J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle, 28th October 2021


The J36 fortnightly sale saw 110 calves forward, with all vendors once again leaving with a smile on their faces from the mornings trade. Quality calves were in high demand with British Blue bulls selling to £495 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick, with others from the same good home selling to £480. Many British Blue bulls were breaking the £400 barrier. Native bred bulls sold well for strength, with Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £345 from R Morris-Eyton & Son, Whicham, with others to £335 from RF&CE Hodgson, Pennington. All Aberdeen Angus bulls forward averaged £310. HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick sold another lovely run of British Blues heifers selling to £410. Other British Blue heifers sold to £380 from TW&TE Sharp, Lyth whom also sold others to £370.
A young show of native heifers were forward with Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £260 from JH Walton & Son, Kirkby Stephen. A small show of Black and White bulls sold to a top of £135 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth, with others selling to £110 from R Morris-Eyton & son, Whicham. Medium types regularly sold around the £40-£50 mark.
60 stirks were forward with all cattle selling to their full value, British Blue heifers sold to £655 from D Wightman & A Mason, Burton in Kendal. Other British Blue heifers sold to £630 from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Levens. Charolais bullocks sold to £650 from AG&ME Clark, Cartmel Fell. S&A Wood, Pennington sold a run of weaned Limousins calves to £550 for bulls and £510 for heifers. Buyers are keen to purchase all types of stirks for the next sale.


A seasonal entry of store cattle were forward today, all classes and types were keenly bid for with buyers looking to secure replacement and additional stock. Todays saw steers sell to a top price of £1170 for Limousin x from AJ&H Clark, Sedbergh who sold others at £1140, Simmental x steers from T Sharp sold to £1080, with Charolais x steers from AW Irvine, Windermere selling at £1035. A keen interest for yearling steers saw Limousins sell to £1065 from FW Park, Windermere with others generally £880-£940. Native bred steers sold to £1125 for Aberdeen Angus’s from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton with other Aberdeen Angus’s to £1080 from RJ Walling, Mislet. Yearling native sired steers sold to £860 for Aberdeen Angus x from WR Clark & Partners, Carnforth and AE&PC Capstick, Milnthorpe. Saler x steers from D Stephenson, Ravenstonedale sold at £860.
Several dairy bred steers forward sold to £860 for Dairy shorthorns from S&M Cooper, Leece, Fleckviehs to £825 from JK&A Bowness & Son, Wasset, Montbeliarde achieving £825 from A&B Pickthall, Hincaster and 12-month-old Holstein Friesian from R Wilkinson, Clitheroe achieved £670.
Heifers sold to a top price of £1175 for a Hereford x from D Wightman & A Mason, Burton in Kendal, closely followed by I&AJ Armer, Burneside selling British Blues at £1170. A pen of Limousin heifers from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton sold at £990. With other Continental heifers regularly selling at £900-£960. A pen of White Park x Limousin heifers from JE Wightman, Lupton achieved £995. Limousin x Belted Galloway heifers from KD&L Armer, Kirkby Stephen achieved £830. Younger heifers generally sold around £740-£820.
A single bull for today sold at £1090 for a Hereford x from FW Park, Windermere.
A small entry of beef breeding cattle today, saw pure Hereford cows with Hereford calves at foot sell at £1290 and £1280 from R Dick, Kirkham.


Today saw 8 buyers ring side today ensuring a completive trade from start to finish, with an overall market average of 136p/kg achieved. Cull cows sold to a top price of 179p/kg for a young Holstein Friesians from S&M Cooper, Leece, who sold others at 159p/kg. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows generally sold around 135-148p/kg, with mediums 120-135p/kg and leaner parlour type cows 95-112p/kg.
Beef cows sold to 171.5p/kg for a British Blue x from WH Kitching & Sons, Kendal. Other beef cows suitable for further finishing regularly selling 135-150p/kg, depending on age and quality. Top grossing cow was £1186 for a Holstein Friesian from S&M Cooper, Leece, closely followed by a pure Hereford from DJ Dickinson, Haverthwaite achieving £1146. Several cull bulls forward today saw Hereford sell to 154p/kg from GM Redmayne, Ings, with others at £1463 from RJ Dickinson, Haverthwaite. Dairy bulls sold to 109p/kg and £913 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Halpin, Barrow in Furness.
OTM heifers sold to 197.5p/kg and £1186 for British Blue x from JW Robinson & Son, Farlton who also sold OTM British Blue steers at 197p/kg and Hereford x steers to £1298.

Top Prices


Holstein Friesian – 179.5, 159.5 Tarnside Farm, 149.5 Carter House, 144.5, 134.5 Lupton Hall, 131.5 Tarnside Farm. British Blue – 171.5 Broomfield, 147.5 Bowston Hall. Limousin – 147.5, 129.5 Bowston Hall. Hereford – 139.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 137.5, 117.5 Lane End Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 139.5 Ellers Farm, 139.5 Mouse Syke, 119.5 Ellers Farm. Salers – 131.5 Mouse Syke. Montbeliarde – 107.5, 101.5 Bradley Farm. Dairy Shorthorn – 107.5 Craketrees. Jersey – 94.5 Low Sizergh Farm.


