Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Monday 10th May 2021

Lancaster sells 1330 sheep

Lancaster’s Show and Sale of hoggs with lambs at foot saw a solid trade throughout the sale. Thanks must go to our pre-sale judge Mr Mark Townley for his time and expertise, as well as our sale sponsors Massey Feeds, Thornton Breakers, Peter Horn Mobile Sheep Dipping, Alistair Thompson Sheep Clipping and Eden Farm Supplies.

The Championship rosette was awarded to a pen of five Mule gimmer hoggs with Texel lambs from DJ Clarke Farming, Barnacre that sold to £200, with other pens from the same home achieving £200 and £195. The Reserve Champion rosette was awarded to the pen of five Continental gimmer hoggs from B & SE Carter, Ellel which sold to £205, with two further pens from the same home also achieving £205. Other noted prices for Mule hoggs were £200 from S Bosworth, Burnley and D R Preston, Caton also achieving £200 and £198.

All Continental hoggs with signal lambs averaged £196.83 with Mules averaging £191.62.


Lancaster’s weekly sale of Spring Lambs had an increased entry of 399 forward, selling to an overall market average of 358p/kg. Those lambs which had been hopper fed and well finished, saw the financial benefits today.

Texel lambs led the way selling to £173 from JS Horner, Ingleton purchased by Gregory Williams Butchers, Lancaster. This was closely followed by Suffolks selling to £165 from K A Purtill, Wigan. The consignment from DM Eames, Abbeystead twice sold to £162 with other Suffolks achieving £160 from JS Horner. A consignment of Texel lambs from JT & B Fox, Quernmore sold to £161 and £160. Other Texels sold to £160 twice from PD Anderton, Scorton. Beltex lambs this week peaked at £160 or 400p/kg from G & D Ball & Son, Little Eccleston who also sold Texel lambs to £159. Dorset lambs this week peaked at £158 from MJ & LC Lund, Quernmore. Other noted Texel prices were £155 from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham.

The top p/kg this week was for shapey Suffolk cross lambs from K A Purtill, Wigan selling to 413 or £165 and weighing 40kg, purchased by Gregory Williams Butchers, Lancaster. Texel lambs peaked at 408p/kg from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth with others selling to 400p/kg from PD Anderton, Scorton. Plenty more pens of those good confirmation lambs were easily selling between 380-400p/kg.


Lancaster had 497 prime hoggs forward this week, with the full spectrum of types, finish and quality, as to be expected at this time of year. The overall market average was 287p/kg with handy weighted hoggs averaging 294p/kg.

Heavy weight Texel hoggs from RG & H Preece, Roeburndale West sold to a top of £167. This was followed by the consignment of Texel and Continental hoggs from Andrew Butler selling to £159, £158, £155, £152, £150 and £148. Continental hoggs peaked at £153 from BD Wood, Out Rawcliffe. Other Continental hoggs sold to £151 from T Taylor, Woodplumpton. Suffolk hoggs sold to £152 from JS Horner, Ingleton with others to £147 from S Moore, Pilling. Pens of well fleshed Suffolks and Continental hoggs were easily sold in excess of the £140 mark.

Upland hoggs sold to a top of £139 from A Brown, Littledale. Horned hoggs saw Swaledales sell to £114, weighing 41kg from WI & A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale.


Lancaster had an increased entry of 256 forward. The trade was slightly mixed due to larger entries throughout the country and some outlets now having filled their orders for this week’s Ramadam Festival.

Pure Texel ewes sold to £160 from MP Berry, Stalmine with Continental ewes to £150 from J A Lambert, Out Rawcliffe. There were plenty of Continental ewes selling between £125 and £140, with buyers slightly cautious of over-fat sheep. Cheviot Mules sold to £118 from Stockdale Farms, Sedbergh.

Mule ewes peaked at £114 from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth as well as D & K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, also achieving the same price. This was followed by £112 from D & E Whittaker, Quernmore, with plenty of pens of Mule ewes regularly selling between £100 - £110.

Top Prices

Texel - £167 Thornbush Farm, £159, £158, £155, £152, £150 Park Farm Barn, £148 Ingleborough Park Drive, Park Farm Barn, £145 Throstle Grove Farm, £143 Park Farm Barn. Continental - £153 Middle Ridge, £151 Midge Hall Farm, £146 Park Farm Barn, £145 Midge Hall Farm, £131, £126, £124, £120 Harbarrow Farm, £119 Oak Avenue, £115 Lee End Farm. Suffolk - £152 Ingleborough Park Drive, £147 Longwood House, £140 Carr House Farm, £120.50 Harbarrow Farm, £118 Bowers Farm, £100 Longwood House, £87 Middle Ridge Farm. Beltex - £144 Farleton House, £131 Park Farm Barn. Mule - £139 Deep Clough, £107 Overhouses, Chapelside Drive, £106 Middle Ridge Drive, Conway Close, £102 Moorcock Hall Farm, £100 Lakeside View, Thornbush Farm. Charollais - £130 Carr House Farm, £128 Kirkstead Barn. Cheviot - £128 Oak Avenue, Bowers Farm, £115 Lee End Farm, £114 Harbarrow Farm, £100, £99 Bowers Farm, £81 Lakeside View. Horned - £115 Harbarrow Farm, £110 Middle Ridge Farm, £100, £91 Lakeside View. Swaledale - £114 Middle Ridge Farm, £114, £108 Holme House Farm, £98 Moorcock Hall Farm, £88, £86 Moss House Farm, £85, £84 Overhouses, £80, £68 Thornbush Farm. Scottish Blackface - £108 Harbarrow Farm.

