J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: June Cattle Fair - Thursday 11th June

June Cattle Fair Saw 445 Cattle forward selling to a competitive trade for all classes with buyers in attendance Aberdeen, Anglesey, Hereford alongside the regular attendance from throughout the northern counties.

Cows & Calves to £2700
Store Cattle to £1060
Cast Cattle £1168 & 179p/kg
Stirks sold to £685
Rearing Calves to £470

Beef Breeding

The June fair sale of Beef Breeding saw one of the largest catalogued entries which attracted buyers from throughout the United Kingdom all keen to purchase replacement stock from this renowned stock breeding area. All vendors must be complimented on the quality of stock presented for the sale which saw a competitive trade throughout the sale for all classes of beef breeding cattle.

The sale commenced with bulling heifers which saw a top price of £1320 achieved for a British Blue x from T & D Wright, Lancaster who sold Limousins to £1180. Other bulling heifers sold to £1100 for Limousins from NL & CJ Brown, Claughton and £940 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton. A consignment of Beef Shorthorn bulling heifers sold to £840 from A Wilson & Son, Malham.

The sale of cows and heifers with calves at foot contained several annual consignments from noted local producers which attracted keen interest throughout the sale. Cows and calves sold to new commercial beef breeding market record of £2700 for a British Blue x cow with a 3-month-Old Blonde x Heifer from MJ Whitworth, Bolton le Sands. This outfit was purchased by noted show cattle producer AC & E Dent, Barnard Castle. Other cows with heifer calves from this consignment sold to £1950 and £1900. The herd dispersal on behalf of R Gibson & Son, Kendal saw a top price of £2000 achieved for a 5-year-old Limousin cow with a smart red Limousin heifer calf at foot. Older cows and calves sold to £1750 for Limousin with a Limousin bull calf at foot from A & B Wilson, Coniston and £1700 for a Limousin x cow with Limousin bull calf from N Cooper & Sons, Broughton in Furness. B & M Slater, Chipping sold a British Blue x cow with a Limousin heifer calf at foot at £1650 with an Aberdeen Angus with a Limousin steer calf at foot sell £1600 from R Gibson & Son. The annual consignment of Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn cows with Charolais x calves from TM & D Dobson, Crossthwaite sold to £1500 with others selling to £1450, £1420 and £1420 and those with heifer calves at foot selling to £1380 and £1350. All cows with calves at foot averaged £1435.

The sale of heifers with calves at foot saw a top price of £2450 achieved for a homebred British Blue heifer with a Limousin heifer calf at foot from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg with other heifers from this noted annual consignment selling to £2200 with bull calves at foot and £2000 on several occasions for outfits with heifer calves at foot. DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland sold a British Blue x heifer with a Limousin bull calf at foot at £2300 with outfits with heifer calves at foot achieving £2200 twice. A Cottam, Crossthwaite sold Limousin x heifers with bull calves at foot to £2100 with British Blue heifers with heifer calves at foot sell to £2000. H Morgan, Stalmine achieved £2050 for smart red Limousin heifers with Limousin heifer calf at foot which was closely followed by JT & J Kelsall, Clapham selling a pair of British Blue heifers with both a bull and heifer calf at foot at £2000. Several native bred heifers attracted keen interest with a pair of pedigree Aberdeen Angus heifers with pedigree bull calves at foot selling to £2000 from D Threlkeld, Holme. Several Hereford x heifers with Limousin calves at foot from the dispersal from R Gibson & Son sold to £1450.

The next sale of Beef Breeding cattle will be held on the July Cattle fair which will be Thursday 9th July. Please forward entries to allow in good time to allow advertising and catalogue. Contact Matthew Probert on 07540 446667 or Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244.


There was a larger show of calves as 70 went through the ring with trade showing no sign of easing up with all calves selling to a fantastic trade. Heifer calves were in particular demand for breeding with Herefords topping the market this morning £450 twice from first time vendors DW Robinson, Milnthorpe. A run of Limousin heifers from B & MJ Nelson & Son, Heversham topped at £410 twice with others to £405. Blonde heifers sold to £400 from FI & ME Little, Barrows Green. Charolais heifers sold to £365 from JR Robinson & Son, Carnforth with British Blue heifers topped at £330 for a 28-day-old calf from F & B Dunning & Son, Orton. Native bred heifers were the trade of the day with young Angus’ selling to £300 from AK & BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme.

British Blue bulls were in great demand with new customers looking to purchase with a top of £410 from JR Robinson & Son achieved with a 28-day-old Blue bull to £400 from WH Kitching & Son, Hale. A rung of young Limousin bull calves from B & MJ Nelson & Son topped at £385. There was a small show of native bred bulls which topped at £290 for a 19-day-old calf from Colby Farms, Appleby.

