J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep Tuesday 20th April 2021

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

NWA once again had a strong entry of sheep with lambs at foot with 210 families forward consisting of 70 shearlings and the rest mixed aged ewes.

Texel shearlings with twin lambs led the way selling to £270 from J & M Wilson, Selside whom sold Mule shearlings with twin lambs to £260. Mule shearlings and twin lambs from G & KM Atkinson, Appleby sold to £265 and £262 with 1 crop Mule ewes from the same home selling to £265. A consignment of Mule ewes with twin Suffolk lambs sold to £250 five times from MJ & JD Handley, Sedbergh. Continental ewes with twin lambs peaked at £270 from Messrs Williamson, Colby followed by other Continental ewes with twin lambs selling to £265 from A Barnes, Heversham. Mule ewes with young Texel twin lambs sold to £220 from JA Alderson, Kirkby Stephen.

Continental ewes with single lambs sold to £195 from Messrs Williamson, Colby.

Buyers today were keen for strong outfits with well fed lambs, with second rate outfits less money in comparison to the flying trade next week.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry of Spring Lambs so far to date, saw 100 forward. Taking top spot this week were heavy weight Continental lambs from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe selling to £158, with others from the same home selling to £146. Native bred lambs met plenty of demand with Hampshires selling to £156 from J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor, purchased by Plumgarths Farm Shop. Dorset lambs peaked at £150 from S Procter, Selside. There were plenty of Spring lambs selling in the region of £140.

Beltex x lambs sold to a top of 394p/kg from FE &CM Robinson & Son, Crooklands with an overall market average of 330p/kg with handy weights averaging 338p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

There was an entry of 600 Prime hoggs forward which saw the quality on offer being mixed, as to be expected at this time of year. Well fleshed hoggs, properly finished continue to sell to a premium well in excess of 300p/kg. An overall market of 287p/kg.

Heavy weight Continentals from Ellen Procter, Ulverston sold to £170 and £167 with Suffolks from the same home achieving £159. Beltex hoggs from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston sold to £168. Other Suffolk hoggs sold to £159 from RH M & S Boyren, Colton with plenty of pens of heavy weight hoggs selling between £140 – £155. The consignment of hoggs from AW & AM Clarke, Windermere sold the top priced Mules today at £138 with Swaledales from the same home achieving £137. Cheviot hoggs peaked today at £138 from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston. J36 once again boasted a busy ring of buyers whom have a strong demand for hoggs and more are required each week.

Cast Sheep

The sale of 440 ewes saw heavy and well fleshed ewes continue to sell to a strong trade with leaner, medium type ewes being harder to place today. TW Gorst, Crook sold a run of Charollais ewes to a top of £168 with others from the same home selling to £156. Texels saw a peak of £155 from M & RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe with many of best Texel ewes selling at £130 plus.

Leicester ewes from M Bateman & Son, Sedbergh sold to £151. A pen of heavy Suffolk ewes from RW & SA Nicholson, Lupton sold to £133. Many good Continental bred ewes were selling between £125 – £130, with the next level down easily selling over the £100 mark.

There was a bigger show of Mule ewes forward with all being keenly bid for with the best selling at £110 plus and a top of £120 from MA Barnes, Whinfell. Medium type Mule ewes sold at £95 – £100. A pen full of Cheviot Mules from RW & SA Nicholson, Lupton topped at £122.

Strong hill ewes were still selling to a fast trade with Cheviots once again peaking this section at £118 from JR & A Airey, Ravenstonedale with others from the same home selling to £107. Rough Fell ewes topped at £113 from W & J Penny, Kirkby in Furness with Swaledale ewes topping at £100 from R Lawrence, Grange over sands with medium Swaledale ewes selling in the mid to late £50 mark.

All cast rams sold to another fast trade at J36, with Leicesters leading the way at £160 from AW & AM Clarke, Windermere with other Leicesters selling to £150 twice from R HM & S Boyren, Colton and WM & JE Shuttleworth, Barbon. Texels sold to £142 from TW Gorst, Crook with hill bred tups topping at £100 for a Herdwick top from MR Toms, Langdale.

