J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle, Thursday 31st August 2023


Cull cows saw another increase in trade, with an overall averaged of 154p/kg for an entry of predominately dairy cows. Young dairy cows sold to a top of 194.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from KE Robinson, Farleton. Parlour type cows sold to 164.5p/kg from Strickland Hill Farm, Witherslack and 159.5p/kg from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe. Other dairy cows were generally 135p/kg to 150p/kg. Top grossing dairy cow was from KE Robinson, Farleton achieving £1344.
Beef cows sold to 194.5p/kg for a Limousin x from RHM&S Boyren, Colton. Well finished Stabilisers from A Dixon & Son, Selside were regularly selling at 180p/kg to 190p/kg. Other beef cows were keenly bid for, those suitable for finished were generally 160p/kg to 180p/kg. Top grossing beef cow was a Limousin from AG Riley, Neither Kellet achieving £1602.
OTM heifers sold to 219.5p/kg and £1082 for an Aberdeen Angus x from S&M Cooper, Leece.
OTM steers sold to 247.5p/kg and £1624 for an Aberdeen Angus x from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton who sold others at 224p/kg to 235p/kg.


119 rearing calves were forward with new and additional buyers in attendance ensuring a fast and competitive trade throughout. Bull calves sold to a top price of £600 for a British Blue x from W&S Airey, Whittington who sold others at £560, with Limousin x selling at £535 from W Stamper, Chipping. Younger bull calves sold to £400 for 6 week old British Blue x from JW&TE Sharp Ltd, Lyth and TK Robinson & Son, Old Hutton. Younger beef bull calves were generally £240 to £280. Native sired bulls sold to £430 for strong Aberdeen Angus x from W&S Airey, Whittington, with others selling to £340 from A Pickthall, New Hutton and Hereford x to £330 from W Stamper, Chipping. Younger native sired bull calves were generally £170 to £220. Dairy bulls sold to £175 at eight week old for a British Friesian from B&JM Crowe, Witherslack with three week old Montbeliardes to £150 from Colby Farms, Appleby and Dairy Shorthorns to £140 from JR Handley, Whinfell.
Heifer calves sold to £535 for a British Blue x from W Stamper, Chipping with others at £460 from W&S Airey, Whittington with younger heifers calves at £360 from B&JM Crowe, Witherslack. Other Continental heifers were generally £270 to £320. Native heifers peaked at £390 for an Aberdeen Angus x from W&S Airey, Whittington with Hereford x selling at £260 from W Stamper, Chipping and the very youngest £120 to £170.
50 weaned calves and stirks saw British Blue x heifers sell to £800 from JR Pye, Stalmine with others at £730 form H Morgan, Stalmine and £610 from Shuttleworth & Brown, Sedbergh. Native sired heifers sold to £540 from MW&PA Rollason, Meathop with a ring full of Aberdeen Angus x from D Jordan, Cockfield achieving £505.
Steer stirks sold to £825 for a Charolais x form C Greenwood, Crompton with British Blue x selling at £800 from JR Pye, Stalmine with other Continentals generally £620 to £700. A three month old suckler bred Charolais x steer from R&BJ Cleasby, Broughton in Furness achieved £600.
Bull stirks sold to £645 for a Limousin x from M Gibson, Sedbergh with Stabilisers selling at £640 from M Allen, Carnforth and Holstein Friesians to £300 from AK&BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme.


A seasonal entry of beef breeding cattle saw British Blue x cows with Limousin x calves at foot sell to £1550 from A Hodgson & Son, Ambleside. A Limousin x heifer with young Limousin x heifer calf at foot from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe achieved £1400.


Ever increasing interest in store cattle at J36, with new buyer and seller in attendance every sale. This sale, steers sold to £1510 for a British Blue x from P Iveson, Orton who sold others at £1470. Other British Blue x steers sold to £1500 from MA&JA Winn, Burneside and £1490 from GR Park & Sons, Whinfell. Limousin x steers sold to £1440 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton who sold other at £1430. Other stronger steers were regularly £1300 to £1400, to include native sired steers achieving £1360 for a Hereford x from B&JI Williams, Ravenstonedale and Aberdeen Angus selling at £1320 from H Morgan, Stalmine. Dairy bred steers sold to £1255 for Montbeliardes from JE Wightman, Lupton. An entry of ten month old Blonde x from MJ Whitworth, Bolton Le Sand sold to £1200, with others at £1170.
Heifers sold to £1400 for a British Blue x from MA&JA Winn, Burneside. Limousin x selling to £1340 from JE Wightman, Lupton who also sold Aberdeen Angus x at £1290. British Blue x heifers from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton sold to £1290, with other stronger heifers generally £1200 to £1280. Ten month old Blonde x heifers from MJ Whitworth, Bolton Le Sand sold to £1030.

