J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Special Show & Sale of Store Cattle

Thursday 25th January 2018

Calves and Stirks

An entry of 61 Calves and Stirks forward for sale at Junction 36 this week. A strong entry of Beef bred calves forward, with trade topping at £360.00 for a British Blue Heifer from E&SM Halpin of Rakesmoor Farm. Young beef bred calves met a strong trade with bull calves being topped by a 1-month old British Blue from HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Tree Farm, with others from DR&C Galbraith of Sunny Bank Farm at £310. Messrs JW&D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm selling 1-month old British Blue Heifers to £300 and £280. Native bred calves selling to firm demand, topping at £280 for Angus bulls from S Mawson & Son of Moor House, who also sold to £270 for heifers. Dairy bred calves topped at £95 for Flekvieh’s from RG & JA Clarke of Far Audlands with Holstein Bulls selling to a top of £70 from E&SM Halpin of Rakesmoor Farm, to average £31.45.

A handful of Stirks forward in the market today, selling to a top of £640 for Angus Bulls from S&M Carter of Black Bull Cottage, with Heifers to £570 for Stabilisers from RJ&KR Wilkinson of High Foulshaw.

The next sale of Calves & Stirks at Junction 36 will be held on Thursday 8th February, which will include our Anniversary Show & Sale of Calves

Please contact the office with your entries so that we can contact our buyers advising of numbers forward

Cast Cows

Just short of 30 Cast Cows and Bulls in the market today. Top price of the day was achieved by a Limousin Cow selling for 157.5p/kg from Messrs a Hodgson & Son of Borwick Lodge, followed by another Limousin at 154.5p/kg from Messrs Hodgson of Rydal Farm with the breed averaging 132.7p/kg. Dairy bred cows selling to 121.5p/kg for Holsteins from Messrs B&MJ Nelson & Son of Halforth Farm, to average 94.2p/kg. The Angus Bull in the market sold to 117.5p/kg from RJ&J Gardner of Natland Mill Beck Farm.

Store Cattle

An entry of 250 excellent quality cattle forward today at Junction 36, which included the Annual Show & Sale of Store Bullock and Heifers, with the Champion being awarded The Janet Gorst Memorial Trophy.

Every customer in the market today, whole heartedly agreed with the Judges, Martin & Liam Whitaker of Clapham, choice of Champion. A fantastic British Blue x Steer forward from Messrs RT&J Gorst of The Coach House, expertly put forward by Lydia, Sam & Joe Gorst. The steer was purchased by the Gorst Family at North West Auctions from Mr George Hodgson of High Low Wood from his final sale of cattle in October 2016. The steer being bred from a bull originally bred by the Gorst Family. The Champion went on to achieve the top price of the day selling for £1370.

Reserve Champion forward from Martin & Julie Winn of High Underbrow Farm was a 21-month-old British Blue Heifer, which went on to achieve £1280.

Trade was described to be a ‘flyer’ with vendors left well satisfied and more cattle could have been sold to advantage, with purchasers impressed with the quality forward for sale.

Other notable entries were a consignment of Charolais and Limousin Steers from M Robinson of Mountain View, which sold to top at £1300 twice, to average £1280. Other top price Steers included Limousin’s from Messrs Hodgson of Rydale selling to £1280, £1250 & £1190, with Parthenais breed steers from J Holme & Son of Hollowmire Farm achieving £1230.

Heifers look particularly well sold, to top at £1280 for a Blonde 21-month-old from SJ&NS Wood of Causeway Farm, with others from RT&J Gorst to £1180 for a British Blue, PW Clarke of Woodside selling Limousin’s to £1130, with others selling to the same price from TW Nelson & Son of Cockrigg Farm twice.

The handful of Bulls in the market today selling well, to top at £1230 for a Limousin from Messrs Hodgson of Rydal Farm.

Thank you to our pre-sale judges Martin & Liam Whitaker of Clapham for their time and expertise and to our sponsors Paxtons for their generous support of the show & sale.

