Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM Cattle and Store Cattle - Friday 27 August 2021


The weekly sale of calves at Lancaster Auction had an entry of 84 forward selling to a busy ring of buyers which saw all calves eagerly bid for. The sale today included the summer show of calves under 56 days old, kindly sponsored by Semex UK. There was a big demand for top quality calves selling to a top of £620 for a Simmental bull calf from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with others from this consignment selling to £445, £440, £405 and £400. British Blue bulls peaked at £575 from J&G Thornley, Roseacre. Other noted prices from British Blue bull calves were £495 from Wannop Farms, Heaton with Oxcliffe with others selling to £475, £465 and £445 from JH Sanderson & Family, Catforth. Charolais bull calves always meet plenty of demand at Lancaster selling to £520 and £505 from TM Townley, Over Wyersdale and £500 from Wannop Farms, Heaton with Oxcliffe. Limousin bull calves peaked at £400 from AJ & AJ Gibbons, Out Rawcliffe with Angus bull calves to £380 and £370 from TM Townley. Dairy bull calves sold to £395 from JR Newsham & Son, with Montbeliardes. Black and white bull calves peaked at £130 from Wallbank Farms with others to £120 from C&J Smith, St Michaels.
The consignment from J&G Thornley led the heifers, selling British Blues to £435 and Angus to £360, Plenty of British Blue heifer calves regularly selling to the mid £300.
Another successful stirk sale at Lancaster today saw well grown yearling cattle in strong demand and eagerly bid for, yearling Angus bullocks peaked at £820 from R&J Parkinson, Preesall with 11 month old British Blue bullocks to £780 and £770 from MD Close & Son, Arkholme. Plenty of yearling grazing type of bullocks easily selling in excess of £700. Well grown heifers were in plenty of demand with yearling Charolais selling to £790 and £780 from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton. Simmental heifers peaked at £700 from J&CW Metcalfe & Son, Quernmore. 10 month old Black and White bullocks peaked at £550 from G Rollinson, Manchester, with 6 month old Black and White bulls to £450 from Hannah Kent, Cockerham.


Store cattle saw an increased entry of 288 go under Gary’s gavel today, top of the leader board was GR & A Foy, Conder Green with a superb example of a British Blue steer, this was well fort for and finished at £1590. Not far behind was regular vendors EW & CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine with two Angus steers selling at £1580. Also breaking the £1500 barrier was GR & A Foy with Shorthorns, who also sold Friesians to £1180. Other Friesians from R Gregory, Garstang sold at £1130, followed by £1110 from TH Wensley & Son, Kirkham. A cracking pair of Limousin steers from T & M Halhead, Priest Hutton sold to £1430. A smart pair of Stabilisers steers from David Preston, Caton sold at £1200.
Making the heifer trade today was EW & CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine with a pair of Shorthorns at £1390. Not far behind was TE JS & SA Curruthers, Underbarrow with a trio of smart Limousin at £1150. British Blue heifers from MJ Waller, Lupton saw a top price of £1270 with others from T Robson & Sons, Ingleton at £1250 for a pen of three. Angus heifers today saw no let up in trade topping at £1210 from SW&K Metcalf & Son, Whittington, with other Angus heifers at £1200 from CE & MA Hewitt, Forton. B&J Preston, Caton sold a pen of four Angus heifers to £1180. Hereford heifers saw a pen for SW&K Metcalfe, Whittington at £1230, Others sold to £1160 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling.
Vendors are advised to make use of the current strong trade and enter cattle with confidence for next week sale.


Lancasters weekly sale of OTM cattle saw 111 go through the bottom ring, a plainer show was seen this week with the majority being straight out of the parlour. The upcoming bank holiday making no difference to the Lancaster trade. Topping the trade today was JA & R Geldard, Lower Levens with a Stabiliser cow at £1510.85, other beef bred cows from T & M Halhead, Priest Hutton saw Angus’s to £1413 or 189.5p/kg, with other Angus cows to £1382 from JH Woof & Son, Oxenholme. Limousin cows from TA Chapman & Son, Helsington sold to 197.5p/kg. A Bazadaise cow from BD & PM Gill & Son, Ingleton sold at 189.5p/kg. Dairy bred cows today saw well meated Friesians from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham to £1234.31, with others at £1191 from the same good home. Also breaking the £1100 barrier was J Bargh & Son, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe at £1189.65, with Montbeliardes from Wannops Farm, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe at £1153.45. OTM heifers at Lancaster today saw Friesians from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale at £1094.95, with others to £1051 from J Bargh & Son, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe. Just a handful of cast steers today saw Friesian at £1271.75 from EW & CR Clegg, Stalmine.

