J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Anniversary Store Cattle - Thursday 6th February

Store Cattle

North West Auctions held its 7th Anniversary Show and sale attracted buyers from throughout the Northern Counties, Wales, Scotland, Midlands and Norfolk with many new buyers in attendance who were attracted by the large quality of stores which NWA J36 in renowned for selling. The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Mr D Pentelow, Kettering who awarded the Championship Rosette to the first prize bullock being a 14-month-old Limousin x from MJ & JA Winn, Underbarrow who also won the Reserve Championship Rosette for a 13-month-old Limousin x heifer. Over a quarter of the cattle forward today sold in excess of £1000.

There was a catalogued entry of 589 Store Cattle which sold to a fast trade throughout in which vendors must be complimented on the quality of cattle at today’s sale. The sale peaked at £1330 for a black Limousin x heifer from M & L Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale who sold others at £1320 and £1310 all finding new homes for future breeding. Strong well-bred heifers found keen interest for future breeding regularly selling at £1090 to £1220. Limousin x heifers from TW & C Shepherd, Underbarrow sold at £1220, Charolais heifers from M Robinson, Lowgill sold to £1110 with Blonde x heifers achieving £1080 again from TW & C Shepherd. First cross dairy heifers sold to £1060 for British Blue x from JA & SM Allen, Windermere with Aberdeen Angus x achieving £1040 from RJ & R Holden, Millom and £1010 for Limousin x from MJ Waller, Lupton. Strong well-bred steers sold to £1190 for a Limousin x from MA & JA Winn, M Robinson and JM & KE Ellis, New Hutton with other strong steers regularly selling between £1100 and £1150. First cross dairy steers sold to £1130 for Aberdeen Angus x JR Robinson & Son, Lupton and a Hereford x sold to £1120 from RJ & J Holden. British Blue x sold to £1120 from MJ Waller.

Suckler bred stores sold to a very fast trade with cattle aged 10 to 14-month-old regularly £920 to £1050 for steers and £780 to £900 for heifers. Top price yearling steer was £1170 for a Limousin x from PW Clarke with others selling to £1120 from MA & JA Winn and £1110 from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook. Yearling heifer sold to £1080 from M & L Preece with others selling to £1050 from JM Harrison, Broughton Mills and £1030 from JG & PH Thompson, Selside.

Young suckler bred stores ages 6 to 10-month-old experienced strong bidding with a notable run of Charolais x steers and heifers from TM & D Dobson, Crossthwaite selling to £930 for steers and £870 for heifers. Limousin steers sold to £980 from HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon with heifers selling to £920 from PW Clarke.

A large entry of native bred steers forward today saw Aberdeen Angus x steers sell to £1130 from JR Robinson & Son, Nook, Shorthorn x steers achieved £940 from Messrs Hodgson, Windermere, Hereford steers to £1120 from RJ & R Holden with Longhorn steers to £940 from E & SM Taylforth, Langdale. Native heifers sold to £1040 for Aberdeen Angus x from RJ & R Holden, who sold Herefords to £980. Beef Shorthorn heifer sold to £1030 from PJ & JB Wilson, Flookbrough.

An entry of Sim/Luing bulling heifers from Low Moore Howe Farm, Windermere sold to keen interest achieving a top price of £1100 with others at £1090 and £1040.

Several suckler bulls forward today sold to a top price of £880 for Limousin x from RI Dixon, Low Newton who sold others at £850 and British Blue x at £810.

Several dairy bred stores forward today sold to a top price of £960 for Montbeliardes from RW Nicholson, Lupton who sold Fleckviehs at £880. Friesian steers sold to £760 from RL & J Crowe, Rusland with Ayrshires to £830 from S & M Cooper, Leece.

North West Auctions would like to thank all customers for their support over the last seven years and for supporting today’s sale providing a wonderful atmosphere for both buyers and sellers.

The next sale of Store Cattle will be on Thursday 20th February to include in the monthly catalogue sale of Beef Breeding Cattle. Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle with confidence as we have buyers keen to attend and purchase cattle of all types.


The anniversary show and sale of calves had an entry of 100 forward, thanks must go to our sale day sponsors and our Judge Mr Aaron Troughton. Receiving the overall Championship was a wonderful British Blue bull from the Sowerby Family, Drybeck which later went on to sell for £390. Taking the reserve Champion Rosette was a month old British Blue heifer from RF & CE Hodgson, Pennington which achieved £245.

On with the show topping the days trade was a calf from the wonderful Angus heifer from the run of calves from TW & CA Long, Ulverston at £415, British Blue heifers sold to £360 with Simmentals to the same price all from the same good home. A run of Limousin bull calves from R & J Dodgson, Natland topped at £360 with Angus bulls from the same home selling to £330. MH & AR Robinson, Old Hutton sold a strong run of weaned calves to £320 for a Charolais. Medium beef calves were selling well between the region of £220 and £280, with strong weaned calves selling in the late three hundreds and early four hundreds.

