J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Pigs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 27th February 2024


The popular sale of prime pigs saw a top price of £225 on two occasions for a pair of prime gilts and a pair of prime hoggs from J Stott Jnr, Crosscrake. Closely followed by other gilts achieving £200 from JM Navesey, Dawen who sold others at £192. Prime boars sold to £155 from D Nicholason, Cockermouth. A top price of 200p/kg was achieved for Large White cross gilts from JM Navesey, Dawen with other pens of well finished White pigs regularly 180p/kg to 195p/kg, with lighter weights 140p/kg to 160p/kg.
Cull sows sold to £145 and 55p/kg from G Hargreaves, Lancaster.
50 plus prime pigs are required every sale to satisfy our ever-expanding crowd of buyers representing wholesale, retail and private outlets.


A strong trade was seen at Junction 36, with a market average of 330p/kg, with over half the sale being hill bred. The sale peaked at £204 for a pen of Texel hoggs with Beltexs to 402p/kg.

Top price per head:

- Texels to £204 from Bargh Contractors, Morecambe.
- Beltexs to £202 from TE JS & SA Carruthers, Underbarrow.
- Cheviots to £157 from MA&M Richards, Kirby in Furness.
- Suffolks to £170 from M&YS Barker, Halton.
- Leicesters to £168 from DR&JE Wood, Preston.
- Mules to £159 from DR&JE Wood, Preston.
- Swaledales to £156 from DR&JE Wood, Preston.
- Dalesbred sold to £142 from WI&AM Atkinson, Bleasdale.
- Rough Fell to £142 from AJ&CM Harrison, Kentmere.
- Herdwicks to £132 from A Riley, Ambleside.

Top price per kilo:
- Beltexs to 402p/kg from JA Chapman, Kendal.
- Texels to 390p/kg from KA Purtill, Wigan.
- Cheviots to 355p/kg from MA&A Richards, Kirkby in Furness.
- Suffolks to 355p/kg from AW&AM Clarke, Windermere.
- Mules to 335p/kg from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell.
- Swaledales to 335p/kg from WI&AM Atkinson, Bleasdale.
- Herdwicks to 315p/kg from SW&A Hoggarth, Broughton in Furness.


Another increase in the numbers of cull ewes forward, with eight buyers ring side competing for all classes and types. Pure bred ewes sold to £230 for a Texel from T Wilson, Selside with Beltex achieving £225 from CM Jennings, Selside. First cross ewes sold to £200 from J Twigge, Lindale with other heavy well fleshed ewes regularly £140 to £165, mediums £110 to £130 with smaller lighter weight sorts £85 to £105. Pure hill sheep sold to £158 for Cheviots from J&M Wilson, Selside. Smaller Cheviots sold to £117 from A Brown, Carnforth. Swaledales sold to £114 from JF&AW Sutton, Longsleddale, Rough Fells £113 from G&ID Postlethwaite, Howgill who also sold Scotch Black Faces at £109. Dalesbred sold to £109 from WI&AM Atkinson, Bleasdale and Herdwicks to £106 from WL&FD Richards, Kirkby in Furness. Well finished pure hill ewes regularly £80 to £95, mediums £70 to £80 with the smallest and leanest generally £45 to £58. Mules sold to £130 from J Twigge, Lindale with others at £128 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale and £126 from JN&BJ Bowes, Crook. Other heavier end ewes were £115 to £120, strong mediums £95 to £110 and smaller sorts £80 to £90.
Cull rams sold to £190 for a Suffolk from TA&J Dixon, Selside with Continentals to £188 from J Twigge, Lindale. Other medium continental rams were £140 to £160, with hill rams selling to £120 for Cheviots from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. Swaledales sold to £114 from JA Bennet, Longsleddale.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs
Suffolk; £170.00 Halton Park Farm, £165.00 Lane Ends Farm, £159.00 Lane Ends Farm, £159.00 Lane Ends Farm, £153.00 Owlnook, £145.00 Low Longmire. Continental; £157.00 The Borrans, £129.00 Underhelm farm, £99.00 Chapman House. Texal; £204.00 Old Woodhouse, £202.00 Red Scar Farm, £198.00 Park Farm Barn, £194.00 Old Woodhouse, £191.00 Park Farm Barn, £189.00 Park Farm Barn. Beltex; £185.00 Old Woodhouse, £165.00 Poppy Farm, £139.00 High Wray, £138.00 Hall Croft Barn. Mule; £159.00 Wilcocks Farm, £157.00 Halton park, £154.00 High Swinklebank Farm, £52.00 Wilcocks Farm, £150.00 Red Scar Farm, £149.00 Yoad Pot. Cheviot; £175.00 1 Marshside, £160.00 Halton Park, £142.00Brow Head, £142.00 1 Marshside. Zwartable; £157.00, £147.00 Strickland Hill. Leicester; £168.00 Wilcocks Farm. Dalesbred; £142.00 Holme House Farm. Rough Fell; £142.00 Boundary Beck. Scottish Blackface; £107.00 77 Shearwater Crescent. Swaledale; £156.00 Wilcocks Farm, £146.00 Nether House FARM, £145.00 Holme House Farm, £140.00 Low Longmire, £137.00 Holme House Farm. Herdwick; £132.00, £114.00 Old School House, £112.00 Old School House. Kerry Hill; £135.00 Todds Farm.

Cast Ewes
Suffolk; £158.00 Holmelands, £132.00 High House. Continental; £135.00 Deansbiggin, £132.00 The Borrans, £128.00 The Borrans, £128.00 The Borrans. Texal; £230.00 Ashstead, £200.00 Holmelands, £166.00 Holmelands, £164.00 Stubb Farm. Beltex; £225.00 Crake Hall. Dutch Spotted; £150.00 Holmelands. Mule; £130.00 Holmelands, £128.00 Deansbiggin, £126.00 Low Brundrigg, £123.00 Brown Edge, £121.00 Middle Farm. Charollais; £64.00 Garnett House Farm. Leicester: £140.00 High House Farm, £112.00 Boundary Beck. Cheviot: £158.00 Cooper House, £128.00 Low Mill House, £117.00 Hare Tarn Farm, £108.00 Lockbank Farm. Rough Fell; £113.00 Riddings, £104.00 Lockbank Farm, £92.00 Swallomire, £91.00 Ghyll Farm. Swaledale; £114.00 Nether House Farm, £108.00 The Borrans, £94.00 Millriggs, £85.00 Roundthwaite. Herdwick; £106.00 Holme House Farm, £77.00 Far Kiln Bank. Scottish Blackface; £109.00 Riddings. Dalesbred; £109.00 Holme House Farm, £82.00 Holme House Farm.

Cast Rams
Suffolk; £190.00 Yoad Pot, £98.00 Swallowmire. Continental; £188.00 Holmelands. Charollias; £140.00 Yarlsber, £114.00 The Borrans. Texal; £160.00 Riddings, £154.00 Riddings, £145.00 Tilstock, £125.00 Grange Farm. Leicester; £132.00 Holme House Farm, £126.00 Nether house Farm. Cheviot; £120.00 Swallowmire, £90.00, Keen Ground FARM. Dutch Spotted; £140.00 Holmelands. Rough Fell; £84.00 Garnett House Farm. Swaledale; £114.00 Middale Farm, £108.00 Barbon Fell House, £106.00 Yoad Pot, £88.00 Nether House Farm.

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