J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Anniversary Store Cattle & Calves - Thursday 7th February


Store Cattle

The Anniversary show of store cattle saw 20 cattle forward in the two show classes with the judging kindly conducted by Mr I Wainwright, Fife. The Championship rosette was awarded to a Limousin x heifer from MA & JA Winn, Burneside which later sold for £1280 selling to the judge. Reserve Champion was a Limousin x heifer from N Cooper & Sons, Broughton in Furness which sold for £1040. The first prize steer was a British Blue x from MA & JA Winn which achieved the day’s top price of £1310.

Another strong catalogued entry of cattle saw buyers in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties, Midlands and Scotland. A buoyant trade was experienced for all cattle throughout the sale with more needed to fulfil buyer’s requirements.The sale topped at £1310 for a British Blue x steer from MA & JA Winn with other stronger steers £1100 - £1250. Well-grown yearling steers sold to £1115 for Limousin x from D Nicholson, others generally £950 - £1100, younger cattle £750 - £880 depending on quality and breed. Heifers peaked at £1280 for Limousin x from MA & JA Winn with other well-bred and strong heifers £1000 - £1150. Yearlings sold to £920 for a Blonde x from MJ Whitworth with others regularly £700 - £850.

A large number of native bred cattle saw Hereford steers sell to £1080 from MJ Waller and Aberdeen Angus x £1070 from TA & DH Knipe with a Shorthorn from J Black & Son achieving £870.

Native heifers topped at £935 for Hereford x from JL Bird with Aberdeen Angus x to £850 from RG Robinson. Native bred cattle attracted keenest interest with named sire status. Dairy bred steers sold to £670 for Holstein Friesian, £630 Jersey x and £610 Fleckvieh. Young bulls stopped at £800 for Limousin x from HM Hodgson with others £700 - £780.

The next sale is Thursday 21st February with buyers keen to attend so enter cattle with confidence.


The Anniversary show and sale of calves had a good entry of 65 calves forward. Thanks must be given to our Judge Mr Moorhouse this morning, who awarded the champion rosette to the first placed beef heifer from B Mallinson & Son, Levens.

The champion calf topped the trade at £400 with the judge backing his judgement. R Morris-Eyton & Son, Whicham run of calves were very well sought after, again, topping at £300, twice, for British Blue bull and an Aberdeen Angus heifer. Plenty of beef calves selling in the £200-£250 mark. Dairy bred bulls were a sharper trade with a new face around the ring looking to purchase. Friesian bulls peaked at £105 from R Morris Eyton & Son, with plenty of black and white calves between the £60 to £80 mark.

A young show of 25 stirks were forward with a pleasing trade being seen. Topping the stirk section at £490 was a Limousin bull from D & DW Prickett, Farleton, with heifers peaking at £490 for Angus’ from DJ Clarke, Underbarrow. MA & S Johns, Kirby Stephen run of 6 month old stirks were well sought after topping at £420 for bullocks with heifers from the same home to £370.

More calves required to fulfil buyers requirements each sale.

Cast Cows/OTM Cattle

The sale of cull cows saw a rise in the trade with all cows sold averaging 103p/kg with over half the entry being dairy bred. Well-fleshed beef cows sold to 145p/kg for a Stabiliser cow from CP Bateman, Docker with feeding type cows 120p/kg – 140p/kg. Top grossing beef cow was £882 from N Cooper & Sons, Broughton in Furness.

Heavy and well-meated dairy cows sold to 129p/kg from RA & E Edmondson, Levens with medium parlour sorts 98p/kg – 110p/kg with leanest sorts a few bids less. The top grossing dairy cow achieved £810 from RA & E Edmondson.
Several OTM heifers were forward and easily sold with a Shorthorn achieving 174p/kg (£855) from TW & J Beaty, Windermere. Dairy heifers sold to 139p/kg (£785) from JM Barton & Son, Lupton.

More cull cows can easily be sold with buyers ringside competing for all types, we also have enquiries for prime cattle.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £300 Beck Side, £260 High Barnes, £245 Sunny Bank, £230 Ravens Lodge. Aberdeen Angus - £275, £230 Beck Side, £220 Sunny Bank, £115 Beck Side. Hereford - £235 Wyke Farm. Limousin - £140 Halforth Farm. Frisian - £102 Beck Side, £72 Netherbeck Barn.