Dairy bred bulls were the trade of the day with new buyers around the ring looking to purchase. The sale topped at £225 from WB Winder & Son, Broughton in Furness with a run of Norwegian Reds from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick selling to £170 and £150. Black and whites saw strong sorts sell between £140 and £160 topping at £165 from WB Winder & Co, Broughton in Furness. Medium rearing types sold between £80 and £115 with smaller types £30 to £55.

There was 65 stirks sold today which continue to sell to a strong trade at J36. Limousin bullocks topped the market at £685 from DJ Townley, Lancaster with Limousin bulls selling to £630 from MJ Simpson, Kendal. 4-month-old British Blue bulls sold to £500 from D Wightman, Heversham. Dairy bred cattle at J36 are well-sought after with Shorthorns selling to £580 from Kirkby & Longworth, Ulpha. Fleckviehs selling to £500 from WB Winder & Son, Broughton in Furness. Friesians sold to £470 from PD & PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal with

Weaned calves and stirks are in demand at J36 with more needed every fortnight. Contact Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244.

Cast Cows

There was a fast for all cull cows today which saw a market average of 128p/kg achieved. Cows sold to 157.5p/kg for a Limousin x from J Twigge, Lindale with other Limousins to 151.5p/kg from N Cooper & Son, Broughton in Furness. Beef cows were generally 130-145p/kg with most finding homes for further finishing. Top-grossing beef cow was £1168 for Limousin from J Twigge. Dairy cows sold to 129.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son, Lupton with Dairy Shorthorns to 121.5p/kg from JR Handley, Whinfell. Top-grossing dairy today was £925 for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son.

Several OTM Heifers today sol to 179.5p/kg for Stabiliser from AE & PC Capstick Ltd, Heversham with dairy heifers selling to 169.5p/kg from DR & C Galbraith, Grayrigg. Top-grossing heifer at £908 was Stabiliser from AE & PC Capstick Ltd.

Store Cattle

There was a strong trade for all classes and types of Store Cattle today which saw the top price achieved being £1060 for an Aberdeen Angus x steer from G Cuthbertson, New Hutton with other Angus’ to £980 from S & M Cooper, Leece and 16-month-old Angus steers from H Callon, Kendal achieving £900 and younger native steers to £760 for Angus’ from JJ & J Towers, Lowick Green. Continental steers sold to £990 for British Blues from M Bateman & Son, Firbank with 15-month-old Limousin steers from C Stanley, Dent achieving £930. A run of 11-month-old Charolais x steers from CP Bateman, Docker sold to £900 with other Charolais steers, 7-month-old, from R & BJ Cleasby selling to £880. Yearling Limousin steers sold to £890 from JA & KK Allen, Ings with others at £870 from CP Bateman, Docker with younger steers to £680 from B Heyes, Wigan.

Heiffers sold to £1040 for Angus x from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands with other Angus’ to £1020 from S & M Cooper. A super run of ¾ bred Limousin heifers, 10-13-months-old, from first time vendors KJ Knight, Kirkby in Furness sold to £940 with others £920, £910 and £900. Younger heifers sold to £860 for Limousins from JA Airey, New Hutton and £860 for British Blue x from JF Robinson, Broughton in Furness. Charolais at 6-month-old sold to £760 from R & BJ Cleasby.

Several young bulls were forward sold to £850 for 8-month-old Limousins from R Eshborn, Lancaster.

The next sale of Store Cattle is Thursday 25th June – Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle for this sale to take advantage of the current high demand. Please contact Matthew Probert on 07540 446667 or Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244

Top Prices

Breeding Bulls

HEREFORD: £950 Hall Carleton Farm.

Bulling Heifers

BRITISH BLUE: £1320 Allcocks Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1180 Allcocks Farm, £1100 Claughton Hall Farm, £940, £920 Cockrigg Farm. SHORTHORN: £840, £830, £780 Gordale.

Cows & Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £2700 Mount Pleasant Farm, £1850 Singleton Park, £1600 Troughton Hall. LIMOUSIN: £2000 Singleton Park, £1950, £1900 Mount Pleasant Farm, £1750 Coniston Hall Farm, £1700 Troughton Hall Farm, £1650 Daub Hall Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1600 Singleton Park, £1450, £1380 Broad Oak, £1350 Raines Hall, £1280, £1250 Broad Oak. BEEF SHORTHORN: £1500, £1420, £1400, £1350, £1320 Broad Oak. HEREFORD: £1500, £1450 Singleton Park. SIMMENTAL: £1500, £1300 Singleton Park.

