Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 28th February

Store Cattle

Lancaster weekly sale of Store Cattle saw all classes selling to a sharper trade. It was Limousin bullocks that lead the way today with the consignment form H Chapman & Son, Middleton selling to £1350 and £1270. J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor sold to £1300 for Limousins with EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet selling their Limousin bullocks to £1290. British Blue bullocks sold to £1250 from SH & LE Birkett, Nether Kellet with others to £1220 from SH & M Batty & Son, Quernmore. Angus bullocks twice peaked at £1180 from GF & EE Holt, Chipping and R Escolme, Bayhorse.

Native heifers saw a pen of five Angus’ sell to £1180 from TJ Lloyd Farm, Settle with Herefords from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Helsington selling to £1180. Numerous more pens of strong heifers sold in the eleven hundreds.

A third of the cattle forward today sold in excess of £1100 mark.

Dairy bullocks saw black and whites sell to £1050 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens with Muse Rhine Issel to £1040 from Barlow Brows, Croston.

OTM Cattle

The weekly sale of Cast Cows had an entry of 114 forward. There was a decent show of cows selling to, once again, a good trade. OTM Charolais bullocks topped the market selling to 187.5p/kg or £1096 with others to 184.5p/kg or £1055 both consigned by JF & AW Sutton, Longsleddale. Top price per head bullock were Angus’ selling to £1274 and £1228 from O Butler, Kirkham. OTM Heifers sold to a top of 179.5p/kg for British Blues and 169.5p/kg for Herefords both from J Hesketh, Hutton. OTM black and white heifers sold to 157.5p/kg or £1137 from Richmond Hall Farms, Cockerham with other black and white heifers regularly selling around the 150p/kg mark. Beef cows sold to a top of 164.5p/kg or a sale top price of £1319 from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth. This was closely followed by Charolais cows selling to 159.5p/kg or £1279 from JF & AW Sutton.

Dairy cast cows saw Fleckviehs sell to 137.5p/kg from EW & RM Towers, Hornby who sold Montbeliardes to 131.5p/kg. Holstein black and white cows sold to 131.5p/kg from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son, Mansergh. Numerous more good-fleshed black and white cows selling between 124.5p/kg and 129.5p/kg. Dairy cows topped at £1090 a head from EW & RM Towers with black and whites to £1069 from H & A Stephenson, Tunstall with plenty more grossing around the £900 mark.

There was an overall market average of 121.7p/kg.

Calves & Stirks

There was an entry of 146 stirks forward and 76 calves with 224 cattle sold through the stirk and calf ring today. The renowned monthly sale of stirks saw the trade not just as blistering as previous months due to the recent weather and many sheds full with lambing sheep. The market peaked at £885 for an Angus heifer from JE Harrison, Greenhalgh. This was followed by yearling British Blue bullocks selling to a top of £880 from J & G Thornley, Kirkham. 13-14-month-old Limousin heifers sold to a top of £830 from DJ Clarke, Barnacre. 10-month-old British Blue bullocks sold to £670 from PF Lee, Over Wyresdale. Angus heifers peaked at £670 from CJ & MH Parry, Cockerham. Once again, plenty of yearling beef bred bullocks sold in the £600 region. Black and whites peaked at £665 from JE Harrison, with others from the same home selling to £580. Bulls sold to a top of £520 for Angus’ that were 5-6-month-old from JK & B Birkett & Son, Morecambe with British Blue bulls peaking at £510 from A & L Gardner, Quernmore.

The weekly sale of calves saw the trade twice peak at £390 for British Blues from DJ Clarke, Barnacre. This was followed by other British Blues selling to £350 from GH Sanderson & Family, Catforth. Charolais bull calves sold to £345 from T & G Parkinson, Out Rawcliffe. Limousin bull calves sold to £300 twice, from MH & AR Robinson, Old Hutton. British Blue heifer calves peaked at £270 from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne. Plenty more beef calves sold in the mid £250 region. Black and white calves sold to a much-improved trade with the consignment from WN & D Smith & Son, Cockerham selling to £140 and £110 with plenty of good rearing calves selling between £70 and £90.

Top Prices

Store Cattle

Limousin £1350 Millbeck, £1300 Endmoor Farm, £1290 Intack Farm, £1270 Millbeck, £1230 Abbotson Farm. Blonde £1260 Ivy Barn. British Blue £1250 Stubb Hall Farm, £1220 Friars Moss, £1140 Fellside Farm, Endmoor Farm, £1120 Abbotson Farm. Simmental £1190 Ivy Barn, Millbeck, £1060 Ellers Farm, £1030 Foredales Farm, £910 Rash Mill. Aberdeen Angus £1180 Ivy Barn, New Elmridge Farm, £1160 Spital Farm, £1120 Broats Farm, Intack Farm. Charolais £1170, £1090 Langthwaite Heights. Hereford £1160 Foredales Farm, Middle Grange Farm. Shorthorn £1100 Barrowfield, £1020 Ivy Barn. Friesian £1050 Low Levens, £100 Ghyll Beck Farm, £960 Parkgate farm, £910 Staffords Farm, £900 Friars Moss. Muse Rhine Issel £1040 Littlewood Hall Farm. Montbeliarde £1010 Ninezergh, £920 Corney Hill Farm.