Top Prices

Top Prices:
Store Cattle:
British Blue: £1590, £1400 Parkside Farm, £1370 Carlingwha, £1370 Ellers Farm, £1310 Carlingwha, £1300 Coverdales. Angus: £1580 Yew Tree Farm, £1490 Steadbank, £1490 Upp Hall, £1470, £1430, £1400 Townfoot. Shorthorn: £1510 Parkside Farm, £1280 Townfoot, £940, £870 Ballacutchel Farms. Simental: £1470 Townfoot, £1310 Squires Gate Farm, £1010 Rash Mill Cottage. Limousin: £1430 Upp Hall, £1330 Ballacutchel Farms, £1240 Middle Grange Farm, £1030 Squires Gate Farm, £1000 Cock Hall Farm, £100 Ballacutchel Farms. Flekvieh: £1400 (2), £1300, £1190 Townfoot, £1050, £980 Corney Hill Farm. Hereford: £1300 (2) Townfoot, £1230 Pasture House Farm, £1100 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1070 Longmeany Gate, £1030 Brown Edge. Montbeliarde: £1280 Squires Gate Farm, £1200, £1140 Grange Farm, £1080 Brown Edge. Saler: £1230 Cock Hall Farm, £1100 Elm Bank Farm Stabiliser: £1200 Ellers Farm, £960, £870, Ballacutchel. Charolais: £1190 Ballacutchel Farms, £1190 Sandy Dean. Swedish Red And White: £1180 Grange Farm Friesian: £1180 Parkside Farm, £1130 Coverdales, £1110 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1080 Old Hall Farm, £1050 Slack Farm, £1050 Old Hall Farm. White Park: £1020 Cock Hall farm. Blonde: £840 Grange Farm.
Shorthorn: £1390 Yew Tree Farm, £1150 Ghyll Farm. Limousin: £1360 Red Scarr Farm, £1170 Sykes Farm, £1070 Brown Edge, £1040 Sykes Farm. British Blue: £1270 Carlingwha, £1250 Fairfield, £1190 Pasture House Farm, £1100 Ghyll Farm Hereford: £1230 Holme House Farm, £1160 Pasture House Farm, £1090 Ballacutchel Farms, £1080 Broats Farm. Angus: £1210 Holme House Farm, £1200 Steadbank, £1180, £1130 Ellers Farm, £1110 Fairfield. Friesian: £970 Ballacutchel Farms, £870 Kirkwood Lodge Farm. Simmental: £880 Ballacutchel Farms. Blonde: £740 Todds Farm.

Heifer Calf:
British Blue: £435 Derby Lodge Farm, £360 Blackleach House Farm, £340 Wannops Farm, £335 Blackleach Farm, £330 Boon Town Farm, £325 Bank Head Farm. Angus: £360 Derby Lodge Farm, £270 Lawsons Farm, £265 Wannops Farm, £260 Forton Hall Farm, £255 Wannops Farm, £255 Catteralls Farm. Limousin: £345, £320, £285 Catteralls Farm. Montbeliarde: £240 Sellerley Farm.
Bull Calf:
Simmental: £620, £445, £440, £405, £400 Sellerley Farm. British Blue: £575 Derby Lodge Farm, £495 Heaton Hall Farm, £475, £465, £445 Blackleach House Farm. Charolais: £520, £505 Knowsley Farm, £500 Heaton Hall Farm. Limousin: £400, £370 Catteralls Farm. Montbeliarde: £395 Sellerley Farm. Angus: £380, £370 Knowsley Farm, £370 Tills Farm, £330 North farm, £325, £320 Heaton Hall Farm. Friesian: £130 Tills Farm, £120 Wyre Bank, £90 Derby Lodge Farm.

Steer Calf:
Angus: £680 Slack Farm. British Blue: £675 Slack Farm.
Bull Stirk:
British Blue: £635 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus: £500 Slack Farm. Friesian: £450, £400 Abbey House.
Heifer Stirk:
Charolais: £790, £780 Downlands Farm. Simmental: £700 Hare Apple Tree. Limousin: £675, £500 Hare Apple Tree, £500 Downlands Farm. Angus: £660 Woodstock, £595 Slack Farm, £500 Cock Hall Farm, £415 Slack Farm. British Blue: £640 Docker Hall Farm. Hereford: £610 Farmdale. Welsh Black: £500 Farmdale.
Steer Stirk:
Angus: £820 Springsfield House, £775 Woodstock, £770 Hare Apple Tree, £775 Kirkwood lodge Farm, £650 Deerslet Farm. British Blue: £780, £770 Docker Hall Farm, £705 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, £660 Docker Hall Farm. Limousin: £770 Hare Apple Tree, £690 Redchalis. Friesian: £550 Redchalis Farm, £440 Springsfield House, £400, £385 Gardners Farm. Norwegian Red: £460 Springfield House.

More Info

Show Results
Semex Calf Show, Lancaster
Judge – Danny Coates, Kenlis
Friday 27th August 2021
Sponsor – Semex

Class One – Continental Bred Bull Calf
1st - A J & A J Gibbons, St Michaels on Wyre Lot 602 - £400
2nd - A J & A J Gibbons, St Michaels on Wyre Lot 603 – £370
3rd – Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham Lot 659 - £395

Class Two – Continental Bred Heifer Calf
1st – A J & A J Gibbons, St Michaels on Wyre Lot 606 - £345
2nd – Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham Lot 661 - £320
3rd – A J & A J Gibbons, St Michaels on Wyre Lot 605 - £320

Class Three – Native Bred Bull Calf
1st – J Bargh & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe Lot 649 - £330
2nd – Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham Lot 656 - £320
3rd – Wannops Farm Ltd, Heaton with Oxcliffe Lot 637 - £325

Class Four – Native Bred Heifer Calf
1st – A J & A J Gibbons, St Michaels on Wyre Lot 604 - £225

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