J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 4th April 2024.


Beef cull cows sold to 224.5p/kg for a Hereford x from G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings with other feeding type beef cows regularly 190-205p/kg. Top grossing being a Hereford from G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings achieving £1519. Dairy cows sold to 227.5p/kg for a young Holstein Friesian from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack. With a larger entry being parlour type dairy cows generally 160-180p/kg depending on quality and type. Top grossing dairy cow today was from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack achieving £1531. All cull cows forward averaged 171p/kg. OTM heifers sold to 239.5p/kg for Charolais x from L Staley, Kirkby Stephen and Holstein Friesian from Messrs Sowerby, Appleby. Other well fleshed dairy heifers sold 210-225p/kg. Top grossing being a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Sowerby, Appleby at £1537. OTM steers sold to 189.5p/kg and £894 for Highlands from Moorhouse Farms Ltd, IOM.


An ever-increasing entry of calves and ringside of buyers saw all classes and types keenly competed for, selling to a top of £495 for 6 week old Charolais x bull calf from Bambers Farm, Cockerham with the best 6-8 week old bull calves £380-£440. Month old calves selling to £380 for a British Blue x from JR Tiplady, Ainstable with younger British Blue selling to £400 for 3 weeks old from Dolphenby Farming Ltd, Penrith. Stronger native bull calves regularly £300-£350 with younger rearers £220-£280. Heifer calves sold to a top price of £490 for a Charolais x from Bambers Farms, Cockerham with other stronger heifers £350-£410 with nice medium rearers £280-£320 with younger month old sorts £180-£240. Weaned bulls sold to £670 for a 4 month old British Blue from W Stamper, Chipping with Fleckvieh bulls selling to £400 from N Howard, Gainford. Steers sold to £670 for Limousin x from Bambers Farm, Cockerham who also sold Limousin heifers to £670 with other 6 month old generally £570-£620 with 4 month old British Blue selling to £525.


A catalogue entry of 300 store cattle were put forward to a busy ringside of buyers which included new purchasers ensuring all stock were sold to a sharp trade. South Devon bulls topped the job at £1780 (14 month old) from AT Threlkeld, Satterthwaite. A run of 10 month old Limousin bulls from AJ & L Birkett, Little Langdale sold to £1380 with others from the same home selling to £1250. Heifers sold to £1540 for a pair of Hereford from I & AJ Armer, Burneside who sold other strong pens to £1500. Grazing heifers sold to £1500 from Moorhouse Farms Ltd, IOM. With native heifers selling to £1270 for a pen of 5 Aberdeen Angus from TW Wilson, Flookburgh. Smarter bred yearling heifers regularly £1080-£1150 with grazing types £880-£950. Bullocks sold to a top of £1500 for Charolais from Moorhouse Farms Ltd, IOM with other pens selling to £1480. Yearling bullocks were in keen demand with Limousin selling to £1350 from MW & MR Black, Staveley. With others to £1300 from CI Briggs, High Wray with grazing bullocks regularly £1000-£1100.
Next sale is on Thursday 18th April, please enter cattle with confidence. Entries close 10th April.

Top Prices


Friesian: 227.50 Strickland Hill, 181.50 Cockrigg Farm, 179.50 (x2) Jenkin Crag, 167.50 Strickland Hill, 159.50 Jenkin Crag. Hereford: 224.50, 199.50, 194.50, 184.50, 177.50, 161.50 Riddings. Limousin: 209.50 Ellerbeck Farm, 209.50 Cragg House Farm, 191.50 Cockrigg Farm, 184.50, 179.50 St Annes Farm. Blonde: 209.50, 204.50 Riddings. Longhorn: 201.50 Riddings. Angus: 197.50 Riddings. Charolais: 184.50, 181.50 Cragg House Farm. British Blue: 169.50 Ashstead. Fleckvieh: 161.50 Moss House Farm.


Friesian: 239.50 Townhead Farm, 229.50 Jenkin Crag, 224.50 Townhead Farm, 221.50, 219.50 Jenkin Crag, 184.50 Middle Birkby Farm. Charolais: 239.50 Poppin Cottage, 199.50 IOM. Fleckvieh: 171.50 Far Audlands.


Highland: 189.50. 184.50 (x2), 179.50, 169.50, 159.50 IOM.


Charolais: £495 Bambers Farm. British Blue: £405 Flodder Hall, £400 Dolphenby Farm, £400 Low Audlands, £400 Flodder Hall, £400 Low Audlands, £385 Raisgill Hall. Blonde: £385, £290 Midtown Farm. Angus: £340 Elm Tree Farm, £340 Sunny Bank, £335 Raisgill Hall, £235 The Bramery, £205 Greaves Farm, £185 Raw End Farm. Limousin: £185 Halforth Farm. Hereford: £140 Wraysholme Tower.


Angus: £520, £365 West Hall, £305, £250 Borrans Farm, £185 The Bramery, £180 Raw End Farm. Charolais: £490, £425, £410, £190 Bambers Farm. British Blue: £375 Low Audlands, £370 Bambers Farm, £350 Borrans Farm, £345 Elm Tree Farm, £345 Flodder Hall, £340 Raisgill Hall. Blonde: £350, £340 (x2), £330 Midtown Farm. Hereford: £130 Greaves Farm.


British Blue: £670 Coldcotes Farm. Fleckvieh: £400 Field House Farm. Friesian: £190 West Hall.


Limousin: £670 Bambers Farm, £590 Mount Pleasant. Angus: £600 Bambers Farm, £480 (x2), £460 College Green Farm. British Blue: £590, £580 College Green, £525 Coldcotes Farm, £460 College Green Farm.


Limousin: £670, £620 Bambers Farm.


Charolais: £1500 £1480 £1430 Mount Gawne Road. Limousin: £1350 £1200 Scroggs Farm, £1300 High Wray Farm, £1280 Causeway Farm, £1210 Tongue House Farm. British Blue: £1280 Moors Farm, £1280 £1200 Scroggs Farm, £1200 Holme House Farm. Blonde: £1280 Causeway Farm. Highland: £1220 Mount Gawne Road. Angus: £1140 Crabbtree Farm, £1090 Holme House, £1000 Scroggs Farm, £990 College Green Farm. Norwegian Red: £1120 Park House Farm. South Devon: £1210 £1180 Bowkerstead Farm. Simental: £1070 Holme House Farm. Shorthorn: £1070 Boundary Beck. Friesian: £1050 Park House Farm, £790 College Green. Fleckvieh: £1000 Crabbtree Farm. Belted Galloway: £1000 Holme House Farm, £800 High Arnside Farm.


Limousin: £1540 Bowston Hall, £1360 Poppy Farm, £1210 Mount Gawne Road, £1110 Tarnside Farm, £1080 Scroggs Farm. Hereford: £1540 £1500 £1100 Bowston Hall. Charolais: £1440 Mount Gawne Road. Angus: £1270 £1240 £1140 Chapel Island View. £1090 Park House Farms. British Blue: £1140 Park House Farms, £1120 Scroggs Farm, £1080 Crabtree Farm, £1060 Bowston Hall, £1050 Tarnside Farm. Continental: £1090 Chapel Island View. Welsh Black: £1090 Chapel Island View. Friesian: £1040 £830 Lupton Hall. Simental: £950 £920 Holme House Farm. Blonde: £950 Causeway Farm. Belted Galloway: £670 £605 High Arnside Farm. White Shorthorn: £1000 Chapel Island View.


South Devon: £1780 Bowkerstead Farm. Limousin: £1380 £1250 £1240 High Birk Howe Farm. Belted Galloway: £640 High Arnside Farm.

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