J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 20th January 2022

Another large entry of predominantly younger calves forward at J36 today, saw a top price of £400 achieved for a British Blue x from Messrs Sowerby, Appleby. Closely followed by other British Blue x at £390 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with younger British Blues from DR&C Galbraith, Grayrigg achieving £335. Native sired bull calves saw Aberdeen Angus x’s achieve £390 from TW&CA Long, Ulverston with others at £340 and £310 from R Morris-Eyton & Son, Whicham. Hereford x bull calves sold to £265 from J Hornby & Son, Stank. A large entry of Dairy bull calves saw Fleckviehs sell to £180 and £175 from RJ&JA Clark, Endmoor with others at £170 from R&J Dodgson, Natland. Montbeliarde bull calves sold to £170 from R Morris-Eyton & Son with Holstein Friesians selling to £135 and £130 from Whitestone Farms, Penrith. All Dairy bull calves today averaged £96. A small entry of heifer calves today saw British Blue x sell to £400 from TK Robinson & Son, Old Hutton with others at £385 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick. Native sired heifers sold to £320 for a Aberdeen Angus x from R Morris-Eyton & Son, with younger steers to £280 from TW&CA Long, Ulverston and £255 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth.
The fortnightly sale of stirks saw a top price of £650 achieved for a Longhorn x steer from PD&PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal who also sold British Blue x at £590 and Simmental x at £540. Younger stirks (4 months old) sold to £465 for Aberdeen Angus x steers from Messrs Young, Lindale. Heifer stirks sold to £670 for Limousin x from Kirkby & Longworth, Dunnerdale who sold British Blue x at £650. Native sired heifer stirks sold to £600 for Beef Shorthorns from PW&PJ Masons, Burton in Kendal who also sold Aberdeen Angus’s at £540.
Keen interest in all classes of stirks with buyers present looking for all classes and types ranging from 4-11 months old.

Another competitive trade was seen at J36 for the popular fortnightly sale of store cattle. TW Nelson & Son, Stainton topped the sale today with a pair of 14 month old Limousin steers, which sold at £1165, closely followed by a pair of British Blue x steer RJ&R Holden, Stilecroft at £1160 and Parthenaise x steers at £1155 from S Gelderd, Ulverston. Younger steers sold to £1060 for British Blues from AE&PC Capstick, Milnthorpe with Charolais’ at £1045 from IR Cooper, Penrith and Limousins to £945 from B Heys, St Helens. Younger suckler bred steers sold to £910 for 8 month old Charolais from IR Cooper, Penrith with Limousins from CI Briggs, Wray at £890 and £880 from JR Corlett & Son, Cockermouth. Native sired steers saw a top price of £1160 for Aberdeen Angus’s from K Forest, West Houghton, with other Aberdeen Angus’s from JE Hadwin, Mansergh selling at £1140 and Beef Shorthorns achieving £1100 from T Sharp, Kendal. A pen of 8 month old Beef Shorthorn steers from J Turnball, Meathopre sold at £850. Dairy bred steers sold to £875 for a Montbeliarde from JE Wightman who also sold Fleckviehs at £860 with Holstein Friesians selling to £840 from AE&PC Capstick, Milnthorpe.
TW Nelson & Son, Stainton also topped the heifer section with a trio of British Blue x achieving £1130 closely followed by a pair of Blonde De Aquitaine selling at £1080. Other stronger heifers sold to £1000 for 15-month-old British Blue x from RT&J Gorst, Killington. A large entry of suckler bred heifers sold to £850 for a Limousin x from JR Corlett & Son, Cockermouth with other at £830 from CI Briggs, Wray. Native sired heifers saw Aberdeen sell to £1035 from JB Jackson & Son, Allithwaite with others at £1005 from K Forest, West Houghton. Hereford x heifers from SM Stephenson, Kirkby Stephen sold to a top price of £940.
The next sale of store cattle on Thursday 3rd includes the anniversary show and sale, with vendors are encouraged to entre cattle with confidence.