Dairy bred bulls saw a noticeable lift this week with a top of £210 from J & B Morley, Great Asby with others to £205 from the same home. Good rearing types at a month plus were selling between £70 and £110.

Vendors are urged to contact Bradley Thompson if you have calves to sell to meet the demands of our ever-growing ring of buyers.

A special entry of stirks today had an entry of over 50 with all forward selling to full value and more could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Stirks peaked at £700 for an 8-month-old British Blue steer from MG & WD Burton, Barnard Castle with other Simmental bullocks to £655 from WN & R Tyson, Pennington. Heifers were a stronger trade this morning with British Blues to £650 from Kirkby & Longworth, Ulpha. A nice run of 4-month-old weaned Continental stirks from MJ Whitworth, Mount Pleasant saw steers sell to £475 and heifers to £435. Black and white stirks were well-bid for this morning and in strong demand with a pen of 6 peaking at £435 from DC & C Knipe, Tebay.

Vendors encouraged to enter stirks for our upcoming sales to help with contacting buyers.

Cast Cows

There was a strong trade seen for all classes and types of OTMs today, with a market average of 121.9p/kg achieved for all sold. The sale peaked for cull cows topped at 149p/kg for Limousin x cows from PW Clarke, Crossthwaite and NP & CE Buckley, Ings. Other well-bred medium meated beef cows were regularly 125p/kg to 145p/kg with medium cows finding keen competition for further finishing selling at 110p/kg to 122p/kg depending on age or quality. Top-grossing cow today was a Limousin x at £1050 from NP & CE Buckley.

Dairy cows sold to a top price of 124p/kg from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe and JM Barton & Son, Lupton with other heavy and well-fleshed dairy cows achieving 115p/kg to 122p/kg. Medium dairy cows were 105p/kg to 112p/kg with parlour type cows selling between 95p/kg and 102p/kg. Top-grossing dairy cow was from Messrs Sowerby, Appleby achieving £1142.

Several OTM heifers forward sold to 179p/kg for Limousins from J Twigge, Lindale who sold Aberdeen Angus x and Charolais at 169p/kg. All OTM heifers forward today averaged 158p/kg. Top-grossing OTM heifer was a Limousin x from J Twigge achieving £1304.

Cull bulls sold to a top price of 129p/kg for a Hereford from RJ & J Gardner, Natland with others selling at 114p/kg for Saler from DN Smith, Cartmel Fell. Top-grossing cast bull was a Hereford from RJ & J Gardner, Natland totalling £1245.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £395 Townhead Farm, £385 Poppy Farm, £365 Townhead Farm, £365 Old Hall Farm, £300 Hadderdale Farm. Limousin - £360, £285 Cracalt Farm, £245 Rowe End Farm, £165 Poppy Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £330, £295 Elm Tree Farm, £110 Poppy Farm. Charolais - £320 Holmescales Farm. Simmental - £230 Holmescales Farm. Friesian - £210, £205, £290, £150 Hadderdale Farm. Shorthorn - £90, £80 Far Audlands.

Heifer Calf:

Aberdeen Angus - £415 Old Hall Farm, £280 Elm Tree Farm. British Blue - £360 Old Hall Farm, £270 Poppy Farm, £260 Elm Tree Farm, £245 High Foulshaw Farm, £245 Rowe End Farm. Simmental - £360 Old Hall Farm, £300 Holmescales Farm, £275 Old Hall Farm, £110 Rowe End Farm. Limousin - £350 Old Hall Farm, £190 Rowe End Farm.

Steer Calf:

British Blue - £110 Rakesmoor Farm.

Bull Stirk:

Simmental - £655 Fellside Farm. Hereford - £440 Natland Mill Beck Farm, £360 Quality Calves. Friesian - £435 High Carlingill, £170 Quality Calves.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue - £650 Sella Farm, £600 Bowfield Farm, £540 Sella Farm, £435 Mount Pleasant Farm. Simmental - £520 Bowfield Farm. Hereford - £395 Quality Calves.

Steer Stirk:

British Blue - £700 Bowfield Farm, £640 Sella Farm, £475 Mount Pleasant Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £650, £535 Bowfield Farm. Hereford - £610 Bowfield Farm.

OTM Cow:

Limousin – 149.5 Woodside Farm, 149.5 Hill Farm, 137.5 Woodside Farm, 129.5 Holmelands, 129.5 Ghyll Farm. British Blue – 144.5 Riddings, 134.5 Woodside Farm. Blonde – 134.5 Granby Road. Friesian – 134.5 Holmelands, 131.5 Holmescales Farm, 124.5 Ackenthwaite Farm, 124.5 Lupton Hall. Aberdeen Angus – 129.5 Lower Hawthwaite. Hereford – 129.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm, 127.5, 124.5 Lane Ends Farm. Charolais – 124.5 Holmelands. South Devon – 121.5 Bowkerstead Farm. Shorthorn – 109.5 Fell House.

