J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Prime Lambs & Cast Sheep - Tuesday 24th November 2020


The fortnightly sale of pigs at NWA J36 saw one of the largest entries for several months with 102 forward, both new vendors and purchasers were in attendance at this popular sale. North West Auctions are pleased to conduct the regular fortnightly sales for all classes of pigs and always welcome new customers.
Prime pigs were out in large numbers today with buyers looking to stock up ahead of the Christmas rush. Prime gilts sold to a top price of £120 for a pen of 4 well finished Large Whites from M Navesey, Darwen with Duroc X selling to £110 from DC Morley, Laurencekirk. Lighter weight gilts sold to £90, again for large whites from M Trotter, Wigton. The 20 gilts forwards averaged £95 & 92ppkg.
Prime Boars sold to a top price of £88 for a Duroc x from DC Morley, Laurencekirk. Traditional breeds selling to £85 for GOS x from R Nettleton, Penrith who also sold others at £80. Large Whites from AP Smith, Brookhouse sold to £81. The 54 boars forward averaged £74 & 78ppkg.
Just a small entry of prime hogs from M Navesey, Darwen sold to £92 and 92ppkg for Large White x.
Cull sows and mature pigs saw a top price of £75 achieved for a Pietrain Gilt from M Navesey, Darwen. Sows selling to £72 from AP Smith, Brookhouse and 59ppkg from W Stamper, Chipping. Cull Boars sold to £60 from M Bennett, Penrith & 23ppkg from GW Taylor, Crook.
The first offering of weaner pigs seen for several sales attracted keen interest selling to £40 for GOS from C Smettem-Minson, Kirkby Stephen. Store pigs sold to £50 for Large White x gilts and boars from J Robertson & Son, West Lothian.
The next sale of Prime Pigs is Tuesday 8th December to include the Christmas Prize Show for the Best Pair of Prime Pigs. Please advise of entries to the office to assist with advertising and contacting buyers.

Prime Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs at J36 had an increased entry of 1519 forward and more could have easily been sold. An overall market average of 211p/kg with a SQQ average 218p/kg was achieved. The trade for light and handy weight lambs was seen to be firmer than the previous week, with well finished lambs in the region of 210-225p/kg, heavy weight lambs slightly easier than the previous week selling just shy of 200p/kg.
Leading the way this week was heavy weight Texel lambs from E Dodgson, Kendal selling to £118 and £117 and others selling to £114 from JB Airey, Kendal. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £112.50 from J Bargh and Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe followed by others to £111 from MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. Plenty of heavier weighted lambs selling in excess of the £100 mark.
Beltex and better conformation lambs in strong demand and eagerly bid for, regularly selling around the 240p/kg mark and topping at 261p/kg and 250p/kg from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside with others to 250p/kg from WS Burrow and Sons, Silverdale. Beltex lambs sold to a top price per head of £110 from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside with others from J Twigge, Lindale selling to £107 twice and £106 three times.
A larger entry of upland lambs once again which were well bid for selling to a strong trade. Mule lambs sold to a top of £95 for 49kg from T & CM Kelsall and Sons, Chipping followed by £94.50 for 46kg lambs from EW & JR Parkinson, Dunsop Bridge. Masham lambs sold to £94 from WI & AM Atkinson and Son, Bleasdale. Plenty more pens of mule lambs selling in excess of the ninety-pound mark. All mules forward averaged 208p/kg. Horned lambs topped at £85.50 for Rough Fells from S Crawford, Staveley. Light weight, well fleshed horned lambs a strong trade with 33kg swales selling to £72.50 (219p/kg) from Fishwick Bros, Longsleddale.

Ryelands to £105 av £105 or 190p/kg
Suffolks to £112.50 av £92.54 or 207p/kg
Mules to £95 av £87.32 or 208p/kg
Swaledales to £79 to £74.30 or 201p/kg
Charollais to £103 av £88.68 or 214p/kg
Cheviot to £93.50 av £88.42 or 215p/kg
Texel to £118 av £92.73 or 214p/kg
Beltex to £110 av £102.84 or 231p/kg
Continental £101 av £88.12 or 214p/kg

