J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Beef Breeding Spectacular - Thursday 19th September

Beef Breeding

The monthly catalogued sale of beef breeding cattle saw one of the largest entries to date attracting buyers from throughout the Northern counties and from further afield. The sale commenced with the first part dispersal of the in-calf 'Black Gin’ herd of Aberdeen Angus which saw keen buyer interest, keenest to secure new bloodlines for their herds. In-calf heifers sold to 1500gns for Ribble Black Belinda, due in November to Ribble Lord Juniper. Spring calving heifers sold to 1380gns for Ribble Elize with others to 1250gns for Black Gin Montana Belle. Several in-calf cows sold to 1120gns for Ribble Primula. The two stock bulls forward sold at 2000gns for Ribble Lord Juniper and 1900gns for Ribble Black Brent.

The dispersal sale of the Stanage herd of pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle saw a top price of 1950gns for the stock bull, Shawhill Kingsman, with in-calf heifers selling to 1700gns for Stanage Lexi and cows with calves sold to 1900gns for Stanage Jinx with her heifer calf, Stanage Nala, at foot. Yearling heifers sold to 700 gns.

The reduction sale of pedigree Beef Shorthorn cows with Limousin x calves at foot from D & T Wood, Ulverston sold to £1120 twice, with three others to £1100, finding new homes for both pedigree and commercial breeding.

The herd reduction of the Coredale Herd of pedigree Limousin cattle from WP Brewer & Son sold to £2100 for a 2012 cow with November born bull calf at foot, others sold to £1900, £1850, and £1750. In-calf cows sold to £1280.

A consignment of Aberdeen Angus x cows with Aberdeen Angus x calves at foot sold to £1180 with others to £1120 and £1100. A Limousin x heifer with Limousin calf at foot sold at £1480.

The next sale of beef breeding cattle is on Thursday 17th October. Please contact Matthew Probert on 07540446667 with entries.

Cast Cows

There was another good entry of cows were forward with well-fleshed cows in keenest demand. Cull cows sold to 149.5p/kg for a British Blue x from A Dixon & Son, Selside with others between 130p/kg and 145p/kg and mediums were between 120p/kg and 130p/kg. Dairy cows sold to 109p/kg from WH Kitching & Son, parlour cows sold between 95p/kg and 105p/kg. Top-grossing cow today was £988 for a Stabiliser x from A Dixon & Son.

OTM heifers sold to 151.5p/kg from P & ME Coates, Witherslack, who sold others to £933.26.

OTM steers sold to 139.5p/kg and £901 from MJ Knipe, Milnthorpe. Cull bulls sold to 104p/kg and £1061 for a Hereford from Lawkland Hall Ltd.


There was an entry of 90 calves forward at today’s sale. Strong calves continue to be a solid trade at J36, with lesser sorts harder to place. Today's trade topped at £335 for a British Blue bull from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby, with other British Blue heifers to £320 from JA Barrow & Sons, Appleby. A run of British Blue bulls from J Hornby & Son, Stank topped twice at £290 at a 4-week-old. All British Blue bulls averaged £226 today. Native bred calves are still in demand, with the stronger sorts selling between £190 and £220, topping at £230 for a Hereford bull from P & ME Coates, Witherslack.
There was a young show of dairy bred bulls again at J36, selling to a similar trade with a top price, twice, of £60 from J Hornby & Son, Stank and Messrs Robinson, Old Hutton. Others sold to £55 from RG & JA Clark, Endmoor.

Store Cattle

The sale of store cattle saw plenty of interest from buyers and more cattle could have easily been sold. Steers sold to £950 for a 16-month-old Aberdeen Angus x from RR & M Bamber, Gatebeck with others to £945 for a Simmental x from T Sharp, Burneside and for an Aberdeen Angus x from G Cuthbertson, New Hutton. Other steers were nicely selling between £855 and £905. Yearling sucklers from GH Jones, Sawrey sold to £855 for a Limousin x. A run of Montbeliarde steers from JM Haddow, Hincaster sold to £730 and Longhorn steers from HMP Kirkham sold to £595.

Heifers sold to £995 for Charollais x from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands who sold others at £900.Yearling Limousin x heifers sold to £820 from G H Jones, Ambleside with others £670 to £750.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £335 Sowerby Lodge, £290 Bousfield Farm, £220 Raisgill Hall, £190 Whitestone Farm. Hereford - £230 Ulpha Farm, £190, £180 Lawkland Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £200 Sowerby Lodge. Limousin - £200 Hare Tarn Farm. Blonde - £160 Lawkland Hall Farm. Friesian - £60, £50 Bousfield Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue - £320 Helm Farm, £230 Bousfield Farm, £205 Raisgill Hall, £180 Hill Crest Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £135 Hill Crest Farm, £100 Strickland Hill, £100 Hare Tarn Farm. Hereford - £130 Bousfield Farm, £100 Middle Birkby Farm, £90 Bousfield Farm. Limousin - £95 Strickley.

Bull Stirk:

Limousin - £510 Cockley Beck Farm, £200 The Lodge.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue - £325 Hill Crest Farm. Limousin - £265 The Lodge.

OTM Cow:

British Blue – 149.5 Kit Cragg, 127.5 Birch Bank. Blonde – 137.5 Causeway Farm. Stabilizer – 137.5, 134.5, 131.5 Kit Cragg. Hereford – 129.5, 111.5, 109.5, 107.5, 104.5 Ulpha Farm. Limousin – 121.5, 114.5 King Street, 109.5 Causeway Farm. Shorthorn – 119.5 Cockley Beck Farm, 104.5, 89.5 Strickley. Friesian – 109.5 Hawes Farm, 97.5 Cracalt Farm, 91.5 Elm Tree Farm, 81.5 Far Audlands, 81.5 Cracalt Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Hereford – 151.5, 139.5, 137.5 Ulpha Farm. Other – 124.5, 109.5, 104.5 Strickley. Friesian – 104.5 Far Audlands. Stabilizer - 99.5 Kit Cragg.

Cast Steer:

Simmental – 139.5 Yew Tree House. White Park – 129.5, 127.5, 124.5 Crabtree Farm.

Cast Bull:

Hereford – 104.5 Lawkland Hall Farm.

Store Bullock:

Aberdeen Angus - £950 Barkin House Barn, £945 Capplerigg, £890, £870 Barkin House Barn. Simmental - £945, £905, £670 Gateside Farm. Limousin - £855 Fold Farm. Montbeliard - £730, £720 Viver Mill Farm. Hereford - £720 Viver Mill Farm. Shorthorn - £670 Barkin House Barn. British Blue - £640, £630 Greengate. Longhorn - £595 Kirkham Prison.

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