Store Heifer

Aberdeen Angus £1180 Proctors Row, £1170 Middle Grange Farm, £1160 New Elmridge Farm, £1080 The Bungalow, Banklands. Limousin £1180 Cockrigg Farm, £1160 Dunningwell Farm, £1080 Mill House Farm, Low Levens, Hutton Roof Hall. Hereford £1180 High House, £1000 Broats Farm, £990 Cockrigg Farm, £980 Proctors Row, £920 Windy Hill Farm. British Blue £1160, £1140 High House, £1120 Dunningwell Farm, £1110 Low Levens, £1090 Old Hall Farm. Simmental £1080 Intack Farm. Charolais £1030 Langthwaite Heights.


British Blue 164.5 Hall Croft Barn, 144.5 Dunkenshaw Farm, 139.5, 134.5 Manor House Farm, Todds Farm. Charolais 159.5 Nether House Farm. Limousin 154.5 Hall Croft Barn, 139.5 Nether House Farm, 139.5, 134.5 Pott Yeats, 119.5 Manor House Farm. Belgium Blue 149.5 Castle Mill Farm. Aberdeen Angus 149.5 Manor House Farm, 139.5 Elm Bank Farm, 137.5, 124.5 Manor House Farm. Friesian 144.5 Downlands, Kiln Hall, 131.5 Holme House Farm, 129.5 Holme House Farm, Barnfield Farm. Fleckvieh 137.5, 129.5, 119.5 Holme Head. Montbeliarde 131.5 Holme Head. Hereford 127.5 Holmefields. Swedish Red & White 127.5, 124.5 Holme Head. Ayrshire 111.5 Sandvilla.

OTM Heifer

British Blue 179.5 Middle Grange Farm. Hereford 169.5 Middle Grange Farm. Friesian 157.5 Richmond Hall, 154.5 Heaton Hall Farm, 149.5 Cotestone Farm, Bank End Farm, 144.5 Heaves Farm. Shorthorn 149.5 Elm Bank Farm, 129.5 Low Dubbs Farm.

Cast Steer

Charolais 187.5, 184.5 Nether House Farm. Limousin 164.5 Plantation Farm. Aberdeen Angus 149.5, 141.5 Elm Bank Farm. Hereford 139.5 Lathwaite Farm.

Heifer Calf

British Blue £270 Belmont Farm, £220 Heaton Hall Farm, Blackleach House Farm, £185 Ambrose Hall Farm. Simmental £200 Heaton Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus £200 Heaton Hall Farm, £175, £160 Hillam Lane Farm, £155, £130 Ambrose Hall Farm. Limousin £210, £175 Holmescales, £165 Ambrose Hall Farm.

Bull Calf

British Blue £390 Kellbrick Farm, £350 Blackleach House Farm, £290, £270 Belmont Farm. Charolais £345 Quakers Farm. Limousin £300, £280, £240 Holmescales Farm, £220 Ambrose Hall Farm. Simmental £260, £225 Heaton Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus £250, £220 Fields Farm, £190 Cooper House Farm, £185 Fields Farm. Friesian £140, £110, £92, £85 Cocker House Farm, £80 Ambrose Hall Farm.

Bull Stirk

Aberdeen Angus £520, £510 White Lund Farm. British Blue £510 Redfields, £470 Preesall Park Farm. Hereford £425 Cobble Hey Farm, £330, £300 Redfields. Friesian £420 Old Hall Farm. Fleckvieh £400 White Lund Farm.

Heifer Stirk

Limousin £830Kellbrick Farm, £630 Tunstead Farm, £530 Boon Town Farm. British Blue £520 Knowsley Farm, £420 Holmescales, £353 Lapwing Close, £350 Redfields. Simmental £410 Tunstead Farm. Hereford £410 Lundholme Farm, £315 Gibsons Farm, £300 Holmescales.

Steer Stirk

British Blue £880 Derby Lodge Farm, £670 Lower Swainhead Farm, £645 Ouzlethorn Farm, £610 Lower Swainhead Farm, £570 Higher Brundhurst. Friesian £665, £580 Tunstead Farm, £490 Longwood House, £475 Tunstead Farm, £440 Redchalis Farm. Limousin £645 Ouzlethorn Farm, £565 Boon Town Farm, £475 Marlholes Farm, £450 Higher Brundhurst Farm. Hereford £620 Lundholme Farm, £600 Longwood House. Aberdeen Angus £595 Longwood House, £580 Redchalis Farm, £390 Boon Town Farm. Shorthorn £545 Low Dubbs Farm. Continental £440 Higher Brundhurst. Welsh Black £350 West View Farm. Montbeliarde £495, £440 Tunstead Farm. Belted Galloway £420 Kellbrick Farm.

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