J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Pigs, Breeding Sheep & Primestock - Tuedsay 10th March


The first Pig sale of the month at NWA J36 saw a quality entry forward with a large crowd of buyers competing for all classes and types. Prime pigs sold to £132 for large white gilts from W Stamper, Chipping who sold Large White boars at £125. Pietrain x hogs sold to £116 from JR Corlett & Son, Cockermouth with Saddleback x to £116 from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Gloucester Old Spot gilts from TW Burne, Penrith sold to £110. Pure Saddleback gilts from HMP Wymott, Preston sold at £78.

A top pence per kilo of 132p/kg was achieved for Pietrain x Saddleback gilts and hogs from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Well finished pigs were 105p/kg to 125p/kg with lighter weight pigs 95p/kg to 110p/kg.

Cull pigs saw sows sell to £145 and 60p/kg from TW Burne, Penrith with cull boars achieving £145 and 57p/kg again from TW Burne.

A fast trade for weaners saw Pietrain x sell to £55 from J Tyson, Arkholme with younger sorts £38 from D Lord, Preesall and £32 from HMP Wymott, Preston selling Saddlback x.

Young stores sold to £50 for Saddleback gilts and boars from R Stewart, Stranraer with Middle Whites £33 from RD Holland & Co, Millom

Breeding Sheep

The opening sale of the season of Sheep with Lambs at foot at J36 had a bumper entry of 118 families or 313 lives. There was a strong trade throughout the sale with a large quantity of young lambs on offer with stronger outfits in short supply and very eagerly bid for. It was the consignment from D & K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe that lead the way topping at £240 twice. Firstly, for a pen of Mule ewes with strong Texel twin lambs followed by Continentals with strong twins to the same price. Other pens of Mules with twin lambs from the same home sold to £210 with the mule ewes with singles selling to £152 and £150. The consignment of Mule ewes with Charollais cross lambs from TW Gorst, Crook saw outfits with twins sell to £210 and £205. Plenty of Mule ewes with young twins selling around the £60 a life mark. Young Suffolk ewes with Continental single lambs sold to £150 twice from J & H Bland and Son, Levens.

A strong demand for sheep with lambs at foot each week at J36 with entries for next week’s sale required. Please contact office as soon as possible.

Prime Hoggs

There was a respectable entry of hoggs on offer today that were met by another excellent trade with 778b levelling at an SQQ of 227p/kg and an overall average of 220p/kg. Quality today was extremely mixed with many producers selling their last of the season hoggs today. Today's entry consisted of 42.24% hill and Mule hoggs. Please note our average includes all hoggs and not just quoting the best.

Best quality Continentals were thin on the ground this week and sold very well with AR & BJ Thompson, Selside selling Beltex to 272p/kg with others at 266p/kg. Texels this week sold to 255p/kg from J Twigge, Grange over Sands and from Messrs Hodgson, Rydal, 250p/kg from DJ Clarke, Underbarrow and Charollais from Messrs Hodgson sold to 252p/kg.

Leading pounds per head was Texels from IL Dixon, IL Dixon, Carnforth who sold to £130. AR & BJ Thompson, Selside sold Beltex to £120, twice with EW & JR Parkinson, Dunsop Bridge selling Texels to £118.50.

Suffolks also sold extremely well with EW & JR Parkinson selling to 238p/kg, DJ Clarke selling to 238p/kg and Messrs Hodgson selling to 230p/kg. Top price per head for Suffolks was EW & JR Parkinson selling to £129 and R & EA Gardner selling to £128.

Hill sheep were a tremendous trade with WM Pye, Lancaster selling Scottish Blackfaces to 242p/kg and 240p/kg or £102 and £101 respectively. A fair percentage of Mules on offer and, again, a very fast trade with Messrs Hodgson selling to 242p/kg, EW & JR Parkinson selling to 230p/kg and R & EA Gardner selling to 225p/kg. JB Airey, Kendal sold Mules to £110, RW & JR Parkinson sold to £108.50, A Green sold to £105 and R Lawrence to £104.

Today's entry consisted of 27.72% Swaledale hoggs leading the field was Messrs Hodgson, whos sold to 223p/kg and 218p/kg. GJ Ibbetson sold to 212p/kg with D Wood, Bolton sold to £90 and GJ Ibbetson to £87. Herdwicks from Messrs Hodgson sold to 232p/kg and 222p/kg and £86. Whitefaced Woodlands from DJ Clarke sold to 222p/kg or £100.

