J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs & Cast Sheep. Sale of Pigs. Opening Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Tuesday 12th March 2024.


An increased entry of 108 pigs forward from throughout the Northern Countries, North Wales and South Scotland. Prime pigs sold to a top price of £155 for a trio of gilts from W Stamper, Chipping. With other gilts selling to £152 from J Stott Jnr, Crosscrake with lighter weight gilts selling to £145 from BR Harrison, Staveley. Other prime pigs generally £110-£130 depending on breed, quality and type with buyers showing preference towards gilts and hoggs and caution towards boars. Best prime pigs sold to 163p/kg from BR Harrison, Staveley with other generally 115-125p/kg. Cull sows sold to £170 and 68p/kg from T Hornsby, Silloth. Store and Weaner pigs sold to £52 for Oxford Sandy Black hoggs from R Hargreaves, Clitheroe with Large White x selling to £50 from A & E Clarkson, Cockerham with weaners selling to £41 from JGE Heseltine & Son, Skipton.


The opening sale of sheep and lambs starts with a bang with a massive ringside of travelled buyers ensuring a flying trade with a pen of aged Texel ewes with Berrichon twin lambs from DW Parsons, Ackenthwaite sold to £330 with aged Mules ewes with twins sell to £328 from R Lawrence, Cartmel who sold other pens to £315. Broken mouthed Cheviot ewes with twin lambs sold to £308 from JW & E Woof & Son, Sedbergh. Single outfits keenly bid for, with Texel ewes with Badger Face Texel lambs from JC & E Pedley & Son, Kirkby Stephen selling to £252 with other pens from the same home selling to £242. Broken mouth Cheviot ewes with Beltex x lambs from JW & E Woof & Son, Sedbergh sold to £222.
Vendors are urged to enter ewes and lambs for upcoming sales here at J36 with confidence.


35 pens of hoggs sold between £200-£234/head. Leading the way was a pen of Suffolks from AG Butler, Hambleton sold to £234, with pens of Texel selling to £233 from A Brown, Littledale. With pens of Beltex selling to £230 from C Preston, Whicham. Best bred hoggs saw Texels sell to 475p/kg from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby. With Beltex selling to 470p/kg from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston. A large show of hill bred hoggs were forward that saw Cheviot sell to £214 from G & ID Postlethwaite, Howgill who sold other to £207. Mules hoggs sold to £194 from FI & ME Little, Kendal with other pens selling to £186 from Long & Knipe, Ulverston. Pens of Masham sold to £184 from DE & J Waine, Longsleddale with a pen of 23 Scotch hoggs selling to £180 from G & ID Postlethwaite, Howgill with other 43kg Scotch hoggs selling to £172 from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston with the other same good home selling Swaledale to £170. Dalesbred hoggs sold to £170 from WI & AM Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale with a pen of 10 Rough Fell hoggs from RJ & OB Simpson, Longsleddale selling to £169 with other pens of Rough Fells selling to £168 from G & ID Postlethwaite, Howgill. Herdwick hoggs sold to of £156 from SM Watson, Finsthwaite. Vendors are urged to take advantage of these current high levels of trade with an active ringside of 11 active buyers.


Another increasing number of ewes forward with an overall average of £101.75 with over half the entry being pure bred hill ewes. Heavy pure ewes sold to £285 for Texel x from R & E Ladds, Kendal and others at £270 from A Brown, Lancaster with other regularly £190-£230. First cross ewes sold to £182 for Texel x from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe others at £175 from AW Crowe, Witherslack with other heavy ends regularly £150-£170, mediums £130-£145 with smaller meated sorts to £92-£105. Mules sold to a top of £136 from AW Crowe, Witherslack with others at £134 from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin, £130 from H Parker, Bentham with other heavy mules regularly £122-£130 with mediums to £102-£115. Pure hill ewes sold to £148 for a Lonk from GJ & GM Ibbetson, Lancaster. Cheviots to £138 from DR & C Galbraith, Grayrigg with Herdwicks to £126 from Messrs Clegg & Bennett, Broughton in Furness. Rough Fells sold to £119 from NW & EM Mason & Son, Middleton. Swaledales to £104 from GJ & GM Ibbetson, Lancaster. Welsh ewes to £84 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre. Medium hill ewes regularly £75-£85 with the leanest and smallest generally £45-£55. Cull Rams sold to £185 for a Texel from V & EJ Chadwick & Son, Preston. With other medium continental £120-£150 with hill rams selling to £108 for Herdwick, £106 for Jacob, £104 for Swaledale, £100 for Rough Fell.

