Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Sale, Lancaster Friday 14 December

Store Cattle

The last sale of Store Cattle of 2018 saw an entry of 250 forward selling to a slightly sharper trade. Well fleshed short keep cattle continue to be in strong demand at Lancaster. Topping the trade this week was P Lawrenson & Son of Chorley selling British Blue bullocks to £1300 and £1280, will Limousins from the same good home selling to £1260. Charollais cattle sell to a top of £1260 from H Chapman & Son of Middleton. Black and whites sold to a top of £1190 for very well fleshed bullocks from K & DE Woodhouse of Ellel. The heifer trade was topped at £1150 with British Blues from PF Lee of Over Wyresdale. Native cattle always meet plenty of demand at Lancaster which saw Angus bullocks to £1140 from GH Speak of Eccleston.

The next sale of Store Cattle will be Friday 4th January 2019 with entries for the sale
Closing on Monday 31st December 2018

OTM Cattle

Cast cow trade remains similar with slightly less than expected forward this week, with an entry of 75. Top pence per kilo was 184.5p or £1225 for a 31 month old British Blue heifers from R & E Ladds of Kendal, who also sold heifers to 181.5p/kg. Dairy heifers sold to a top of 164.5p/kg from WR & CM Lawrenson of Winmarleigh. Black and whites sold to a top of 154.5p or £1236 from J & N Sanderson of Kirkham. There was plenty of young cows selling around the 150p/kg mark. There was an overall market average of 100p/kg, with best dairy cows easily selling in excess of 100p/kg with plenty selling in the nineties.

The next sale of Cast cows and OTM cattle will be Friday 4th January 2019

Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of calves also included the monthly sale of stirks due to the Christmas break. There was an entry of 80 forward that saw a busy ringside and plenty of demand for stirks with less calves forward this week due to the big entry of calves the previous week. The stirk trade saw well grown steers sell in excess of £600 numerous times. They topped at £620 numerous times for British Blue steers from JE Harrison, Preston and J & A Sheerin of Quernmore with Stabilisers also achieving the same price from Cote Farm Partnership of Nether Kellet. The heifer trade was topped by British Blues from Cote Farm Partnership of Nether Kellet selling to £555 with others to £540 from JE Harrison, Preston. Black and whites sold to £300 for bullocks at 6 months old from WJ & EA Woodhouse, Nateby.

The calf trade topped at £200 for young British Blue heifers with a very young selection of calves on offer following on from last week’s very impressive Christmas show.

The next sale of Calves will be Friday 4th January 2019 with a sale for Calves at J36 Rural Auction Centre on Thursday 20th December.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

BRITISH BLUE: £1300, £1280, £1240 Walmsley Fold, £1190 Kitchen Ground Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1260 Walmsley Fold, £1130 Middle Grange Farm, £1120 Ghyll Beck Farm, £1080 Ellerbeck Farm, Cock Hall Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1260 Millbeck, £950 Corney Hill Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1190, £1040 Kitchen Ground Farm, £960 Cock Hall Farm, £880 Thornton Barn Farm, £800 Cockrigg Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1140 Billinge Hall, £1120, £1080 Middle Grange Farm, £1070 Gulf Farm, £1040 Thorns Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1100 Cock Hall Farm. SOUTH DEVEN: £1080 Cock Hall Farm. HEREFORD: £1040 Old Hall Farm, £1020 Carlingwha, £1000 Cockrigg Farm, £900 11 Proctors Row. SIMMENTAL: £1000 Thornton Barn Farm, £900 Barker Knott. STABILISER: £960 Corney Hill Farm. FLEKVIEH: £560 Throstle Nest Farm.

Store Heifers

BRITISH BLUE: £1150 Lower Swainhead Farm, £1100 Walmsley Fold, £1090, £1060, £1020 Kitchen Ground Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1110 Middle Grange Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1100 Middle Grange Farm, £1020 Walmsley Fold, £960, £940 Abbotson Farm, £940 Manor House Farm. SOUTH DEVEN: £1060 Middle Grange Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1000 Manor House Farm, £960 Brow Foot Farm, £950 Newsham Hall Farm, £940, £930 Benson Hall. HEREFORD: £990 Manor House Farm, £860 Thornton Barn Farm, £840 Old Hall Farm, £770 Carlingwha, £720 Thorns Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £770 Old Hall Farm.

Heifer Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £200, £140, £85 North Farm.

Bull Calves

HEREFORD: £160 Knowsley Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £62 Knowsley Farm, £30, £25 North Farm.

Bull Stirks

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £270 Sandvilla, £150 Booth Hall, £145 Myerscough Hall, £140 High Snab.

Heifer Stirks

BRITISH BLUE: £555 Cote Farm, £540, £520 Tunstead Farm. STABILISER: £470 Cote Farm. LIMOUSIN: £400 Springfield House.

Steer Stirk

BRITISH BLUE: £620 Tunstead Farm, Knotts Farm, Cote Farm, £565 Knotts Farm. STABILISER: £620 Cote Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £535 Cote Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £300 Gibsons Farm.

OTM Cows

BRITISH BLUE: 184.5, 181.5 Benson Hall, 111.5 Matson Farm, 61.5 Raw Head. LIMOUSIN: 179.5, 159.5 High Snab, 149.5 High House Farm, 139.5 Summerlands, 59.5 Matson Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 154.5 Pasture Barn Farm, 111.5 Holme House Farm, 104.5 Holly House Farm, Holme House Farm, 101.5 Pasture Barn Farm. SIMMENTAL: 149.5, 124.5, 121.5 Matson Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 127.5 West View Farm, 117.5 Ghyll Farm, 104.5 Springfield House. HEREDORD: 124.5 Boundary House, 104.5 West View Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 117.5, 114.5, 104.5 Cumming Carr Farm, 59.5 White
Lund Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 89.5 Cumming Carr Farm, 77.5 White Lund Farm. AYRSHIRE: 84.5 Newsham Hall Farm. FLEKVIEH: 64.5 Holme Head. BEEF SHORTHORN: 59.5 Matson Farm. WHITE PARK: 51.5 Carr House Farm.

OTM Heifers

MONTBELIARDE: 164.5 Cumming Carr Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 151.5 Holme House Farm, 94.5 Kitchen Ground. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 149.5 Forgelands Estate.

Cast Bulls

HEREFORD: 94.5 West View Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 79.5 Cote Farm, 41.5 High Snab.

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