J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM, Store and Beef Breeding Cattle, Thursday 7th July 2022.

Calves & Weanlings
The fortnightly sale of calves saw 102 forward with buyers ring side for all classes and types. Bull calves sold to a top price of £500 for a Aberdeen Angus x from WD Winder & Co, Broughton in Furness with British Blue x selling to £470 from SW&K Metcalfe & Son, Whittington and £450 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick. The stronger end of beef bull calves were generally £320-£360 depending on breed. Younger rearing type calves sold to £300 for a British Blue x from B Mallinson & Son, Levens with Aberdeen Angus x to £290 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick and £270 from M&S Blease, Carnforth. Dairy bull calves sold to £250 for a Fleckvieh from SJ&J Hodgson & Son, Green Odd with a large entry of young Black and White bull calves selling to £98 from Whitestone Farm, Penrith. Heifer calves sold to a top price of £450 for a British Blue x from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with Aberdeen Angus’s to £420 from WB winder & Co, Broughton in Furness and Limousin x to £360 from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley. Younger heifer calves sold to £270 for a British Blue from WB Winder & Co with Limousin x selling to £250 from GCL Stephenson Ltd, Kirkby Lonsdale.
Stirks sold to a top price of £830 for a Limousin x bull from A Clarke & Johnston, Windermere. Steers stirks sold to £795 for Aberdeen Angus’s from JJ&J Towers, Lowick Green and Limousin heifers selling to £740 from FW Park, Windermere.

Store Cattle
Store cattle continue to sell to the fast and competitive trade that we expect at NWA J36. A run of Blonde heifers from G Malpass, Sedbergh sold to £1280 with others at £1250 and £1220. Aberdeen Angus x heifers sold to £1210 from JR&S Handley, Milnthorpe with others at £1155 from I&AJ Armer, Burneside. Limousin x heifer sold to £1145 from AW Atkinson, Crook. Yearling heifers sold to £1075 for a Charolais x from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon with Aberdeen Angus x selling to £1050 from J Twigge, Lindale. Steers sold to a top price of £1060 for a Beef Shorthorn from J Higgs, Ulverston with Aberdeen Angus x achieving £1035 from JR&S Handley, Milnthorpe who also sold British Blues at £1005. Yearling steers sold to £885 for Limousins and Aberdeen Angus’s from C Slater, Witherslack.

Beef Breeding
North West Auctions J36 held its monthly sale of beef breeding cattle that saw trade stronger than anticipated with vendors leaving well pleased. The sale commenced with breeding bulls that saw a seven year old Charolais bull sell to £1950 from AW Irvin, Ambleside. A five year old pedigree beef Shorthorn bull from JW Mark, Barrow in Furness at £1950. A competitive ring side of buyers keen to secure replacement stock saw Limousin x heifers with a Limousin x bull calf at foot from EJ Hodgson, Lambrigg selling at £2150. British Blue x heifers with Limousin x heifer calf at foot sold at £2000 and £1900 from TLB&J Knowles, Selside. Older cows with calves sold to £1680 for a Aberdeen Angus x cow with Limousin x calf at foot from M Gibson, Sedbergh. The next sale of beef breeding cattle is on Thursday 4th August.

OTM / Cast Cattle
An entry of 57 cull cows sold to an overall market average of 178p/kg with over half the entry being dairy cows, the sale peaked at 219p/kg for a Limousin x from F&JM Mason, Mansergh, with others selling at 217.5p/kg for a Limousin x from J Turnball and a Stabilisers from A Dixon & Son, Selside. Heavy well fleshed beef cows regularly selling at 185p/kg to 210p/kg. keen interest in cows suitable for future finishing generally sold at 170-180p/kg depending on quality and type. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 187.5p/kg for a Friesian from CM&CF Chapplehow, Penrith and Fleckvieh from WH Kitchen & Son, Hale. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows were regularly 170-180p/kg with parlour types 145-165p/kg. Top grossing cow today was a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal achieving £1617 with beef cows to £1575 for a British Blue x from J Twigge, Lindale.
OTM heifers sold to 227.5p/kg and £1369 for Stabilisers from A Dixon & Son, Seldside. OTM steers sold to 211.5p/kg and £1289 for an Aberdeen Angus x from S&M Carter, Witherslack. A single cull bull today achieved 181.5p/kg and £1716 from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

