J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 8th April

Spring Lambs

There was an entry of 37 Spring Lambs for the opening sale at J36 which were met by tremendous demand. There was an SQQ average of 257p/kg and an overall average of 255p/kg.

Topping the trade at 286p/kg was Messrs FE & CM Robinson, Crooklands with Poll Dorsets with others at 279p/kg and selling to £120 twice. Messrs Proctors, Selside sold Dorset Downs to £121 and 269p/kg. Suffolks from MJ Waller, Lupton sold to £117, £116 twice or 272p/kg and 264p/kg. Texels from B & AC Barnes, Middleton sold to £120 or 267p/kg.

Hampshire to 256p/kg av. 251p/kg
Dorsets to 286p/kg av. 256p/kg
Suffolks to 272p/kg av. 251p/kg
Charollais to 264p/kg av. 264p/kg
Texels to 267p/kg av. 264p/kg

Prime Hoggs

There as a grand entry of 854 hoggs on offer in J36 today which met a fast trade to sell to an overall SQQ average of 213p/kg and 204p/kg overall, taking into consideration a massivee 58% of the entry were hill bred showing we do really have customers for all weights, breeds and quality.

Top pence per kilo today was from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside who sold Cheviots to 247p/kg, BR Butterfield, Burton in Kendal sold to 237p/kg and R Matterson, Bootle sold to 226p/kg. Pounds per head toppers were RW Ewan, New hutton who sold to £100 and £98 with AR & BJ Thompson selling to £94.

Texels from BR Butterfield & Son sold to 241p/kg, D & J Woof, Sedbergh wsold to 235p/kg, MW & MR Black, Staveley sold to 235p/kg, CR Alderson & Son, Kirkby Stephen sold to 234p/kg with GR & A Foy, Conder Green selling to 233p/kg. Pounds per head toppers were L & A Duckett, Preston who sold to £114 and £113 and GR & A Foy sold to £114.

Mr R Matterson, Bootle sold Suffolks to 231p/kg and L & A Duckett sold to £104. Mules were very good to sell with MP & HM York, Howgill selling to 232p/kg, Messrs Hodgson, Ings sold to 225p/kg. R Cowin & Sons, Kirkby Lonsdale sold to £95 JR Metcalfe, Ravenstonedale sold to £94.50 and Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale sold to £93. Herdwicks were also extremely well sold with Messrs Hodgson selling to 242p/kg and JE Atkinson, Ulverston selling to 215p/kg and £84. Swaledales from Messrs Hodgson sold to 222p/kg and JR & AW Sutton, Longsleddale sold to 288p/kg.

Heavy weight Blue Texels from P Gentry, Lincoln sold to £120, £118 and £113.

William Pye, Ashton with Stodday sold Scottish Blackfaces to 221p/kg, 219p/kg, £95 and £92. BR Butterfield & Son sold to £93.

Charollais from J Fryars, Kirkham sold to 230p/kg and JE Atkinson, Ulverston sold to 224p/k.

247 Texels to 241p/kg av. 211p/kg
58 Charollais to 224p/kg av. 208p/kg
106 Mules to 232p/kg av. 184p/kg
121 Swaledales to 222p/kg av. 199p/kg
18 Rough Fells to 190p/kg av. 186p/kg
39 Scottish Blackface to 221p/kg av. 219p/kg
146 Cheviots to 247p/kg av. 227p/kg
11 Dalesbred to 159/kg av. 159p/kg
8 Gritstone to 223p/kg av. 223p/kg
50 Herdwicks to 242p/kg av. 212p/kg
9 Blue Texels to 213p/kg av. 203p/kg

Cast Ewes

A decent entry on offer today met an electric trade with the overall average levelling at £86.

Texel x ewes from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston sold to £158, £154 and £152 with the same home selling Suffolks to £150 and £137. ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth sold Suffolks to £143. Beltex ewes from GR & A Foy, Conder Green sold to £136, £133 and £132. Zwartble ewes from Ted Park sold to £127. Bluefaced Leicesters from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth sold to £121. Cheviots from GA Lambert, Gatebeck sold to £117 with JA & SM Allen, Windermere selling to £107. Charollais from C Parsons, Old Hutton sold to £111. Mules from Lewis McCarrick, Chorley sold to £110, Low Moor Howe Ltd, Winster sold to £109 twice, I & ME Askew, New Hutton sold to £108 and J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston sold to £108. Mashams from MA & JA Winn, Burneside sold to £113, Rough Fells sold to £91 from CD Steadman and Swaledales sold to £84 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale.