OTM Heifer:

Limousin – 179.5 Holmelands. Aberdeen Angus – 169.5 Holmelands. Charolais – 169.5 Holmelands. British Blue – 151.5 Woodside Farm, 127.5 Riddings.

Cast Bull:

Continental – 114.5 Fell House. Frisian – 79.5 Stribers Farm.

Store Bullock:

Limousin - £1190 High Underbrow Farm, £1190 Moss Head, £1190 Mountain View, £1170 Lane Head Farm, £1170 Woodside Farm. Charolais - £1150 Mountain View, £1040 Fell House, £960 Low Hall Farm, £930 Broad Oak< £890 Swallowmire. Aberdeen Angus - £1130 Hollins Farm, £1120, £1110 Tarnside Farm, £950 Hollins Farm, £890 Cooper House. British Blue - £1120 Carlingwha, £1110 New Holme Farm, £1110 Barker Knott, £1100 High Underbrow Farm, £1090 Newcross House Farm. Hereford - £1120, £1110 Newcross House Farm, £1090 Holmelands, £1080 New House Farm, £1050 West Plain Farm. Simmental - £1080 Capplerigg Farm, £960, £920 Green Lane End Farm, £790, £730 High House Farm. Blonde - £990 Nook Farm, £870, £750 Mount Pleasant Farm. Montbeliard - £960, £950 Green Lane End Farm, £630 Swallowmire. Shorthorn - £940 High Borrans Farm, £890 Sand Gate Farm, £890, £810, £750 Broad Oak. Flekvieh - £880 Green Lane End Farm, £700 Bellart Howe. Ayrton - £830 Tarnside Farm. Continental - £790 High House Farm. Friesian - £760 Hall Farm, £600 Stribers Farm, £520 Bellart Howe. Longhorn - £740, £700, £690, £650 Millbeck Farm.

Store Heifer:

Limousin - £1330, £1320, £1310 High House Farm, £1220 Nook Farm, £1160 Woodside Farm. British Blue - £1190 Newcross House Farm, £1060 Barker Knott, £1050 Woodside Farm, £1050 Tarnside Farm, £1030 Newcross House Farm. Charolais - £1110, £1000 Mountain View, £960, £870 Tock How Farm, £870 Broad Oak. Simmental - £1100, £1090, £1040 High House Farm, £980 Newcross House Farm, £740 Riddings. Blonde - £1080, £980 Nook Farm, £840 Mount Pleasant Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1040 Newcross House Farm, £850 High Borrans Farm, £830 Crabtree Farm, £820 Hollins Farm. Shorthorn - £1030 Sand Gate Farm. Hereford - £980 Newcross House Farm, £880 Carlingwha, £860 West Plain Farm, £770, £740 Riddings. Continental - £910, £870 Helm Croft.

Store Bull:

Limousin - £880, £850, £770, £740 Low Newton Farm. British Blue - £810, £700 Low Newton Farm.

More Info

Store Cattle Show Results

Sponsors Rural Law Practice & JF Hornby & Co

Judge Mr D Pentelow

Class one – Store Bullock
1st Lot 311 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm
2nd Lot 304 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm
3rd Lot 364 PW Clarke, Woodside

Class two – Store Heifer
1st Lot 302 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm
2nd Lot 309 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm
3rd Lot 69 M & L Preece, High House

Champion Lot 311 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm

Reserve Champion Lot 302 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm

Calf Show Results

Sponsors Rural Law Practice & JF Hornby & Co

Judge Mr A Troughton

Class one – Beef Bred Heifer Calf
1st Lot 819 Messrs Sowerby, Townhead Farm, £395
2nd Lot 816 R & H Dodgson, Cracalt Farm, £360
3rd Lot 818 Messrs Sowerby, Townhead Farm, £365

Class two – Beef Bred Heifer Calf
1st Lot 806 RF & CE Hodgson, Rowe End Farm, £245
2nd Lot 836 HJ Robinson & Son, Elm Tree, £330
3rd Lot 811 DR & C Galbraith, Sunny Bank, £230

Class three- Black and White Bull Calf
1st Lot 839 J Scott & Co, Middle Birkby Farm, £130

Champion Lot 819 Messrs Sowerby, Townhead Farm, £395

Reserve Champion Lot 806 RF & CE Hodgson, Rowe End Farm, £245

Highest Beef Cow Pence Per Kilo
PW Clarke, Crossthwaite, Limousin, 149p/kg
NP & C Buckley, Ings, Limousin, 149p/kg

Highest Dairy Cow Pence Per Kilo
MH & AR Robinson, Old Hutton, Friesian, 131p/kg

Top-grossing Overall Animal from the OTM Ring
J Twigge, Lindale, Limousin x Heifer, £1305

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