Texel - £173 Ingleborough Park Drive, £161 Blackwood End, £160 Wyre Farm, Blackwood End, Wyre Farm, £159 Woodstock, £155 Cock Hall Farm, £154 Old Glasson Farm, £152 Brown Edge, Wyre Farm. Suffolk - £165 Oak Avenue, £162 Middle Lee Farm, £160 Ingleborough Park Drive, £158 Middle Lee Farm, £148 Cocker House Farm, £146, £144.50, £144 Brown Edge. Beltex - £160 Woodstock, £150 Brown Edge, £150, £147 Hill View Farm, £124 Farleton House. Dorset - £158, £140, £138.50, £137 Corney Hill Farm. Charollais - £146, £139, £138.50, £136 Little Fell Farm. Continental - £130 Brown Edge, £120 Woodstock, Ripley St. Thomas.

Texel - £160 Highgate Farm, £138 Jacksons Farm, £136 Wyre Farm, Bensons Farm, £132 Old Glasson Farm, Forgelands Estate, £130 Parkside Farm, Yeat House, £122 Corney Hill Farm, £120 Brown Brook. Continental - £150 Jacksons Farm, £128 Little Fell Farm, £122 Parkside Farm, £120 Lakeside View, £118 Bensons Farm, £116 Hall Oth Hill Farm, £114 Burrow Heights Farm, £111 Cragg Farm, £108 Corney Hill Farm, Oak Avenue. Suffolk - £125 Ingleborough Park Drive, £120 Park Farm Barn, £96 Woodstock. Charollais - £122 Oak Avenue, £119 Burrow Heights Farm. Cheviot - £118 Bowers Farm, £106 Middle Lee Farm, £90, £85 Burrow Heights Farm, £80 Bowers Farm, £66 Bensons Farm. Mule - £114 Bensons Farm, Burrow Heights Farm, £112 Little Fell Farm, £109 Bensons Farm, £108, £106, £104 Little Fell Farm, £102 Farleton House, £101 Lakeside View, Old Glasson Farm. Lleyn - £110 Hall Oth Hill Farm. Dorset - £103, £96, £58 Corney Hill Farm. Masham - £98 Bensons Farm. Dalesbred - £93 Brown Brook. Swaledale - £91 Overhouses, Yeat House, £84 Holme House Farm, Moorcock Hall Farm, £81 Bensons Farm, £70 Yates Farm, £67 Middle Lee Farm, £56 Dunkenshaw Farm, £50 Holme House Farm. Scottish Blackface - £90 Burrow Heights Farm. Kerryhill - £90 Burrow Heights Farm. Beltex - £80 Farleton House. Hampshire - £76 Oak Avenue.

Charollais - £128 Wyre Farm. Suffolk - £121 Lyndale Farm. Mule - £107 Bensons Farm. Dalesbred - £98 Hare Apple Tree, £81 Brown Brook. Continental - £92 Bensons Farm. Bluefaced Leicester - £81 Bensons Farm. Swaledale - £79 Yates Farm.

Mule - £205 Cragg End, £200 Ellers Farm, Kellbrick Farm, Lower Oakeneaves Farm, £198 Ellers Farm. Texel - £205 Cragg End, £198 Deep Clough, £195 New Elmridge Farm, £185, £170 West View Farm.

Mule - £205, £148 West View Farm.

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Show Results
Judge: Mark Townley

Sponsors: Massey Feeds, Peter Horn Mobile Sheep Dipping, Alistair Thompson Sheep Clipping, Thornton Breakers and eden Farm Supplies

Class 1 – Best Pen of 5 Mule Hoggs with Single Lambs
1st – D J Clarke Farming Ltd Kellerbrick Farm £200
2nd – D R Preston, Ellers Farm £200
3rd – R H & C Ayrton Ouzelthorn Farm £190

Class 2 – Best Pen of 5 Continental Hoggs with Single Lambs
1st – B & S E Carter Cragg Farm £205
2nd – G F & E E Holt New Elm Ridge Farm £195
3rd – B & S E Carter Cragg Farm £205

Champion - D J Clarke Farming Ltd Kellerbrick Farm £200
Reserve Champion - B & S E Carter Cragg Farm £205

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