Heifer & Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £2450 Lambrigg Head Farm, £2300, £2200 High House Farm, £2000 Fox Howe, Summerlands. LIMOUSIN: £2200 High House Farm, Lambrigg Head Farm, £2100 Fox Howe, £2050 West Lynn, £2000 Lambrigg Head Farm. STABILISER: £1300 Park House Farm. HEREFORD: £1450, £1300 Singleton Park. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1000 Ellers Farm.

Bull Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £410 Hollins Farm, £400 Broomfield, £370 Ravens Lodge, £320 Hollins Farm, £300 Wall End Farm. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £400 Helm Croft. LIMOUSIN: £385, £280 Halforth Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £290 Colby Farms, £270 Wall End Farm, £220 Ravens Lodge, £190, £160 Wall End Farm. FLEKVIEH: £225 Wall End Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £170, £150, £132, £125 Elm Tree Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £165 Wall End Farm, £155 Halforth Farm, £150, £125, £112 Wall End Farm.

Heifer Calves

HEREFORD: £450, £390, £370 Lower Rowell. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £430 Helm Croft, £300 Causeway Farm. LIMOUSIN: £410, £405, £380, £260 Halforth Farm. CHAROLAIS: £365 Hollins Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £330 Raisgill Hall, £260 Ravens Lodge, £250, £215 Wall End Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £300, £245 Kitchlow Farm, £230 Wall End Farm, £210 Colby Farms, Ravens Lodge. PARTHENAIS: £160 Craketrees.

Steer Calves

SHORTHORN: £470 New House Farm. LIMOUSIN: £470 New House Farm.

Bull Stirks

FLEKVIEH: £660 The Lodge. LIMOUSIN: £630, £585 The Lodge. BRITISH BLUE: £500, £465 Moss Side Farm.

Heifer Stirks

LIMOUSIN: £660, £580, £550, £500 Whinney Carr Farm, £480 Sella Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £535, £520 Coat Green Farm, £485 Warth Sutton Farm. FLEKVIEH: £500 Wall End Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £480 Sella Farm, £430 Coat Green Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £315 New House Farm.

Steer Stirks

LIMOUSIN: £685, £670 Whinney Carr Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £580 Sella Farm. SHORTHORN: £580 Sella Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £470 Coat Green Farm, £370 Whinney Carr Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £430 Coat Green Farm. DAIRY SHORTHORN: £370 New House Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: £100 New House Farm.

OTM Cows

LIMOUSIN: 157.5 Back O’ The Fell Road, 151.5 Troughton Hall, 147.5 Back O’ The Fell Road, 144.5 Riddings, 109.5 Swallowmire. BRITISH BLUE: 149.5 Bowston Hall, Slack Farm, 124.5 Widdale Side. STABILISER: 149.5 Kit Cragg. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 147.5, 139.5 Must Hill, 137.5 Stonethwaite Farm, Tongue House, 129.5 Must Hill, 124.5 Raines Hall. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: 144.5 Causeway Farm. HEREFORD: 144.5 Causeway Farm, 131.5 Lower Hawthwaite, 121.5 Sandham Farm. SIMMENTAL: 141.5 Low House Business Centre. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 129.5 Lupton Hall, 119.5 Wall End Farm, Townhead Farm, 117.5 Wall End Farm, 114.5 Townhead Farm, 109.5 Wall End Farm. SHORTHORN: 129.5 Broad Oak, 127.5 Stonethwaite Farm, 121.5, 117.5 Craketrees, 109.5 Broad Oak, 99.5 Strickley. DEXTER: 111.5, 109.5 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. MONTBELIARDE: 111.5 Wall End Farm. DAIRY SHORTHORN: 107.5 Strickley.

OTM Heifers

STABILISER: 179.5 Park House Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 169.5, 159.5, 141.5, 139.5 Sunny Bank.

Store Bullocks

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1060 Capplerigg, £980 Tarnside Farm, £900 Haycote Cottage, £760 Low Stennerley, £740 Low Groves Farm, £670 Low Stennerley. BRITISH BLUE: £990, £840 Moors Farm. LIMOUSIN: £930 Slack Farm, £890 ST Annes Farm, £870 Croft Foot Farm, £840 ST Annes Farm, £810 Croft Foot Farm. CHAROLAIS: £900 Croft Foot Farm, £880 Lower Hawthwaite.

Store Heifers

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1040 Crooklands Farm, £1020, £970 Tarnside Farm, £950, £920, £910 Gaskell House. LIMOUSIN: £960 Dale End, £940, £920, £910, £900, £890 Little Guards. BRITISH BLUE: £860 Moss Side Farm, £770 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. CHAROLAIS: £760, £710 Lower Hawthwaite.

Store Bulls

LIMOUSIN: £850, £610 River View. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £390 Holmescales Farm.

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