Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 18th December 2020

Friday 8th December 2020

Calves and Stirks

The final sale of the year saw as much interest as ever ringside with a reduced entry of 40 forward following the big entry last week. We could of easily sold as many as last week, to as strong a trade. Considering it was mainly younger calves in today they all met huge demand.
It was the consignment from WB Richardson and Son, Singleton whom were showing calves in Lancaster for the first time that lead the way. Angus bull calves sold to £380 and £320 with the Montbeliardes from the same home selling to £375 and £350 with Angus heifers from the same home selling to £285. British Blue bulls sold to a top of £360 from J Bargh and Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe with others to £320 and £300 from Lawson Farms, Cockerham. Heifer calves from the same home sold to £260.

Lancaster’s monthly sale of stirks had a smaller entry but plenty of demand in which more could easily have been sold with buyers looking to purchase good quality growing-on stirks of all ages.

The consignment from Matthew Hodkinson, Great Eccleston led the way selling yearling Angus bullocks to £910 and Montbeliardes to £830. Charolais bullocks peaked at £850 from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock. Other yearling Angus bullocks sold to £770 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre. Suckler bred, May born Hereford bullocks sold to £725 from E Lund and Son, Lundholme. Heifers peaked at £715 for British Blues from MJ Whitworth, Bolton le Sands. Bulls sold to a top of £760 for yearling black and whites from O & H Melling, Kirkham with others selling to £650.

Store Cattle

The final store cattle sale of 2020 in Lancaster was a hot one, with the trade continuing to be very strong for forward stores. Fresh buyers ringside were looking to purchase short keep cattle and more of all types of cattle are required in Lancaster to fulfil the requirements of the busy ring of buyers. All cattle forward averaged an impressive £1107.

Top spot this week was shared firstly at £1380 by a Simmental bullock from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe and also achieving this price was a pen of three Limousin bullocks from Mrs H Chapman and Son, Middleton. Other bullocks from the same home sold to £1340 for Charolais. The rest of the consignment from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe saw Angus bullocks to £1350 and Limousins to £1340. Limousin bullocks sold to £1350 from AG Stafford, Out Rawcliffe. Numerous more consignments of strong beef bullocks sold around the £1300 mark.

Heifers topped at £1300 for British Blues from M Shepherd and Sons, Pilling followed by Angus heifers selling to £1240 for Angus from R & E Ladds, Kendal. Plenty more strong heifers selling around the £1200 mark.

Dairy bullocks are in strong demand at the moment selling to a top of £1240 from L Parsons and Sons, Low Levens with others to £1220 from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham. All black and white bullocks averaged £1067.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

The final sale of the year of cast and OTM cattle at Lancaster attracted an entry of 93 selling to another strong average of 118p/kg. Lancaster continues to be the place to market your cast cows and OTM cattle. OTM heifers led the way selling to 194.5p/kg or £1233 for Limousins from Mason and Gardner, Chapel le Dale with Charolais heifers from JE Bracken, St Michaels selling to 189.5p/kg or £1364. Black and white OTM heifers sold to 164.5p/kg or £1149 from J Bargh and Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe.

A great offering of beef cows were forward today, peaking at 167.5p/kg or £1221 for a Limousin from J & J Huck, Burneside. Angus cows sold to £1180 from CM & CA Jackson, Caton. Plenty of good beef cows regularly selling in excess of the £1000 mark.

Dairy cows this week sold to a top of 137.5p/kg twice or £1127 from EW & RM Towers, Hornby with Flekvieh cows. Best black and white cows sold around the 130p/kg mark. They topped at £1077 from K SD & JA Ward, Arkholme.

Top Prices

Store Blks
Simmental: £1380 Bensons Farm, £1260 Billinge Hall Farm, £1210, £1140 Birch Croft, £900 Little Fell Farm. Limousin: £1380 Millbeck, £1350 Birch Croft, £1340 Bensons Farm, £1260 Grange Farm, £1220 Fell End Farm, £1090 Thornbush Farm, £1090, £1080 Buck Bank Farm, £1070 Grange Farm, Foredales Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1350 Bensons Farm, £1300 Church Street, £1280 Low Levens, £1260 Middle Grange Farm, New Ridge Farm, £1230 Birch Croft, £1220 Downlands Farm, £1200 Foredales Farm, Newsham Hall Farm, £1190 Gulf Farm. Charolais: £1340 Millbeck, £1300 Brown Edge, £1200 Birch Croft, £1120 Grange Farm, £1100, £1090 Corney Hill Farm. Hereford: £1280 Cock Hall Farm, £1180 Benson Hall, £1070 Corney Hill Farm, £1060 Foredales Farm, £980 Plumpton Hall Farm, £910 Moss View, £910 Little Fell Farm. Holstein Friesian: £1240 Low Levens, £1220 Cock Hall Farm, £1210, £1180 Benson Hall, £1080 Grange Farm, £1040 Downlands Farm, £970 Staffords Farm, £940 Grange Farm, Old Hall Farm, £720 Hall Bank. British Blue: £1240 Foredales Farm, Pasture House Farm, £1230 Endmoor Farm, £1200 Steadbank Farm, Cock Hall Farm, £1190 Billinge Hall Farm, Buck Bank Farm, £1180 Old Glasson Farm, £1110 Windy Hill Farm, Old Hall Farm. Flekvieh: £1180 Old Glasson Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel: £1000 Littlewood Hall Farm. Shorthorn: £850 Holly Grove.

