J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Diamond Delights, Saturday 29th January 2022

MV Accredited Sheep

An entry of Dutch Spotted in-lamb and empty hoggs attracted much pre sale interest, which showed in the ring with some fierce bidding through out the consignment from B Davies, Haverfordwest. The best went on to sell for 2400gns with others from this same good home selling to 1800gns and 1700gns. A lovely run of Texel hoggs, in-lamb to the Dutch Spotted tup from Dave and Jack Dixon, Grayrigg created much interest selling to 240gns twice for pens of three, with other pens selling to 220gns.

Rough Fell
North West Auctions was proud to continue its loyal support of the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Association with one of the largest entries seen for some time. The judging was in the accomplished hands of John Potter, Orton and after much time and deliberation awarded the Champion rosette to the first prize gimmer shearling from MP&A Capstick, Newbiggin on Lune with the reserve honours being awarded to TLB&J Knowles, Selside. The Rough diamonds shone bright, selling to a record price of 1900gns for the Champion. This much-admired shearling was sired by Catholes Action, which needs no introduction and in lamb to Middleton Hall Eskdale. The next top price was for the Reserve Champion from TLB&J Knowles, Selside, this much-admired shearling going on to sell for 500gns. Eleven in-lamb gimmer shearlings went on to sell to an average of 435gns.
Rough Fell ewes were a strong trade through out the sale with a top of 450gns from E&K Bland, Gaisgill, this being sired by the Brownber Bombshell. Others sold to 420gns from TLB&J Knowles, Selside being sired by Brownber Unimog and in-lamb to Black Horse Caramel.

The largest entry to date for this sale of Swaledale individual females on behalf of the Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association experienced a buoyant trade throughout. The presale show judging was in the capable hands of James Metcalfe, Muker who awarded his championship rosette to lot 49 a gimmer shearling from RC Hallam, Horton in Ribblesdale. This sharp coloured gimmer shearling was sired by Hundith Ewbank and scanned in-lamb with a single to Ghyll House Jawbreaker which went on to sell to the days top price of 3000gns to Messrs Lawson & Sons, Hundith. Other noted prices for gimmer shearlings was the pen leader from A&M Skidmore, Tebay sired by Oakbank Emerald scanned with twins to Buttrig Viceroy which sold to 1300gns. All gimmer shearlings forward averaged £1273. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of 900gns for the first priced ewe from T Brogden, Hellbeck sired by Brownber Polo scanned with a single to Brownber Reagent, with others from the same home to 600gns carrying twins.

North West Auctions were proud to host a show for in-lamb Cheviot females for the first time. The judging was in the capable hands of local Cheviot breeder Nathan Allen, Windermere. The first prize and Champion Cheviot was awarded to a North Country Park type gimmer shearling from K O Stones, Richmond. This much admired gimmer shearling sold to 500gns scanned with twins with others from the same home to 450gns and 300gns.

Bluefaced Leicesters
The largest entry to date of Bluefaced Leicesters boosted a catalogue full of quality crossing lines attracting attention from far and wide. An impressive pre sale show saw the judging in the capable hands of Tom Jones, Brecon who we thank for his time and expertise. The Championship rosette was awarded to lot 111 from WA&A Booth, Feizor with their much admired gimmer hogg Smearsett P24 which was sired by Smearsett G11 (Ted) and out of a Blarnavaid J14 sired ewe. After eager bidding she went on to sell for the top price of the day of 8000gns purchased by J Wight & Sons, Midlock. A successful day for the Booth Family saw their consignment of in-lambers peak at 3200gns with Smearsett L40 scanned with triplets to new stock tup Smearsett P18, purchased by Bank House Farm. The reserve Championship rosette was awarded to the second price gimmer hogg from I&P Brown, Ravenstondale with Oakhouse P18 sired by the £30,000 Hewgill N1 went on to sell for 4800gns purchased by MR Thornburrow, Dawyck. Leading prices for the day saw the consignment from James Taylor, Kendal peak at 6500gns with Lunesdale M40 sired by Midlock G34 and out of a Ted ewe she was scanned in-lamb with twins to the Lunesdale B19 and sold to R Harker & Son, Grayrigg. James Taylor kindly sold a gimmer hogg in memory of his late father Stephen Taylor, sired by the renowned Star Green M001Q which has been legendary for the family which sold for 1000gns in aid of Cancer Research, purchased by RM&D Dixon, Longsleddale. J Wight & Son, Midlock always have a great following and offered a superb consignment of sheep today, which were met with much interest. They peaked at 6500gns with the gimmer shearling Midlock N87 sired by Midlock L27 and carrying twins to Midlock Zeus N002 purchased by A&JA Iveson, Hawes. Others from the same home sold to 3600gns with Midlock N104 purchased by RI Raw, Lancaster and 2400gns with Midlock N095. Messrs Lord of the Hewgill Flock enjoyed a successful day with his gimmer hoggs peaking at 5200gns with Hewgill P074 sired by Hewgill M39, with Hewgill P048 selling to 4800gns sired by Riddings L007 both purchased by D McElhennon, Ireland. Following a successful autumn for the Highberries Flock from NC Marston, Cockermouth saw their first prize ewe Highberries M53 scanned in-lamb with triplets to Highberries N2 sell to 5000gns purchased by RH&C Ayrton, Abbeystead. The consignment from J Bell of the Cottage Flock peaked at 4200gns with Cottage P058 sired by Cottage M25 selling to J Pirie, Drymen. Making their debut at J36 was A Brown, Thornhill whom sold their pen leader Macqueston P33 for 3800gns to GE Jackson, Bentham. Some strong market averages saw in-lamb ewes average 1184gns, in-lamb shearlings average 1193gns and gimmer hoggs average 1171gns.

