J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Thursday 16th April


The weekly sale of calves had a reduced entry forward with many farmers taking advantage of the good weather. Leading the way today was a British Blue Heifer Calf from EE & RA Huddleston, Penrith selling to £250, this was followed by DW Cottam, New Hutton selling a British Blue bull and then a heifer to £230. Farmers were looking for future suckler replacements with quality calves selling to a premium and buyers leaving empty handed.

There was several stirks forward today with a top price of £560 achieved for a Shorthorn bullock from M Blease, Heversham who also sold Shorthorn heifers to £400. BR Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal sold Hereford bullocks to £440 and Angus bullocks to £420.

The next sale of calves and stirks will be on Thursday 30th April, vendors are encouraged to pre-enter stock to assist with contacting buyers.

Cast Cows

The fortnightly sale of cull cows saw a top price of 131.5p/kg for a Limousin x from R Gibson & Son, Kendal with others achieving 127.5p/kg for Limousin x from J & M Wilson, Selside and GC & G Taylor, Crook. Other beef cows generally 115p/kg – 122p/kg for further feeding. Top grossing beef cow achieving £1070 for a Limousin x from P Stephenson, Rathmell with an Aberdeen Angus x £1053 from RJ & J Gardner, Kendal.

Dairy cows sold to 114.5p/kg for a British Friesian from J Scott & Co, Cark in Cartmel with Holstein Friesians to 109.5p/kg from B Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal. Top grossing dairy cow was £929 from JE Read, Hutton Roof.

OTM heifers sold to 164.5p/kg for British Blue x from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton and £1011 for Holstein Friesian from A & B Pickthall, Milnthorpe.

An OTM British Blue x steer sold at 149.5p/kg (£968) from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton.

Store Cattle

There was a buoyant trade for all classes and types of Store Cattle, on a day when many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage.

Steers sold to £1040 twice for 11-month-old British Blue x from S Procter, Selside with Blonde x £1040 from SJ & NS Wood. Other well-bred steers were £1020 for Limousin x from HR & KA Hodgson and £1000 for Limousin x from F & JM Mason. Other steers nicely selling at £860 - £980 with younger steers £720 - £850. Native bred steers sold to £900 for 12 month old Hereford x from F & JM Mason with Aberdeen Angus x £900 from JE Wightman and 9 month old Aberdeen Angus x steers £850 and Beef Shorthorns £810 from MW & PA Rollason. Dairy steers sold to £980 for a Fleckveih from RW Nicholson who sold Montbeliard at £880.

Heifers sold to £1090 for Limousin x (10 month old) from S Procter, Selside with others £1040 from S & M Cooper. Younger suckler heifers sold to £830 for Charolais x from JC Walling & Son, Crosthwaite with Limousin x £820 from JA Airey and Blonde x SJ & NS Wood. Native sired heifers £880 for Hereford x from G & ID Postlethwaite with Hereford x £790 from JL Bird.

Young bulls sold to £990 for Limousin x from JG & PH Thompson.

Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle with confidence for the next sale on Thursday 30th April.

Top Prices

Bull Calf

British Blue £230 Hagg Farm, £210, £190 Whitbarrow Farm.

Heifer Calf

British Blue £250 Whitbarrow Farm, £230 Hagg Farm. Aberdeen Angus £210 Hagg Farm.

Bull Stirk

British Blue £400 Moss Side Farm. Friesian £325 Low Audlands, £250 Moss Side Farm.

Heifer Stirk

Shorthorn £500 The Barn. Hereford £400 Moss House Farm.

Steer Stirk

Shorthorn £560 The Barn. Hereford £440 Moss House Farm. Aberdeen Angus £420 Moss House Farm.


Limousin 131.5 Singleton Park, 127.5 High Farm, Cooper House, 121.5 Far Cappleside, Mossborough Hall. Shorthorn 119.5, 117.5, 114.5, 94.5 Broad Oak. Aberdeen Angus 117.5 Cooper House, 104.5 Natland Mill Beck. Belgium Blue 117.5 High Farm. Friesian 114.5, 109.5 Middle Birkby Farm, 109.5 Moss House Farm, Middle Birkby Farm, 107.5 Hollins Farm. British Blue 109.5 Far Cappleside Farm.

OTM Heifer

British Blue 164.5 Green Close. Friesian 139.5 Bradley Farm, 119.5 Far Audlands. Aberdeen Angus 129.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm.

Cast Steer

British Blue 149.5 Green Close. Friesian 99.5 High Carlingill.

Store Bullocks

British Blue £1040 High Biggarsbank, £1000 Tarnside Farm, £950 Howriggs Farm, £930 Low Fell End, £920 Heaves Farm. Blonde £1040, £980, £800 Causeway Farm. Limousin £1020 Howriggs, £1000, £980 Mireside, £970 Top Thorn Farm, Poppy Farm. Flekvieh £980 Green Lane End Farm. Charolais £940 Dawson Fold Farm, £790 High Wray Farm. Hereford £900 Mireside Farm, £790, £750 Cragg House Farm, £700 High Wray Farm, £690 Kendal House Farm. Aberdeen Angus £900 Crabtree Farm, £850 Kendal House Farm. Montbeliarde £880 Green Lane End Farm. Simmental £880, £850 Green Lane End Farm. Continental £830 Fell House. Shorthorn £810 Kendal House Farm. Friesian £700 Tarnside Farm, £610 The Barn.

Store Heifer

Limousin £1090 High Biggarsbank, £850 Birks Farm, £820, £810 Old Croft, £750 Ashstead. Friesian £1040 Tarnside Farm. Hereford £880, £850, £840 Fell House, £790 West Plain Farm, £760 Crabtree Farm. British Blue £870 High Biggarsbank, £860 Tarnside Farm, £840 Heaves Farm, £720 Cragg House Farm, Moss Side Farm. Charolais £830 Dawson Fold Farm, £790 High Wray Farm, £780, £750 Fell House, £740 Dawson Fold. Blonde £820 Causeway Farm. Simmental £760 Green Lane End Farm. Welsh Black £720 Moss Side Farm. Shorthorn £700 Kendal House Farm. Continental £640 Fell House.

Store Bull

Limousin £990 Poppy Farm, £630 The Borrans.

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