J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 19th August 20221

The summer show of calves kindly sponsored by Semex UK had a wonderful show of 105 calves forward with all selling to a blistering trade from start to finish. The champion bull calf from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth topped the calf trade at £520 with other wonderful British Blue calves from this consignment sold to £510, with all British Blue calves forward averaging £410. Limousin bull calves sold to £500 from FI & ME Little, Kendal. All continental bull calves we eagerly bid for at Junction 36 and regularly selling well over the £400 mark.
A young show of native bull calves were forward with beef Shorthorn selling to £325 from Messrs Robinson, Old Hutton with Angus’s selling three times to £300 from BJ & M Tomlinson, Preston, JHA Walton & Son, Kirkby Stephen and TW & CA Long, Ulverston.
Heifer calves were easily sold today with trade being up on previous weeks with British Blue heifers selling to £480 from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth with others from the same good home selling to £460. Bambers Farm, sold another good run of calves with Charolais and Simmentals selling to £350. Limousin heifers also sold to £350 from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall. Native bred heifers would be the trade of the day, with Herefords selling to £320 from Bambers Farm with others Herefords to £315 from MH & SJ Morris, Allithwaite. Shorthorn heifers sold to £220 from Messrs Robinson, Old Hutton. A young show of Black and Whites forward with good strong calves eagerly bid for, topping at £205 from MH & SJ Morris, Allithwaite with others selling to £155 from S Taylor, Kirkby Stephen.
Sixty stirks forward with buyers paying a premium for well grown strong stirks, with a top of £720 for a British Blue bull from Gibson & Berry, Endmoor with other British Blue bulls selling to £710 from M&G German, Middleton. PD & PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal sold British Blue heifers to £655 with a ring full of black and White bullocks selling to £455.


Junction 36 saw a sizzling trade for store cattle with all cattle forward averaging £1020, with many runs of yearling’s cattle forwards. Ladies led the way today with Limousin heifers selling to £1360 from R&RM Dent, Ravestondale, Angus heifers also achieved the same price from MJ & JG Handley, Milnthorpe. Yearling well bred heifers could only be described as a flying trade with Limousin selling to £1210 from JG & PH Thompson, Selside. The bullock trade sold to a top of £1290 for a Limousin from SH Whiteman, Milnthorpe with others selling to £1265 from AT Rogerson, Chipping. Charolais flew away to £1250 from J Twigge, Grange-Over-Sands. Native bred bullocks with Angus’s selling to £1240 from SH Wightman, Milnthorpe and Herefords to £1165 from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands. Yearling bullocks were regularly selling between the £1000-£1100 mark, topping at £1210 from JG & PH Thompson, Selside.
The next sale of store cattle is on the 2nd September, this includes the monthly sale of beef breeding cattle. We advise cattle to entre cattle with confidence.


Another strong trade was seen for all classes and types of cows with 9 active buyers ringside.
Beef cows sold to a top price of 177.5p/kg for a BRBX from N J Strickland & Son, Whinfell with others selling to 171.5p/kg for AAX from J & M Wilson, Selside and LIMX from G C & G Taylor, Crook. Other beef cows generally 145p/kg-160p/kg, with cows suitable for further finishing eagerly bid for.
Dairy cows sold to 151.5p/kg for a BF from R J & M L Lowrey, Holker and a HF from
M H & A R Robinson, Old Hutton with other heavy and well fleshed cows 142p/kg-150p/kg. All cows forward averaged 139p/kg.
Top grossing cow was an AAX from J Twigge, Lindale achieving £1250, with a BRBX from
J & M Wilson, Selside close behind at £1222. Top price per head for Dairy Cows was £1103 from
J M Barton & Son, Lupton.
OTM dairy heifers sold to 144.5p/kg from B Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal and £884 from
J M Barton & Son, Lupton.
Steers sold to 197.5p/kg and £1350 for a FKV from P D & P Mason, Burton in Kendal.
A Longhorn Bull sold to 141.5p/kg and £1327.

Top Prices

Calves and Stirks
Top Prices
Bull calves:
British Blue: £520, £510 Flodder Hall, £505 Holmescales Farm, £500 Flodder Hall, £490 Tunstall Hall, £470 Holmescales Farm. Limousin: £500 Helm Croft, £390, £350 Bambers Farm, £340 Halforth Farm, £325 Grace Mire Farm, £310 Hollins Farm, £310 Halforth Farm. Shorthorn: £325 Strickley, £270 Audlands. Simental: £310 Bambers Farm. Angus: £300 Grace Mire Farm, £300 Bank View, £300, £280, £270, Old Hall Farm. Friesian: £205 Wraysholme Tower, £155 £150 Mount View, £115 £105 £100 Bank View. Dairy Shorthorn: £200, £155 Strickley. Montbeliarde: £195 Townhead farm. Continental: £185 Colby Farms.
Heifer calves:
British Blue: £480, £460, £400 Flodder Hall, £400 Elm Tree Farm, £400 Bambers farm, £360 Elm Tree Farm, £355 (2) Tunstall Hall. Limousin: £330 Tunstall Hall, £320, £310 Halforth Farm. Simental: £330, £300 Bambers Farm. Charolais: £330 Bambers Farm. Hereford: £320 Bambers Farm, £315 Wraysholme Tower, £300 (3) Bambers Farm. Shorthorn: £270, £250 Strickley, £235 Far Audlands. Angus: £230 Far Audlands, £230 Hollins Farm.
Bull Stirk:
British Blue: £720 Low Audlands, £710 Sowermire. Angus: £470 Moss End Farm, £430 Moss House Farm. Limousin: £450, £430, Moss House Farm. Swedish Red: £450 11 Westwood. Friesian: £355 11 Westwood. Fleckvieh: £200 Barnacre.
Heifer Stirk:
British Blue: £655, £600 Coat Green Farm, £590 11 Westwood, £520 Moss House Farm. Angus: £540 Grace Mire Farm, £440 11 Westwood, £415 Barnacres, £390 11 Westwood, £370 Moss End Farm. Hereford: £470 Coat Green Farm, £455 Hill Crest Farm. Highland Cross: £470 Park Avenue. Limousin: £465 Moss End Farm.
Steer Stirk:
Hereford: £660 Low Fell Gate Farm. British Blue: £655 Grace Mire Farm, £630 Coat Green Farm, £580 Moss End Farm. Limousin: £590 Coat Green farm. Angus: £470 Moss End Farm. Friesian: £455, £440, £410 Coat Green Farm £350 Low Fell Gate Farm.

