J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Sheep with Lambs & Primestock Tuesday 29th May

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

A smaller entry of sheep with lambs at foot this week following from the show the previous week. The trade topped at £185 for Suffolk shearlings and twins from David Koller of Over Kellet. This was closely followed by £182 for Texel shearlings from G Rushton of Grange over Sands. Mule ewes sold to a top of £160 suckling Texel singles from M York of Howgill. A few hoggs on offer saw Mule hoggs with Texel singles sell to £162 and £160 from J & T Hunter of Sedbergh. Hill bred ewes saw broken mouthed Swaledales with twin Mules to £135 from G Rushton of Grange over Sands and Herdwick ewes with single Texel lambs to £100 from M York of Howgill.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry to date this season saw 388 spring lambs forward selling to a sharper trade. There was an overall market average of 244p/kg. The trade sold to a top of £133 for heavy weight Suffolk lambs from DJ Casson and Son of Slyne, closely followed by £130 from B & HM Wilson of Selside. Plenty of good conformation lambs were selling in excess of 250p/kg, topping at 286p/kg for Suffolk cross Texel lambs from JG & BJ Escolme of Killington, closely followed by 285p/kg for Beltex lambs from TL & S Cross of Ingleton. Other Beltex lambs sold to 282p/kg from AE Atkinson and Son of Endmoor.

Prime Hoggs

There was a sharper prime hogg trade today with less on offer and more hoggs finished in the market this week. The trade averaged just short of 200p/kg with well-fleshed Continental hoggs selling in excess of 220p/kg. The trade topped at £115 for heavy Texel hoggs from JE Wightman and Son of Lupton. Beltex hoggs sold to a top of 279p/kg from JG Harryman of Ambleside.

Cast Sheep

The smallest entry of Cast Sheep for some time today, with many vendors busy taking advantage of this great weather we are enjoying. Larger Continental and Suffolk ewes sold in excess of the £100 mark. The sale topped at £116 for Continental ewes from TL & S Cross of Ingleton. Mule ewes sold to a top of £84 from JE Wightman and Son of Lupton with others around the eighty-pound mark. All specifications of ewes continue to be well bid for in J36 and vendors should take advantage of the trade.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Suffolk - £133 Beaumont Gate, £130 Ashstead, £126 Low Stanger Thwaite, £119 Ashstead. Beltex - £120, £117 Trees Farm, £113 Stubb Farm. Texel - £112 Crooklands Farm, £111.5 Endmoor Farm, £110 Low Brundrigg, £110 Green Lane End Farm, £109 Conder Green Farm. Charollais - £108.5 Station Hotel, £98, £93 Crabtree Farm, £91 Park House Farm. Continental - £107 Carlingwha, £70 Farleton House. Hampshire - £99.5, £95.5 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hogg:

Texel - £115 Crabtree Farm, £110 High Swinklebank Farm, £102 Low Fold, £101 The galleon, £100 Low Fold. Beltex - £109, £107 The Galleon. Suffolk - £103 Wymott prison, £101 Beaumont Gate, £101 Wymott Prison, £85 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Herdwick - £102 The Galleon, £67 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £56 10 Claife Avenue, £47 Moss House Farm. Teeswater - £97 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Cheviot - £92 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £85 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £78 Moss House Farm, £69.5 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Continental - £87.5 Beaumont Gate, £73 Moss House Farm, £53 Moss End Farm, £48 Moss House Farm. Swaledale - £78, £70, £60 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Masham - £72 High Swinklebank Farm. Rough Fell - £69 High Swinklebank Farm. Charollais - £65 Crabtree Farm, £50 Low Audlands. Mule - £54.5 Moss House Farm. Dales Bred - £43 Low Audlands. Horned - £40 Moss House Farm.

Cast Ewe:

Charollais - £116 Trees Farm. Suffolk - £111, £107 Wymott Prison, £89 Holy Cottage, £89 Mouse Syke, £70 Wymott Prison. Texel - £111 Trees Farm, £108 Howriggs, £103 Gaisgill Row Farm, £103 Trees Farm. Teeswater - £88, £66 Low Audlands. Mule - £84 Crabtree Farm, £80 Cantsfield Hall, £77 High Wray Farm, £73 Crabtree Farm, £72 Gaisgill Row Farm. Zwartble - £80, £65, £58 Holly Cottage. Cheviot - £74, £60 Howriggs, £55 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £49 High Low Wood. Beltex - £73 Stubb Farm, £56 Farleton House. Cheviot Mule - £72 Viver Mill Farm, £71 Sunny Bank. Leicester - £69 The Borrans. Masham - £66 Low Audlands. Horned - £65 The Borrans. Rough Fell - £63 Gaisgill Row Farm, £58 High Low Wood, £55 Bridge Stone, £48 High Farm, £40 Boundary Beck. Herdwick - £55, £48, £47 Long Green Head. Scotch - £48, £46 High Farm. Swaledale - £47 The Borrans, £45 Gaisgill Row Farm, £42 Roundthwaite. Dales Bred - £43 Low Audlands.

Cast Ram:

Leicester - £80, £70 Boundary Beck. Texel - £80 Gaisgill Row Farm. Rough Fell - £61 High Swinklebank Farm. Herdwick - £55, £51 Long Green Head.

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