J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 14th April 2022

Calves & Stirks
A smaller entry of calves was forward with all selling to a fast trade once again at J36, with more needed at each sale to fulfil buyers need. British Blue bulls sold to a top of £345 twice both from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick. All British Blue bulls forward averaged £300. British Blue heifers sold to £295 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with month old British Blue heifers selling to £275 from TK Robinson & Sons, Old Hutton. Black and White calves saw a keen interest from all buyers selling to a top of £100 from Whitestone Farms, Penrith with others to £95 from the same home, with 25 Black and White bulls forward averaging £50.
Another 50 stirks were forward with well grown stirks once again in big demand from all byers, a run of Limousin bulls from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell sold to a top of £1000 with others from the same home selling to £970, British Blues bulls from the same good home sold to £900. British Blue bullocks at seven months old from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell sold to £820. A young show of heifer stirks were forward with all types selling to their full value. British Blue heifers sold to a top of £620 from A Taylor & Sons, Eyemouth.

Store Cattle
As the grass starts to grow, the demand for cattle jumps up another level. The catalogue entry of 250 store cattle, sold to a top of £1580 for a marvellous Charolais bullock from LA&M Lambert, Lupton. A pen of British Blue Bullocks from KG&LM Park, Witherslack sold to £1360 with Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £1360 from GR Park & Sons, Whinfell. A pen full of Hereford bullocks sold to £1300 from LA&M Lambert. Yearling bullocks were well sort after from all buyers with a top of £1350 from Jack Turnball for a Shorthorn, who sold others to £1220. The best end was regularly selling at the £1150-£1250 mark. A run of 10 month old Blonde bullocks from SJ&NS Wood, Windermere sold to £1095.
The heifer trade topped at £1230 for Charolais heifers from T&SB Proctor, Great Musgrave with Limousins selling to £1210 from MJ Waller, Lupton who sold Charolais to £1200. A pen full of strong heifers from JL Bird, Grange over Sands sold to £1165. A keen interest was shown from all buyer for heifers ahead of turnout, with the best yearlings regularly selling at the £1100-£1200 mark. Good grazing types were regularly around £900-£1000. The next sale of store cattle will be our annual grass day sale on Thursday 28th April.

OTM / Cast Cattle
Another large entry of cull cows saw a keen ring side of active buyers eager to secure all classes and types to fulfil orders. The sale peaked at 234p/kg for a Limousin from Brown Bros, Dent with others selling at 201p/kg for both a Limousin x and Shorthorn x from J Black & Son, Kentmere. Other heavy well fleshed beef cows regularly sold around 185-195p/kg with buyers keen to secure cows suitable for further finishing. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 187p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JJ&MA Park & Son, Sizergh with other dairy cows selling to 187p/kg from I&ME Askew, New Hutton. All cows today averaged 177p/kg. Top grossing was a Limousin x cow from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell achieving £1435 with a further 12 cows over £1200 and over half the entry over £1000.
Several OTM heifers were forward selling to 249p/kg for a Limousin x from MW&MR Black, Stavely with British Blue x from G&C Rylands, Underbarrow selling at 244p/kg. OTM dairy heifers sold to 199p/kg for a Fleckvieh from SJ&J Hodgson & Son, Tottlebank. Top grossing OTM heifer was a Holstein Friesian from AE&MK Hayhurst, Natland achieving £1364. A pair of prime stabiliser heifers from JA&R Geldard & Sons, Levens sold to 247p/kg and £1566.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £345, £335 Elm Tree Farm, £330 Flodder Hall, £260 Greaves Farm. Limousin - £225 Halforth Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £190 Wyke Farm. Friesian - £100 Whitestone Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue - £295 Elm Tree Farm, £275, £260, £245, £215 Greaves Farm. Limousin - £265 Halforth Farm. Shorthorn - £230, £205 Flodder Hall.

Bull Stirk:

Limousin - £1000, £970, £840 The Borrans. British Blue - £900 The Borrans, £710 West Clint. Aberdeen Angus - £795 Middle Birkby Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue - £620, £540 Hopestead. Aberdeen Angus - £540 Coldcotes Farm. Hereford - £500 Field House Farm.

Steer Stirk:

British Blue - £820 Swallowmire. Limousin - £605 Scotchergill. Aberdeen Angus - £600 Coldcotes Farm, £550 Moss End Farm.

OTM Cow:

British Blue – 244.5, 239.5, 224.5 Tullithwaite Hall Farm, 191.5 Somme Avenue. Limousin – 234.5 West Clint, 201.5 Bridge Stone, 194.5 Swallowmire, 189.5 Lower Hawthwaite, 189.5 Tullithwaite Hall Farm. Shorthorn – 201.5 Bridge Stone. Fleckvieh – 199.5 Tottlebank, 169.5 Green Lane End Farm, 164.5 Low Sizergh Farm,159.5 Middle Birkby Farm. Friesian – 197.5 Natland Park Farm, 187.5 Rakesmoor Farm, 187.5 Raw Head, 187.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 187.5 Jenkin Crag. Aberdeen Angus – 194.5 Cooper House, 187.5 Mislet Farm, 164.5 Warth Sutton Farm. Hereford – 187.5 Sandham Farm, 179.5 Lower Hawthwaite, 161.5 Luneside, 159.5 West Clint. Montbeliard – 167.5 Tottlebank.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin – 249.5 Scroggs Farm. Stabilizer – 247.5, 229.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. Friesian – 211.5 Natland Park Farm, 194.5 Hall Farm.

Cast Steer:

Simmental – 179.5 Sandham Farm.

Store Bullock:

Charolais - £1580 Brow Head, £1050 Low Woodhouse. British Blue - £1360 Low Fell End, £1325 Park House Farm, £1115 Villa Farm, £1035, £1005 Greenside Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1350 Low Deepslack, £1240 Park House Farm, £1190, £1175 Adamthwaite, £1150 Bradlow Farm. Shorthorn - £1350, £1220 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. Hereford - £1300, £1230 Brow Head, £1095, £1010 Crabtree Farm, £1005 Cowran Estate. Simmental - £1295 Brow Head, £1160 Bradlow Farm. Limousin - £1180 Cockrigg Farm, £1065 Borwick Lodge Farm, £1010 Greenside Farm, £1005 Capplerigg Farm, £990 Bradley Farm. Blonde - £1095, £1020 Causeway Farm. Montbeliard - £1065 Bradley Farm. Swedish Red & White - £1035, £920 Bowkerstead Farm. Saler - £920 Bank Farm. Friesian - £910 Park House Farm, £900 Bellart Howe.

Store Heifer:

Charolais - £1230 Villa Farm, £1200 Carlingwha. Limousin - £1210 Carlingwha, £1210 Villa Farm, £1140 Cockrigg Farm, £1140 Villa Farm, £1080 Cockrigg Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1175 Cockrigg Farm, £950 Crabtree Farm, £930 Bradley Farm. Hereford - £1165 West Plain Farm. British Blue - £1045 Villa Farm, £1030 The Coach House, £985, £930 Hollins Farm. Blonde - £880 Causeway Farm.

Store Bull:

Limousin - £1060 Capplethwaite Hall. British Blue - £930 Capplethwaite Hall. Saler - £910 Bank Farm.

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