Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 10th January

Store Cattle

There was a slightly larger entry of Store Cattle forward that sold to a good trade the for quality of cattle on offer. Topping the market this week was PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead selling a Limousin bullock to £1270. This was closely followed by a Simmental from JD & GM Bracken, Catterall selling to £1260 and also for a pair of Charolais from JS & JM Wilson, Helsington. Other Charolais in the market today from T & ME Longton & Son, Quernmore sold to £1190, three times. Angus bullocks this week peaked at £1180 from JB Moore, Allithwaite with KH & D Holden & Son, Pilling selling Angus’ to £1170. Plenty of good strong Angus bullocks sold at the £1140 mark.

Aberdeen Angus heifers topped the heifer trade today selling to £1140 for a pair of Angus’ from J & R Waller, Killington. This was followed by RC Billington & Son, Claughton-on-Brock selling a British Blue to £1110 and B & JM Crowe, Witherslack selling an Angus to £1100. D France, Over Wyresdale sold a run of five Angus heifers to £1080 with JB Moore achieving the same price for an Angus. Charolais heifers also sold to the £1080 mark from Cowell & Moore, Wood Plumpton and for Limousins from R & J Dodgson, Natland and from R & A Easterby, West House.

Dairy bred cattle saw Fleckviehs sell to £1150 from JF & HE Caton, Cowan Bridge with Friesians from L Parsons & Sons, Levens selling to £1080.

OTM Cattle

An entry of 132 Cast Cows sold to a good trade again this week with more needed each week to fulfil buyers’ requirements.

OTM Heifers led the trade this week with T & M Halhead, Priest Hutton taking the top three prices selling Limousins to 194.5p/kg, 189.5p/kg and 184.5p/kg respectively. GR Bargh & Co sold Limousin heifers to 174.5p/kg with Angus heifers from JD, EM, & JA Atkinson, Skelsmergh with G Metcalfe & Son selling to 169.5p/kg.

OTM Cows this week sold to 144.5p/kg for a Limousin from JH Atkinson & Partners, Selside with B Heyes, Merseyside selling Limousins to 141.5p/kg, 139.5p/kg twice and 137.5p/kg.

Dairy cattle this week sold to 154.5p/kg for a Friesian heifer from R & A Jolleys, Cabus with AW & AM Park & Sons, achieving the same price. Friesian cows sold to 134.5p/kg from DJ, A & L Sutcliffe, Winmarleigh. Top-grossing dairy cow was from P & M Crackles, Carnforth selling to £1178.

All cast cows forward today sold to a market average of 115p/kg.

Calves & Stirks

A reduced entry on offer this week. Trade was very strong for well grown calves; younger calves lacking bloom were a little harder to place.

Leading the way was Messrs J & G Thornley Ltd, Kirkham sold Blue Bulls (3m 3d) to £365 and (2m 26d) to £360. Messrs AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel sold Blue Bulls (3m 1d) to £330 with others at £300, £290 and £280. Messrs JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green sold Simmental Bulls (2m 2d) to £290 with others at £280 and £260 with Hereford Bulls (3m 23d) to £200. Messrs JF & D Hewitt, Garstang sold Angus Bulls (2m 30d) to £305 and Blue Bulls (1m 17d) to £250. Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale sold Angus Bulls (1m 5d) to £290 with others at £250 and heifers (1m 6 day) to £160. Mr TM Townley, Over Wyresdale sold Blue Bulls (2m 8d) to £325 and Angus Bulls (1m 24d) £265. Tom Barron Farms Ltd, Preston sold Angus Bulls (2m 13d) to £260.

In the reared Mr W Crook, Preston sold Blue Bulls (6m) to £391.