Top Prices


Mule: £215 The Borrans.


Texel: £330, £312 Highfield. Mule: £328, £315 Greaves Farm. Cheviot: £308, £222 Ghyll Farm. Continental: £252, £242 Wood House Farm, £220, £170 Ghyll Farm.


Suffolk: £234 Park Farm Barn, £200, £183 The Glen, £181 Sowerby Hall Farm, £162 Boon Town, £138 Homescales Farm. Texel: £233 Deep Clough, £230 Mire House Farm, £225 Park Farm Barn, £222 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £220 Helks Farm, £219 Moss Side. Charollias: £217 The Glen, £120 Rydal Farm, £115, £102 Becknook. Beltex: £214 Moorcock Hall Farm, £209 Holmelands, £208 Oak Avenue, £204, £200 Moorcock Hall Farm. Cheviot: £214, £207 Riddings, £183 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £181 Outrake Foot, £177 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £174 Outrake Foot. Leicester: £208 Low Foulshaw Farm, £134 Ashstead. Mule: £194 Helm Croft, £186 The Glen, £183 Old School House, £177 Holme House Farm, £168 High Swinklebank Farm, £168 Murthwaite. Continental: £191, £161 Brow Head, £150 Mire House Farm, £147, £140, £132 Underhelm Farm. Masham: £184 Murthwaite, £170 Mealriggs Farm, £154 Holme House Farm. Scottish Blackface: £180 Riddings, £172 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £170, £148 Riddings. Swaledale: £170 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £169, £155 Rydal Farm, £155 Byre Cottage, £154 Holme House Farm, £152 Old School House. Dalesbred: £170, £154 Holme House Farm. Dutchspot: £170 Murthwaite. Rough Fell: £169, £168 High Swinklebank Farm, £168 Riddings, £165, £162 High Swinklebank Farm. Herdwick: £156 Old School House, £152 Byre Cottage, £145 Old School House, £144, £139 Byre Cottage, £130 Cinderbarrow Farm. Hampshire: £147, £145 High Gregg Hall Farm. Jacob: £119 Brow Head. Horned: £109 Higher Salter.


Texel: £285 Benson Hall, £270 Deep Clough, £225 Benson Hall, £192 Deep Clough, £190 Homelands. Beltex: £198 Moorcock Hall Farm. Leicester: £172 Rydal Farm. Continental £162 Oak Avenue, £138 Lauder Farms Ltd, £132 Coldcotes Farm, £128 Gilsmere Farm, £128 Mire House Farm Cheviot: £138 Sunny Bank, £125 Beckside Mews, £122 Low Tarn Garn, £109 Gaythorn Hall, £108 Low Deepslack. Mule: £136 Ashtree Cottage, £134 Gaskell House, £130 The View, £129 Low Fold, £129 Far Highfield. Herdwick: £126 Tongue House, £106 The Glen, £84 Homelands. Dorset: £124 Brow Head. Suffolk: £198 £175 £118 Old Byre Barn, £175 Ashstead. Masham: £122 High Underbrow Farm. Rough: £119 High Green Farm, £114 £92 Steps Farm, £99 Sproat Ghyll, £90 Low Fold. Scotch Blackface: £70 Riddings. Swale: £104 High Salter, £94 £90 Low Deepslack, £88 Middle Sadghyll, £78 Nook Farm. Horned: £88 £84 Higher Salter.


Texel: £185 Sowerby Lodge, £120 Low Fold, £120 Hawes Farm, £115 Nook Farm. Charollais: £140 Homelands. Herdwick: £108 Tongue House. Jacob: £106 Woodside. Swaledale: £104 Tongue House. Rough: £100 Steps Farm.

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