Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 12th March 2021

Calves and Stirks

Lancaster boosted a far better entry this week of 100 calves matched with a scintillating trade in which more could have easily been sold. The consignment from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale twice sold British Blues to £435, firstly for a 6 week old bull calf and then for a younger heifer calf with great cow potential. A cracking run of calves from AJ & AJ Gibbons, St Michaels sold British Blue bulls to £435 and £415. Weanling British Blue heifers from I Atkinson and Son, Carnforth sold to £420 and £415. The run of calves from WG Farms, Cockerham sold Charolais bull calves to £415 and British Blue bulls to £410. Other noted prices for Continental bulls was British Blues to £405 and £390 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel with Lawson’s Farms, Cockerham topping at £395 with Blues. There were plenty of Continental calves this week selling in the late three hundreds and heifers easily achieving mid three hundreds. Charolais bull calves averaged £386, British Blue bulls £354 with British Blue heifer calves averaging £332.

Native calves sold to a top of £400 for six week old Angus bulls from Lawson’s Farms, Cockerham followed by £390 from Karen Parkinson, Out Rawcliffe. Angus heifer calves sold to a top of £340 from JM & MH France and Son, Littledale with Welsh Black heifers selling to £320 from AJ & AJ Gibbons, St Michaels. Angus bull calves averaged £316 and heifers averaged £235.

Dairy bull calves sold to a top of £320 for 5 week old Montbeliardes from WG Farms, Cockerham. Black and white bull calves sold to £230 and £185 from CR & A Baxter, Middleton with others to £160 from Karen Parkinson and £155 from Drinkall Bros. Black and whites this week averaged £122.

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of store cattle saw 200 go through the ring at a sharper trade as customers are now looking for summering type cattle with 24 active buyers on 36 accounts ringside, all eager to fill orders.

Taking top spot again this week was regular Lancaster supporter JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with well fleshed Hereford steers at £1490. Other Herefords today sold at £1290 from R Escolme, Bay Horse who also had Charolais steers at £1440 with other Charolais at £1350 from J Lamb, Old Glasson who also topped the Angus steers section selling to £1370 with other Angus steers at £1320 from R & E Ladds, Scalthwaiterigg. Friesian steers today were also good to sell with three big lads topping at £1240 from R & E Ladds, Scalthwaiterigg not far behind was EJ Hodgson, Lambrigg at £1180.  Limousin steers today saw J & O Galbraith, Endmoor making £1360 with other good sorts from H Chapman & Son, Middleton also at £1360.

Topping the heifers today was £1310 for Herefords from R & E Ladds, Scalthwaiterigg with others from the same good home at £1250.  Limousin heifers topped at £1300 from R & J Dodgson, Natland who also had others at £1250. Belgian Blue heifers topped today from KH & D Holden, Pilling at £1190 also at £1190 was J Prest, Bay Horse.

All steers today averaged £1125 with heifers at £1102.  More cattle are required to fulfil buyer requirements.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

OTM cattle today saw numbers back over the hundred mark with 118 cattle going through the ring with trade that can only be described as on fire; well ahead of deadweight quotations. Top price per head today came from loyal Lancaster supporters M & L Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale with a Belgian Blue cow grossing £1306 who also had Limousins at £1152 or 209.50p/kg. Angus cows sold to £1167 or 199.5p/kg for G Metcalfe & Son, Gressingham.
Friesian cows today topped at £1268 from H Halhead & Son, Nether Kellet with others from J Hoggarth, Slyne selling to £1248. Ayrshire cows topped at £1091 or 149.5p/kg from Cowell & Moore, Woodplumpton.

OTM heifers saw Blondes sell to £1360 or 219.5p/kg from SA Hill, Slyne with other Beef bred heifers at £1270 or 207p/kg for Angus from J Oddie, Balderstone. Friesian heifers sold to £1244 from H Halhead & Son, Nether Kellet with all heifers averaging 174p/kg.

A few more cast bulls on offer today saw Angus sell to £1359 or 191p/kg from Norbreck Genetics, Cockerham and Hereford bulls at £1294 from GB & EA Metcalfe, Carnforth. Cast cows today averaged 143p/kg for the good, bad and the very ugly if you haven’t tried Lancaster’s cast cow market on a Friday, it is high time you gave us a go.

