Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 16th April 2021

Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of calves had a reduced entry of 50 forward with many farmers taking advantage of the good weather and catching up with field work. The trade remains as buoyant as ever. Taking the top spot this week were Wannops Farm, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe selling a British Blue bull to £500. The consignment from J & G Thornley, Kirkham sold Charolais bull calves to £480, heifers to £460, £440 and Angus bull calves from the same good home to £450. Younger Charolais bull calves sold to £420 from J E & S M Seedall, Mellor. British Blue heifer calves peak at £430 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale.

Hereford bull calves topped at £405 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre with plenty more of the best quality beef calves selling around the £400 mark. With dairy bull calves peaking at £195 for Montbeliardes from WG Farms, Cockerham. Black and White bull calves peaked at £125 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale followed by others to £120 from Karen Parkinson, Out Rawcliffe.

Lancaster Auction held its mid-monthly sale of stirks with an entry of 85 forward, Grazing types of cattle continued to be in strong demand and easily bid for. A pen of four Angus bullocks born July 2020 from G & D Ball & Son, Great Eccleston took top spot at £940. This was followed by a British Blue steer from T Ayrton & Sons, Over Wyresdale selling to £920, followed by a Limousin steer to £890 from the same home. The consignment from PJ Holt & Sons, Little Thornton sold 10 month old Limousin bullocks to £900 and £890. Yearling Angus bullocks from WJ & E Woodhouse, Nateby sold to £850, followed by £845 from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel and £840 from R Fare, Kirkham. Yearling British Blue heifers sold to £755 from JE Harrison, Greenhalgh. Bull stirks peaked at £750 with 10 month old Herefords from JB & C Lamb, Thurnham, with 6 month old Angus bulls to £740 from AD & R Milner, Claughton-on-Brock. Yearling black and white bullocks peaked at £690, from GI & M Faraday, Bleasdale.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

This buoyant cast cow trade looks set to continue, with the only down side of today being that twice as many and more could have easily been sold to our many buyers at Lancaster. With 108 forward sold to an impressive market average of 146p/kg. Leading the way this week was a Blonde heifer from MJ Whitworth, Bolton-Le-Sands selling to 244.5p/kg or £1320. Plenty of OTM beef heifers easily selling in excess of 200p/kg.

Dairy cast steers saw Montbeliardes sell to 199.5p/kg or £1366 from S Fisher, Croston. Dairy heifers sold to 195p/kg for a Norwegian Red from R & J Parkinson, Preesall. OTM beef cows sold to 191.5 p/kg from GJ & J Woof & Sons, Dent.

This week saw a new high with best dairy cows three times achieving 167.5 pk/g twice from Lawsons Dairy Farm, Cockerham and once from JK & B Birkett & Son, Morecambe. Dairy cows sold to a top of £1438 from H & SD Cornthwaite & Son, Nateby, followed by £1373, £1340, £1306 from Lawsons Dairy, Cockerham. Montbeliarde cows sold to £1299 from JK & B Birkett & Sons. Plenty of good dairy cows selling into the late £1100 and well into the £1200’s. A cast Saler bull sold to 144.5p/kg or £1517 from JJ & J Woof & Sons, Dent followed by a Shorthorn Bull selling to £1416 from J Drinkall, Anglezarke.

Store Cattle

Lancaster’s weekly sale of store cattle sold to the dizzy highs of £1600 for an Angus bullock from L Parsons & Sons, Lower Levens. This was closely followed by £1560 for an Angus bullock from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, Limousin bullocks from the same good home selling to £1500; they also peaked the bull section selling an Angus to £1420. A pen of four Angus bullocks from R & E Ladds, Kendal sold to £1440. A pair of Angus bullocks from K & DE Woodhouse, Ellel sold to £1430 with a pen of three British Blue bullocks from the same home selling to £1430. Also achieving the £1400 mark was an Angus bullock from MD Close & Son, Arkholme. Heifers peaked at £1390 for a pair of British Blues from K & DE Woodhouse, Ellel.

Over 25% of the cattle forward sold in excess of the £1300 mark at Lancaster. With the beef trade looking buoyant, vendors are strongly advised to take advantage of the trade. Black and White dairy bullocks sold to a top of £1180 from R & E Ladds, Kendal. The Lancaster store ring saw plenty of demand for younger grazing type cattle, with more of these in demand.

Top Prices


BULLOCKS: Aberdeen Angus: £1600 Low Levens, £1560 Bensons Farm, £1480 Intack Farm, £1440 Benson Hall, £1430 Kitchen Ground, £1400 Docker Farm. Limousin: £1500 Bensons Farm, £1350 Middle Grange, £1340 Wood Nook, £1330 Fellside, £1310 Kirkland Hall, £1310 Bradley Farm. British Blue: £1430 Kitchen Ground, £1380 Fellside Farm, £1340 Kitchen Ground, £1330 Stubb Hall, £1290 Ninezergh, £1260 Billinge Hall. Simmental: £1350 & £1250 Billinge Hall, £1140 Underhelme Farm, £1090 Summerlands. Hereford: £1270 Well House Farm, £1260 Lynwood, £1200 Lane Ends Farm, £1180 Outerthwaite Farm, £1060 Lane Ends Farm. Flekvieh: £1120 Ninezergh, Montbeliarde: £1110 Lower House. Friesian: £1180 Benson Hall, £1160 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1140 Grange Farm & Benson Hall, £1100 Downlands Farm. HEIFERS: British Blue: £1390 Friars Moss, £1300 Mealbank Farm, £1250 Stubb Hall, £1190 & £1160 Swainhead, £1160 Ivy Farm. Aberdeen Angus: Lower Levens, £1280 Kitchen Ground, £1250 Batty Farm, £1190 New Hutton, £1190 Old Hall Farm. Limousin: £1270 Kirkland Hall Farm, £1230 Ninezergh, £1230 Wood Nook Farm, £1180 & £1160 Kirkland Hall, £1160 Barnfield. Hereford: £1180 Stubb Hall, £1060 Lane Ends, £850 Middlebarrow, £620 Coventry Farm. Montbeliarde: £860 Lower House Farm. BULLS: Aberdeen Angus: £1420 Bensons Farm.


