J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Annual Show and Sale of Store Cattle, and Sale of Calves, Stirks and OTM Cattle, Thursday 15th September 2022.

Calves & Weanlings
70 calves forward sold to the usual strong trade at J36, with British Blue bulls leading the way selling to £425 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale with others to £410 from JW&TE Sharpe, Lyth. Native bred bull calves continue to be well bid for with Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £245 from JS&IM Wilson, Whitbeck. A younger show of heifer calves were forward with British Blues selling to £280 from A Pickthall, New Hutton, other British Blue heifers sold to £220 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick. Dairy bred bull calves sold to a faster trade with Dairy Short Horns selling to £110 from Messrs Robinson, Old Hutton who sold others to £105. An overall averaged for 20 Black and White calves was £48.

Store Cattle
The catalogue entry of 500 store cattle saw a full ring side of buyers from near and fair, ensuring vendors left with a smile of their face. The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Mr David Moorhouse who we thank for his time and expertise. We would also like to say a big thank you to our sale sponsors BB Dairy’s Ltd and the North West Limousin Club. The show line up of cattle was a credit to all the vendors, after much time and deliberation the judge awarded the championship rosette to the first prize British Blue bullock which went on to sell for £1580 from MA&JA Winn, Burneside. Rounding off a brilliant day for the Winn family, they were also awarded the reserve champion rosette for the 1st prize Limousin bullock selling to £1560.
Outside of the show, trade was buoyant for well bred and finished cattle with harder summered cattle meeting less demand. Leading the way today was a shapey Limousin heifer from AR&BR Thompson, Selside selling to £1700. Strong British Blue heifers sold to £1690 from FI&ME Little, Barrows Green. A fantastic run of 13-15 month old Limousin bullocks from TA Chapman & Son, sold to £1420. Limousin yearling bullocks sold to £1380 from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell with the best regularly selling at the £1250 and £1300 mark.
New customers around the ring ensured the heifer trade was sharp from start to finish, with the best end regularly over the £1400 mark. British Blues sold to £1490 from MJ&JM Winn, Burneside. Limousin sold to £1490 from AR&BJ Thompson, Selside.
A few store bulls forward, sold to a straight trade. Limousin sold to £1130 from PW Clarke, Crossthwaite and Parthenaise to £1100 from S Geldard, Ulverston.

OTM Cattle
58 cull cows sold to an overall market average of 175p/kg and £1201, with a large number of dairy cows within the sale.
Heavy well fleshed beef cows sold to a top price of 229.5p/kg for a pedigree Limousin from T Atkinson, Ulverston. Closely followed by another pure Limousin from NW&EM Mason & Son, Middleton achieving 224.5p/kg with a British Blue x achieving 221.5p/kg from GH Jones, Ambleside. Heavy well fleshed beef cows were regularly 195p/kg-220p/kg with cows suitable for finished 175p/kg-195p/kg. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 191.5p/kg for a Fleckvieh from JA&DE Batty & Son, Burneside. Holstein Friesian selling to 174.5p/kg from EA&E Lund & Son, Nether Kellet. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows were regularly 155p/kg-175p/kg with mediums types 130p/kg-150p/kg and parlour types 85p/kg-115p/kg.
Top grossing cow today was a Limousin from K Thomas, Sedbergh achieving £1761 with a Stabiliser from JA&R Geldard & Sons achieving £1640. Top grossing dairy cow was £1669 for a Fleckvieh from JA&D Batty & Son, Burneside with Holstein Friesian to £1306 from PW&D Swindlehurst, Underbarrow.
OTM heifers sold to a top price of 211.5p/kg and £1264 for a British Blue x from PW Clarke, Crossthwaite. Dairy heifers sold to 197.5p/kg and £1194 for a Swedish Red from A&B Pickthall, Milnthorpe.
Cull bulls sold to a top price of 169.5p/kg and £1461 for a Blonde from TW&C Shepherd, Underbarrow wit others achieving 159.5p/kg and £1411 from JA&J Harper, Sedbergh.

Top Prices

Bull Calves: British Blue: £425 Deansbiggin, £410 Flodder Hall, £375 Borrans farm, £330 Deansbiggin, £295 Borrans Farm, £290 Flodder Hall. Limousin: £300 Low Stangerthwaite, £240 High Foulshaw Farm, £230 Deansbiggin, £210 High Foulshaw Farm. Angus: £245 £195 Monk Foss Farm, £170 Birks Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £110 £105 £90 Strickley. Montbelliarde: £90 Moss House Farm, £80 Monk Foss Farm. Shorthorn: £80 Strickley. Fleckvieh: £72 Audlands. Friesian: £70 Cinderbarrow, £60 Halforth Farm, £55 Low Brundrigg. Norweigian Red: £50 Cinderbarrow.

