Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 5th June

Store Cattle

There was the largest entry of Store Cattle seen for sometime at Lancaster with 314 forward with compliments going to our vendors on the good quality on offer. Trade continues to be very buoyant and as strong now as seen throughout the spring. Today the market topped at £1350 for a pen of Angus bullocks from J & H Davis, Cabus with other Angus’ selling to £1330 from KH & D Holden & Son, Pilling. Other Angus bullocks sold to £1290 from JS Clark & Sons, Catforth and £1280 from H Birkett & Son, Overton. Continental bullocks saw Simmentals sell to a top of £1340 from JA & LR Wilson, Millom with other Simmentals to £1320 from H Birkett & Son. Limousins sold to a top of £1270 twice from J & ME Bateman, Lowgill and EJ Hodgson, Lambrigg. This was closely followed by £1260 from EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet.

Heifers sold to a top of £1220 for Angus’ from T Robson & Son, Poulton le Fylde with other Angus heifers selling to £1180 from JB Moore, Grange over Sands. British Blue heifers sold to £1180 from K & DE Woodhouse, Ellel.

Friesian bullocks this week topped at £1150 from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with others selling to £1080 from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton.

Bulls sold to a top of £1070 for Montbeliardes from WR & CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh.

Cast Cows

The weekly sale of Cast Cows and OTM Cattle had an entry of exactly 100 forward. Selling to an extremely strong trade at Lancaster with an overall market average of 135p/kg. More cows are needed, get them into the market to take advantage of this price!!

The sale topped at an impressive £1397 for a Holstein bull from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. Top pence per kilo this week was an OTM Saler steer selling to 189.5p/kg from O Butler, Kirkham. OTM Heifers saw Limousins sell to a top of 184.5p/kg from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton. This was closely followed by Anugs’ from S Thomas, Balderstone selling to 179.5p/kg and 174.5p/kg. Black and white heifers sold to a top of 179.5p/kg from R & C Raby, Scorton. OTM Cows sold to a top of 169.5p/kg for Salers from R & YE Pennington, Carnforth with plenty of other beef cows selling in the mid one hundred and sixties. Dairy cows saw Montbeliardes sell to 164.5p/kg from EW & RM Towers, Hornby with Black and Whites topping at 157.5p/kg from DJ, A & L Sutcliffe, Winmarleigh. There was plenty of well-fleshed dairy cows selling between 145-150p/kg.

There has been some impressive price per head totals achieved today with Friesian cows selling to £1277 from DJ, A & L Sutcliffe, £1242 from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton, £1083 from GR Park & Sons, Whinfell, £1047 from GA & A Atkinson, Cantsfield, £1025 from EW & RM Towers, Hornby with many more grossing over the £1000 mark. Beef cows sold to a top of £1253 from RW & FJ Rhodes & Son, Quernmore for Simmentals followed by others to £1198 from DJ, A & L Sutcliffe with Blondes selling to £1196 from W & J Livesey, Inskip and Charolais to £1121 from TW & BH Woodhouse, Roeburndale.

Calves & Stirks

Lancaster continues to be the place to sell your weanlings and calves!

There was 89 forward today which saw all specifications eagerly bid for. The was a large selection of weanlings on the market today saw Angus steers sell to a top of £595 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre who sold other Angus steers to £540, £495 and £490 with Limousin heifers from the same home selling to £580, £560 and £545. British Blue weanling bulls sold to £560 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel. Limousin steers sold to £540 from B & MJ Nelson & Son, who sold others to £500 with Limousin heifers from the same home twice selling to £485 and £465. Angus bull calves peaked at £475 from J & G Thornley, Kirkham. The British Blue bull calf trade peaked at £455 from Wannops Farms, Heaton with Oxcliffe with other Blue bulls selling to £445 from JM & C Robson, Garstang.

The heifer calf trade topped at £410 for an Angus from V & EJ Chadwick & Son, Sowerby this was followed by British Blues to £390 from J Hoggarth & Sons, Slyne with other British Blue heifers selling to £365 from JP & C Robson, Garstang. Once again, this week we saw plenty of strong beef calves easily selling in excess of the £300 mark.

