J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 18th December

Prime Lambs

There was a smaller entry of Prime Lambs forward this week where more were expected and could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor. There was an overall market average of 185p/kg achieved with a SQQ average of 190p/kg. Topping the trade today at £99 was Beltex lambs from JG Harryman, Hawkshead. Charollais lambs sold to a top of £95 from DC, D & J Taylor, Kendal. Cheviot lambs topped at £93 from S Crawford, Staveley with Texels selling to £92 from TS & SM Park, Millom. Top price per kilo was 234p/kg from JG Harryman who also sold lambs to 222p/kg and 218p/kg. Other Beltex lambs sold to 216p/kg from WS Burrow & Sons, Silverdale. There was plenty of lambs easily selling in excess of the 200p/kg mark. Mule lambs sold to a top of £80.50 from WI & A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale with other Mule lambs selling to £78.50 from R & EA Gardner, Brigsteer. Horned lambs this week sold to a top of £73 for 40kg Dalesbreds from BD Gill, Ingleton. Swaledales sold to £71 weighing 40kg from M Gibson, Sedbergh.

The next sale of Prime Lambs will be on Thursday 27th December at 9am, the market will be open from 7am to receive livestock.

Cast Sheep

There was a larger entry of cast ewes forward this week with over 600 forward. The trade remains very similar for all types of ewes. Topping the trade today was Beltex x ewes from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor. Texel ewes sold to a top of £114 from E Dodgson, Kendal who also sold others to £99. Leicester tups sold to a top of £80 from Fishwick Brothers, Long Sleddale. Rough Fell tups topped at £79 from M Bland & Sons, Staveley with Texel rams selling to £78 from the same good home. Plenty of ewes sold in the seventies today. Cheviot x Mule ewes topped at £75 from TH & D Cornthwaite & Son, Grange over Sands. Mule ewes topped at £70 from R & J Dodgson, Natland. Strong Mule ewes regularly sold around sixty pound mark. Horned ewes saw Rough Fells sell to £55 from JD Dixon, Grange over Sands with Dalesbred selling to £43 from JA Bennett, Long Sleddale with Swaledales to the same price from WI & A Atkinson & Son.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Beltex - £99, £91.5 The Galleon, £89.5 St Annes Farm, £89.5 Spital Farm, £89 The Galleon. Charollais - £95 Garnett Folds, £85 Kingsland. Cheviot - £93, £91 Seedhowe Cottages, £75 Hartrigg, £74.5 Seedhowe Cottages. Texel - £92 Millom Castle, £90 Crabtree Farm, £85 Low Bendrigg Farm, £85 Millom Castle, £85 Mint Close. Suffolk - £86 Cracalt Farm, £82.5 Maddison Avenue, £82 Crook O Lune Farm, £82 Crabtree Farm, £80.5 Ackenthwaite Farm. Mule - £80.5 Holme House Farm, £78.5 Barrowfield, £77 Holme House Farm, £76 Fell End Farm, £76 Seedhowe Cottages. Dales Bred - £73 Yarlsber, £64 Fell End Farm, £62.5 Middale Farm. Swaledale - £71 Mouse Syke. Rough Fell - £70 Millriggs, £68 Lockbank Farm, £66.5, £63 Boundary Beck. Herdwick - £50 Bowkerstead Farm.

Cast Ewe:

Beltex - £123 Stubb Farm. Texel - £114, £99 Spital Farm, £96 Crosscrake Farm, £91 Spital Farm, £77 Moss End Farm. Zwartble - £78 Hawkrigg Farm, £70 Viver Mill Farm. Leicester - £76 Tongue House Farm. Cheviot Mule - £75 Low Tarn Green. Suffolk - £74 Main Street, £55 Ninezergh, £44 High Underbarrow Farm. Lleyn - £72 Hill Top Farm, £70 Crooklands Farm. Mule - £70 Cracalt Farm, £61 Brow Head, £58 Viver Mill Farm, £58 Hawkrigg Farm, £58 Meadow Oaks. Masham - £60 High Swinklebank Farm. Cheviot - £59 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £30 ghyll Farm. Rough Fell - £55 Main Street, £47 High Swinklebank Farm, £42 Low Fold, 337 High Swinklebank Farm. Continental - £53 Fairbank Farm. Dales Bred - £43 Middale Farm. Swaledale - £43 Holme House Farm, £41, £37 Middleton Hall.

Cast Ram:

Leicester - £80 Middle Sadghyll, £55 Ghyll Farm. Rough Fell - £79 Low Fold. Texel - £78, £65 Low Fold. Suffolk - £50 Mislet Farm.

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