Individual Multi-Breed
Herdwicks saw a top price of £330 achieved twice for both shearlings and a one crop ewe from IK&AM Grisedale, Milton which were both scanned with twins.
A large entry of Zwartbles from several local breeders saw a top price of £420 achieved for a shearling carrying twins from LA Simpson, Garstang who sold shearlings carrying singles at £350. Other ewes from D Hogg, Penrith sold at £220 and £200 from A Quilliam, Witherslack. In-lamb hoggs sold to £300 from C Chappell, High Bentham. Blue Texel in-lamb ewes from L Hodgson, Witherslack scanned carrying twins sold at £250 with Texel shearlings carrying twins from J Sanderson, Halton selling at £400 on three occasions and others at £300 from K Little & C McClure, Cartmel.
Other individual sheep of interest included Grade Four Dutch Spotted shearlings and gimmer hoggs from AL Thompson, Colne scanned in-lamb to a Dutch Spotted ram selling at £370 and £280; this home also sold Jacobs carrying Dutch Spotted twins at £360 and £320. A pair of Kerry Hill shearlings due March from L Middleton, Cowan Bridge sold at £240.

Commercial Sheep
The catalogued entry of 1000 commercial, in-lamb sheep saw a full ring side of buyers forward ensuring everything met its mark. To set the trade off was a run of Jacob in-lamb to the Dutch Spotted shearlings from AL Thompson selling to £360 and £320 with other Jacob shearlings in-lamb to the Texel from A Brown, Littledale selling to £225. Keen interest was shown for well grown in-lamb shearlings with a top of £202 from S Bosworth, Burnley and others selling to £192 from JR Gorst, Dolphinholme. The best Mule shearlings were regularly selling to the £180-£185 mark, with an overall average of £165. Texel gimmer shearlings sold to £180 from JR Gorst, Dolphinholme. Much interest was shown for in-lamb ewes with a pen of twenty selling to £178 from AK Robinson, Clapham with other Mule ewes selling to £170 from J Taylor, Brigsteer. Many pens of Mule ewes sold in the £155-£165 mark. Hill bred ewes sold to a strong trade with the majority being older ewes, with Swaledales selling to £128 from S Bosworth, Burnley who also sold other big pens to £125.

Top Prices

In Lamb Ewe Ring 1:

Leicester – 6500gns Bradleyfield Farm, 5000gns Millstone Moor, 3200gns Old Hall, 2600gns, 2100gns
Carry House. Swaledale - £945gns, 630gns Helbeck Farm, 525gns High Birkwith, 472.5gns
Flakebridge, 420gns Oak Bank Farm. Rough Fell – 472.5gns Cotegill Farm, 441gns High Borrowbridge,
262.5gns Galloper Park, 210gns Clapperbridge View. Cheviot – 262.5gns Red Squirrel Terrace.

In Lamb Shearling ring 1:
Leicester – 6500gns, 3600gns Midlock Farm, 2800gns Otterburn Lodge Farm, 2400gns Midlock Farm,
1900gns Millstone Moor. Swaledale – 3000gns High Birkwith, 1300gns Flakebridge. Rough Fell -
1900 High Lane, 550gns, 420gns High Borrowbridge. Cheviot – 500gns, 450gns, 300gns Nun Cote
Nook Farm, 250 Red Squirrel Terrace.

In Lamb Hogg Ring 1:
Leicester – 8000gns Old Hall, 5200gns West Dowgill, 4800gns Oak House, 4800gns West Dowgill,
4200gns Highfield. Dutch Spotted – 2400gns, 1800gns, 1700gns, 1600gns South Hill Farm. Texel –
240gns, 220gns, 200gns Grayrigg Foot. Rough Fell – 130gns Blaircochrane Farm.

Gimmer Lamb Ring 2:
Zwartble - £140 Cote House. Mule - £120 Bradleyfield Farm, £102, £98 Kendal. Whitefaced Woodland - £82 Winllan.

