Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 15th January 2021

Calves and Stirks

Lancaster boasted another bumper entry of 133 calves forward including a dozen stirks and weanlings. The trade for strong calves remains extremely buoyant and they are eagerly bid for at Lancaster. Charolais bull calves sold to a top of £450 and £440 from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale. British Blue bull calves sold to a top of £410 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale with plenty of beef bull calves easily selling into the late three hundreds regularly. The heifer trade peaked at £340 for British Blues from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale. Plenty more strong beef heifers sold in the early three hundreds. A larger number of younger beef calves were in the market and as seen at other auctions, met a slightly more selective trade. Dairy bull calves peaked at £135 and £100 from AD & R Milner, Claughton on Brock.

A handful of stirks on offer this week, saw the consignment from S Ashcroft, Euxton twice sell to £660 for British Blue and Montbeliarde steers born in March 2020.

Store Cattle

A much improved entry of 233 store cattle were forward, averaging an impressive £1096.69. Taking top spot this week was PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead selling Limousin bullocks to £1480 with others from the same home selling to £1380 for Shorthorns and Limousins. This was closely followed the consignment of bullocks from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe selling Limousins to £1470, British Blues to £1410 and Angus to £1400. Limousin bullocks from J Prest and Son, Bay Horse also achieved £1400. A further 19 bullocks sold in excess of the £1300 mark.

The heifer trade peaked at £1310 for a pair of Angus heifers from R & DM Rossall and Sons, Pilling. Dairy bullocks topped at £1250 for Friesian bullocks from J Prest and Son, Bay Horse.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

A bumper entry of 172 cast cows were forward this week, averaging an impressive 129.5p/kg. The market topped at 179.5p/kg numerous times for OTM beef heifers. Dairy OTM heifers peaked £1305 from Lawson Dairy, Cockerham with others from the same home selling to £1178. The consignment of beef cows from JE & AC Clarke and Son, Melling with British Blues at £1306 and Angus selling to £1295. There was a great trade for dairy cows which saw black and whites sell to £1221 from L Burrow & Sons, Lower Tatham, £1173 from R Packham & Sons, Docker, £1157 from H & A Stephenson, Tunstall, £1156 from H Halhead & Son, Nether Kellet and £1132 from RT Halhead, Cockerham. An impressive 49 dairy cows sold in excess of 130p/kg, far better than local competitors, proving Lancaster is the place to sell cast cows to get best returns on your product.

Top Prices


Limousin: £1480 Lentworth Farm, £1470 Bensons Farm, £1400 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1380 Lentworth Farm, £1350 High House Farm, £1340 Bruntscar Farm. British Blue: £1410 Bensons Farm, £1390 Carlingwha, £1300 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1270 Stubb Hall Farm, £1210 Station Hotel Farm, £1170 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1400 Benson Farm, £1370 Abrahams Farm, £1300 Greenlands Farm, £1240 Downlands Farm, £1160 Underhelm Farm, Outerthwaite Farm. Shorthorn: £1380 Lentworth Farm. Charolais: £1300 High House Farm, £1110 Corney Hill Farm, £1050 Ivy Barn Spout House Farm, £800 Rash Mill Cottage. Holstein Frisian: £1250, £1180 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1140 Gibraltar Farm, £1110 Downlands Farm, Lathwaite Farm, £1090 Gibraltar Farm. White Shorthorn: £1220 Moors Farm, £1100 Outerthwaite Farm. Hereford: £1170 Middle Grange Farm, £1150 Windy Hill Farm, £1120 Ivy Barn Spout House Farm, £1090 Holly House Farm, £940 Plumpton Hall Farm, £920 Rash Mill Cottage. Flekvieh: £1090 Holmes Farm, £970 Corney Hill Farm. Montbeliarde: £1050 Banklands, £930 Moss House Farm. Swedish Red and White: £980 Sunderland Brows Farm. Simmental: £970 Rash Mill Cottage. Norwegian Red: £930 Moss House Farm.