Dairy bull calves saw Montbeliardes sell to a top of £280 from WG Farms Ltd, Cockerham. Weaned Black and White bull calves sold to £205 from G & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel with best conformation rearing types selling to £170 from Cote Farm Partnership, Nether Kellet with plenty of good rearers selling between £110 and £130. Younger dark rearing calves sold between £60 and £80.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1350 Weavers Farm, £1330 Chestnut House Farm, £1290 Godson House Farm, £1280 North Farm, £1240 Fairfield. SIMMENTAL: £1340 Dunningwell Farm, £1320 North Farm, £1250 Dunningwell Farm, £1140 Intack Farm, £1060 Brow Foot Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1270 Lambrigg Head Farm, Lowgill Farm, £1260 Intack Farm, £1240 Dunningwell Farm, £1230 Lowgill Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1250 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1210 Stubb Hall Farm, £1200 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1140 Billinge Hall Farm, £1100 Steadbank. CHAROLAIS: £1200, £1180, £1150, £1090 Moorhouse Farm. HEREFORD: £1180 Godson House Farm, £1170 North Farm, £1160 Wyre Farm, £1140 Stubb Hall Farm, £1030 Rowell Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1150 Bensons Farm, £1080 Downlands Farm, £1060 Higher Knowehill, £1050 Cockrigg Farm, £1040 Lambrigg Head Farm. CONTINENTAL: £1090 Low Chapel Farm.

Store Heifers

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1220 Fairfield, £1180 Outerthwaite Farm, £1170 Rowell Farm, £1120 Fairfield, £1110 Banklands. BRITISH BLUE: £1180 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1170, £1150 Fairfield, £1150 Low Stanger Thwaite, £1130 Wood Nook Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1170 Rowell Farm, £1100 Banklands, £1050 Holly House Farm, £1040 Rowell Farm, £1010 Holly House Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1150, £1030 Moorhouse Farm, £1020 Langthwaite Heights, £960 Moorhouse Farm. BAZADAISE: £1090 Rowell Farm. HEREFORD: £1050 Middle Grange Farm, £1010 Stubb Hall Farm, £930, £750 Middle Grange Farm, £510 Coventry Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £770 Hare Apple Tree, £440 Kirkwood Lodge Farm. BELTED GALLOWAY: £440, £250 Mellings Barn.

Store Bulls

MONTBELIARDE: £1070 Cumming Carr Farm.

OTM Cows

SALERS: 169.5 Greenbank Farm. SIMMENTAL: 164.5 Low Moor Head Farm, 149.5 Throstle Nest Farm. LIMOUSIN: 164.5 Audlands Park, Howriggs, Low Moor Head Farm, 159.5 Warth Sutton Farm, 157.5 Intack Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 164.5 Holme Head. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: 159.5, 149.5 Walker House Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: 159.5, 134.5 Holme Head. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 157.5 Throstle Nest Farm, 151.5 Forton Hall Farm, 147.5 Low Deepslack, Cocker House Farm, 144.5 Low Deepslack. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 154.5 Parkside Farm, 129.5 Low Stennerley. BRITISH BLUE: 154.5 Brookside. BROWN SWISS: 151.5 Throstle Nest Farm. CHAROLAIS: 151.5 Middle Salter. FLEKVIEH: 149.5 Holme Head. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 144.5, 114.5 Walkers I’th Fields. JERSEY: 74.5, 69.5 Lockbank Farm.

OTM Heifers

LIMOUSIN: 184.5 Downlands Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 179.5 Bracken Lea Farm, 169.5 Liscoe Farm, Cote Farm, 167.5 Stubb Place Farm, 159.5 Moss House Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 179.5, 174.5 Nightfield Gate Farm.

Cast Steer

SALERS: 189.5 Elm Bank Farm. SHORTHORN: 169.5, 159,5, 149.5 Elm Bank Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 154.5, 121.5 Cliftons Farm.

Cast Bull

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 109.5 Bannister Farm, 107.5 Tills Farm.

Heifer Calves

LIMOUSIN: £580, £560, £545 Slack Farm, £485 Halforth Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £470, £460, £420 Slack Farm, £410, £260 Sowerby Lodge. BRITISH BLUE: £390 Belmont Farm, £365 Roe Farm, £200 Belmont Farm. WELSH BLACK: £300 Keepers Lane. HEREFORD: £290, £225 Sellerley Farm, £205 Lathwaite Farm, £165 Sellerley Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £260 Sellerley Farm. SIMMENTAL: £260 Heaton Hall Farm.

Bull Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £560, £475 Walkers I’th Fields, £470 Boldens Farm, £455 Heaton Hall Farm, £450 Boldens Farm. ABDERDEEN ANGUS: £475 Derby Lodge Farm, £380 Boldens Farm, £370 Walker I’th Fields, £190, £140 Pasture Barn Farm. HEREFORD: £280, £175 Sellerley Farm. SIMMENTAL: £240 Heaton Hall Farm, £235 Sellerley Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £205 Boldens Farm, £170, £130, £85 Cote Farm.

Steer Calves

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £595, £540, £495, £490, £420 Slack Farm. LIMOUSIN: £540, £500, £455, £380 Halforth Farm. . CHAROLAIS: £340 Lathwaite Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £280 Lathwaite Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £120, £110 Lathwaite Farm.

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