Aberdeen Angus: £500 Wall End Farm, £290 Elm Tree Farm, £270 The Barn, £265 Wall End Farm, £230 The Barn. British Blue: £470 Holme House Farm, £450, £445, £440, £430 Elm Tree Farm. Fleckvieh: £250 Tottlebank. Limousin: £220 Mount Pleasant, £165 Hall Farm. Hereford: £100 Wyke Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £450 Elm Tree Farm, £390 Holme House Farm, £330 Low Audlands, £325, £300 Wall End Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £420, 3200, £215 Wall End Farm. Limousin: £360 Fairbank Farm, £250 Deansbiggin. Charolais: £150 Broad Oak.

Bull Stirk:

Limousin: £830 Far Orrest. Aberdeen Angus: £720 High Carlingill.

Heifer Stirk:

Limousin: £740 The Howes. Aberdeen Angus: £660 Low Stennerley.

Steer Stirk:

Aberdeen Angus: £795 Low Stennerley, £675 Bowfield Farm, £640 Low Stennerley.

OTM Cow:

Limousin: 219.5 Mireside Farm, 217.5 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, 209.5 Capplerigg Farm, 194.5 Newland View, 184.5 Capplerigg Farm. Stabilizer: 217.5, 209.5 Kit Cragg. British Blue: 214.5 Kendal House Farm, 199.5 High Biggarsbank, 199.5 Holmelands. Simmental: 209.5 Capplerigg Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 194.5 The Barn, 161.5 Black Bull Cottage. Fleckvieh – 187.5 Broomfield. Friesian: 187.5 High Grounds Farm, 184.5 Wall End Farm, 181.5 Jenkin Cragg Farm, 181.5 High Grounds Farm. Shorthorn: 164.5 Stirzaker House Farm, 154.5 Long Green Head. Saler: 161.5 Fairbank Farm, 119.5 New Hall.

OTM Heifer:

Stabilizer: 227.5, 221.5, 219.5 Kit Cragg.

Cast Steer:

Aberdeen Angus: 211.5 Black Bull Cottage.

Cast Bull:

Limousin: 181.5 Fairbank Farm.

Store Bullock:

Shorthorn: £1060 Beckside Road, £1000 Greenwood Haw. Aberdeen Angus: £1035 College Green Farm, £885 Bellart Howe. British Blue: £1005 College Green Farm. Hereford: £905, £835 Beck House. Limousin: £885 Bellart Howe, £870 Bowston Hall, £860 School Hill.

Store Heifer:

Blonde - £1285, £1250, £1220 Greenwood Haw. Aberdeen Angus: £1210 College Green Farm, £1155 Bowston Hall, £1060 College Green Farm, £1050 Holmelands. Limousin: £1145, £975 Capplerigg Farm, £945 Bowston Hall, £935 Mireside Farm. Charolais: £1075 Howriggs, £800 Stafford Street. British Blue: £1065 Bowston Hall, £1045 College Green Farm, £920 High Biggarsbank. Shorthorn: £1040 Gordale. Hereford: £965 Bowston Hall.

Breeding Bull:

Charolais: £1950 Tock How Farm. Shorthorn: £1950 Chapelhills.

Heifer & Calf:

Limousin: £2150 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1780 Hall Farm, £1600 Lambrigg Head Farm.

Cow & Calf:

British Blue: £2000, £1900 High Borrowbridge. Aberdeen Angus: £1780 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £1680 Mouse Syke, £1220 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Simmental: £1350 Sella Farm. Continental: £1050 Fell House, £1020 Moorhouse Farm.

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