Aberdeen Angus: £1310 Abrahams Farm, £1190 Rose Hill Farm, £1180 Higher Lees Farm, Greenlands Farm, £1160 Steadbank, £1150 Chestnut House Farm. Limousin: £1230, £1200, £1130 New House Farm, £1070 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £830 Thornfield Farm. Shorthorn: £1200, £1190 Barrowfield. British Blue: £1170 Burnt House Farm, Wood Nook Farm, Chestnut House Farm, £1150 Windy Hill Farm, £1110 Higher Lees Farm, £1090 Gibsons Farm. Montbeliarde: £1150 Rose Hill Farm. Hereford: £1070, £1050, £1020 Well House Farm, £970 Lynwood, £960 Well House Farm, £890 Summerlands. Charolais: £910 Thornfield Farm. Simmental: £780, £750 Lapwing Close.


British Blue: £410 Tills Farm, £375 Roseacre Hall, £365 Derby Lodge Farm, £360 Manor House Farm, Roseacre Hall, Belmont Farm, £350 Roseacre Hall. Charolais: £450, £440 Knowsley Farm, £380, £265 Lathwaite Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £320 Walkers I’th Fields, £260, £245 Forton Hall Farm, £230 Forton Hall Farm, Sweetings Farm, Norbreck Farm, £225 Forton Hall Farm. £205 Sweetings Farm. Friesian: £135, £100 Lane Head Farm, £70 Derby Lodge Farm, Tills Farm, £60 Blackwood End, £50 Mill Lane.

Brithish Blue: £340 Knowsley Farm, £330 Gibsons Farm, Blackwood End, £310 Roseacre Hall, £310 Roseacre Hall, £300 Lathwaite Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £310, £300 Derby Lodge Farm, £255 Lathwaite Farm, £160 Norbreck Farm, £140 Sweetings Farm, £135 Great Eccleston Hall Farm. Charolais: £300, £250 Lathwaite Farm. Limousin: £290 Lathwaite Farm, £130 Bailey Hey Farm

British Blue: £270 Gibsons Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £240 Gibsons Farm.

Steer Stirks
British Blue: £660 Rose Hill Farm, £590 Ivy Farm. Montbeliarde: £660 Rose Hill Farm. Limousin: £555 Ivy Farm.

Heifer Stirks
British Blue: £450 Ivy Farm. Limousin: £440 (2) Ivy Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £390 Ivy Farm.


British Blue: £1306.63 Cringleber, £920.75 Barkin House Barn, £895.90 Capplethwaite Hall, £830.03 Hill Park. Aberdeen Angus: £1295.99 Cringleber, £866.36 Sandvilla. Friesian: £1221.03 Mealbank Farm, £1173.04 Docker Hall, £1157.75 Barnfield Farm, £1156 Lawsons Farm, £1132 Norbreck Farm. Fleckvieh: £1138.70 Lathwaite Farm, £1093.13 Sandvilla. Blonde: £1126.31 Capplethwaite Hall. Limousin: £1090.80 High House Farm, £1020.80 Cringleberg, £988.80 Gill Garth, £974.90 Hill Park, £922.42 Intack Farm. Simmental: £1086.71 Cringleber, £1017.77 Docker Farm, £913 Intack Farm, £843.65 Docker Farm. Shorthorn: £1083.88 Gill Garth, £689.08 Strickley. Montbeliarde: £1074.15, £944.42 White Lund Farm. Stabiliser: £908.91, £641.72 Low Foulshaw Farm. Swedish Red & White: £899.81 Lathwaite Farm, £786.31 Greenalls Farm, £669.83 Hillam Lane Farm. Jersey: £850.43 Sandvilla, £476.14 Hallbeck. Norwegian Red: £840.29 Holme Head. Continental: £776.68 Sandvilla.

Friesian: £1305.15, £1178.03 Bank End Farm, £1116.80 Stubb Place Farm, £1094.95 Hallbeck, £1081.13 Bank End Farm, £1066.16 Halforth Farm.

Cast Bull
Holstein Frisian: 1252.68 Hallbeck. Jersey: 854.70 Hallbeck. Ayrshire: 698 High Roosebeck Farm.

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