Heifer Calves: British Blue: £280 Borrans Farm, £240 Elm Tree Farm, £215 Flodder Hall, Hereford: £170 Sleetburn Farm. Limousin: £140 High Foulshaw Farm. Angus: £140 Monk Foss Farm, £125 Flodder Hall, £100 Monk Foss Farm, £100 Moss House Farm. Montbelliarde: £90 Moss House Farm. Shorthorn: £55 Far Audlands.

Bull Stirk: Hereford: £430 Gillfoot Farm.

Heifer Stirk: Shorthorn: £595 Flodder Hall, Angus: £570 Foreslack Farm. Hereford: £480 High Carlingill.

Steer Stirk: British Blue: £704 Grace Mire Farm. Angus: £510 Moss End Farm. Friesian: £380 Moss End Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £350 High Carlingill.


Limousin: 229.50 Newlan View, 224.50 High Green Farm, 214.50 Hill Top Farm. Belgium Blue: 221.50 Fold Farm. Saler: 214.50 Fairbank Farm. Stabaliser: 214.50 low Foulshaw Farm. British Blue: 199.50 Fold Farm, 174.50 High Biggarsbank. Angus 194.50 Bank Ground, 189.50 Mireside, 184.50 Foreslack Farm. Charolais: 191.50 The Borrans. Fleckvieh: 191.50 Laithwaite Farm, 167.50 High Biggarsbank. Simmental: 177.50 Cooper House, 154.50 High Biggarsbank. Friesian: 174.50 Pump House Farm, 167.50 Tranthwaite Hall, 161.50 Laiithwaite Farm. Shorthorn: 169.50 Cooper House. Hereford: 147.50 Sandham Farm.

Cast Bull: Blonde: 169.50 Nook Farm

Store Bullocks: British Blue: £1560 High Underbrow Farm. Limousin: £1580 High Underbrow Farm, £1420 Lane Head Farm, £1380 Red Scar Farm, £1380 Swallomire, £1380 Swallomire. Parthenaise: £1450 High Underbrow Farm. Charolais: £1180 Sykes Fold Farm, £1140 Bandrake Head, £1140 Dawson Fold, 1100 Homelands . Simmental: £1180 Sykes Fold Farm. Angus: £1175 Back Homelands , £1170 Bellart Howe. Blonde: £1060 Mount Pleasant Farm. Shorthorn: £1050 Low Stangerthwaite. Saler: Nook Farm. Freisian: £875 Bellart Howe. Continental: £875 Rye Close. Ayrshire: £400 Coat Green Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £400 Coat Green Farm. Fleckvieh: £390 Coat Green Farm.

Store Heifer: Limousin: £1700 Poppy Farm, £1320 Nook Farm. British Blue: £1690 Helm Croft, £1490 High Underbarrow Farm, £1185 Lockbank Farm. Charolais: £1360 Viver Mill Farm. Angus: £1300 Bank Ground. Blonde: £1150 Nook Farm. Longhorn: Tarnside Farm. Hereford: £1100 Rowell Farm, £1070 Poppy Farm. Simmental: £1100 Braida Garth. Stabaliser: £1100 Cooper House.

Store Bull: Blonde: £1145 Mount Pleasant farm. Limousin: £1130 Woodside Farm, £1100 Homelands , £1080 Woodside Farm. Parthenaise: £1100 Garden Terrace. Angus: £1050 Homelands

More Info

NWA J36 Annual Show of Store Cattle, Thursday 15th September 2022.
Judge- David Moorhouse

Class 1- Best Limousin Bullock

1st Lot 314 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1560
2nd Lot 318 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1580
3rd Lot 146 from MW&M Hodgson selling for £1380

Class 2- Best Limousin Heifer

1st Lot 315 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1490
2nd Lot 213 from AR&BJ Thompson selling for £1440
3rd Lot 210 from AR&BJ Thompson selling for £1480

Class 3- Best British Blue Bullock

1st Lot 316 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1580
2nd Lot 312 from TW Gorst selling for £1400
3rd Lot 313 from TW Gorst selling for £1180

Class 4- Best British Blue Heifer

1st Lot 243 from FI&ME Little selling for £1690

Class 5- Best Any Other Breed Bullock

1st Lot 317 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1450
2nd Lot 230 from J Twigge selling for £1140
3rd Lot 229 from J Twigge selling for £1140

Class 6- Best Any Other Breed Heifer

1st Lot 153 from J&A Smales selling for £1280

Class 7- Best Pair of Limousins

1st Lot 286 and 288 from TA Chapman & Son selling for £1420

Class 8- Best Pair of Any Other Breed

1st Lot 528 and 234 from J Twigge selling for £1100

Champion- Lot 316 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1580

Reserve Champion- Lot 314 from MA&JA Winn selling for £1560

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