In Lamb Shearling Ring 2:
Zwartble - £420, £350 Millstones, £220 Melbourne House. Texel - £400, 3300 Lower Highfield, £180
Dolphinholme House. Dutch Spotted - £370, £280, £260 Higher Broach Farm. Jacob - £360, £320
Higher Broach Farm, £225 Deep Clough. Herdwick - £330, £260 Greenmount Farm. Beltex - £280
Farleton House, £270, £260, £240, £225 Higher Broach Farm. Kerry Hill - £240 Leck Fell House. Mule
- £202 Lower Oakeneaves Farm, £192 Dolphinholme House, £172 Lower Oakeneaves Farm, £152
High Tenement Farm, £150 Kate Farm. Masham - £200, £190 Cobble Hey Farm. Cheviot - £90 High
Dyke Farm.

In Lamb Ewe Ring 2:
Herdwick - £330 Greenmount Farm. Suffolk - £300 Farleton House. Blue Texel - £250, £200 Bank
End. Zwartble - £200 Cote House. Texel - £195 Dolphinholme House, £160 Bank End, £150
Dolphinholme House. Mule - £178 Drovers Pass, £170, £168 Bradleyfield Farm, £165 Moss Howe
Farm, £162 Dolphinholme House. Masham - £140 Fell End Farm. Lleyn - £128, 3112 Low Birks Farm.
Swaledale - £128, £125, £120 Lower Oakeneaves Farm. Horned - £118 Deep Clough, £118 Lower
Oakeneaves Farm. Cheviot Mule - £110 Hartrigg. Cheviot - £100 High Dyke Farm.

In Lamb Hogg:
Zwartble - £300, £28- Mayfield Road, £240 Birks Farm, £240, £220 Melbourne House. Dutch Spotted
- £220 Higher Broach Farm. Mule - £138, £130, £125 Kendal.

More Info

Diamond Delights Results

SPONSORS: Crooklands Hotel, Lake District National Park, Green Coat Farm, WCF Fuels

Rough Fell Sheep:
Judge: J Potter, The Park

Class 1: In Lamb Ewe

1st Lot 11 - J Hunter, Galloper Park

2nd Lot 23 - TLB&J Knowles, High Barrow Bridge

3rd Lot 10 - J Hunter, Galloper Park

Class 2: In Lamb Shearling

1st Lot 16 – MP&A Capstick, High Lane

2nd Lot 21 - TLB&J Knowles, High Barrow Bridge

3rd Lot 14 – E&K Bland, Cotegill Farm

Class 3: Empty Gimmer Hogg

1st Lot 28A – LC Pittendrigh, Blaircochrane

Champion: Lot 16 – MP&A Capstick, High Lane

Reserve Champion: Lot 21 - TLB&J Knowles, High Barrow Bridge

Swaledale Females:

Judge: J Metcalfe, Hawes

Class 4: In lamb Ewe

1st Lot 41 T Brogden, Helbeck Farm

2nd Lot 45 – PE&KA Sowerby, Oakbank

3rd Lot 48 – RC Hallam, High Birkwith Farm

Class 5: In Lamb Shearling

1st Lot 49 - RC Hallam, High Birkwith Farm

2nd Lot 53 – A&M Skidmore, Flakebridge Farm

3rd Lot 51 - TA&J Dixon, Yoad Pot

Champion: Lot 49 - RC Hallam, High Birkwith Farm

Reserve Champion: Lot 53 – A&M Skidmore, Flakebridge Farm

Cheviot Females

Judge: N Allen, Windermere

Class 7: In Lamb Cheviot

1st Lot 70 – K O Stones, Nun Cote Farm

2nd Lot 71 – K O Stones, Nun Cote Farm

3rd Lot 76 – DJ&A Douthwaite, Red Squirrel Terrace

Bluefaced Leicester Females

Judge: T Jones, Brecon

Class 8: In Lamb Ewe

1st Lot 227 (Highberries 3425/M053) – NC Marston, Millstone Moor

2nd Lot 123 (Hawkswell 2496/M016) – AR Edmondson, Hawkswell

3rd Lot 96 (Lunesdale 963/M040) – J Taylor, Bradleyfield

Class 9: In Lamb Shearling

1st Lot 88 (Emmetts 1680/N049) – AC&K Pye, Dunkenshaw Farm

2nd Lot 228 (Highberries 3425/N065) - NC Marston, Millstone Moor

3rd Lot 158 (Ty-Gwyn 1458/N011) – B Davies, South Hill Farm

Class 10: Empty Gimmer Hogg

1st Lot 111 (Smearsett 2968/P024) – W&A Booth, Old Hall Farm

2nd Lot 209 (Oak House 3777/P018) – I&P Brown, Oak House

3rd Lot 211 (Oak House 3777/P021) - I&P Brown, Oak House

Champion: Lot 111 (Smearsett 2968/P024) – W&A Booth, Old Hall Farm

Reserve Champion: Lot 209 (Oak House 3777/P018) – I&P Brown, Oak House

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