J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Sheep with Lambs & Primestock - Tuesday 26th March


Quality Entry Forward at Fortnightly Prime Pig Sale

A special fortnightly sale of prime pigs at NWA J36 saw one of the largest entries of prime pigs to date, with vendors and purchasers in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties and Scotland.

The sale peaked at £110 for a Pietrain x from Mr P Baxter, Falkirk who sold others at £100, this price was also achieved for Large White x from D Nicholson, Cockermouth. Medium weight pigs sold to £98 for Large White x from N J Wilkinson, Barrow in Furness with others generally £85 - £92. There were several coloured pigs forward, selling to £82 for Saddleback x from D Baldwin, Satterthwaite with Berkshire x achieving £80 from P Baxter, Falkirk. Lightweight pigs sold to £70 for Duroc x from D C Morley, Aberdeen, with others generally £55 - £68 depending upon quality and finish.

Top pence per kilo today was 107p/kg for Large White x from N J Wilkinson, with other nicely finished gilts and hogs 90p – 105p/kg. Leaner pigs were a more selective trade generally achieving 65p – 85p/kg, with buyers showing preference towards gilts and hogs with prime boars harder to sell in the current market.

The next sale is the monthly sale of prime, cast, store and weaner pigs on Tuesday 9th April. Please inform the office of entries to help with marketing 015395 66200 or Matthew on 07540446667

Sheep with Lambs

The weekly sale of Sheep with Lambs at foot had an entry of 44 families forward. Leading the way today was broken mouthed Mule ewes with strong Texel twin lambs from D & K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe selling to £178, twice. Continental ewes with twin lambs twice sold to £175 from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell. Continental ewes with single lambs sold to £135 from NJ Strickland & Son, Cheviot Mules and Mules with strong single lambs sold to £135 from Low Moor Howe. All sheep with lambs at foot averaged £57.73 per life.

Prime Hoggs

There was a smaller entry of Prime Hoggs forward this week selling to a sharper trade especially for well-finished hoggs and heavy weights. There was a large quantity of end of season hoggs which led to an overall market average of 186p/kg and an SQQ average of 190p/kg although a better trade was had than reflected in the averages. Leading the way this week was Beltex hoggs from JG Harryman, Hawkshead selling to £115.50, £114, £112 and £107 or to a top of 255p/kg, 247p/kg, 238p/kg and 235p/kg, with the consignment of hoggs averaging £105. Heavy weight Suffolk hoggs topped at £97 from JE Read, Hutton Roof with Texels topping at £95 from JR Robinson, Endmoor and £94.50 from JB Airey, Kendal. Plenty of pens of heavy weight hoggs sold into the nineties. There was plenty of pens of well-fed Continental handy weight hoggs selling in excess of 200p/kg mark. Hill bred hoggs saw Cheviots sell to £86 or 205p/kg from M & C Booth, Kentmere. Mules sold to a top of £82.50 for 46kg hoggs from Bargh Contractors, Heaton with Oxcliffe.

Cast Sheep

Cast ewes continue to be a very strong trade in which more could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Leading the way today was Hampshire ewes from J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor selling to £116. Cast tups topped at £115 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale. Also selling in excess of the £100 mark was Texel ewes from EM Standing, Witherslack. Charollais ewes sold to the same price from BR Harrison, Windermere. Suffolk ewes topped at £102 from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens, with Continental ewes from the same home achieving £101. Plenty of Continental ewes easily sold into the nineties, with all forward averaging £89.63. Mule ewes topped at £96 from P & SA Edmondson, Stainton. Leicesters topped at £94, twice, from WI & A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale. Plenty of pens of strong Mule ewes sold into the eighties. Horned sheep topped at £78 from JA Bennett, Longsleddale with cast horned tups the same price selling from WI & A Atkinson & Son. Plenty of horned ewes sold around the seventy-pound mark with Swaledale ewes selling to £73 from JA Alderson, Kirkby Stephen. Leaner types of ewes continue to be a very strong trade.

Top Prices

Ewe & Lamb:

Mule - £178 Bensons Farm, £160 Moss Howe Farm, £135 High House Farm, £120 Bensons Farm. Charollais - £175 The Borrans. Texel - £175, £170, £135 The Borrans, £132, £102 High House Farm. Cheviot Mule - £135 High House Farm. Cheviot - £125 High House Farm.

Prime Hogg:

Beltex - £115.5, £112, £97 The Galleon, £80 Kirket Nook. Texel - £114, £107 The Galleon, £95 Dove Nest Lane, £94.5 Mint Close, £92.5 Smithy Green Farm. Suffolk - £97, £94.5 Mealrigg, £91 Smithy Green Farm, £89 Mealrigg, £87 Hill Top Farm. Charollais - £87, £74, £72 Abbots Reading Farm. Zwartble - £87 St Annes Farm. Cheviot - £86, £79 Hartrigg. Mule - £82.5 Old Woodhouse, £77.5 Rydal Farm, £54 Hodgsons Green Farm. Masham - £81 Marsh Grange Farm. Herdwick - £77.5 Bowkerstead Farm, £72, £65.5 Rydal Farm, £63 Cockley Beck Farm. Rough Fell - £77 St Annes Farm, £70 Boundary Beck, £70 Alice Howe Farm. Dales Bred - £75 Holme House Farm, £70 Yarlsber. Swaledale - £73.5 Rydal Farm, £70.5, £70 Holme House Farm, £66 Middale Farm, £57.5 High Greenside. Jacob - £55.5, £50.5 High Mill Farm. Cheviot Mule - £47 Low Mill House. Scotch - £38 Roundthwaite Abbey Farm.

Cast Ewe:

Hampshire - £116 Endmoor Farm. Charollais - £105 Alice Howe Farm, £83 Kirket Nook. Suffolk - £102 High Foulshaw Farm, £95 Deansbiggin, £91, £72 Low Barras Green, £70 Fell View. Texel - £101 High Foulshaw Farm, £96 Bowkerstead Farm, £96 Endmoor Farm, £94 Deansbiggin, £88 High Foulshaw Farm. Beltex - £96 Stubb Farm. Mule - £96 Low Barras Green, £88 Smithy Green Farm, £85 Cracalt Farm, £85 Deansbiggin, £84 Toadpool Farm. Leicester - £94 Holme House Farm. Swaledale - £78 Middale Farm, £73 Barras Farm, £68 Holme House Farm, £67 Barras Farm, £65 Holme House Farm. Dales Bred - £67 Middale Farm. Lleyn - £63 Fell View. Horned - £60 Higher Salter. Cheviot - £59 Kendal House Farm, £47, £43 Fell View. Herdwick - £59, £58 Far Kiln Bank, £51 Low Mill House. Rough Fell - £59 Marsh Grange Farm.

Cast Ram:

Texel - £115, £99 Deansbiggin, £90 Holme House Farm. Teeswater - £94 Yarlsber. Leicester - £94 Holme House Farm, £87 Yarlsber, £70 Holme House Farm. Swaledale - £78 Holme House Farm, £73, £56 Barras Farm, £55 Higher Salter. Charollais - £77 Yarlsber, £75, £73 Guides Farm, £54 Kirket Nook. Suffolk - £75, £48 Guides Farm. Horned - £71 Higher Salter. Herdwick - £64 Far Kiln Bank, £49 Low Mill House. Dales Bred - £62 Yarlsber.

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