Heifer Calf:

Limousin - £400 Ravens Lodge, £200 Halforth Farm, £195 elm Tree Farm, £165 Halforth Farm, 3140 Wraysholme Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £300 Beck Side, £240 High Barnes, £210, £185 Beck Side, £120 Ravens Lodge. British Blue - £255 Ravens Lodge, £210 Bank View, £205, £190 Toadpool Farm.

Bull Stirk:

Limousin - £490 Farleton House. Aberdeen Angus - £420 Selgin House. Friesian - £220 Selgin House.

Heifer Stirk:

Aberdeen Angus - £455 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £370 Selgin House.

OTM Cow:

Shorthorn – 174.5 Long Green Head. Limousin – 145.5, 139.5, 129.5 Croft Foot Farm, 121.5 Troughton Hall, 114.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Friesian – 139.5 Far Audlands, 139.5 Lupton Hall, 129.5 High Barnes, 104.5 Lupton Hall, 104.5 Far Audlands. Stabilizer – 134.5 Croft Foot Farm. Blonde – 114.5 Hill Farm, 69.5 Green Lane End Farm. Continental – 114.5, 111.5 Town End. Ayrton – 94.5 Sunny Bank. Other – 89.5, 84.5 High Row. Swedish Red & White – 69.5 Green Lane End Farm.

Store Bullock:

British Blue - £1310, £1170 High Underbarrow Farm, £1170 Hullater Farm, £1120 Ouzelthorn Farm, £1090 Hullater Farm. Limousin - £1205 Moors Farm, £1200 Lane Head Farm, £1180 Lowgill Farm, £1125 Hullater Farm, £1115 Birch Bank. Blonde - £1160, £1120 Causeway Farm. Charolais - £1090 Mountain View, £1000 Low Longmire, £935 High Wray Farm, £925 Low Longmire. Hereford - £1080 Carlingwha, £1060 Causeway Farm, £1060 Hullater Farm, £1025 West Plain Farm, £970 Crabtree Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1070, £1065, £1055, £1045, £995 Hullater Farm. Simmental - £1070 Hullater Farm, £925 Low Longmire. Belgium Blue - £925 Low Longmire. Shorthorn - £870 Bridge Stone. Friesian - £670 West Plain Farm. Jersey/Guernsey - £630 Old School. Flekvieh - £610 Stribers Farm.

Store Heifer:

Limousin - £1280, £1260, £1210 High Underbarrow Farm, £1155 Lowgill Farm, £1125 Mireside Farm. British Blue - £1160 High Underbarrow Farm, £1090 Ouzelthorn Farm, £970, £940 Barker Knott. Hereford - £935 West Plain Farm, £890 Carlingwha, £810 Crabtree Farm, £780 West Plain Farm. Blonde - £920, £850, £710 Mount Pleasant Farm. Charolais - £895, £860, £845 Mountain View, £790 Low Longmire. Aberdeen Angus - £850, £845, £830 Ellers Farm, £730 New Hall. Simmental - £845 Hullater Farm. Jersey/Guernsey - £780 Old School. Welsh Black - £565 Sandham Farm.

Store Bull:

Simmental - £800 Low Garths Farm, £775, £690, £600 Low Garths. Limousin - £775 Chapel House, £655 Low Garths Farm. South Devon - £765 Bowkerstead Farm. Hereford - £600 Kitchlow Farm. British Blue - £500 Kitchlow Farm.

More Info

Store Cattle Show Results

Sponsor Mulberry Asset Finance

Judge Mr I Wainwright

Class one – Store Bullock
1st Lot 204 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow
2nd Lot 193 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall
3rd Lot 150 MW & VA Hodgson, Fell Gate

Class two – Store Heifer
1st Lot 208 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow
2nd Lot 195 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall
3rd Lot 207 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow

Lot 208 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow

Reserve Champion
Lot 195 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall

Calf Show Results 

Sponsor Mulberry Asset Finance

Judge Mr J Moorhouse

Class one – Beef Bred Bull
1st Lot 547 R Morris-Eyton, Beckside
2nd Lot 553 JR Handley, Craketrees
3rd Lot 532 JAH Walton & Son, Bank View

Class two – Beef Bred Heifer Calf
1st Lot 508 B Mallinson & Son, Ravens Lodge
2nd Lot 549 R Morris-Eyton, Beckside
3rd Lot 533 JAH Walton & Son, Bank View

Lot 508 B Mallinson & Son, Ravens Lodge

Reserve Champion
Lot 547 R Morris-Eyton & Son, Beckside

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