Top Prices

Store Bullock

Limousin £1270 Lentworth Farm, £1150 Summerlands, £1120 Lentworth Farm, £1090 Brown Edge, £1070 Stubbins Farm. Charolais £1260 High House, £1190 Lee End Farm, £1150 Langthwaite Heights, £1130 Higher Broomfield, £1090 Brown Edge. Simmental £1260 Greenlands Farm, £1190 Mill House Farm, £1170 Littlewood Hall Farm, £1150 Church Farm, £1120 Masongill Hall. Abrdeen Angus £1180 Outerthwaite Farm, £1170 Chestnut House, £1160 Ellers Farm, £1140 Wyre Farm, Raw Head. British Blue £1170 Toulbrick Farm, £1140 Cracalt Farm, £1110 Ellers Farm, High House, £1090 Scotch Green Farm. Fleckvieh £1150 Long Streets Farm, £1070 Toulbrick Farm, £1020 Newsham Hall Farm, £920 Toulbrick Farm. Hereford £1130 Outerthwaite Farm, £1040 Holmefields, £950 Long Streets Farm, Windy Hill Farm. Muse Rhine Issel £1080 Littlewood Hall Farm. Friesian £1080, £1030 Low Levens, £1030 Low Hundhowe, £860 Cockrigg Farm. Montbeliarde £1060 Scotch Green Farm. Stabiliser £1050 Park House Farm. Welsh Black £1030 Masongill Hall.

Store Heifer

Aberdeen Angus £1140 Hallbeck, £1100 Birks Farm, £1080 Outerthwaite Farm, Kays Farm, £1040 Underhelm Farm. British Blue £1110 Stubbins Farm, £1020 Lee End Farm, £1010 Blades Farm, £970 Cautley Farm, Birks Farm. Limousin £1090 Stubbins Farm, £1080 Cracalt Farm, £1080, £1070 Fellside Farm. Charolais £1080 Newsham Hall Farm, £1060 Langthwaite Heights, £1040 Toulbrick Farm. Simmental £1050 Newsham Hall Farm, £960 Toulbrick Farm, £940 Middle Ridge Farm. Hereford £940 Birks Farm, £910 Holmfields.


Limouin 174.5 Rye Close, 144.5 Mosergh Farm, 141.5, 139.5 Mossborough Hall. Friesian 154.5, 149.5 Walker I’th Fields, 139.5 Mill Farm, 134.5 Throstle Nest Farm, 131.5 High Snab. Aberdeen Angus 151.5 Fleets Farm, 109.5 Mosergh Farm. Fleckvieh 147.5 High House, 127.5, 117.5 Green Lane End Farm. Swedish Red & White 131.5 Walkers I’th Fields, 121.5 Hillam Lane Farm, 114.5 Walkers I’th Fields, 111.5 Hillam Lane Farm. Hereford 129.5 The Old Stable. Continental 124.5 Rye Close. Stabiliser 121.5 Park House Farm. British Blue 121.5 Low Groves Farm. Muse Rhine Issel 117.58 Waterscales Farm, 114.5 Littlewood Hall Farm. Montbeliarde 111.5 Green Lane End Farm, 109.5 White Lund Farm, 109.5, 94.5 Green Lane End Farm. Ayrshire 94.5 Newfield.

OTM Heifer

Limousin 194.5, 189.5, 184.5 Upp Hall. Aberdeen Angus 169.5 Low Groves Farm, Fleets Farm. Friesian 154.5 Marlholes Farm, 137.5, 134.5 Hallbeck, 124.5 Cotestone Farm, 114.5 Roseacre Hall.

Cast Steer

Friesian 149.5 Stubbins Farm, 131.5 Grizdale, 129.5 Outerthwaite Farm, 119.5 Stubbins Farm.

Cast Bull

Friesian 137.5 Hallbeck. Shorthorn 114.5 High House. Charollais 114.5 The Old Stable.

Heifer Calf

British Blue £180 Walkers I’th Fields, £160 Ambrose Hall Farm, £150 Walkers I’th Fields, £140, £125 Richmond Hall. Aberdeen Angus £160 Tills Farm, £100 Ambrose Hall Farm, £90 Stanley Farm, £82, £70 Ambrose Hall Farm. Hereford £150, £145 Sellerley Farm.

Bull Calf

British Blue £365, £360 Derby Lodge Farm, £330 Walkers I’th Fields, £325 Knowsly Farm, £300 Walkers I’th Fields. Aberdeen Angus £305 Park Farm, £290 Tills Farm, £265 Knowsley Farm, £260 Ambrose Hall Farm, £250 Tills Farm. Simmental £290, £280, £260, £250 Sellerley Farm. Hereford £230, £200, £135 Sellerley Farm. Friesian £92 Sellerley Farm, £80, £60 Cocker House Farm, £55 Park Farm, £48 Ambrose Hall Farm.

Bull Stirk

British Blue £395 Dockensall Farm.

Heifer Stirk

Limousin £200, £120 Dockensall Farm.

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