Top Prices

CAST COWS: Aberdeen Angus – 199.5 & 161.5 Fleets Farm, Limousin – 209.5 High House, 169.5 & 164.5 Fleets Farm, British Blue – 171.5 High House, 164.5 Sandvilla, Flekvieh – 179.5 Cautley Farm, Holstein Freisian – 167.5 Cauntley Farm, 164.5 Belmont Farm
OTM HEIFER: Aberdeen Angus – 207.5, 199.5, 194.5 Cheetham House, Blonde D’Aquitaine – 219.5 & 194.5 Grange Farm, Limousin – 194.5 Pott Yeats Holstein Freisian – 177.5 Deerslet Farm, 174.5 Lawsons Farm, 169.5 Greenalls Farm.

CAST STEER: Jersey/Guernsey – 184.5 Birkland Barrow

CAST BULLS: Stabiliser – 199.5 Park House Farms, Aberdeen Angus – 191.5 Hillam Farm, Simmental – 137.5 Sandvilla, Hereford – Holme House Farm.

Store BLKS: Hereford - £1490 Bensons Farm, £1290 Ivy Barn, £1250 Low Hundhowe, £1150 Scalthwaiterigg, £1090 Windy Hill Farm. Charolais - £1440 Ivy Barn, £1350 Old Glasson Farm, £1260 Millbeck, £1080 Corney Hill Farm. Angus - £1370 Old Glasson Farm, £1320 Benson Hall, £1300 Middle Grange Farm, £1250 Intack Farm, £1250 Little Town Farm. Limousin - £1360 Endmoor Farm, £1360 Millbeck, £1350 Intack Farm, £1350 Ivy Barn, £1280 Old Glasson Farm. British Blue - £1320 Old Glasson Farm, £1280 Low Hundhowe, £1250 Beaumont Grange Farm, £1230 Midge Hall Farm, £1230 Lambrigg Head Farm. Simmental - £1310, £1250 Ivy Barn, £1200 Hampsfield Hall. Friesian - £1240 Benson Hall, £1180 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1130 Slack Farm, £1090 Cockrigg Farm, £1060 Hallbeck. Blonde - £1190 Ivy Barn. Welsh Black - £1180 Kays Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel - £1150 Littlewood Hall Farm. Montbeliarde - £1050 Lathwaite Farm. Brown Swiss - £1040 Lambrigg Head Farm. Shorthorn - £1000 Chestnut House Farm.

Store HFRS: Hereford - £1310, £1250 Benson Hall, £1060 Steadbank. Limousin - £1300, £1250 Cracalt Farm, £1160 Intack Farm, £1070 Thursgill, £960 Little Crimbles. Charolais - £1300, £1240 The Old Stable, £1180 Intack Farm, £1100 Langthwaite Heights. Angus - £1280 Benson Hall, £1210 Little Town Farm, £1200 Chestnut House Farm, £1190 Hallbeck, £1130 Hill House Farm. British Blue - £1190 Chestnut House Farm, £1190 Upper Foxholes Farm. Stabiliser - £900 Park House Farms.

Bull Calf: British Blue - £435 Catshaw Hall Farm, £435 £415 Catteralls Farm, £410 Lathwaite Farm, £405 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus - £400 Sweetings Farm, £390 Liscoe Farm, £360 Walkers I’th Fields, £350 Heaton Hall Farm, £340 Norbreck Farm. Charolais - £415, £390, £380 Lathwaite Farm. Montbeliarde - £320 Lathwaite Farm. Limousin - £375 Newhouse Farm. Friesian - £230, £185 New Brows Farm, £160 Liscoe Farm, £155 Catshaw Hall Farm, £145 Tills Farm.
Heifer Calf: British Blue - £435 Catshaw Hall Farm, £420, £415 Boon Town Farm, £380 New Brows Farm. Angus - £340 Newhouse Farm, £300 Lathwaite Farm, £275, £270 Sweetings Farm, £265 Heaton Hall Farm. Welsh Black - £320 Catteralls Farm. Charolais - £270 Lathwaite Farm.

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