J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 10th Anniversary Show and Sale of Calves and Store Cattle. Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 2nd February 2023.

Calves & Stirks
The 10th Anniversary show and sale of calves attracted most interest from buyers seen for sometime with the trade far stronger than expected. The pre-sale show judging was in the capable hands of Matthew Waller who we thank for his time and expertise. Winning the 10th anniversary plaque for the champion calf was A Pickthall, New Hutton with a British Blue bull going on to sell for £300 with the reserve champion awarded to B & JM Crowe, Witherslack with a British Blue heifer selling for £150. A special mention goes to the sale day sponsors who we thank for their continued support. The trade peaked at £400 for a five-week-old British Blue heifer from A Pickthall, New Hutton who sold other British Blue heifers to £360. British Blue bull calves sold to a top of £390 at two-month-old from J & S Brakewell, Kirkby in Furness followed by £380 from HJ Robinson, Preston Patrick. Aberdeen Angus bull calves sold to a top of £360 from RF & CE Hodgson, Ulverston with Angus heifers selling to £350 from W & S Airey, Whittington. Plenty more quality beef calves selling in excess of the three hundred pound mark with the buyers present willing to eagerly bid on quality well grown calves. Younger plainer beef calves met reality. Dairy bull calves peaked at £85 from Messrs Wilson, Allitwaite.
Some lovely runs of suckler bred stirks were forward with a pair of Blonde bullocks selling to £1090 from B Wilson & Sons, Selside with Charolais bullocks selling to £1080 from R&BJ Cleaseby, Broughton in Furness. A run of 8 month old Limousin bullocks from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook sold to top of £940 heifers peaked at £880 for six month old Limousins from JA Atkinson & Partners, Selside.

Stores Cattle
North West Auctions were proud to host its 10th year anniversary show and sale of store cattle. The pre sale show was in the hands of familiar face John Bowling, who we thank for his time. We would also like to thank our pre sale sponsors Café Ambio, Dugdale Nutrition and Marsh Commercials. A super show of cattle were put before our judge with the first prize Limousin heifer from MA&JA Winn, Burneside also taking the Championship. The reserve champion rosette was awarded to the first prize bullock from N Cooper & Sons, Ulverston. The trade was the dearest seen this side of the year at Junction 36, with all ages of cattle extremely well bid for and vendors leaving with a smile on their face. The trade peaked at £1850 for the champion heifer from MA&JA Winn, Burneside with the second place heifer selling to £1740 from JA&J Harper, Killington who sold other smart British Blue heifers to £1650. Strong smart heifers were extremely well bid for today. A lovely run of Limousin heifers from TA Chapman & Son, Kendal sold to £1660 with a pair for the same home selling to £1540. Yearling heifers sold to the strongest trade see for some time with the best selling to £1450 at nine months old from N Cooper & Sons, Ulverston with well fleshed grazing heifers regularly selling away at into the nine hundreds.
The bullock trade saw a top of £1690 for Limousins from JA&J Harper with many strong bullocks selling at the £1500-£1600 mark. Yearling bullocks sold to £1570 for the reserve champion from N Cooper & Sons with other yearling bullocks selling to £1490 for a pair from HR&KA Hodgson, Barban with the best yearling bullocks regularly selling at the £1250-£1300 mark.
Native bred bullocks were once again keenly bid for at Junction 36 with Herefords selling to £1360 from JL Bird, Grange Over Sands and Aberdeen Angus to £1320 from JA Barnett, Shap with Aberdeen Angus heifer selling to £1290 from TW Nelson & son, Stainton.
A few runs of suckler bulls were forward today, with a pen of four selling to £1020 at eight months from D&DW Prickett, Farleton with others to £990 from AW Irvine, Ambleside.

