J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 25th August


The sale of prime pigs sold to a fast trade with buyers competing for all classes and types with multiple orders to fill.

The sale topped at £145 for a Large White gilt from W Stamper, Chipping with other gilts £140 from D Lord, Preesall and £138. Prime boars sold to £130 for Large White x from RJ & R Holden, Millom who sold others at £122. Pietrain x hogs from J Stott, Kendal sold at £120.

Large Whites from RJ & R Holden, Millom topped today’s sale achieving 129p/kg with others nicely selling at 120p/kg – 125p/kg.

All prime pigs today averaged 114p/kg.

Prime Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs at NWA J36 saw an overall market average of 205.2p/kg achieved for all lambs sold, ranging from 27kg to 57kg. The sale peaked at £116 for Continental x lambs from HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon. Closely followed by RE & A Briggs, Wennington selling Texels at £114.50 and KE Richards & Son, Howgill selling Suffolks at £111.50.

Heavy lambs, 45-50kg, continue to attract strong competition with well-meated lambs of all weights keenly sought after. Lambs are benefiting having a few weeks of hard feed to ensure a full finish is achieved with under finished and under weight lambs a more selective trade.

Top pence per kilo today was 241p/kg achieved by J & E Nuttall, Old Hutton selling Texels with other well-bred and well-finished lambs generally 220-235p/kg.

Hill bred lambs are now coming forward in greater numbers selling to £95 and 210p/kg for Cheviots. Mules sold to £92 and 201p/kg with horned lambs selling to £78 and 186p/kg.

Cast Ewes

There was a reduced entry of cast ewes but were 750 forward with all types still selling to a strong trade. Good meated ewes were the trade of the day with these sheep being short in supply. Charollais ewes topped at £114, with others selling to £112 from J Stott Jnr, Crosscrake. Texel ewes sold to £105 from Josh Capstick, Ingleton with others selling to £104 twice from JW & A Matthews, Patton and S Procter, Selside. Good Continental ewes were still selling in the hundred pound plus mark. Cheviot Mule ewes sold to £113 from R & E Ladds, Kendal.

A big show of Mule ewes forward today, but less meat on offer in this section. The best were £70 plus, with a top of £76 achieved twice from IL Dixon, Cantsfield and WA Hodgson, Whinfell. There was a strong pen of Leicester ewes from R Harker & Son, Grayrigg sold to £90 with others to the same price from K Smith, Kendal.

There was a bigger show of hill ewes with meat, once again, being in demand. Cheviots topped at £82 from TH & DM Cornthwaite & Son, Cartmel Fell with Rough Fells to £63 from N Burton, Cautley and Swaledales at £56 from DC Miller, Brock. The best Swaledale ewes selling to £50 plus, with medium types £30 to £42 and feeding type £20 plus.

There were more tups on offer today with a top of £90 achieved for Leicesters from R Harker & Son.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Continental - £116, £102.5 Howriggs, £102 Swallowmire Farm, £99 Brow Edge, £99 Green Lane End Farm. Suffolk - £111.5 Crook O Lune Farm, £109 Low Stangerthwaite, £106 Meadow Oaks, £104.5 High Biggarsbank, £103 Low Brendrigg Farm. Texel - £114.5, £112 Old Hutton Farm, £111 Swallowmire Farm, £108.5 Crook O Lune Farm, £107.5 Gunner Fleet Farm. Charollais - £106 Low Stangerthwaite, £99.5, £93 Crosscrake Farm, £90.5 Low Stangerthwaite, £89.5 Low House. Beltex - £96 Brown Edge, £86 Capplethwaite Hall, £85.5 Thrimby Hall. Cheviot - £95 Swallowmire Farm, £89 Green Lane End Farm, £82.5 Yealand Manor, £80 Low Waterside, £73.5 Low Newton Farm. Mule - £92 Mountain View, £90 Catshaw Hall Farm, £88.5 Hareden Farm, £856 Fell End Farm, £83.5 Holme House Farm. Dorset - £90 High Biggarsbank. Horned - £78 Gunner Fleet Farm. Masham - £78 Steps Farm. Rough Fell - £78 Millriggs.

Cast Ewe:

Charollais - £114 Holmelands, £112, £90 Kingsland, £82, £79 Holmelands. Cheviot Mule - £113 Benson Hall, £82 Low Tarn Green, £70 Howriggs. Texel - £105 Fell End, £104 Old Field End, £104 High Biggarsbank, £101 Redbank Farm, £99 Low Tarn Green. Leicester - £90 Meadow Oak, £90 Overthwaite Farm, £81 The Old Chapel, £79 Whelpside Farm, £72 Overthwaite Farm. Suffolk - £90 The Borrans, £72, £71 Fanny House Cottage, £68 Capplethwaite Hall, £60 Holmelands. Beltex - £86 The Borrans. Cheviot - £82 Low Tarn Green, £66 Howriggs, £63 Scotchergill, £63 Crabtree Farm, £60 High Borrowbridge. Mule - £76 Cantsfield Hall, £76 Fanny House Cottage, £76 Whelpside Farm, £74 High Biggarsbank, £74 Westmorland Chapel Farm. Lleyn - £67 Longmire Farm. Rough Fell - £63 Low Haygarth Farm, £56 Marsh Grange Farm, £46 Low Haygarth Farm, £45 Low Borrowbridge Farm. Dorset - £56 High Biggarsbank. Swaledale - £56 Cobble Hey Farm, £53 Millbeck, £48 Re Braida Garth, £47 Holme Farm. Dales Bred - £53 Fell End Farm. Herdwick - £42 Lane End. Zwartble - £41 Abbey Drive.

Cast Ram:

Leicester - £90, £83, £71 Overthwaite Farm. Dorset - £75 Low Borrowbridge Farm. Texel - £70 Benson Hall. Herdwick - £63 Cockley Beck Farm.

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