Charolais: £460 £440 Derby Lodge. British Blue: £430 Tills Farm, £345 Roe Farm, £290 Heaton Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £245 Heaton Hall Farm, £195 Slack Farm, £155 Forton Hall Farm. Hereford: £170 £160 Arnside Tower Farm.

British Blue: £500 £400 Heaton Hall Farm. Charolais: £480 Derby Lodge Farm, £420 Bolton Fold Farm. Angus: £450 Derby Lodge Farm, £255 Heaton Hall Farm. Hereford: £405 Slack Farm £300 Arnside Tower Farm. Montbeliarde: £195 Lathwaite Farm. Friesian: £125 Tills Farm, £120 Liscoe Farm. Ayrshire: £75 Bolton Fold Farm.


Hereford - £750, £645 Gardners Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £740 Lane Head Farm. British Blue - £510 Far Lodge. Holstein Friesian - £475 Gardners Farm, £380 Far Lodge, £275 Toad Hall Farm Lodge.

British Blue - £755, £620 Tunstead Farm, £470 Far Lodge. Limousin - £740 Breedy Butts Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £710 Gibsons Farm, £690, £680 Post Farm, £640 Appletree Farm, £525 Liscoe Farm. Hereford - £660, £620 Hillam Lane Farm.

Aberdeen Angus - £940 Woodstock, £855 Breedy Butts Farm, £850 Gibsons Farm, £845 Barrow Greaves Farm, £840 Post Farm, £810 Appletree Farm. British Blue - £920 Yates Farm, £770, £700 Barrow Greaves Farm. Limousin - £900 Breedy Butts Farm, £895 Yates Farm, £890, £800, £790 Breedy Butts Farm. Hereford - £790 Gardners Farm. Holstein Friesian - £690 Fell End, £560 Toad Hall Farm Lodge, £500 Gardners Farm, £480 Toad Hall Farm Lodge.

Friesian: £1438.69 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, £1373.50, £1340 Bank End Farm, £1275.75 Boldens Farm, £1274.63 Bank End Farm, £1274.41 Catshaw Hall Farm, £1199.21 Mealbank Farm. Montbeliarde: £1299.55, £1139 White Lund Farm. British Blue: £1233.09, £1005 Little Fell Farm. Blonde: £1187.30, £987.26. Shorthorn: £1120.58 Manor House Farm. Simmental: £1113.88 Mount Pleasant Farm, £926.90 Riddings. Swedish Red: £956.25 Walkers I’th Fields, £779.81 Lathwaite Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £837.38 Riddings.

Saler: £1517.25 Millbeck Bungalow. Shorthorn: £1416.25 Manor House Farm. Stabiliser: £1286.71 Low Foulshaw Farm. Friesian: £1278.62 Caw House Farm.

Aberdeen Angus: £1309.38 Underhelm Farm, £906.75 Downlands Farm. Blonde: £1320.30 Mount Pleasant Farm. Simmental: £1298.90 Barbers Moor Farm. Friesian: £1167.08 Ackenthwaite Farm, £1115.06 Sweetings Farm, £1042.25 Heaton Hall Farm, £957.90 Cotestone Farm. Norwegian Red: £1111.22 Springfield House. British Blue: £872.50 Croft House.

Montbeliarde: £1366.58 Barbers Moor Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1020.39 Croft House.

Leading prices per kilo for OTM’s:-

Blonde: 191.5p Millbreck Bungalow, 154.5p. British Blue: 171.5p, 167.5p Little Fell Farm. Friesian: 167.5p(2), 164.5p Bank End Farm, 164.5p Mealbank Farm, Docker Hall Farm, Sandvilla, Tills Farm, 161.5p Derby Lodge Farm. Montbeliarde: 167.5p, 164.5p White Lund Farm. Simmental: 167.5p Mount Pleasant, 149.5p Riddings. Shorthorn: 167.5p Manor House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 159.5p Riddings. Swedish Red: 139.5p Lathwaite Farm, 127.5p Walkers I’th Fields

Stabiliser: 189.5p Low Foulshaw Farm. Saler: 114.5p Millbeck Bungalow. Shorthorn: 137.5p Manor House Farm. Friesian: 124.5p Caw House Farm.

Blonde: 244.5p Mount Pleasant Farm. Simmental: 209.5p Barbers Moor Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 209.5p Underhelm Farm, 201.5p Downlands Farm. Norwegian Red: 199.5p Springfield House. Friesian: 189.5p Heaton Hall Farm. 174.5p Sweetings Farm, 157.5p Ackenthwaite Farm, 154.5p Cotestone Farm, 119.5p Knotts Farm. Montbeliarde: 199.5p Barbers Moor Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 169.5p Croft House. British Blue: 174.5p Croft House.

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