OTM Cattle
Another increased entry of 89 cull cows and OTM cattle which sold to a fast and competitive trade with new customers in attendance both buying and selling. All cull cows averaged 189.5p/kg. Heavy well finished and well breed beef cows sold to 229.5p/kg on three occasions for a Stabilizer x cow from A Dixon & Son, Selside and Limousins from B Heys, Wigan. Other first grade beef cows were regularly selling at 195-210p/kg. Those suitable for finishing attraction a keen interest selling between 180p/kg and 190p/kg. Top grossing beef cow today was a Stabilizer from A Dixon & Son, Selside at £1813, closely followed by a South Devon from AT Threlkeld, Ulverston achieving £1760. Dairy cows sold to 204.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son, Lupton and Messrs Halpin, Barrow in Furness with other at 197.5p/kg from Messrs Dennison, Ulverston and Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal. Heavy weight dairy cows were regularly 185p/kg to 195p/kg with medium cows 170p/kg to 180p/kg and the leaner parlour types 140p/kg to 160p/kg. Top grossing diary cow today was a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg achieving £1633 with others at £1596 and £1593 from JM Barton & Son, Lupton.
OTM heifers sold to 229.5p/kg for a Stabilizer from A Dixon & Son, Selside with dairy heifers selling to 209.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son, Lupton. Beef heifers sold to £1392 from A Dixon & Son and dairy heifers to £1363 from JM Barton & Son.
Steers sold to 234p/kg and £1650 for Herefords from GM Redmaye, Ings.
Cull bulls sold to 194.5p/kg and £1540 for a Limousin from G&ID Postlethwaite, Howgill with others at 174.5p/kg and £1516 for a Charolais from HM Hodgson, New Hutton.
Over ten buyers were ring side today, competing for all classes and types with over one hundred required at the next sale to fulfil buyers requirements.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £390 Moss House Farm, £380 Elm Tree Farm, £340 Craketrees, £300 Borrans Farm, £295 Hagg Farm, £290 Birks Farm. Angus: £360 Rowe End Farm, £305 Lower Lingart Farm, £300 West Hall, £300 Lower Lingart Farm, £275 West Hall, £270 Rowe End Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £400 Borrans Farm, £360 Borrans Farm, £280, £255 Craketrees, £250 Borrans Farm, £180 Moss House Farm. Angus: £350, £280 West Hall, £225, £220 Lower Lingart Farm, £200 West Hall, £170 Rowe End Farm. Limousin: £150 Low Stangerthwaite.

Steer Calf:

Angus: £600 Sella Farm. Friesian: £400 Low Audlands.

Bull Stirk:

Charolais: £1080 Lower Hawthwaite. Angus: £700, £650, £630 Foreslack Farm, £500 Low Fold. British Blue: £640 Low Fold. Limousin: £610 Low Fold. Hereford: £540 Gowan Bank Farm. Simmental: £470 Lower Lingart Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

Limousin: £880, £860, £840, £810, £800 Mosergh Farm. British Blue: £830 Lower Hawthwaite. Saler: £820, £730 Millbeck. Charolais: £760 Lower Hawthwaite. Angus: £650 Sella Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Blonde: £1090 Ashstead. Charollais: £950, £870 Stafford Street. Limousin: £940 Capplerigg Farm, £910 Mosergh Farm, £910, £900 Capplerigg Farm, £900 Mosergh Farm, £900 Capplerigg Farm. Angus: £880 Millbeck, £815 Sell Farm. Saler: £880, £670 Millbeck. British Blue: £740 Sell Farm, £520 Gillfoot Farm. Hereford: £570 Gillfoot Farm.

Store Bullock:

Limousin: £1690 Capplethwaite Hall, £1570 Troughton Hall, £1550 West Lynn, £1540 High Underbrow Farm, £1480 Cragg End, £1460 Carlingwha. Charolais: £1560 West Lynn, £1500 Carlingwha, £1390 Rooten Brook, £1360 Mountain View, £1330 Low Longmire, £1250 Thornlea. British Blue: £1490 Howriggs, £1170, £1080 Red Bank Farm, £1070 Quarry House, £1060 Heaves Farm, £1020 Silverdale Drive. Hereford: £1360 West Plain Farm. Angus: £1320, £1300 Brinns Farm, £1200 Holmelands, £1100 Bradley Farm, £1060 Cooper House, £1040 Mireside Farm. Simmental: £1200 Brinns Farm, £1170 Old School House. Continental: £1150 Old School House. Friesian: £1070 Lockbank Farm. Shorthorn: £1060 Sandgate Farm. Galloway: £1010 Brinns Farm.

