J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 8th September


The opening pig sale in September saw 71 forwards with all classes and types selling to a fast trade with many buyers leaving with empty trailers.

The sale commenced with prime pigs which saw a top price of £124/head for a trio of Pietrain x Large White gilts from W Stamper, Chipping who sold others at £122. A super entry of Large White gilts from AP Smith, Brookhouse sold to £120 who also sold boars at £120 and £118.

A larger entry of cull sows and boars were forward than recent sales, selling to £122 for sows from W Stamper, Chipping and boars achieving £100 from M Hall, Wigton.

An abundance of weaners sold to a strong trade with all sold averaging £24 and topping at £45 for Pietrain x gilts from A & J Staveley, Tatham who sold others at £40. Saddleback weaners from HMP Wymott, Walton sold to £30 with others achieving £27 from AT Threlkeld, Ulverston.

Prime Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs at J36 1406 forward. There was a very mixed entry of lambs forward with well-finished lambs selling to a premium, especially those with better conformation and weight. A larger number of plainer lambs on the market today saw a reduce in the market average of 205p/kg. The market topper today was £132 for 59kg Suffolks from JN & DJ Bowes, Crook followed by £130 from T & H Drinkall, Oakenclough. Texel lambs sold to a top of £127 from RE & A Briggs, Wennington with numerous pens of heavy weight Continental and Suffolk lambs selling between £108 and £116.

Better conformation lambs continue to sell to a premium with Beltex selling to 252p/kg or £111 from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth. This was closely followed by 245p/kg twice or £98 for Texel lambs firstly from J Hall, Wigton and SJ Gunn, Milnthorpe. Plenty of pens of better-bred lambs easily sold between 220p/kg and 235p/kg.

Mule lambs sold to a top of £98.50 weighing 48kg from NW & EM Mason & Son, Middleton in Lonsdale with pens of Mules regularly selling between 195p/kg and 202p/kg. Horned lambs forward today saw Scottish Blackface sell to £76.50 from NW Parsley, Tebay with 34kg Scottish Blackface lambs from the same home selling to £70.

Cast Ewes

There was an entry of 620 ewes forward with all types continuing to sell to a strong trade. Pure bred Continental ewes were selling £115 plus with a top of £126 achieved from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with Suffolk ewes from the same home selling to £106. Medium type Continental ewes were selling £80 plus with this section topping at £106 from JW Matthews, Patton. A bigger show of Mule ewes forward with a top of £80 from J Woodburn & Partners with other to £79 from J & H Bland & Son, Levens and also achieving this price was PK & R Woof, Stainton. All Mules forward averaged £64. A run of Cheviot Mule ewes from TM & D Dobson, Crossthwaite topped at £82.

There was a bigger show of hill bred ewes today with all types continuing to sell to a strong trade. Cheviots sold to £74 twice from S Crawford, Staveley and RW Ewan, New Hutton. A pen of strong Rough Fell ewe from A O’Neil, Fairbank sold to £65 with others to £63 from NW & EM Mason & Son, Middleton. All Rough Fells forward averaged £58. Swaledale ewes topped at £54 from GA Lambert, Gatebeck with others to £52 from S Butterfield, UIverston.

There was a bigger show of cast rams forward that saw Texels top at £132 from ST Birkett & Son, Carnfroth with Suffolk tups to £101 from I Edmondson, Ulverston.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Suffolk - £132 Low Brundrigg, £130, £114 Calderside Farm, £114 Seedhowe Cottages, £110.5 Meadow Oaks. Texel - £127 Old Hutton Farm, £116 Low Gregg Hall, £115 Low Barrows Green, £112.5 St Annes Farm, £111.5 Park House Farms. Continental - £115 Middale Farm, £110.5, £103.5 Moss Side, £93 Park House Farms, £93 Moss Side Farm. Beltex - £111 Hall Croft Barn, £104 St Annes Farm, £92 Far Cappleside Farm. Dorset - £110 Hallbeck. Charollais - £104 Far Cappleside Farm, £103 Crabtree Farm, £95 Fairbank Farm, £94.5 Myers Farm, £90 Crosscrake Farm. Rough Fell - £98.5 High Green Farm. Hampshire - £96, £93, £92 Benson Hall. Mule - £90 Rowe End Farm, £89.5, £88 Catshaw Hall Farm, £87 Fell End Farm, £86 Calderside Farm. Zwartble - £89 Raines Hall. Leicester - £88 Fell End Farm. Cheviot - £85.5 Low Bendrigg Farm, £85 Greenbank Farm, £84 Seedhowe Cottages, £83 Low Bendrigg Farm. Swaledale - £80 Rowe End Farm. Scotch - £76.5, £70 Roundthwaite Abbey Farm. Masham - £73 Steps Farm. Ryeland - £69 Windy How.

Cast Ewe:

Texel - £126 Mansrigg Hall, £106, £104 Oldfield End, £100 Hill Park, £100 Capplethwaite Hall. Suffolk - £106 Mansrigg Hall, £102 Hill Park, £96 Ninezergh, £93 Mansrigg Hall, £87 Oak House. Zwartble - £93, £90 Bowness Farm, £77 Lower Hawthwaite. Charollais - £86 Greenlands, £56 Bowness Farm. Cheviot Mule - £82 Broad Oak, £77 High Bracken Hall, £55 Broad Oak. Mule - £80 Mansrigg Hall, £79 Storth End Farm, £79 Ninezergh, £77 Lower Hawthwaite, £76 Hollins Farm. Cheviot - £74 Seedhowe Cottages, £74 Hall Bank, £72 Seedhowe Cottages, £57 Hall Bank, £55 Brow Head. Rough Fell - £65 Shackla Bank Farm, £63 High Green Farm, £57 Intake Farm. scotch - £57 Hall Bank, £55 Low Garths. Masham - £56 Grate Farm. Herdwick - £55 Hall Bank. Swaledale - £54 High Bracken Hall, £52 Low Mansriggs, £51 Holme Farm, £47 Town End. Leicester - £54 The Borrans. Jacob - £50, £49 Bank Ground. Horned - £40 Bank End.

Cast Ram:

Texel - £132 Hall croft Barn, £58 Greenlands. Suffolk - £101 Stoney Crag. Cheviot - £89 Fairbank Farm. Ryedale - £84, £68 Greenlands. Leicester - £79, £77 Marsh House Farm. Swaledale - £74 High Skelghyl, £44 High Borrans Farm. Horned - £51 Ings Head.

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