Keen interest from a large ring side of buyers at todays sale of cull cows saw an overall market averaged 148p/kg, with cows suitable for further finishing keenly competed for. The sale topped at 179.5p/kg for a Stabiliser cow from A Dixon & Son, Selside with other heavy well fleshed beef cows selling to 177.5p/kg for a Limousin x from B Heys, St Helens and Beef Shorthorns at 169.5p/kg from DM &D Dobson, Crossthwaite. Beef cows suitable for further finishing regularly sold at 138-152p/kg, depending on age and type.
Dairy cows sold to a top price of 134.5p/kg for a Friesian from JW Hargreaves, Broughton in Furness with Dairy Shorthorns selling to 131.5p/kg from JR Handley, Whinfell. Medium dairy cows sold between 115p/kg and 125p/kg with parlour cows 95p/kg to 108p/kg.
Top grossing cow today was £1177 for a Stabiliser from A Dixon & Son, Selside who sold others at £1141. Over half the sale today sold in excess of £1000 with all cows today averaging £862.
A large entry of OTM heifers today, saw beef heifers sell to 207.5p/kg for a British Blue x from R&C Rylands, Underbarrow and a Saler from CI Briggs, Wray which was also todays top selling heifer at £1296. Five OTM heifers today sold in excess of £1100 with sixteen forward averaging 167p/kg or £882. This included eight dairy heifers with saw a top price of 167.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son, Lupton and a Dairy Shorthorn from JR Handley, Whinfell selling at £863.
A single cull bull today from JM Simpson, Underbarrow sold at 121.5p/kg for a Limousin.
All classes and types of cows are required for the next sale on Thursday 3rd February to meet a strong buyer demand, please inform the office of entries to assist with advertising.

Top Prices

Bull Calves
British Blue - £400 Townhead £395 Elm Tree £385 Townhead. Angus - £390 Old Hall Farm £340 £310
Beck Side. Hereford - £265 £215 £185 Bousfield Farm. Flekveih - £180 £175 Audlands £170 Cracalt.
Friesian - £135 £130 £120 Whitestone. Monbeliard - £170 Beck Side.
Heifer Calves
British Blue - £400 Greaves £385 (2) Elm Tree. Angus - £320 Beck Side £280 Old Hall £255 Flodder
Hall. Hereford - £175 £150 £150 Bousfield. Stabilizer - £240 Sunnybank.
Bull Stirks
Lngh - £650 Coat Green £510 Hi Carlingill. Shorthorn - £550 Coat Green. British Blue - £590 £520
£500 Coat Green Farm. Montbeliard - £510 £370 Moss House. Friesian - £520 Hi Carlingill £440 £400
Coat Green.
Heifer Stirks
Limousin - £670 (2) Sella, £580 Coat Green. British Blue - £650 Sella £600 £580 Coat Green.
Simmental - £530 High Carlingill. Hereford - £550 Sella. Shorthorn £600 Coat Green £550 Sella.
Angus - £540 Coat Green £380 Moss End £340 Field House.
Steer Stirks
Angus - £465 Moss End, Friesian - £300 Moss End.
Saler – 165.39 High Wray 164.5, 147.5 Airbank. Limousin – 199.5 Crispin Cottage 189.5, 177.5 St
Helens. Shorthorn – 169.5, 144.5 Broad Oak 131.5 Craketrees. British Bue – 157.5 Crispin Cottage
137.5 Airbank 129.5 Crispin Cottage. Angus – 141.5 Broad Oak 121.5, 114.5 Hartstop Hall. Freisian –
134.5, 131.5, 131.5 Bridge End.
OTM Heifers (PPK)
Stabiliser – 224.5. 211.5 Kit Cragg. British Blue – 207.50 Crispin Cottage. Freisian – 167.5, 161.5,
144.5 Lupton Hall.
Store Steer
Limousin - £1165 Cockrigg, £945 St Helens £890 Wray Farm. Angus - £1160 Brow, £1140 Mansergh
Hall, £1025 Park House. British Blue - £1160 Newcross House, £1060 Park House, £990 The Gables.
Parthenaise - £1155, £1050, £1035 Garden Terrace. Charolaise - £1045, £910 Bank Farm. Hereford -
£1045 Crabtree, £1035 Moss Side. Simmental - £1090, £995 Bleaswood.
Store Heifer
Angus - £1035 Templand, £1005 Brow, £970 Ellers. British Blue - £1130 Cockrigg, £1000 Coach
House, £945 Newcross House. Charolaise - £950 Newcross House, £795 Wray, £775 Cragg House.
Blonde - £1080, £920, £900 Sunny Brow. Hereford - £940 The Gable, £930 Templand, £920 The
Gable. Limousin - £920 Mansergh, £850 Skiddaw, £830 Wray.

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