Cast tups were a flying trade with Messrs Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale selling Bluefaced Leicesters to £155 and £133. Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack sold to £145. Beltex x from R Cowin & Sons, Carnforth sold to £142 and similar from JH Pumphrey Armitage, Milnthorpe sold to £131.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs

Dorset £121 High Biggarsbank, £120 Warth Sutton Farm, £110 Hawkin Hall, £109 Warth Sutton Farm. Texel £120 Hawkin Hall, £110 Carlingwha. Suffolk £117, £116, £107 Carlingwha, £105 Low Levens. Charollais £116 Hawkin Hall. Hampshire £113, £110 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Blue Texel £120, £118, £113, £105 Thorn Lodge. Texel £114 Tabley House Farm, Parkside Farm, £113 Tabley House Farm, £110 Red Lodge, £109.50 Walker House Farm. Suffolk £104 Tabley House Farm, £99 Oakenclough, £97 Sowerby Lodge, £96 Harden Farm, £94 HMP Wymott. Cheviot £100, £98 Hall Bank, £94 Poppy Farm, £93 Low Levens, £92.50 Moss House Farm. Charollais £98 Far Bank, £97 Hall Croft Barn, £90 Moss House Farm, £89.50 Hall Bank, £87.50 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Continental £96 Far Bank, £95 The Coach House, £76, £65 Annfield Farm. Scottish Blackface £95 Tarnwater Farm, £93 Moss House Farm, £92 Tarnwater Farm. Mule £95 Hawkrigg Farm, £94.50 High Greenside, £93 Catshaw Hall Farm, £92 Walker House Farm, £91 Low Levens. Horned £92 Catshaw Hall Farm, £89 Walker House Farm, £79 Moss House Farm, £75 Nibthwaite Farm, £71 Higher Slater. Beltex £90 Scroggs Farm. Dalesbred £89 Oakenclough. Swaledale £88 Nether House Farm, £78.50 Millgate Farms, £75.50 High Borrans Farm, £74 Annfield Farm, £73 Yoat Pot. Masham £87 Mosergh Hall, £79 Hareden Farm. Herdwick £84 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £80 High Borrans Farm, £79 Moss House Farm, £78 Stone Croft, £76 Annfield Farm. Zwartble £83 Tarnside Quarry. Rough Fell £78 Thwaite Farm, Millbeck, £76 Sowerby Lodge. Gritstone £78 Medlar Hall Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £158, £152 Mansrigg Hall, £146 Parkside Farm, £139 Highfield, £133 Far Bank. Continental £154 Mansrigg Hall, £143 Meathop Park Farm, £129 Endmoor Farm, £124 Parkside Farm, £118 Highfield. Suffolk £150 Mansrigg Hall, £143 hall Croft Barn, £137 Mansrigg Hall, £127 HMP Wymott, £119 Hall Croft Barn. Beltex £136, £133, £132 Parkside Farm. Zwartble £127 Whitbarrow Cottage. Leicester £121 Flodder Hall. Dorset £118, £117 Endmoor Farm. Cheviot £117 High Bracken Hall, £107 Barker Knot, £92 Green Lane, £90 High House Farm, £80 Green Lane Farm. Masham £113 High Underbrow, £90 Mosergh Farm, £79 Swainshead Hall Farm, £75 Patton Hall. Mule £111 Longfield manor, £109 High House Farm, £108 Raw Head, Mansrigg Hall. Charollais £111, £102 Town House, £98 Hill Park, £94 Barker Knott. Dalesbred £91 Middale Farm, £71 Longfield Manor. Rough Fell £91 Ellergill, £89 Barker Knott, £82 Ellergill, £71 Mosergh Farm. Swaledale £84 Catshaw Hall Farm, Strickland Hall Farm, £79 Flodder Hall, £78 Cooper House. Herdwick £76 Ellergill, £68 High Wellabarrow Farm, £56 Nibthwaite Grange Farm.

Cast Rams

Leicester £155, £133 Catshaw Hall Farm. Cheviot £145 Strickland Hill. Continental £142 Hawkrigg Farm, £131 Preston Patrick Hall. Lleyn £90 High Wallabarrow Farm. Dalesbred £84 Catshaw Hall Farm. Texel £82 Broad Head. Swaledale £74 New Hutton. Herdwick £72 High Wallabarrow Farm.

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