J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs. Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 9th January 2024.


1100 prime hoggs were forward, selling to a nice trade throughout, with an overall average of 268p/kg achieved. Heavier hoggs were a sharper trade than first expected, with Beltexs to £164 from T Ellis, Kendal. A pen of sixteen Suffolks from L McCarrick, Chorley sold to £158 who also sold Texels to the same price. Charollais sold to £150 from JG&PH Thompson & Sons, Selside. Heavy Continental lambs full of meat were regularly £130 to £140. A sharp trade was seen for all export type hoggs, with these regularly 275p/kg to 285p/kg. Pens of 44kg Texels sold to £132 from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston. Hill bred lambs saw pens of Cheviots to £148 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with Cheviot Mules to £137 from AA Bentham, Dent. Other pens of Cheviot Mules sold to £135 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston. Mules sold to £134 from TE JS & SA Carruthers, Underbarrow with ring full to £122 form EW&JR Parkinson, Clitheroe. Mule hoggs were regularly 250p/kg to 255p/kg. A strong trade was seen for light weight meated hoggs. Texels at 37kg sold at £112 from TE&J Wadsworth, Sedgwick. A ring full of Cheviots at 38kg sold to £109.50 and 38kg Swaledale hoggs sold to £94.50 from TA&JA Dixon, Selside.


627 cull ewes forward sold to another competitive trade, with buyers keen to secure all classes and types. Heavy well bred ewes sold to £164 for a Texel from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe with other Continentals achieving £160 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston. Mediums pure bred ewes were generally £120 to £135. First cross ewes sold to £128 for Texel cross from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg with others £124 from TH&D Cornthwaite & Sons, Cartmel Fell. Others were generally £110 to £120, with mediums £90 to £105. Cheviot Mule sold to £132 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with others at £114 from MA&M Richards, Kirkby in Furness. North Country Mules sold to £109 from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack and £108 from TW Wilson, Flookburgh and W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe. Other heavy Mules were generally £95 to £105, with the best mediums £88 to £94 and the smaller end £75 to £85.
Pure hill ewes sold to £106 for Cheviots from S Thompson, Flookburgh with Rough Fells achieving £100 from WJ Dawson, Sedbergh and Gritstone £98 from FW Park, Windermere. A large number of medium hill ewes were forward with Herdwicks to £60 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston and Swaledales to £62 from J Taylor, Kendal. Others were regularly £50 to £55, mediums £40 to £50 with only the smallest and leanest less.
A large number of cull rams were forward, being predominately leaner Continental sorts. Texels sold to £132 from S Thompson, Flookburgh and Messrs Young, Lindale. Others were generally £100 to £115, with the next draw £85 to £100.


The opening sale of pigs saw 162 forward with a total clearance achieved and vendors leaving well suited with prices. Todays sale saw new customers in attendance from throughout the Northern counties and Scotland. Prime pigs sold to a top price of £172 for a trio of Large White cross hogs from JM Navesey, Darwen with £176 achieved for prime gilts from M Sharpe, Aspatria and Pie Train cross boars from D Nicholson, Cockermouth. Other well finished gilts and hogs were regularly £130 to £150, with lighter weights £100 to £125. 180p/kg topped todays sale for Pie Trian cross gilts from M Sharpe, Aspatria with others at £182 from R Ellison, Ulverston. Cull sows sold to £180 and 72p/kg for a Large Whites from W Stamper, Chipping.
The largest entry of store and weaners was seen for several sales, a top price of £63 was achieved for Saddleback cross gilts from A Alston, Brechin who sold others at £55 and £50. Weaners sold to £56 for Pie Train cross gilt from MJ Postlethwaite, Cockermouth who sold others at £48 and £46. Other well bred weaners and stores were regularly £45 to £50, with the smallest £15 to £25.

Top Prices


Beltex: £164, £147 Woodside, £125, £122 Oak Aveune, £118 Poppy Farm. Suffolk: £158, £153 Longfield Manor, £136 Station Hotel Farm, £136 Poppy Farm, £129 Cockrigg Farm, £121 Tranthwaite Hall. Texel: £158, £153, £150 Longfield Manor, £150 Poppy Farm, £146 Mansrigg Hall, £145 Park Farm Barn. Charollais: £149, £130, £129, £118 Lane Ends Farm. Cheviot: £148 Mansrigg Hall, £127 Outrake Foot, £114 Holmelands, £109.50 Outrake Foot, £109 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £108 Slack Farm. Cheviot Mule: £137 Outrake Foot, £137 Hampsfield Hall, £135 Mansrigg Hall, £110.50 Poppy Farm. Continental: £135, £124 Town End, £116 Tock How Farm, £111 Brookside, £105.50 Underhelm Farm, £98 Holmelands. Dutch Spotted: £129, £116.50, £115 Lane Ends Farm. Leicester: £127 Arklid Farm. Masham: £124 Red Scar Farm, £110 Adamthwaite. Mule: £122 Hareden Farm, £121, £115 Poppy Farm, £115 Hazelwood, £112.50 Swallowmire, £111.50 Well Foot. Rough Fell: £116 Poppy Farm. Zwartble: £110 Birks Farm. Scotch Blackface: £109 Adamthwaite. Swaledale: £104 High Borrans Farm, £100, £94.50 Yoad Pot, £80 Well Foot. Dorset: £97 Brow Head. Hampshire: £92, £87 High Gregg Hall Farm.


Texel: £164, £149 Ackenthwaite Farm, £146 Dugg Hill, £136 Ashtree Cottage. Charollais: £160 Mansrigg Hall. Suffolk: £144 Ashtree Cottage, £130 Ackenthwaite Farm, £104 The Howes, £104 Yoad Pot. Cheviot Mule: £132 Mansrigg Hall, £114 Brookside, £110 Raines Hall, £107 Brookside, £102 Swallowmire. Leicester: £121, £88 Flodder Hall, £82 Burnhead Farm. Continental: £116 Mint Close, £110 Somme Avenue, £75 Holmelands. Mule: £109 Strickland Hill, £108 Chapel Island, £108, £106 Ackenthwaite Farm, £104 Flodder Hall. Cheviot: £106 Somme Avenue, £91 Low Deepslack, £90 Nook Farm, £81 Green Lane End Farm. Rough Fell: £100 Rash Mill Cottage, £86 Somme Avenue, £85, £80 Lambrigg Head, £72 High Swinklebank. Gritstone: £98 The Howes. Zwartble: £94 Birks Farm. Masham: £88 Lambrigg Head, £86 High Swinklebank Farm. Swaledale: £84, £74 Flodder Hall, £69 Strickland Hill, £66 Nook Farm. Dalesbred: £78 Brown Brook.


Texel: £132 Somme Avenue, £132 Moss End Farm, £124 Blea Tarn Road, £105 Broadhead, £96 Thistle House. Cheviot: £116 Outrake Foot. Blue Texel: £110 Poole Bank Farm. Suffolk: £108 Cockrigg Farm. Leicester: £90 High Borrans. Zwartable: £86 Birks Farm. Swaledale: £82 Yoad Pot. Charollais: £78 Kate Farm.

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