Thursday 19th August
Store Cattle-
Top Prices:
Bullocks: Limousin: £1290 Low Woodhouse, £1265 Handlesteads Farm, £1260, £1250 Tarnside Farm, £1210 Poppy Farm, £1200 Handlesteads Farm, £1195 Holmelands. Charolais: £1250, £1195, £1165, £1070 Holmelands, £1045 Kate Farm. British Blue: £1245 Tarnside Farm, £1160 Handlesteads, £1150 Cockrigg Farm, £1150, £1120 Hollins Farm. Angus: £1245 Low Woodhouse, £1230 Heathwaite, £1230 Capplerigg, £1220, £1140 Heathwaite, £1115 Newcross House Farm, £1095 Holmelands. Hereford: £1165 The Coach House. Simental: £1150 Tarnside Farm. Blonde: £1160, £1100 Mount Pleasant Farm. Fleckvieh: £1080 Tarnside. Friesian: £920, £900 Heathwaite.
Heifers: Limousin: £1360 Ashfield Farm, £1210 Poppy Side Farm, £1200 Lane End, £1170, £1140 Tarnside Farm, £1070 Cockrigg Farm, £1070 Ashfield. Angus: £1360, £1140 Archers Hall £1085 Bouthwaite Farm, £1070 Tarnside Farm, £1040 Bouthwaite Farm, £960, £910 Crabtree Farm. Simental: £1230 The Coach House. British Blue: £950 Tarnside House. Charolias: £900 Kendal House Farm. Blonde: £880 Mount Pleasant Farm. Fleckvieh: £835 The Coach House.

OTM Cattle-
Top Prices:
Cows: Angus: £1250.20 Homelands, £1142.19, £1077.90 Cooper House. British Blue: £1222.56 Cooper House, £1107.60 The Borrans, £1103.83 Cooper House. Shorthorn: £1194.28 Homelands, £976.45 Craketrees. Limousin: £1150.91 Stribers Farm, £1078.74 High Farm £998.07 Homelands. Friesian: £1103.98 Lupton Hall, £1102.92 Holmescales Farm, £1073.41 Halforth Farm, £1067.90 Far Audlands. £836.28 Shorthorn Farm, £827.75 Wall End Farm. Hereford: £1073.78 Gowan Bank Farm, £963.90 Holmelands, £957.60 Gowan Bank Farm. Simental: £1049.51 Cooper House. Montbeliarde: £1032.95 Low Sizergh Farm, £948.23 Ghyll Farm. Charolias: £875.67 The Borrans.
Heifers: Friesian: £884.34 Lupton Hall, £713.83 Butterfield.
Steers: Fleckvieh: £1350.90 Coat Green Farm.
Bulls: Longhorn: £1327.27 Spruce Avenue.

Leading prices per kilo:
Cows: British Blue: 177.5p The Borrans, 167.5p, 161.5p Cooper House, 154.5p, 144.5p Holmelands 144.5p Cooper House. Limousin: 171.5p High Farm, 169.5p Stribers Farm, 167.5 Mouse Syke, 161.5p Holmelands. Angus: 171.5p Cooper House, 164.5p Holmelands, 149.5p Cooper House. Shorthorn: 167.5p Holmelands, 147.5p Craketrees. Simental: 159.5p Cooper House. Hereford: 157.5p Holmelands, 157.5p, 154.5p Gowan Bank Farm. Friesian: 151.5p Holmescales, 151.5p Shorthorn Farm, 149.5p Halforth farm, 147.5p Far Audlands, 144.5p Lupton Hall, 137.5p Wall End Farm, 134.5p Middle Birkby Farm. Charolias: 144.5p The Borrans. Montbeliarde: 141.5p Low Sizergh Farm, 134.5p Ghyll Farm.
Heifers: Friesian: 144.5p Lupton Hall, 144.5p Moss House Farm.
Steers: Fleckvieh: 197.5p Coat Green Farm.
Bulls: Longhorn: 141.5p Spruce Avenue.

More Info

Prize winners
Semex Calf Show – Thursday 19th August 2021
Class 1 – Continental Bred Bull Calf
1st J W & T E Sharp Ltd, Flodder Hall BRB £520
2nd Messrs H J Robinson & Son, Elm Tree Farm BRB £395
3rd Bambers Farm, LIM £390
Class 2 – Continental Bred Hfr Calf
1st J W & T E Sharp Ltd, Flodder Hall BRB £480
2nd J W & T E Sharp Ltd, Flodder Hall BRB £400
3rd Messrs H J Robinson & Son, Elm Tree Farm BRB £360
Class 3 – Native Bred Bull Calf
1st Messrs Robinson, Strickley SHO £325
Class 4 – Native Bred Hfr calf
1st Messrs Robinson, Strickley SHO £270

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