore who sold British Blue heifers to £385. The consignment from GH Sanderson & Family sold British Blue heifers to £380. Plenty of beef calves sold in the region of the £300 mark.
Dairy bull calves saw Fleckvieh sell to £170 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with Friesian bull calves this week selling to £100 from G H Sanderson & Family.
The monthly sale of stirks at Lancaster saw trade slightly easier as seen at other sales due to the recent drop in the prime beef trade and grass growth remaining slow. Despite this, vendors left well chuffed with their trade on the day. A pair of suckler bred yearling Limousin bullocks from Alan Thompson, Carnforth sold to £890. Yearling Angus bullocks from J W Thwaites, Tebay sold to £855, £830 and £815. Yearling Simmental heifers sold to £795 from Red Lees Farm, Holcombe and there were plenty of pens of well grown, summering steers and heifers sold to £700 and more.
Beef bulls topped at £785 for 7-month-old British Blues from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyersdale followed by others to £740 from James Taylor, Kendal.
Dairy bullocks topped at £890 for Friesians from G Rawlinson, Manchester who sold others to £875.
Lancaster’s store cattle trade was slightly easier for all specifications but continues to be the place to market your short keep cattle with these eagerly bid for. L Parsons & Sons, Levens led the way selling a pen of three Angus bullocks to £1490 and a couple of Angus and Limousin bullocks to £1460. This was closely followed by J Prest & Son, Bay Horse selling to £1460 with Angus’ and Herefords to £1420, other Hereford bullocks that also achieved the £1420 mark were from JM & JG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. Beef shorthorns sold to £1380 from R & EA Gardner, Brigsteer who sold others to £1310. Other noted prices for Angus bullocks was £1320 from KH & D Holden & Son, Pilling. The heifer trade topped at £1280 and £1250 for British Blues from M Shepherd and Sons, Pilling. Dairy bullocks peaked at £1290 for Montbeliardes from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with Fleckvieh to £1250 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse.
As like the calves there was less forward due to many farmers taking advantage of the good weather and getting some silage work done. As with the prime beef trade, the cast cow trade is slightly less but Lancaster still boasted an impressive market average of 147p/kg. OTM Limousin heifers sold to 219.5p/kg or £1387 from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth. This was closely followed by British Blue heifers selling to 217.5p/kg or £1400 from J & G Thornley, Roseacre. Black and White OTM heifers sold to 189.5p/kg from Messrs Gibson & Berry, Endmoor, with OTM Black and White heifers topping at £1421 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. Young Limousin cows sold 199.5p/kg from T Ayrton & Son, Over Wyresdale with others to 194.5p/kg from L Atkinson, Kendal which topped the market at £1287. Other noted prices for beef cows were £1230 for Simmentals from Barlow Bros, Croston. Dairy cows topped at 164.5p/kg or £1316 from J R Handley, Milnthorpe. With other dairy cows to £1198 from Gibson & Berry, 1194 from J & M Robinson, Nether Kellet and £1164 from Lawsons Farm Cockerham.

Top Prices

Leading prices per head for calves:-
Charolais: £495 Derby Lodge Farm. British Blue: £450 Derby Lodge Farm, £440 Hallbeck, £410 Blackwood Farm, £335, £325 Blackleach House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £420 Derby Lodge Farm, £300 Hallbeck, £265 Tills Farm. Simmental: £265, £235 (2) Sellerley Farm. Hereford: £250 Sellerley Farm. Fleckvieh: £170 Sellerley Farm. Friesian: £100 Blackleach House Farm, £90 Tills Farm.
British Blue: £400 Derby Lodge Farm, £385 Blackwood End, £380 Blackleach House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £395, £355 Fields Farm, £330 Hallbeck, £320 Brown Brook. Hereford: £315, £200 Fields Farm.
Hereford: £445, £365 Fields Farm.
Leading prices per head for OTM Cattle:-
Friesian: £1316 College Green, £1198.99 Low Audlands, £1194.51 Hoggets Lane Farm, £1164.35 Sweetings Farm, £1141.88 North Farm. Limousin: £1287.59 Dubside, £1200 Yates Farm, £1003.49 Yates Farm, £920.55 Mosergh Farm, £802.95 Marl House. British Blue: £1207.36 Oak Bank Farm, £891.45 Millbeck Bungalow. Simmental: £1230.23, £1069.25 Littlewood Hall Farm. Shorthorn: £1069.25 Kate Farm, £738.40 Beck House. Hereford: £1055.89 Mosergh Farm. Blonde: £861.74 Millbeck Bungalow. Ayrshire: £771.53 The Cottages. Norwegian Red: £668.25 The Cottages. Jersey: £482.13, £471.98 Parkers Farm.
Friesian: £1421.64, £1273.13 Catshaw Hall Farm, £1141.23 Boldens Farm, £1086.71 Netherbeck Barn, £1044.15 Low Audlands. British Blue: £1400.70 Derby Lodge Farm. Limousin: £1387.24, £1152.25 Hall Croft Barn.
Friesian: £1265.48 Boon Town Farm, Continental: £805.89 Millbeck Bungalow. Limousin: £1038.96 Bargh House Farm