The next sale of Store Cattle will be held on Thursday 8th February, which will be our Anniversary Show & Sale


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    Champion Store Beast from Lydia, Sam & Joe Gorst

Top Prices

Bull Calf

British Blue - £340 Elm Tree Farm, £310 Sunny Bank, £280 Cinder Barrow, £220 Low Brundrigg. Aberdeen Angus - £280, £255, £240 Moor House. Hereford - £205 Cotestone Farm. Limousin - £165 Rakesmoor Farm. Flekvieh - £95, £60 Far Audlands. Friesian - £70 Rakesmoor Farm, £60 Elm Tree Farm, £60 High Foulshaw Farm, £55 Far Audlands, £50 Elm Tree Farm.

Heifer Calf

British Blue - £360 Rakesmoor Farm, £300, £280 Hollins Farm, £240 Elm Tree Farm, £220 Cinder Barrow. Aberdeen Angus - £270, £255 Moor House, £240 High Barnes, £200 Moor House. Hereford - £200 Elm Tree Farm.

Steer Stirk

Aberdeen Angus - £640 Black Bull Cottage. Hereford - £470 Rakesmoor Farm, £440 Lower Hawthwaite, £430 Rakesmoor Farm

Bull Stirk

Friesian - £190 Rakesmoor Farm.

Heifer Stirk

Stabiliser - £570, £420 High Foulshaw. Aberdeen Angus - £400 Rakesmoor Farm.


Limousin – 157.5 Borwick Lodge Farm, 154.5 Rydal Farm, 129.5 Dubside, 127.5, 94.5 Holmelands. Stabiliser – 144.5, 141.5 Kit Cragg. Blonde – 141.5 Hill Farm. Simmental – 129.5 Hill Farm. Other – 129.5, 199.5 Bellart Howe. Hereford – 124.5 Lane Ends Farm. Friesian – 121.5 Halforth Farm, 107.5 Hollins Farm, 104.5 Laithwaite, 104.5 Capplerigg, 94.5 Laithwaite. Ayrshire – 104.5, 84.5 Sunny Bank. Normande – 97.5 Hawkrigg Farm.

Cast Bull

Aberdeen Angus – 117.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm.

Store Bullock

British Blue - £1370 The Coach House, £1100 Poppy Farm, £1020 Black Hall Farm, £1020 Knott End Farm. Charolais - £1300 Mountain View, £1140, £1020 Tock How Farm, £910 High Wray Farm, £870 Lower Hawthwaite. Limousin - £1300 Mountain View, £1280 Rydal Farm, £1260 Mountain View, £1250 Rydal Farm, £1230 Hollowmire Farm. Partenuis - £1230 Hollowmire Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1150 Hollowmire Farm, £1070 Hawkrigg Farm, £900 Holmelands, £850 Hawkrigg Farm, £780 School Hill. Blonde - £1090 Causeway Farm, £880 High Row. Simmental - £930, 3860, £840, £830 Town End. Hereford - £900 West Plain Farm, £600 38 Fairgarth Drive. Flekvieh - £860 Hawkrigg Farm.

Store Heifer

Blonde - £1280, £1070 Causeway Farm, £770 High Row. British Blue - £1280 High Underbrow Farm, £1180 The Coach House, £900 High Barnes, £840 Woodside Farm. Limousin - £1130 Cockrigg Farm, £1130 Woodside Farm, £1110 Meadow View, £1100 North Lodge. Aberdeen Angus - £990, £900, £720 Holmelands. Charolais - £880, £810 Tock How Farm, £800 High Wray Farm, £800 Broad Oak. Hereford - £760 West Plain Farm, £500 38 Fairgarth Drive.

Store Bull

Limousin - £1230 Rydal farm, £890 Meadow View, £800, £760 Low Garths Farm. Simmental - £800 Low Garths Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £790 Natland Farm. British Blue - £720 Low Newton Farm.

More Info

Show Results

Mr M Whitaker, Clapham

Class one – Best Store Bullock
1st Lot 438 RT & J Gorst, Coach House £1370
2nd Lot 414 T Atkinson, Meadow View £1030
3rd Lot 535 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow £1070

Class two – Best Store Heifer
1st Lot 533 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow £1280
2nd Lot 387 M & L Preece, High House Farm £1060
3rd Lot 419 T Atkinson, Meadow View £1040

Lot 438 RT & J Gorst, Coach House £1370

Reserve Champion
Lot 533 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow £1280

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