Top Prices


British Blue: 247.50 Green Close, 237.50 Green Close, 229.50 Green Close. Angus: 229.50 Green Close, 174.50 Yealand Manor, 154.50 Sandham Farm. Friesian: 194.50 Kiln Hall, 164.50 Strickland Hill, 159.50 Ackenthwaite Farm, 149.50 Strickland Hill, 144.50 Scales Park Farm. Limousin: 194.50 Hill Park, 184.50 Hall Farm, 179.50 Westfield Farm, 177.50 Hall Farm. Stabiliser: 189.50 Kit Cragg, 187.50 Kit Cragg, 184.50 Yealand Manor, 184.50 Kit Cragg, 179.50 Kit Cragg. Hereford: 174.50 The Bungalow. Normande: 129.50 Ninezergh.


Angus: 219.50 Tarnside Farm, 154.50 Sandham Farm. Limousin: 214.50 Tarnside Farm. Friesian: 164.50 Ackenthwaite Farm, 144.50 Ackenthwaite Farm. Stabiliser: 129.50 Yealand Manor.


British Blue: £600 West Hall, £560 West Hall, £420 West Hall, £400 Flodder Hall, £400 Greaves Farm. Limousin: £535 Coldcotes Farm. Angus: £430 West Hall, £340 Borrans Farm, £215 Colby Laithes, £205 Colby Laithes. Hereford: £330 Coldcotes Farm, £150 Wraysholme Tower. Shorthorn: £170 Far Audlands. Montbeliarde: £150 Colby Laithes, £130 Colby Laithes. Dairy Shorthorn: £140 Craketrees.


British Blue: £535 Coldcotes Farm, £460 West Hall, £360 Birks Farm, £335 Hagg Farm, £310 Craketrees, £310 Borrans Farm. Angus: £390 West Hall, £170 Borrans Farm, £145 Colby Laithes. Hereford: £260 Coldcotes Farm, £165 Birks Farm, £130 Wraysholme Tower.


British Blue: £800 Back Lane, £730 West Lynn, £610 Shaw Paddock, £565 West Lodge, £480 Kendal House Farm. Angus: £540 Kendal House Farm, £505 West View Farm, £280 Kitchlow Farm. Charolais: £510 Kendal House Farm, £450 Lower Hawthwaite. Hereford: £475 Kitchlow Farm, £330 West Lodge. Limousin: £430 West Lodge. Friesian: £270 Bellart Howe.


Charolais: £825 Top Greenhill Farm, £675 Top Greenhill Farm, £665 Top Greenhill Farm, £655 Kendal House Farm, £620 Top Greenhill Farm, £600 Lower Hawthwaite. British Blue: £800 Hatters Farm, £730 West Lynn, £535 Kendal House Farm. Limousin: £605 West Lodge. Hereford: £480 West Lodge. Dairy Shorthorn: £470 Mouse Syke. Angus: £460 Kendal House Farm. Shorthorn: £460 Mouse Syke. Friesian: £280 Mouse Syke.


British Blue: £1510 Street, £1500 High Underbarrow Farm, £1490 Low Deepslack, £1470 Street, £1360 Street, £1030 Borwick Lodge Farm. Limousin: £1440 Cockrigg Farm, £1430 Cockrigg Farm, £1390 Ackenthwaite Farm, £1380 High Underbrow Farm, £1320 Westfield Farm, £1290 Street. Hereford: £1360 Adamthwaite, £1115 Westfield Farm, £1020 Adamthwaite, £950 Bellart Howe. Angus: £1320 West Lynn, £1200 Crabtree Farm, £1160 Mireside Farm, £1120 Tarnside Farm, £950 Bradley Farm. Charolais: £1280 Dawson Fold. Montbeliarde: £1255 Crabtree Farm, £1090 Crabtree Farm. Blonde: £1200 Mount Pleasant Farm, £1170 Mount Pleasant Farm. Friesian: £1160 Tarnside Farm. Galloway: £1030 Yore House. Simmental: £850 Borwick Lodge Farm.


British Blue: £1400 High Underbarrow Farm, £1290 Cockrigg Farm, £1280 High Underbarrow Farm, £1260 Tarnside Farm, £1120 Bouthwaite Farm. Limousin: £1340 Crabtree Farm, £1160 Cockrigg Farm, £1120 Low Deepslack, £1065 Bradley Farm, £940 Borwick Lodge Farm. Angus: £1290 Crabtree Farm, £1280 Crabtree Farm, £1230 Tarnside Farm, £1160 Crabtree Farm, £1110 Bouthwaite Farm. Charolais: £1100 Tarnside Farm, £1050 Dawson Fold. Blonde: £1030 Mount Pleasant Farm.


Angus: £900 Capplerigg, £780 Capplerigg. Hereford: £750 Pedgecroft. Limousin: £620 Pedgecroft.

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