J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale Of Sheep With Lambs At Foot, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 2nd April 2024.


The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot saw an ever increasing number of ewes with lambs forward selling to a competitive ring side of buyers. The sale peaked at £330 for Texel two crop ewes with single lamb from IT Wilson, Millom who sold others at £322, with others from M Moorhouse, Field Broughton selling at £320. Other stronger twin outfits were regularly £280 to £310. Aged Mule ewes with twin Texel cross lambs from H Cook, Witherslack sold at £295 with others at £270 from M Allen, Carnforth. Suffolk cross ewes with single lambs from S Wilman, Casterton sold to £250, with other at £230. Other ewes with younger lambs were generally £70 to £80 a life, with buyers showing a keen interest in younger sheep as future stock replacement.


A fast trade was seen for all classes and types of hoggs with an SQQ of 383p/kg. Best bred hoggs sold to £260 for Texel cross from J France, Pilling with others at £252 from AG Butler, Hambleton, and £242 from A Thompson, Carnforth. Other well bred and finished hoggs were regularly £200 to £220. A top price of 543p/kg was achieved for Beltex hoggs from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston with other pure and three quarter bred hoggs 450p/kg to 480p/kg. Hill bred hoggs saw Cheviots to £217 and 407p/kg, Mule to £188 and 395p/kg, Scotch Black Face to £184 and 409p/kg, Swaledales to £172 and 392p/kg, Dalesbred to £163 and 370p/kg.
Well finished hoggs of all breeds and weights continue to sell to a premium, with the leaner end selling for finishing.


An exceptional cull ewe trade saw an overall market averaged £131 a head, with over half the entry being pure hill ewes. The sale peaked at £300 for a pure Texel ewe from Drinkall Bros, Abbeystead with other heavy ewes regularly £230 to £270. First cross ewes sold to £212 from E Dodgson, Kendal and WS Burrow, Carnforth. Other heavy first cross ewes were regularly £170 to £200. Mules sold to £170 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth with other at £168 from M&S Leech, Flookburgh and E Lund & Son, Ingleton. Other pens of heavy Mules were regularly £145 to £160, mediums £120 to £140 with the smaller meated ewe £100 to £115. Pure hill ewes sold to £172 for Cheviots, £128 for Swaledales, Herdwick £125 and Rough Fells £122. Medium meated hill ewe were regularly £70 to £90, with only the smallest and leanest less (generally £50 to £70).
Cull rams sold to a top of £205 for a Texel with other better end continentals £160 to £200. Hill rams sold to £138 for Swaledales, with others at £125.

Top Prices


Texel: £260, £246 Merryfield, £242 Southways, £240, £238 Fell End Farm. Beltex: £252 Park Farm Barn, £220 Stubb Hall Farm. Suffolk: £236 Merryfield, £194 Helm Croft, £190 Merryfield, £184 Mealriggs, £182 Dalton Old Hall, £179 Park Farm Barn. Continental: £236 £202 £170 Hill Park, £161 Gaitbarrow Farm, £148 Cragg House Farm. Cheviot: £217 North Farm, £195 Ghyll Farm, £195 Stubb Hall Farm, £182 Moors Farm, £182 Green Lane End Farm. Charollais: £210 North Farm. Mule: £188 Halton Park Farm, £178 Helm Croft, £178 Helm Croft, £178 Hareden Farm, £176 Park Farm Barn, £175 Halton Park Farm. Horned: £184 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £162 Halton Park Farm, £148 School House, £131 Higher Salter. Masham: £178 Hareden Farm, £172 Mealriggs Farm. Swaledale: £172 Little Eccleston Hall, £170 Old School House, £169 Forest Hall Farm, £153 Park Farm Barn, £152 Nether House Farm. Leicester: £170 Forest Hall. Scotch: £159 Parsonage Farm. Dales Bred: £163, £140 Fell End Farm. Dorset: £148 Medlar Hall Farm. Jacob: £148 Park Farm Barn. Rough Fell: £144 Boundary Beck, £133 Bridge Stone Land, £110 Poppy Farm. Herdwick: £142 Old School House, £112 Burnhead Farm.


Texel: £300 Catshaw Hall Farm, £262 Spital Farm, £255 Gate Beck, £250 Merryfield, £242 Spital Farm, £232 Lane Ends Farm. Suffolk: £240, £195 Heathwaite farm, £180 Braeslacks, £170 Hill Park, £162 Mosergh Farm. Beltex: £222 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Continental: £212 Spital Farm, £212 Gibraltar Farm, £210 Highfield, £198 Gibraltar Farm, £180 Ghyll Farm. Cheviot: £195, £172 Gibraltar Farm, £145 Tock How Farm, £130 Ghyll Farm. Charollais: £178 Lundholme Farm, £155 Barker Knott. Leicester: £188, £175 Stickland Hill. Mule: £170 Flodder Hall, £168 Somme Avenue, £168 Lundholme Farm, £165 Lane Ends Farm. Zwartble: £165 Whitbarrow Cottage. Masham: £160 Lundholme Farm. Swaledale: £128 Strickland Hill. Rough Fell: £122 Low Carlingill, £112 Steps Farm, £100 Low Carlingill. Herdwick: £125 Barker Knott, £108 Park Farm Barn. Horned: £115 Cragg House Farm.


Texel - £205 Gibraltar Farm, £178 Merryfield, £160 Thwaite Barn. Continental - £195 Low Carlingill. Leicester: £180 Forest Hall. Beltex: £152 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Swaledale: £138 Forest Hall, £125 Hareden Farm. Suffolk: £135 Merryfield.


Texel: £305 Moor Gill, £275 Moor Gill, £240 Moor Gill.


Texel: £330 Moor Gill, £322 Moor Gill, £320 Hampsfield Hall, £275 Hampfield Hall, £245 Marsh House Farm. Continental: £315 Wood House Farm, £225 Wood House Farm, £220 Wood House Farm, £215 Hampsfield Hall. Mule: £295 Moss Howe Farm, £270 Yealand Manor, £260Wood House Farm, £250 Hampsfield Hall, £215 Greenbank. Charollais: £255 Yealand Manor. Suffolk: £250 Braeslacks, £230 Braeslacks, £222 Braeslacks, £220 Braeslacks.

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