Lancaster Livestock Auction: Primestock - Monday 6th April

Spring Lambs

A nice first showing of the season met a spirited demand from buyers. The SQQ levelled at 264p/kg and an overall of 258p/kg. Topping the trade at 280p/kg was S Wilson & Son, Scotforth with Suffolks and WJ & LA Barker, Arkholme also sold Suffolks to 273p/kg. Pounds per head was also dominated by S Wilson & Son selling to £115 with WJ & LA Barker and WN & D Smith & Sons selling to £112.

Charollais from PD Anderton, Scorton sold to 278p/kg with JR & J Webster selling to 278p/kg, 270p/kg and 268p/kg. Pounds per head and topping the market was PD Anderton who sold to £125 with RJ & J Towers Ltd selling to £117 and £115.

Texels from WM Pye, Ashton with Stodday sold to 277p/kg or £125.

A great trade and many more required

Suffolks to 280p/kg av. 252p/kg
Charollais to 278p/kg av. 265p/kg
Texel to 276p/kg av. 254p/kg

Prime Hoggs

A new auction record entry since we commenced the sale at 11am on offer in Lancaster today met a ringside of strong buyer demand with a very respectable trade prevailed with the SQQ average levelling at 201p/kg and this is taking into consideration 46.25% of the entry being hill bred sheep.

Topping the trade with cracking Beltex x hoggs was GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston Hall selling to £131 or 291p/kg. Cardwell Farms, Poulton-le-Fylde sold similar to 275p/kg and £110 with KA Purtill selling to 259p/kg.

Texels from KM & KM Baxter, Bibbys Farm sold to 246p./kg or £113. Cardwell Farms sold to 231p/kg with W & J Livesey, Inskip sold to £128 or 229p/kg. Barker Farms, Hillham House sold to 228p/kg. Charollais from KA Purtill sold to 235p/kg.

Cheviots were, again, good to sell with Stockdale Farms selling to 222p/kg, LA Bradshaw, Poulton le Fylde sold to 221p/kg and Cardwell Farms sold to 217p/kg. T Smith, sold to £110. A Armer, Park Farm sold to £105 and A & J Smith, Ingleton sold to £104.

Suffolks from Cardwell Farms sold to 213p/kg or £105 whilst M & P Gardner, Nateby Hall sold to £112 and PD Anderton, Scorton sold to £108. Mules were good to sell with plenty selling at 195p/kg or more. A & J Rhodes, Ellel sold to £94 with G & MA Smith, Samlesbury selling to £94. AG Butler sold to £90 as did J Bargh & Son. Strong Bluefaced Leicesters from RH & C Ayrton, Abbeystead sold to £108 with A & L Huddleston, Wray achieving £106. Swaledales from the same home sold to 190p/kg with T Longton & Son, Quernmore achieving the same price.

19 Beltex to 291p/kg or £131 av. 255p/kg
306 Texel to 246p/kg or £128 av. 211p/kg
175 Cheviots to 222p/kg or £110 av. 204p/kg
1 Blue Texel to 200p/kg or £106 av. 200p/kg
7 Charollais to 235p/kg or £94 av. 215p/kg
34 Scottish Blackface to 204p/kg or £82 av. 194p/kg
11 Rough Fell to 193p/kg or £83 av. 186p/kg
9 Bluefaced Leicesters to 189p/kg or £106 av. 180p/kg
46 Suffolks to 213p/kg or £112 av. 197p/kg
62 Mules to 200p/kg or £94 av. 188p/kg
67 Swaledales to 190p/kg or £86 av. 183p/kg

Cast Sheep

A reasonable entry met an extremely fast trade to level at £110.17. Texel ewes from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham sold to £164 and £146 with PF Lee, Over Wyresdale selling to £157 and JR & J Webster, Ormskirk selling to £141. Suffolks from A & E Clarkson sold to £137 and £136 with S Wilson & Son, Scotforth selling to £130, Mules from P & ME Higginson, Ivy Farm sold to £136 and H & JA Gorst sold to £126. Bluefaced Leicester ewes from T Ayrton & Son, Over Wyresdale sold to £144 with Leicester tups selling to £126 from A & L Huddleston, Wray.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs

Texel £125 Tarnwater Farm, £110 Wyre Farm. Charollais £117, £115 Greenlands Farm, £112 Brown Edge, £110.50 Lower House Farm, £110 Herdsman House. Suffolk £115 Burrow Heights Farm, £112 Brown Edge, £112, £107, £106 Cocker House Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Beltex £131, £115 Little Eccleston Hall Farm, £114 Longfield House Farm, £110, £109 Inverbervie. Texel £128, £120 Walk House Farm, £114 Longfield House Farm, £113 Bibbys Farm, £112 Walker House Farm. Suffolk £112 Nateby Hall Farm, £108 Wyre Farm, £105 Inverbervie, £100, £99 Sowerby Lodge. Cheviot £110 Herdsmans House, £105 Park Farm, £104 Cross Farm, £102 Halton Park Farm, £100 Gibsons Farm. Leicester £108 Ouzlethorn Farm, £106 Overhouses, £100, £99 Ouzlethorn Farm, £87 Bibbys Farm. Horned £94 Sowerby Lodge, £90 Inverbervie, £89 Park Farm Barn, £84.50 Nateby Hall Farm. Charollais £94 Hillam House Farm, Oak Avenue, £92 Nateby Hal Farm. Mule £94 Low Kit Brow, Green Lane Farm, £90 Park Farm Barn, North Farm. Herdwick £92, £88, £87 Park Farm, £83, £72 Hillam House Farm. Continental £90 Overhouses, £87 North Farm, Field House, £68 Inverbervie. Swaledale £86 Appletree Farm, £81.50 Rooten Brook, £77.50 Thornbush Farm, £72.50 Sowerby Lodge, £70.50 Shaws Farm. Rough Fell £83 Bowers Farm, £80.50 North Farm, £76 Hillam House Farm. Scottish Blackface £82 Tarnwater Farm, £81.50 Bolton Fold Farm. Ryeland £83 Field House. Masham £75 Medlar Hall Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £164 Cock Hall Farm, £157 Lower Swainhead, £146 Cock Hall Farm, £141 Lower House Farm, £137 Lower Swainhead. Leicester £144 Yates Farm, £109 Higher Fairsnape. Suffolk £137, £136 Cock Hall Farm, £130 Burrow Heights Farm. Mule £136 Ivy Barn, £126 Shaws Farm, £110 Yates Farm, £108 Cross Farm, £107 Cock Hall Farm. Masham £122, £116 Herdsmans House. Swaledale £75 Higher Fairsnape, £67 Yates Fark, £63 Appletree Farm.

Cast Tup

Leicester £126 Overhouses.

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