Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle Friday 26th January

Store Cattle

The strong Store Cattle sale continues with all vendors leaving with a smile on their face. Vendors are strongly urged to take advantage of the trade at the moment with all ages of cattle good to sell.
Topping the sale today was an Aberdeen Angus bullock from JD & GM Bracken of Catterall, this was closely followed by British Blue bullocks selling to £1350 from JM & AG Swarbrick of Out Rawcliffe. Limousin bullocks sold to a top of £1300 from W Garnett & Son of Milnthorpe.

The Heifer trade topped at £1280 for a couple of Aberdeen Angus also from JD & GM Bracken.

15% of the cattle forward today sold for £1200 or more.

An upbeat trade for dairy bred steers saw Montbelliarde’s sell to £1150 from J Hartley & Son of Westhouse with black and white bullocks topping at £1140 from K & DE Woodhouse of Ellel. Well fed, 2 year old and upwards, black and white bullocks were often easily sold in excess of £1000.

Yearling cattle were also in good demand today and were eagerly bid for.

The next sale of Store cattle at Lancaster will take place on Friday 26th January 2018, Entries to the Office by 2pm Monday.

OTM Cattle

There was a larger entry of Cast Cows forward this week selling to a stronger trade, with a fresh buyer present looking to purchase well fleshed cattle.
Stabiliser cows sold to a top of 179.5p/kg from JA & R Geldard & Sons of Levens with top price per head being £1339 for a Limousin cow from JE & AC Clarke & Son of Melling.
Limousin cast bulls sold to a top of £1316 from PA & D Slater of Barnacre.

Dairy Cows topped at £1116 for a Swedish Red from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel. Black and white cows topped at £1069 from AT Burrow & Son of Hornby.

Over 10% of the cast cows forward today sold in excess of £1000.

All cast cows forward sold to a market average of 124p/kg with all black and white cows in the market averaging 117p/kg.

Calves and Stirks

The Lancaster monthly sale of stirks had an entry of 60 forward selling to a buoyant trade for all ages and sizes of stirks, with buyers present both locally and further afield.

The trade topped at £760 for a Limousin steer from Colin Parsons of Town House and Angus bullocks selling to £680 from S Mason of Birkland Barrow. British Blue steers topped at £650 from JR & J Gorst of Appletree Farm.

The heifer trade sold to a top of £625 from PS & H Eckersley of Higher Brundhurst Farm with British Blues and Angus heifers selling to £535 from RH & D Parker of Fober Farm.

The next Monthly Stirk sale at Lancaster will take place on Friday 26th February 2018


The weekly sale of Calves saw a reduced entry due to it being the Monthly sale of stirks.

Topping the calf trade today was a British Blue bull calf selling to £495 from R & V Walmsley of Cockerham. Aberdeen Angus bull calves topped at £295 from David & Eileen Wallbank of Over Wyresdale.
There was plenty of interest in black and white bull calves today with 35 day old calves selling to £180 closely followed by 31 day old calves to £142 both from Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale.

Top Prices

Store Bullock 

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1400 Greenlands Farm; £1260 Gale Garth; £1240 Low Hundhowe. BRITISH BLUE: £1350 Bensons Farm; £1220 Sowerby Lodge; £1150 Masongill Hall. LIMOUSIN: £1300 Ackenthwaite Farm; £1250 Millom Castle; £1240 Park House. SALER: £1270 Millbeck. STABILISER: £1270 Millbeck; £1100 Park House Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: £1270 Bensons Farm; £1190 Masongill Hall. HEREFORD: £1200 Raw Head; £1090 Lower Castle o Trim; £1020 Ellers Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1180 Lathwaite Farm; £1140 Yealand Manor; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm. BAZADAISE: £1180 Oak Head Farm. MONTBELLIARDE: £1150 Mason gill Hall. FRIESIAN: £1140 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1100 Masongill Hall; £1050 Ninezergh. SHORTHORN: £1120 Old Woodhouse BLONDE: £1090 Low Groves Farm. FLECVIEH: £960 Ninezergh.

Store Heifers 

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1280 Greenlands Farm; £1170 Outerthwaite Farm; £1080 Rowell Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1220 Ackenthwaite Farm; £1190 Masongill Hall; £1140 High House Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1160 Rowell Farm; £1160 Lathwaite Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1140 Lower Swainhead Farm; £1100 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1080 Wood Nook Farm. HEREFORD: £1080 Lower Swainhead Farm;. £1060 Rowell Farm; £980 The Old Mistle. STABILISER: £1050 Low Foulshaw Farm; £980 Park House Farm. SHORTHORN: £1000 Bouthwaite Farm. CONTINETNAL: £1000 Bouthwaite Farm.


STABILISER: 179.5 Low Foulshaw Farm; 137.5 Park House Farm. LIMOUSIN: 169.5 Cringleber; 169.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm. 139.5 High House Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 149.5 Cringleber; 141.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm; 139.5 Foredales Farm; 134.5 Lambrigg Head Farm. MONTBELLIARDE: 139.5 Cringleber; 129.5 White Lund Farm; 119.5 Yeat House. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 139.5 Walkers I’th Fields; 129.5 Holme Head; 124.5 Yeat House. FRIESIAN: 139.5 High Snab; 137.5 Blackwood End; 134.5 Bilsborrow Hall Farm. CHAROLAIS: 131.5 Hill Top Farm. SIMMENTAL: 131.5 Cringleber. GALLOWAY: 127.5 Cinderbarrow Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 124.5 Parkside Farm. SALER: 119.5 Hartrigg. NORWERGIAN: 107.5 Holme Head. 3

OTM Heifer 

BRITISH BLUE: 174.5 Throstle Grove Farm. FRIESIAN: 149.5 The Barn; 149.5 Stubb Place Farm. FLECVIEH: 129.5 Holme Head.

Cast Bull 

LIMOUSIN: 164.5 Slack Farm. ABERDEENANGUS: 94.5 The Barn.

Heifer Calf 

BRITISH BLUE: £220 Tunstall Hall; £175 Stubb Place Farm.

Bull Calf 

BRITISH BLUE: £495 Richmond Hall; £370 Tills Farm; £250 Stubb Hall Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £295 Tills Farm. FRIESIAN: £180 Catshaw Hall Farm; £105 Tills Farm; £90 Tunstall Farm.

Bull Stirk 

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £490 Boon Town Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £470 Boon Town Farm; £430 Cinderbarrow Farm. FRIESIAN: £340 Boon Town Farm; £250 Lawsons Farm.

Heifer Stirk 

BRITISH BLUE: £625 Higher Brundhurst Farm; £385 Cinderbarro Farm ABERDEEN ANGUS: £535 Fober Farm.

Bullock Stirk 

LIMOUSIN: £760 Town House. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £680 Birkland Barrow; £585 Higher Brundhurst Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £650 Appletree Farm; £575 Higher Brundhurst Farm; £530 56 Farmdale Road.

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