Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle Sale - Friday 9th October

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of store cattle at Lancaster had an increased entry of over 300 forward. A typical autumn sale saw the well fleshed cattle meeting plenty of demand with leaner types being a selective trade. The consignment from JD & GM Bracken, Catterall led the way selling British blue steers to £1350 with a pen of three and Angus bullocks selling to £1330 from the same home.
Limousin bullocks topped at £1350 from TJ Lloyd Farm, Settle. Other Limousin bullocks sold to £1320 from R Collinge and Son, Kirkham and R Capstick and Son, Ingleton selling to £1260. British Blue bullocks sold to £1300 from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe and Montbeliarde bullocks from the same home sold to £1280. There were plenty of well fleshed, short-term bullocks still selling in excess of the £1200 mark.
The heifer trade peaked at £1270 from R Collinge and Son, Kirkham with a pair of Limousins. Angus heifers sold to £1240 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Helsington with Fleckviehs selling to £1220.

OTM/Cast Cattle

There was an increase in the number of cast cows forward with 153 selling to an overall Market average of 122p/kg. The trade was sharper on the week as Lancaster continues to offer a very competitive ring to market cattle. Leading the way at 209.5p/kg was young Limousin cows from RG & H Preece, Roeburndale West closely followed by other young Limousin cows selling to 199.5p/kg from A & M Brennand, Chapel-Le-Dale. OTM steers sold to 179.5p/kg for Angus’s from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock. Prime Stabiliser bulls sold to 179.5p/kg and 174.5p/kg or grossing £1292 and £1212 from A Dixon and Son, Selside.

Dairy cast cows sold to a top of 147.5p/kg from CJ & MH Parry, Cockerham with plenty of well meated dairy cows selling in the mid one hundred and thirty pence a kilo region. Black and white cows sold to a top of £1143 from Lawson Dairy Ltd, Cockerham with others selling to £1100 from CJ & MH Parry, Cockerham.

Calves and Weanlings

There was an increased entry of 86 calves forward at Lancaster meeting plenty of demand and eagerly bid for with purchasers to suit all types of calves. Vendors left well pleased with today’s trade. The market topped at £375 twice for British Blue bulls from JP & C Robson, Garstang and Wannop Farms, Heaton with Oxcliffe who sold Simmental bull calves to £350. Angus bull calves sold to a top of £335 three times from I Atkinson and Son, Warton, JM & MH France and Son, Littledale and Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton. With plenty of beef bull calves easily selling in excess of the three-hundred-pound mark.
British Blue heifer calves sold to £350 and £335 from JP & C Robson, Garstang with plenty of heifer calves selling between £270 and £300. A lot smaller entry of black and white calves were forward this week, selling to £95 and £85 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale.

Top Prices

Bull Calves: BRITISH BLUE: £375 Roe Farm, £375 Heaton Hall Farm, £350 £335 Ambrose Hall Farm, £335.00 Boon Town Farm. SIMMENTAL: £350 Heaton Hall Farm, £300 £295 Sellerley Farm. HEREFORD: £335 Hillam Lane Farm, £265 Sellerley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £335 Newhouse Farm, £335 Ambrose Hall Farm, £335 Boon Town Farm, £285 Heaton Hall, £285 Quakers Farm. FRIESIAN: £95, £85, £40 Tills Farm, £40 Newhouse Farm, £35 1 Wyre Bank.
Heifer Calves: BRITISH BLUE: £350, £335 Roe Farm, £290 Boon Tarn Farm, £275 Heaton Hall Farm, £275 Ambrose Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £265, £250 Heaton Hall Farm, £240, £230 Sellerley Farm. LIMOUSIN: £250 Bailey Hey Farm, £100 Ambrose Hall Farm. HEREFORD: £245, £210, £200, £180 Sellerley Farm, £175 Hillam Lane Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £240, £195 Ambrose Hall Farm, £200 Sweetings Farm, £170 Boon Town Farm.

Store Cattle
Heifers: LIMOUSIN: £1270The Dingle Newton, £1110, £940 Ellers Farm, £1060 Station Hotel Farm, £950 High Snab, £930 Kirkbeck. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1240 High House, £1090 Escolme, £1040 Little Town Farm, £1040 Holmes Farm, £1020 Thursgill, £1020 Raw End Farm. FLEKVIEH: £1220 High House, £1040 Holme Head. BRITISH BLUE: £1130 Pasture House Farm, £1080, £1070 High House, £1060 Yew Tree Farm, £1030 Stubb Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1100 Stead Bank, £930, £880 Friars Moss, £900 Brown Edge. MONTBELIARDE: £1040 Holme Head. FRIESIAN: £1040 Holme Head. NORWEGIAN RED: £1040 Holme Head. SHORTHORN: £1020 Barrowfield. CHAROLAIS: £1100 Langthwaite Heights. SOUTH DEVON: £960, £840 Adlington Hall Farm. HEREFORD: £880 High Snab, £840Brown Edge. BAZADAISE: £860, £710 Kirkbeck. DAIRY SHORTHORN: £860 Chestnut House farm.
Stirks; BRITISH BLUE: £1350 Greenlands Farm, £1300 Bensons Farm, £1200 Pasture House Farm, £1120 Stubbins Farm, £1110 Fellside Farm, £1110 Summer lands. LIMOUSIN: £1350 11 Proctors Row, £1320 The Dingle, £1260 Fell End Farm, £1250 11 Proctors Row, £1160 Chestnut House Farm, £1110 Southways. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1330 Greenlands Farm £1260 Steadbank, £1220 Raw End Farm, £1210 Ellers Farm, £1200 Low Strangerthwaite, £1200 Fell End Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1280 Bensons Farm, £930 Bradley Farm. WELSH BLACK: £1200 184 Kirkham Road, £910 Barrowfield. CHAROLAIS: £1110, £970 Langthwaite Heights, £1030 Little Crimbles, £1000 Bradlow Farm. HEREFORD: £1170, £1130 11 Proctors Row, £1060, £860 Oddlands Farm, £1040 Old Glasson Farm, £830 Gorstlea. SIMMENTAL: £1160 Yew Tree Farm. SOUTH DEVON: £1100 North Farm, £920, £770 Adlington Hall Farm. FLEKVIEH: £1130,£1050 North Farm, £920 Buck Bank Farm, £760 Lynwood, FRIESIAN: £1050 Bensons Farm, £850 Old Hall Farm, £790, £760 High Knowehill, £740 Old Glasson Farm, £640 Old Hutton Farm. DAIRY SHORTHORN: £1040 Chestnut House Farm. SWEDISH RED: £930 Bradley Farm, £620, £550 Old Hall Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £930, £850 Lynwood, £450, £430 Cinder Hill Farm.
Store Bulls: BRITISH BLUE: £1020 Cobble Hey Farm. LIMOUSIN: £980 Cobble Hey Farm. FRESIAN: £460 1 Wyre Bank.

LIMOUSIN: 209.50p Thornbrush Farm, 199.50p Bruntscar Farm, 167.50p Hutton Roof Hall. FRIESIAN: 147.50p, 137.50p Hillam Lane Farm, 137.50 Park House, 134.50 Hillam Lane Farm, 131.50p North Farm, 131.50p Holme House Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 139.50p Parkside Farm, 129.50 Lodge Hall, 111.50 Hill Top Farm, 111.50p Bruntscar Farm, 107.50p. CONTINENTAL: 129.50p, 109.50p Town End, 129.50p, 119.50p Poole Bank Farm. SHORTHORN: 127.50p Springfield Farm, 94.50p Lawrence House.

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