British Blue – 197.5 Green Close. Holstein Friesian – 151.5 Mealriggs Farm, 124.5 Broomfield. Aberdeen Angus – 144.5 Mealriggs Farm.


British Blue – 197.5, 189.5, 184.5 Green Close. Hereford – 184.5 Green Close.


Hereford – 154.5 Gowan Bank, 137.5 Lane Ends Farm. Holstein Friesian – 109.5 Rakesmoor Farm.


British Blue - £495, £480 Elm Tree Farm, £450 Low Audlands Farm, £430 Beck Side, Flodder Hall. Aberdeen Angus - £345 Beck Side, £335 Rowe End Farm, £330, £325 Beck Side, £320 Moss House Farm, £315 Rowe End Farm. Limousin - £320, £310 Deansbiggin, £300 Halforth Farm, £295 Moss House Farm, £255, £220 Halforth Farm. Hereford - £245 Bousfield Farm, £70, £40 The High Farm. Shorthorn - £200 Flodder Hall. Holstein Friesian – £135 Flooder Hall, £110 Beck Side, £35 Sunny Bank, £30 Halforth Farm, £25, £20 Low Brundrigg. Norwegian Red - £60, £38 Cracalt Farm.


British Blue - £410 Elm Tree Farm, £380 Flodder Hall, Crest Farm, £370, £360 Flodder Hall, £310 Deansbiggin. Aberdeen Angus - £260 Bank View, £195 Rowe End Farm, Beck Side, £170 Elm Tree Farm. Shorthorn – £200, £195 Flodder Hall. Limousin - £190, £125 Halforth Farm. Hereford - £170, £155, £125 Bousfield Farm, £30 The High Farm.


Limousin - £550, £500 Beckside Farm, £500 High Foulshaw Farm, £490 Moss House Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £490 Moss House Farm. Holstein Friesian – £460 Field House Farm, £390 Shuttleworth Hall, Field House Farm, £360 Field House Farm, £300 High Foulshaw Farm, £125 Field House Farm. Flekvieh - £350 Beckside Farm.


British Blue - £655 Moss Side Farm, £635 High Foulshaw Farm, £505 High Carlingill, £480 Coat Green Farm, £380 Holme Head. Limousin - £510 Beckside Farm, £370 Moss House Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £480 Coat Green Farm, £470 Moss End Farm, £250 Field House Farm. Hereford - £470 High Carlingill. Belted Galloway - £370 Mouse Syke. Holstein Friesian – £305 Shuttleworth Hall.


Charolais - £650, £380 Ashes. Flekvieh - £600, £490, £440 Holme Head. British Blue - £560 High Carlingill. Hereford - £540 High Carlingill. Aberdeen Angus - £500 Moss End Farm. Montbeliarde – £490, £440 Holme Head. Norwegian Red - £440 Holme Head. Holstein Friesian – £325 Shuttleworth Hall. Limousin - £50 Mouse Syke.


Limousin - £1170, £1140 High Hollins, £965 The Howes. Aberdeen Angus - £1125 Cockrigg Farm, £1080 Mislet Farm, £865 Cinder Barrow, Park House Farms, £730 School Hill. Simmental - £1085, £925 Bleaswood Road, £785 The Gables. Charolais - £1035, £920, £805 Tock How Farm. British Blue - £870 Park House Farm, £850 Cinder Barrow, £830 Cautley Farm, £810 Cinder Barrow, £800 School Hill. Salers - £860 The Gables. Dairy Shorthorn - £840 Tarnside Farm, £650 Bellart Howe, £270 Rose Cottage. Montbeliarde – £825 Bradley Farm. Flekvieh - £825 Cautley Farm. Hereford - £790 School Hill. Holstein Friesian – £750 Tarnside Farm, £670 Lambing Clough Farm, £540 Bellart Howe. Meuse Rhine Issel - £720 Piked Howe.


Hereford - £1175 Moss Side Farm, £510 Rakesmoor Farm. British Blue - £1170 Bowston Hall, £930 Tarnside Farm, £840 School Hill, £770 Park House Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1070, £900 Tarnside Farm, £840, £780 Hawkrigg Farm, £770, £745 Park House Farm. Limousin - £990 Botton Hall Farm, Cockrigg Farm, £935 Botton Hall Farm, The Gables, £880 Botton Hall Farm, £830 Scar Sykes Farm. White Park - £995 Crabtree Farm. Charolais - £980 Bowston Hall, £930, £910, £755, £740 Tock How Farm. Simmental - £850 Bleaswood Road, £670 Bellart Howe.


Hereford - £1090 The Howes.

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