48 Beltex sold to 272p/kg av. 233p/kg
230 Texels sold to 255p/kg av. 230p/kg
26 Suffolks sold to 238p/kg av. 219p/kg
75 Charollais sold to 252p/kg av. 228p/kg
127 Mules sold to 242p/kg av. 215p/kg
181 Swaledales sold to 223p/kg av. 199p/kg
31 Scottish Blackface sold to 242p/kg av. 240p/kg
43 Cheviots sold to 254p/kg av. 244p/kg
15 Herdwicks sold to 232p/kg av. 230p/kg

Cast Ewes

The weekly sale of cast sheep had a slightly smaller entry forward with the trade remaining very buoyant; vendors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the strong good trade. Topping the market was M & RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe selling Suffolk tups to £157 and ewes to £152. Other Suffolk rams sold to £142 from GM Redmayne, Ings. Texel ewes sold to £143 from W Garnett and Son, Milnthorpe followed by £141 and £139 from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Beltex ewes peaked at £141 from S Harryman, Keswick. Plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk ewes easily sold in the one hundred and thirties. Leicester ewes peaked at £139 from WJ & I France and Son, Chipping whom sold Swaledale rams to £133. Mule ewes twice sold to a top of £128 from Helen Newton, Low Levens followed by £124 from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet. Plenty more pens of strong Mule ewes sold into the late teens and early one hundred and twenties.

Hill bred ewes saw Cheviots sell to £95 from Thrimby Farms, Shap followed by £94 from Forest Hall farm, Selside. Horned ewes peaked at £89 for Swaledales from WI & A Atkinson and Son, Bleasdale followed by £84 twice from R Lawrence, Grange over Sands and WM & JE Shuttleworth, Barbon.

Top Prices

Shearling & Lamb:

Suffolk - £150 Ninezergh.

Ewe & Lamb:

Continental - £240 Bensons Farm, £220 Moss Side, £198 High Low Wood, £170 Moss Side, £122, £120 High Low Wood, £100 High Cark Farm. Mule - £240 Bensons Farm, £210 Gilpin Farm, £210 Bensons Farm, £205, £185, £178 Gilpin Farm, £175 Oakfield Farm, £172 Gilpin Farm, £170 Holme Farm. Zwartble - £110 High Cark Farm.

Prime Hogg:

Texel - £130 Cantsfield Hall, £118.5 Hareden Farm, £115 Holmelands, £114, £112.5 Poppy Farm. Suffolk - £129 Hareden Farm, £128 Barrowfield, £105, £94 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £90 Rydal Farm. Beltex - £120, £110, £100.5, £98 Poppy Farm. Continental - £120 Preston Patrick Hall, £112 Hareden Farm, £105 Garnett House Farm, £98 Beck Side, £93.5 Rydal Farm. Charollais - £110 Head House, £109 Broats Farm, £92 Oak House. Mule - £110 Mint Close, £108.5 Hareden Farm, £105 Kelleth Rigg, £104 Holme Farm, £101.5 High Borrowbridge. Horned - £107 Preston Patrick Hall, £84.5 Long Green Head, £80.5 Higher Salter, £73 Lowscales Farm, £71 Thrimby Hall. Scotch - £102, £101 Tarnwater Farm. Leicester - £105 High Borrowbridge. Whiteface Woodland - £100 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Cheviot - £99 Thrimby Hall, £98.5 Hareden Farm, £94 Hartrigg, £93.5 Gilberton Farm, £75 Hartrigg. Lonk - £90 Higher Salter. Swaledale - £90 Wilcock Farm, £87 Higher Salter, £80.5, £76.5 Rydal Farm. Herdwick - £86, £80 Rydal Farm. Dales Bred - £77 Higher Salter.

Cast Ewe:

Suffolk - £152 Station Hotel Farm, £134 Low Levens, £120 High Greenside, £119 Gowan Bank Farm, £100 Crabtree Farm. Texel - £143 Ackenthwaite Farm, £141, £139 Storth End Farm, £134, £133 Birks Farm. Beltex - £141 Keskadale, £130 Holmelands, £123, £119 Keskadale, £110 High Cark Farm. Leicester - £139 Higher Core, £128 Holme Farm. Mule - £128 Low Levens, £124 Lane Ends Farm, £121 Head House, £118 Station Hotel Farm. Charollais - £116 Gilpin Farm. Cheviot Mule - £100, £85 Fairbank Farm. Cheviot - £95 Thrimby Hall, £94, £79 Forest Hall, £70 Thrimby Hall, £61 Forest Hall. Swaledale - £89 Holme House Farm, £84 Barbon Fell House, £84 Holme Farm, £78 Forest Hall, £73 Higher Core. Zwartble - £86 Garnett House Farm, £40 High Cark Farm. Lonk - £80 Higher Salter. Rough Fell - £80 Low Fold, £72 Silverdale Drive, £72 Bridge Stone, £60 Steps Farm. Kerry Hill - £50 Woodside. Masham - £74 Gowan Bank Farm, £43 Grate Farm. Dales Bred - £48 Gilpin Farm. Herdwick - £40 Tongue House Farm.

Cast Ram:

Suffolk - £157 Station Hotel Farm, £142, £120 Gowan Bank Farm, £60 High Greenside. Swaledale - £133, £105 Higher Core, £100, £79 Tongue House Farm. Leicester - £129 Long Green Head, £110 Tongue House Farm, £91 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £89 Tongue House Farm. Texel - £106 Long Green Head. Beltex - £98 Garnett House Farm. Jacob - £98 Gowan Bank Farm. Rough Fell - £90 Steps Farm, £76 Blackmoss Farm. Herdwick - £80, £74 Tongue House Farm. Cheviot - £76 Long Green Head.

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