Store Heifer:

British Blue: £1850 High Underbrow Farm, £1740 Capplethwaite Hall, £1460 Cockrigg Farm, £1420 West Lynn, £1300 Cockrigg Farm, £1150 Red Bank Farm. Limousin: £1660 Lane Head Farm, £1650 Capplethwaite Farm, £1540 Lane Head Farm, £1500 High Underbrow Farm, £1470 Lane Head Farm. Charolais: £1340 Mountain View, £1330 West Lynn. Angus: £1290 Cockrigg Farm, £1160, £1070 Holmelands, £1060 Bradley Farm, £1000 Birks Farm. Shorthorn: £1190 Low Stennerley. Simmental: £1030 Quarry House.

Store Bull:

Hereford: £1030 Gowan Bank Farm. Limousin: £1020 Farleton House, £990 Tock How Farm, £980 Chapel House. Blonde: £950 Low Garths Farm. Charolais: £950 Low Garths.

OTM Cow:

Limousin: 229.5 Mossboroug Bungalow, 207.5 Station Hotel Farm, 189.5 Mireside Farm, 184.5 Bowston Hall. Stabiliser: 229.5 Kit Cragg. Friesian: 204.5 Lupton Hall, 204.5 Rakesmoor Farm, 199.5 Lupton Hall, 197.5 Jenkin Cragg, 197.5 Scales Park Farm, 194.5 Flodder Hall. Blonde: 199.5 Lileyaks. Saler: 199.5 New Hall. Angus: 194.5 Mireside Farm, 189.5 Cockley Beck Farm. South Devon: 194.5 Bowkerstead Farm. British Blue: 189.5 Swallowmire. Hereford: 187.5 Homelands, 184.5 Bowston Hall, 179.5 Lane Ends Farm, 174.5 Rakesmoor Farm. Simmental: 187.5 Riddings, 184.5 High Birk Howe Farm. Charolais: 181 Thornlea. Fleckvieh:169.5 Tottlebank. Jersey: 144.5 Midtown.

OTM Heifer:

Stabiliser: 229.50 Kit Cragg. Friesian: 209.5, 199.5 Lupton Hall, 194.5 Rakesmoor Farm, 189.5 Lupton Hall, 159.5 Tarnside Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: 174.5 Stirzaker House Farm.

Cast Steer:

Hereford: 234.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Limousin: 204.5

Cast Bull:

Limousin: 194.5 Riddings. Charolais: 174.5 Low Garths Farm. Friesian: 105 Tarnside Farm.

More Info

10th Anniversary Show 
Thursday 2nd February 2023
Sponsors- Café Ambio, Dugdale Nutrition and Marsh Commercial

Store Cattle Show- Judge: John Bowling

Class 1- Best Store Heifer

1st MA & JA Winn with a British Blue Heifer selling to £1850
2nd JA & J Harper with a British Blue Heifer selling to £1740
3rd TA Chapman & Son with a Limousin Heifer selling to £1660

Class 2- Best Store Bullock

1st N Cooper & Son with a Limousin Bullock selling to £1570
2nd HR & KA Hodgson with a British Blue Bullock selling to £1490
3rd HR & KA Hodgson with a British Blue Bullock selling to £1490

Champion- MA & JA Winn with a British Blue Heifer selling to £1850

Reserve Champion- N Cooper & Son with a Limousin Bullock selling to £1570

Calf Show- Judge: Matt Waller

Class 1- Beef Bull Calf

1st A Pickthall with a British Blue Bull selling to £300
2nd A Pickthall with a British Blue Bull selling to £260
3rd B & JM Crowe with a British Blue Bull selling to £290

Class 3- Beef Heifer Calf

1st B & JM Crowe with a British Blue Heifer selling to £150
2nd A Pickthall with a British Blue Heifer selling to £360
3rd A Pickthall with a British Blue Heifer selling to £400

Champion- A Pickthall with a British Blue Bull selling to £300

Reserve Champion- B & JM Crowe with a British Blue Heifer selling to £150

OTM/Cast Cattle Show- Prize Show

Class 1- Overall Cow Prize per head

1st A Dixon & Son with a Stabiliser selling to £1813.05

Class 2- Beef Cow Prize p/kg

1st A Dixon & Son with a Stabiliser selling to 229.5p/kg

Class 3- Dairy Cow Prize p/kg

1st JM Barton & Son and Messrs Halpin both with Holstein Friesian selling to 204.p/kg

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