J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Thursday 25th June


A smaller show than anticipated with many farmers in the fields taking advantage of the good weather, but the heat was still in the calf ring! Numerous Continental calves sold between £380 and £400 with a top of £435 achieved for a Limousin heifer from CM & CS Chapplehow, Clifton Dykes with bulls from the same good home selling to £430. A run of well-reared British Blue bulls from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth peaked at £420 with others selling to £410 with all blue bulls forward averaging £392. Simmental bulls sold to £350 from MJ & K Ayrton, Lancaster. Heifer calves were sharper on the week with the best Blues selling to £360 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with others from the same home selling to £350. MJ & K Ayrton’s Simmental heifer calves peaked at £330.

Black and white calves were considerably dearer for all types with 35 calves averaging £112 with 15 selling over the £150 mark. Numerous calves sold between £160 and £175 with the best £180 and £195, topping at £200 twice from RG & JA Clark, Endmoor. Younger dairy bred calves sold to an equally as strong trade with these selling between £35 and £45. A run of weaned black and white calves from MJ & K Ayrton sold to £185 with 3 others at £160.

The heat from the calf trade continued into the stirk ring with trade for types strong than previous sales. Angus bullocks peaked at £700 from GM Strong, Penrith with 6-month-old Hereford bullocks selling to £615 from FW & CM Robinson & Son, Crooklands. Messrs Youngs, Lindale run of 5-6-month-old British Blue bullocks topped at £580 with others to £570. The heifer trade peaked at £675 for a Charolais from TLB & J Knowles, Selside with others from the same good home selling to £665. RI Dixon, Low Newton sold well-grown British Blue heifers to £615 for a 6-month-old.

Cast Cows

Cull cows continue to be in keen demand with all classes selling to a competitive trade with an overall market average of 124p/kg achieved for all cows sold, for which half the entry were dairy cows. Beef cows sold to a top price of 149p/kg twice for Limousin x from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook and Messrs Hodgson, Rydal. Other heavy, meated beef cows generally selling at 128p/kg – 145p/kg with keen interest for further finishing.

Dairy cows sold to a top price of 127.5p/kg from RG & J Clark, Endmoor with others at 124.5p/kg from R & J Dodgson, Natland. CM and CS Chappelhow, Penrith and AE & MK Hayhurst, Natland. Medium dairy cows generally selling at 108p/kg – 120p/kg with parlour type cows 100p/kg – 105p/kg.

The top grossing cow today was £989 for a Charolais x from TW & C Shepherd, Underbarrow and top grossing dairy cow sold to £918 from R & J Dodgson, Natland.

OTM heifers sold to 151.5p/kg and £1028 for BrB x from A Cottam, Crosthwaite.

Several cull bulls forward today selling to 144.5p/kg for a Limousin from JT Wilson, Bay Horse with a Belted Galloway from and SJ & M Richardson & Son, Lupton selling at 119.5p/kg. Top grossing bull was a Hereford from TD, ME & G Todd, Sedbergh selling at £1196.

Store Cattle

Store Cattle continue to sell to a competitive trade with buyers in attendance competing for all classes and types. The sale peaked at £1090 for a Hereford x heifer from S & M Cooper, Leece with Aberdeen Angus x steers and heifers from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin selling at £1060. Other Aberdeen Angus x steers sold to £1040 from G Cuthbertson, New Hutton and Hereford x steers £1030 from S & M Cooper, Leece.

A trio of British Blue x steers from JR Robinson & Son, Nook sold at £990 with a pen of pure Hereford steers from DJ Dickinson, Haverthwaite selling at £950. A consignment of 10-month-old Limousin x steers from KJ Knight, Kirkby in Furness attracted keen interest selling to £900 with others £880 and £870.

There was keen interest in cattle for grazing which saw British Blue heifers selling to £850 from JR Robinson & Son, Nook. GJ Ibbetson, Roeburndale sold a 10-month-old Charolais x steer at £770 with heifers selling to £750 for Hereford x from PD & P Mason, Burton in Kendal who sold British Blue x at £680. A single suckler bull today sold at £800 for a Limousin x from M & G German, Middleton.

The next sale of store cattle will be held on Thursday 9th July which is the July Fair to include the monthly catalogued sale of 60-80 beef breeding cows with calves at foot. Please see website for details of the beef breeding stock.

Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle for this sale to take advantage of the strong buyer demand.

Top Prices

Bull Calves

LIMOUSIN: £430 High Grounds Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £420, £410, £345 Flodder Hall. SIMMENTAL: £350 Bambers Farm. SHORTHORN: £200, £195 Far Audlands, £155 Strickley.
HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £185, £165, £145 Bambers Farm. DAIRY SHORTHORN: £132 Strickley.

Heifer Calves

LIMOUSIN: £435, £420 High Grounds Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £360, £350 Elm Tree Farm, £340, £300 Flodder Hall. SIMMENTAL: £330 Bambers Farm.

Heifer Stirks

CHAROLAIS: £675 High Borrowbridge. LIMOUSIN: £665 High Borrowbridge. BRITISH BLUES: £615 Low Newton Farm, £595, £575 School Hill. HEREFORD: £590 Low Newton Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £520 School Hill.

Steer Stirks

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £700 School Hill. HEREFORD: £615, £600 Warth Sutton Farm, £560 School Hill, £450 Warth Sutton Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £580, £570 Moss End Farm. FLEKVIEH: £540 Moss End Farm.


LIMOUSIN: 149.5 Capplerigg Farm, 141.5, 137.5 High Borrans Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 129.5, 124.5 Holme Farm. CHAROLAIS: 129.5 Nook Farm. CONTINENTAL: 129.5 Capplerigg Farm, 117.5 Higher Salter. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 127.5 Far Audlands, 124.5 Cracalt Farm, High Grounds Farm, 124.5, 121.5 Natland Park Farm, 119.5 Burblethwaite Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 107.5 Sowermire.

OTM Heifer

BRITISH BLUE: 151.5, 144.5 Fox Howe. LIMOUSIN: 149.5 High Borrans Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 141.5 Moss Lane. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 119.5 Mire House Farm.

Cast Bull

LIMOUSIN: 144.5 Centre Farm. BELTED GALLOWAY: 119.5 High Row. HEREFORD: 117.5 Holme Farm.

Store Bullock

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1060 Gaskell House, £1040 Capplerigg. HEREFORD: £1030 Tarnside Farm, £950 Lane Ends Farm, £570 Coat Green Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £990 Hollins Farm, £810, £680 Coat Green Farm. LIMOUSIN: £900, £880, £870, £860, £830 Little Guards. CHAROLAIS: £770 Higher Salter.

Store Heifer

HEREFORD: £1090 Tarnside Farm, £750, £650 Coat Green Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1060 Gaskell House, £540 Stockber. BRITISH BLUE: £870 Tarnside Farm, £850 Hollins Farm. SHORTHORN: £600 Chapelhills. LIMOUSIN: £760 Borwick Lodge Farm, £700 Beckfoot Farm.

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