Top Prices

Shearling & Lamb:
Texel - £270 Cooper House, £205 The Borrans. Mule - £265, £262 Green farm, £260 Cooper House, £250 Achers Hall.

Ewe & Lamb:
Texel - £275 The Howes, £265 Moss Side, £255 Yewbarrow, £250 Cooper House, £250 Heights Farm. Mule - £265 Green Farm, £220 Heights Farm, £220 Barras Farm, £305 Town End, £200 Howe Nook. Continental - £200 Heights Farm, £195 The Borrans, £180 Heights Farm, £175 Green Bank. Suffolk - £190 Moss Side. Cheviot - £135 Holme Farm.

Prime lamb:
Continental - £158, £146 Ackenthwaite Farm, £142 Crabtree Farm, £141 Ackenthwaite Farm, £138 Warth Sutton Farm. Hampshire - £156, £138 Endmoor Farm. Dorset - £150, £140, £135 High Biggarsbank. Texel - £140 Hodgsons Green Farm, £133 Green Lane End Farm, £132, £129 Howriggs, £132 Station Hotel. Suffolk - £140 Low Levens, £126 Warth Sutton Farm, £122 High Biggarsbank. Charollais - £139, £137 Hollins Farm.

Prime Hogg:
Continental - £170, £167, £142 West View House, £133 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £133 Hill Top Farm. Beltex - £168 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Suffolk - £159 Hill Park, £159 West View House, £142 Low Longmire, £140 Kiln Beck, £132.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Texel - £158, 3155, £148 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £146 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Lleyn - £142 Headless Close. Cheviot - £138 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £136, £134, £130 The Galleon. Mule - £138 Low Longmire, £120 Hill Park, £116 High House, £100 Red Scar Farm. Swaledale - £137, £123 Low Longmire, £122, £119 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £109 Helks Farm. Rough Fell - £132, £104 Boundary Beck, £104 Old School House. Leicester - £128 Low Longmire, £107 Red Scar Farm. Charollais - £127 High House. Herdwick - £120 Greenhills Farm, £120 Millriggs, £116.5 High House, £115.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Scotch - £114.5, £112 Greenhills Farm, £110 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Dales Bred - £105, £91 Eskew Beck. Jacob - £102 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Horned - £90, £83, £79 Higher Salter.

Cast Ewe:
Charollais - £168, £156 Gilpin Farm, £112 Hollowmire Farm, £88 Crabtree Farm, £85 Underhelm Farm. Texel - £155 Station Hotel, £138, £131, £127 Tranthwaite Hall, £126 Hollowmire Farm. Leicester - £151 Moors Farm, £120 Low Newton Farm, £107 Gilpin Farm. Cheviot Mule - £122 Green Lane End Farm, £101, £100 Bowers Farm, £91 Top Thorn Farm. Cheviot - £118, £107 Thompsons House Farm, £91 Howriggs, £84 High House Farm. Suffolk - £133, £123 Green Lane End Farm, £119 Top Thorn Farm, £106 Gilsmere Farm, £102 High House. Dorset - £120 High Biggarsbank, £88 Far Cappleside Farm. Mule - £120 Top Thorn Farm, £118 Station Hotel, £117 Hazelwood, £114 Low Fold, £112 Moors Farm. Rough Fell - £113 Marsh Grange Farm, £79 Birkhaw Farm, £71 Kendal House Farm. Continental - £108 Far Cappleside Farm, £90 Gilpin Farm. Beltex - £106 Laithwaite. Swaledale - £100 Holme Farm, £89 Roundthwaite, £85 Cinderbarrow Farm, £81 Gilpin Farm. Masham - £85 Marsh Grange Farm. Dales Bred - £76 Kendal House Farm. Herdwick - £59 Middle Fell, £57 Wall End Farm.

Cast Ram:
Leicester - £160 Low Longmire, £150 Hill Park, £150 Barbon Fell House, £136 Low Longmire. Texel - £142 Gilpin Farm, £129 High Green Farm, £117 Eskew Beck. Herdwick - £100 Middle Fell. Suffolk - £89 Underhelm Farm. Swaledale - £69 Whelpside Farm.

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