J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 12th March


There was a large entry of 142 forward with everything to full value with customers in attendance from as far afield as central Scotland.

Prime Pigs sold to a top price of £135 or 123p/kg for Duroc x Gilts from BR Harrison, Windermere. Well-finished prime pigs were generally 95p/kg to 115p/kg depending breed, buyers keenest for gilts and hogs with prime boars attracting selective interest. Light weight prime pigs sold to £80 and 100p/kg for Pietrain x gilts from W Stamper, Chipping.

Several cull sows forward sold to £70 from MG Hall, with others also achieving £70 from F Henderson.

An abundance of store and weaner pigs sold to a top price of £58 for Large White x gilts from K Sweeting with Saddleback x Gilts to £55 from D Baldwin. Best weaners sold to £42 from AJ & EJ Platt for gilts with Tamworth x to £24 from D Richardson.

Vendors are encouraged to pre-enter pigs to assist with contacting buyers, the next sale will be on Tuesday 26th March for Prime Pigs only.

Sheep with Lambs

The opening sale of Sheep with Lambs at foot had a small entry of mainly older outfits selling to a strong demand with buyers keen to purchase. The sale topped at £160 for broken mouthed Suffolks with twin Texel lambs from W Stamper, Chipping. A strong demand was seen for Ewes with singles with Low Moor Howe Farms, Winster topping this section at £130 for aged Mules. All outfits today sold to a good market average of £59 a life.

Entries are already coming for next week with more needed for next week. For more information contact Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472 or Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244.

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of Prime Hoggs on offer this afternoon sold to an improved trade. Once again at J36, the best conformation and bred hoggs sold to a premium selling between 200p/kg and 220p/kg mark. Best Beltex types topped at 220p/kg to 225p/kg topping at £100.50 or 230p/kg for Beltex lambs from GM & A Jackson, Eccleston, with Texels to £99 from J & J Postlethwaite, Howgill. Heavy weight lambs sold to a sharper trade with a run from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall topping at £98 for Suffolks to average £94. More heavy weight hoggs are needed to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

More hill lambs were on offer this afternoon with heavy Mule lambs selling to £92 from LA & M Lambert, Lupton. Swaledale lambs peaked at £79 from GM & A Jackson.

Cast Sheep

All types of cast sheep sold to a high today at J36 with leaner types especially dearer on the week. The ewe section topped at £97, twice, firstly for a Leicester from Forest Hall Farm, Selside and secondly by Messrs Young, Lindale for a pen of Texels. Big Mule ewes sold to £72 from JH Pedley, Carnforth. Hill ewes were in demand selling to a top of £72 for Cheviots from Forest Hall Farm with Swaledales selling to £63 from RM & D Dixon, Longsleddale. A few tups in this afternoon sold to £99 for a Texel from JH Pedley with Leicester to £80 from Forest Hall Farm.

Top Prices

Prime Hogg:

Texel - £100.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £99 Bramaskew, £98.5, £97 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Suffolk - £98, £94, £93, £91 Tunstall Hall, £89 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Beltex - £94 Hill Top Farm. Mule - £92 Brow Head, £82, £80 Red Scar, £80 High House Farm, £80 Jacques Farm House. Charollais - £85.5 Hill Farm, £77.5 Scroggs Farm. Continental - £85 Yealand Manor, £85 mint Close, £85 Yealand Manor, £80 Swallowmire, £80 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Swaledale - £79 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £76.5 Jacques Farm House, £75 Forest Hall, £75 Ellerbeck. Rough Fell - £78 Boundary Beck, £66.5 Millriggs, £65 Boundary Beck. Herdwick - £76 High Borrans Farm, £55 High House Farm. Cheviot – £74.5 Tunstead Farm, £73.5 Hartrigg, £73 High House Farm, £72 Viver Mill Farm. Ryeland - £62 Scar View Road.

Cast Ewe:

Texel - £97 Moss End Farm, £93 Hill Top Farm, £85 Small Holding, £82 Moss End Farm. Leicester - £97 Forest Hall, £80 Ellerbeck, £75 Forest Hall. Suffolk - £87, £80 Hall Road. Lleyn - £80, £65 Cragg Farm. Cheviot - £72 Forest Hall, £61 Swallowmire, £58 Well Foot, £54 High House Farm. Mule - £72 Ellerbeck, £69 Moss End Farm, £65 Hill Farm, £60 Viver Mill Farm, £59 Forest Hall. Swaledale - £63 Well Foot, £57 Middle Sadghyll, £53 Well Foot, £48 Forest Hall. Gritstone - £60 Intake Farm. Rough Fell - £58 Swallowmire, £54 Intake Farm, £48 Millriggs. Horned - £57 Higher Salter. Scotch - £49 Higher Salter.

Cast Ram:

Texel - £99, £98 Ellerbeck, £93 Moss End Farm. Leicester - £80 Forest Hall. Rough Fell - £71 High Swinklebank Farm, £50 Millriggs. Cheviot - £70 Forest Hall. Teeswater - £66 High Swinklebank Farm. Lleyn - £62 Cragg Farm. Dorset - £49 Brow Head. Swaledale - £48 Well Foot.

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