Leading prices per kilo for OTM Cattle:-
Limousin: £199.5p Yates Farm, 194.5p Dubside, 187.5p Kate Farm, 161.5p Mosergh Farm, 151.5p Marl House. Simmental: 174.5p, 164.5p Littlewood Hall Farm. British Blue: 171.5p Oak Bank Farm, 157.5p Millbeck Bungalow. Friesian: 167.5p Sellerley Farm, 164.5p College Green, 159.5p Derby Lodge Farm, Sweetings Farm, 157.5p Sweetings Farm, North Farm, Myres Farm, 154.5p Netherbeck Barn, Tunstall Hall. Shorthorn: 164.5p Kate Farm, 144.5p Beck House. Hereford: 159.5p Mosergh Farm. Blonde: 141.5p Millbeck Bungalow. Norwegian Red: 121.5p The Cottages. Ayrshire: 121.5p The Cottages. Jersey: 101.5p (2) Parkers Farm, 91.5p, 87.5p The Cottages.
Limousin: 219.5p, 209.5p Hall Croft Barn. British Blue: 217.5p Derby Lodge Farm. Friesian: 189.5p Low Audlands, 187.5p Catshaw Hall Farm, 184.5p Netherbeck Barn, 179.5p Catshaw Hall Farm, 174.5p Boldens Farm.
Friesian: 179.5p Boon Town Farm, 161.5p Millbeck Bungalow.
Limousin: 144.5p Bargh House Farm.
Leading prices per head for store cattle:-
Aberdeen Angus: £1490 Low Levens, £1460 Upper Foxholes, Low Levens, £1320 Chestnut House Farm, £1310 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1240 Middle Grange Farm. Limousin: £1460 Low Levens, £1240 Middle Grange Farm, £1160 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1100 Whelpside Farm, £1080 Chapel Hosue. Hereford: £1420 Upper Foxholes, £1420 Bensons Farm, £920 Hall Bank, £880 Corney Hill Farm. Shorthorn: £1380, £1310 Barrowfield. Simmental: £1290, £1210 Slack Tower Farm. Montbeliarde:
£1290 Bensons Farm, £840 Sunderland Brows Farm. Charolais: £1260, £1150 Kate Farm, £870 Lee End Farm. Fleckvieh: £1250 Upper Foxholes Farm. British Blue: £1170, Windy Hill Farm, £1160 Hall Bank, £1140 Chestnut House Farm, £1100 Intack Farm, £1090 Low Stangerthwaite, £1070 Mill House Farm. WB: £1120 Chestnut House Farm. Friesian: £1050 Staffords Farm, £1010 Low Deepslack, £840 Thorns Farm.
British Blue: £1280, £1250 Pasture House Farm, £1140 Dairy Barn Farm, £1110 Mill House Farm, £1080 Wood Nook Farm, Mill House Farm, £1060 Braddup House Farm, £1050 Mill House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1100 Hill House Farm, £1060 Underhelm Farm, £1050 Cheetham House Farm, £1000 Banklands, £980 Mill House Farm, Braddup House Farm, £970 Hill House Farm. Friesian: £1140 Dairy Barn Farm. Limousin: £1080, £1030 Marshaw Farm, £1010 Banklands, £940 Hall Bank, £930 Mill House Farm. Charolais: £1080, £1050 Kate Farm, £960 Sewage Farm, £920, £910 Corney Hill Farm. Simmental: £900, £890 Kate Farm. Hereford: £850 Barklands.
British Blue: £870 Parkers Farm, Newhouse Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £750, £700 Park House Farm.
Leading prices per head for stirks:
Friesian: £890, £875 Redchails Farm, £690 Boon Town Farm, £575, £520 Gibsons Farm, £450 Stubb Place, £430, £365 Marlholes Farm. Limousin: £890, £790 Southways, £750 Boon Town Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £855, £830 Eskew Beck, £780 Gibsons Farm, £755 Boon Town Farm, £690 Marlholes Farm, £640 Fields Farm. British Blue: £720 Southways. Shorthorn: £665, £600 Beesleys Farm. Hereford: £650 Marlholes Farm, £450, £400 Fields Farm. Charolais: £645 barrow Greaves Farm.
Simmental: £795, £630 Lower Red Lees Farm. British Blue: £740 Stubb Place Farm, £635 Barrow Greaves Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £600, £580 Stubb Place Farm, £560 Barrow Greaves Farm, £360 Fields Farm. Shorthorn: £530 High House Farm, £510 Beesleys Farm. Hereford: £500 Marlholes Farm, £345 Fields Farm. Limousin: £465 Yates Farm.
British Blue: £785 Tills Farm, £740 Bradleyfield Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £710, £665 Bradleyfield Farm, £655 Lower Swainhead Farm. Friesian: £300, £210 Old Hutton Farm.

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