Cast Sheep

An increased entry of 440 cast ewes forward, with all selling to a sharper trade! Big heavy Texel ewes were in demand peaking at £129 from E Dodgson, Kendal with others from the same good home selling to £118 and several over the £110 mark. Suffolk ewes topped at £111 from DM & D Cook, Arrad Foot with all Suffolk ewes forward averaging £97. BFL ewes from RHM & S Boyren, Colton sold to £107. A larger show of Mule ewes forward with the trade heating up on them. Mules sold to a top of £90, again from DM & D Cook, with all mule forward averaging £71. Masham ewes sold to £81 from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg. A good show of hill bred ewes forward, all well bid for. Cheviot ewes led the way again with a top of £90 from JE Swan, Cartmell Fell with others to £79 from S Crawford, Staveley. A run of Gritstone ewes from AT Threlkeld, Grizebeck sold to £76. Big strong Rough Fell ewes selling over the £70 mark, with a top of £75 from S & A Bland, Tebay. Swaledale ewes continue to sell to a fast trade at J36, WI & AM Atkinson, Bleasdale topping this breed at £62 with others selling to £58, again from S & A Bland. JA Bennett, Longsleddale sold strong Dalesbred ewes to £60. A pen full of well finished Herdwick ewes from SW & A Hoggarth, Seathwaite sold to £51.

Texel sold to £129 av £88
Suffolk sold to £111 av £97
Beltex sold to £96 av £85
Chev sold to £90 av £52
Rough sold to £75 av £59
Swal sold to £62 av £48
Herd sold to £51 av £40

Cast Rams selling to a flying trade, Beltex rams leading the way at £148 from MG & WD Burton, Barnard Castle and Blue Texel rams selling to £114 from W Stamper, Chipping. Many more rams could have been sold.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Texel - £118, £117 Spittal Farm, £114 Mint Close, £108 Holme House Farm, £107 Holmelands. Suffolk - £112.5 North Farm, £111 Swallowmire, £104 North Farm, £104 Black Bull Farm, £100 Smithy Green Farm. Beltex - £110 Poppy Farm, £106 Holmelands. Ryeland - £105 Benson Hall. Charollais - £103 North Farm, £99 Higher Standen Drive, £95.5 Far Orrest, £94 Kate Farm, £93.5 Redbank Farm. Continental - £101 Far Orrest, £98 Lower Hawthwaite, £94 Hartrigg, £93.5 Mint Close, £92 Swallowmire. Mule - £95 Brown Brook, £94.5 Hareden Farm, £94 Higher Standen Drive, £92.5 Sykes Farm, £91.5 Holme House Farm. Teeswater - £94.5 Holme House Farm. Dorset - £94.5 Sandvilla. Cheviot Mule - £94 Hareden Farm. Cheviot - £93.5 Seedhowe Cottages, £90 Howriggs, £89 Green Lane End Farm. Rough Fell - £85.5 Seedhowe Cottages. Dales Bred - £81. £76 Fell End Farm. Swaledale - £79 High Borrowbridge, £77 Yoad Pot, £75.5 High Greenside, £74 Middle Sadghyll, £73.5 Green Cottages. Horned - £78.5 Sandvilla. Jacob - £75 Crook Hall Farm. Herdwick - £68 Green Cottages.

Cast Ewe:

Texel - £129, £118 Spittal Farm, £110 Home Farm, £108 Lambrigg Head Farm, £106 Spittal Farm. Suffolk - £111 Smithy Green Farm, £99 Woodyard, £98 Dawson Fold, £85 Swallowmire Farm, £73 Dawson Fold. Leicester - £107 Hill Park. Charollais - £97 Cinderbarrow Farm, £88 Bowkerstead Farm, £82 Hampsfield Hall, £65 Yew Tree. Beltex - £96 Home Farm, £92 Keer Falls. Cheviot - £90 Rankthorn, £79, £58 Seedhowe Cottages. Mule - £90 Smithy Green Farm, £81 Bowkerstead Farm, £79 Hill Park, £78 Yew Tree. Masham - £81 Lambrigg Head Farm, £77 High Swinklebank Farm. Cheviot Mule - £80 Swallowmire Farm. Gritstone - £76 Bowkerstead Farm. Rough Fell - £75 Cotegill Cottage, £72 Lambrigg Head Farm, £71 High Swinklebank Farm, £69, £65 Borrow Bridge House. Swaledale - £62 Holme House Farm, £58 Cotegill Cottage, £55 Well Foot, £54 Holme Farm. Dales Bred - £60 Middale Farm. Horned - £54 Fell End, £44 Bowkerstead Farm.

Cast Ram:

Beltex - £148 Bowfield Farm. Blue Texel - £114, £94 Coldcotes Farm. Suffolk - £109 Smithy Green Farm, £80 Bowkerstead Farm. Texel - £106 Middle Birkby Farm, £82 Long Green Head. Charollais - £90 Home Farm. Rough Fell - £80 Wasdyke Farm. Horned - £66 Crescent Green. Leicester - £64 Fell End Farm, £56 Rydal Farm. Herdwick - £57 Bowkerstead Farm. Swaledale - £54 Home Farm.

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