Store Hfrs
British Blue: £1300, £1230 Pasture House Farm, £1030 Windy Hill Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1240 Benson Hall, £1200 Church Street, Kimberley Avenue, £1150 Low Levens, Newsham Hall Farm, £1120 Little Town Farm, Kimberley Avenue, £1000 Downlands Farm, £980 Intack Farm, £840 Forgelands Estate. Limousin: £1230 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, £1180 Fell End Farm, £1080 Grange Farm, £1030 High House Farm, £940 Downlands Farm. Simmental: £1200 Brown Edge. Hereford: £1120 Billinge Hall Farm, £860 Little Fell Farm. Charolais: £970, £880 Corney Hill Farm. Holstein Friesian: £850 Downlands Farm, £560 High Barnes. Shorthorn: £770 Holly Grove. Stabiliser: £740 Park House Farm.

Hfr Calves
Aberdeen Angus: £285, £200 Manor Farm, £150 Eccleston Hall Farm, £75 North Farm. British Blue: £260, £230, £220, £210 Sweetings Farm, £160 Moss House Farm, £145, £100 North Farm. Limousin: £200 Rose Farm, £160 Moss House Farm.

Bull Calves
Aberdeen Angus: £380, £320 Manor Farm, £295, £285 Sweetings Farm, £275 Eccleston Hall Farm, £260 North Farm, Sweetings Farm, £250, £245 Moss House Farm, £225 Eccleston Hall Farm. Montbeliarde: £375, £350, £340, £300 Manor Farm. British Blue: £360 North Farm, £320, £300 Sweetings Farm, £280 Moss House Farm, £270 North Farm. Limousin: £260 Moss House Farm. Holstein Friesian: £130 Sellerley Farm.

Bull Stirks
Holstein Friesian: £760, £650, £585 Grange Farm. Montbeliarde: £650 Grange Farm. Flekvieh: £650 Grange Farm.

Hfr Stirks
British Blue: £715 Mount Pleasant Farm, £400 Toad Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £490, £380 Slack Farm. Limousin: £490, £455 Slack Farm. Charolais: £490, £460 Cobble Hey Farm. Hereford: £470 Lundholme Farm, £400 Marlholes Farm.

Str Stirks
Aberdeen Angus: £910 Gradwell Farm, £770 Slack Farm, £640 Forgelands Estate, £630 Keers Fall, £610 Higher Brundhurst Farm. Charolais: £850 Cobble Hey Farm. Montbeliarde: £830 Gradwell Farm, £290 Toad Hall Farm Lodge. Hereford: £725, £710 Lundholme Farm, £540 Marlholes Farm. Limousin: £590 Slack Farm. British Blue: £590 Higher Brundhurst Farm, £370 Toad Hall Farm Lodge. Belted Galloway: £520 Slack Farm.

OTM Cows
Limousin: 194.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 167.5 Garnett House Farm, 151.5, 149.5 Spital Farm, 147.5 Poppy Farm, 144.5 Spital Farm, 144.5, 139.5 Holmefield, 137.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 121.5 Intack Farm. Charolais: 189.5, 147.5 New House Farm. British Blue: 147.5 High House Farm, 144.5 Poppy Farm, High House Farm, 139.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 131.5 Thornbush Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 144.5 Forgelands Estate, 131.5, 117.5 Intack Farm. Shorthorn: 137.5, 119.5 Manor House Farm, 94.5 Strickley, 81.5 Manor House Farm. Flekvieh: 137.5, 124.5 Holme Head, 121.5 Hawkrigg End, 112.5 White Lund Farm, 94.5 Holme Head. Simmental: 134.5 Hartrigg, 119.5 Bruntscar Farm, 114.5 Hartrigg. Stabiliser: 134.5, 131.5 Park House Farm. Holstein Friesian: 131.5 Catshaw Hall Farm, Sweetings Farm, Walkers I’th Fields, 129.5 Higher Broomfield, Mill Farm, Walkers I’th Fields, 127.5 Abbotson Farm, Catshaw Hall Farm, Higher Broomfield. Norwegian Red: 99.5, 89.5 White Lund Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: 89.5 Strickley.

OTM Hfrs
Holstein Friesian: 164.5 North Farm.

Cast Bulls
Limousin: 139.5 Raygill Farm. Holstein Friesian: 104.5 Higher Broomfield.

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